The Sur La Table Preserving Box + Giveaway

August 20, 2013(updated on October 3, 2018)

Quattro Stagione jars

It should come as no surprise to any of you that I take a certain amount of pride in being on top of all things canning. I like to know about the preserving cookbooks that are in the pipeline. I do my darnedest to be aware of any tools that are being marketed with canning mind. And I want to have canned in every jar out there, so as to be able to answer questions with some level of knowledge and understanding.

Progressive International canning kit and Le Parfait jars

So, when the folks at Sur La Table got in touch to ask if they could send me a box filled with some of the canning gear they sell in their store, of course I said yes (after all, I had to see if there was anything out there that I didn’t know about!).

The package arrived a little more than a week ago and contained an assortment of the Quattro Stagioni jars (the three sizes I got were .5 L, .25 L, and .15 L) a pair of these Le Parfait jars (these were new to me and I adore them! They’re the same style as used by Bonne Maman), and the box of canning essentials made by Progressive International (I wrote about these tools here).

trendsheet clip 475

The other thing that Sur La Table sent me along with this box full of goodies was a PDF fact sheet full of current statistics about local food, farmers market shopping, and canning and preserving. There was one particularly hunk of data that I found particularly interesting (that’s the image you see above).

I’ve always noted that when I teach a jam class, I mostly get women participating. The percentage of men goes way up in my pickling classes. It’s neat to see the numerical breakdown of something I’ve long observed.

Progressive International tools

Because it’s Monday and that’s giveaway ’round these parts, I’m going to share some of this goodie box with one lucky reader. I’m giving away the Progressive canning tools that they sent me (the lid lifter is the best one I’ve found) as well as the set of four .15L Quattro Stagioni jars they sent. Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post. Tell me about your favorite jar, about something you’ve canned this summer, or your most beloved canning tool (we’re taking the grab bag approach this week).
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Friday, August 23, 2013. Winners will be chosen at random (using and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, August 25, 2013.
  3. Giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.
Disclosure: Sur La Table sent me this box of canning goodies for free. I’m choosing to share out some of its contents with one of my readers. I did not receive monetary compensation for this post and all opinions expresses are entirely mine. 

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1,087 thoughts on "The Sur La Table Preserving Box + Giveaway"

  • I’m looking forward to freezing in jars (does that count?) all the cherry tomatoes that have volunteered to grow in my garden this summer! I’ve been honestly canning jams with my CSA fruit share.

  • My favorite canning projects so far have been crock pot ketchup and English mustard. I have also canned some pickles, a bushel of peaches, peach barbeque sauce, tomato chutney, and green beans.

  • I love the Ball pint and a half jars for pickling tall veg and keeping dry goods, and also for drinking cold coffee out of.

  • This week I’ve canned plum ginger preserves, halved plums in syrup and used your recipe for tomato jam. Delish!

  • My favorite canning project is my 4 year-old daughter Finch. We joined a CSA this year to have extra produce around to can, so she can learn to enjoy the benefits of having local produce year round. We’re anxiously waiting to savor the carrots we pickled last month.

  • One thing my family just started canning annually is blackberry syrup! It’s pure heaven to eat it drizzled over vanilla ice cream- even with summer long gone!

  • I don’t do a lot of canning, but this summer my mom and I made her delicious pepper relish. It’s a family tradition that I cherish. I bought MY first bit of canning supplies last month. I think the first thing I make with my new set of supplies will be salsa.
    Happy Canning

  • My first attempt at canning was a few years back. I did a water bath process, listened for the lid to ‘pop’ & everyone loved my pickled zucchini. I was so proud of my effort that a few days later I shared a picture of them on my Facebook wall. It was only then that I learned (from a very close friend) that I was supposed to store them in the refrigerator, NOT the pantry! A DOZEN quart jars!! Oops!! Oh well, I was just thankful that I didn’t poison my family & friends. 🙂
    I have followed the EXACT Ball recipes ever since…lol

  • Not to butt kiss, but my fave canning tool I’ve gotten recently was my Food In Jars book! The cantaloupe jelly is AWESOME! This summer I’ve made enough jam and pickles for our good storage to last a year and not get bored of variety!

  • My favorite jar this summer is the ones I am reusing. I have muscadine grape juice every morning in these really cute glass jars. I peel the labels off, sterilize them and use them to store my home made apple cider vinegar. I wouldn’t use them to store anything else or try to reprocess the lids but they are the cutest jars. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • I am obsessed with canning. Put up 70 quarts in two days! Brained pears, blueberry pie filling, green beans, dilly carrots, blueberry preserves, tomatoes, pickles. Your blog opened my eyes to finding jars, lids, accessories, recipes. I can’t wait for all the fun!!!!

  • my favorite jar to use is the Ball 1&1/2 pint jar. It is tall and skinny and I love it! I use to store my homemade baby food cubes and to freeze my stock in portions I need and it lines the door of my freezer perfectly. Can’t wait to can pickle spears!

  • I totally agree with the chart as my husband got me started canning as every summer he would can tomato salsa (the hotter, the better). After 12 years of marriage, I still use his old style canning tongs!

  • Hi! LOVE your blog & book! My favorite canning so far this year has been blueberry butter from your book! I canned it- my first canning ever. Thank you for the inspiration. 🙂

  • I’ve always used Ball jars but love the look many other brands. Ball still seems to be more affordable in our area. The blue ones are cool but not sure I’d like them with food inside. Perhaps for water glasses?
    Last year I made jams in some tiny ball jars and the family loved them as gifts because of their size.

  • I recently found a bunch of old jars at a thrift shop that were in awesome condition. I used them for peach jam! I’m new to your blog and I’d love to win.

  • You have been so inspiring to me. I made a few recipes from your book. This summer I branched out to rhubarb honey syrup and rhubarb sauce. Thanks for making canning feel and be easy.

  • My favorite canning tool is my spoon, eating my canned goods after! I love canning fresh jams and jellies. My family loves it too!

  • This summer, I made peach butter using your recipe as a guide AND I successfully processed the jars. Out of 32, only 2 didn’t seal, which I think is pretty impressive. Thanks so much for the great info you provide!

  • I’ve been making tomato sauce and storing it in Pint and a half jars. It’s just the right amount for spaghetti!

  • I canned blueberries for the first time this year. I usually freeze them but I just didn’t have any room left. I figure two jars will be perfect for a pie.

  • I just use any jars I can find, but like Ball! Just got done canning 12 pints of pepper jelly, 6 quarts jalapeños, and 17 pints apple butter! Next up…applesauce! 😀

  • We had an abundance of strawberries this year so I canned forty half pints of strawberry jam! So yummy and great for trading!

  • gotta love an authentic vintage blue glass ball jar. i’m also partial to the pint and a halfs and buy them whenever i find them at garage sales…

  • We made two pickled asparagus recipe, pickled beans, and pickled squash. All turned out great. This is our first time canning.

  • Made sour cherry plum jam today. I have access to as many sour cherries as I with, for free! Will freeze a ton.

  • I’m currently chopping up things for a rhubarb/onion molasses relish recipe I found. When we moved the neighbours offered some from their patch and I ended up with thirty cups by the time I was finished cleaning it.

  • I just made sweet hot pickles! Turned out good. Maybe not as crisp as I thought they would, but still very good. Next thing I want to make is Spicy Peach Jam. Its fresh peach season!

  • My favorite thing I’ve made this summer has been a few jars of Italian-herbed zucchini pickles–mostly because they’re the first pickles I’ve ever actually liked! I’ve always disliked most that I’ve tried, despite how much I wanted to like them. Now I’ve finally hit upon a recipe I enjoy.

  • I love my Grandmother’s quart jars. I just got a whole box full of jars (screw top, not bales), that are made by company’s like Jeannette Preserving, Brockaway, etc. They’re interesting after so many Ball jars!!

  • Right now, I would say my favorite jar is one I just bought last weekend at a flea market. It is an old, big (nearly a gallon) candy jar with a very wide mouth I plan to use for fermenting. I’m taking a break in canning season between pickles (5 kinds) and salsa (2 kinds) but I’ll be back at it soon.

  • We had record crops of strawberries and peaches this year so I canned a lot of strawberry and peach jam. I tried some Dutch jell (from an Amish store) in place of Sure Jell in 2 of the batches and neither set. So I have 12 jars of peach syrup, which is great on ice cream, pancakes, yogurt. So all was not lost.

  • Whenever I see canning jars of any kind, in my mind I see the shelves of old Mason jars my mother would fill every summer with the fruits and vegetables from our garden.

  • I have been preserving like crazy this summer but my favorite and new one for me this season was my own bloody mary mix. I got 80% of the ingredients and herbs from my own garden. My favorite jar right now is Balls Vintage blue perfect pint mason jars. The blue tint has such a fun nostalgic appeal and makes a great gift even more special.

  • This summer my children and I have done several small batches of jams, simple preserves and pickles and we’re gearing up for the huge batch of applesauce I make every year. My favorite tools are my apple slicer/peeler, a funnel and the big canner that belonged to my grandparents. I dreaded helping as a child but now I love the memories involved when I do my own canning. I’ve also only ever used Ball or Mason jars and I’d be interested in trying different ones.

  • Whoa! One lucky reader is right! That is one great set of jars and tools!

    I’m on another canning binge this weekend – and all with your recipes! I’ll be doing tomato ketchup, honeyed apricots and bourbon peaches. Your book is beautiful and I can’t wait to see the new one.

  • I’d have to say that I love a simple, Ball wide-mouth pint-sized jar. I may use them more for food storage and beverage cups than canning, but they’re just the best. Tools? My Le Creuset for jammin’. And, sadly, we haven’t had any fruit on trees in this state, so there has been no jam but I’m embarking on pickled jalapenos this weekend.
    wishing it were a bumper crop year,

  • I enjoy re-using empty XL Polish pickle jars to hold my refrigerator batches of pickled beets n’ pink eggs.

  • This is going to sound ridiculous but after getting my hands on 14 lbs. of strawberries a few months ago my new favorite canning tool is my strawberry huller. Of course, I am awfully fond of my pressure canner too.

  • This summer, I took a fermenting class!
    We mixed cabbage, beets, onions, carrots, herbs and some salt. Packed it tight into a traditional Ball jar, and let it sit. I have to say, mine hasn’t turned out as tasty as I’d hoped, but it is very pretty in the jar. =) I’m proud of myself for trying something new, and I’m going to try it again with some other ingredients, until I get it right.

  • My favorite jar is a 1 pint wide mouth jar. I take my lunch in one almost every day. This weekend I’m going to try dilly beans for the first time in my 1 pint wide mouth jars!

    I just canned some nectarine and lemon thyme jam in some 4 oz jars to give to friends. The 4 oz jars are a new addition to my arsenal that I think I like. I don’t use that much jam and have a lot of single friends who might like the smaller portions.

  • I made bread and butter pickles this year that were awesome. I love my funnel, I wouldn’t know what to do without it

  • Some of my favorite canning memories are with my sister who lives in another part of the state. Getting together to pick gooseberries or chokecherries for jam gets us out in nature together, revisits childhood activities of foraging in the woods, and allows us time together to reminisce while doing all the things we love.

  • I think my favourite canning project this year will be damson plum jam, using damsons from a tree we planted nearly ten years ago. For a long time we didn’t have any blossoms, even. Last year we had blossoms, but a late frost killed them, and we had no fruit. This year we had blossoms, and the tree is loaded with fruit, so we know that we will have a harvest. Unfortunately, the tree is infested with black knot fungus, and there is nothing to be done. We may be eating the jam and chutney long after the tree has died.

  • I am brand new to canning and so my favourite jars are the Bernardin 500mL ones I’ve been using. I’m part of a volunteer group that picks fruit trees in the community, so it’s been very helpful to get some apple and pear recipes from your blog!

  • I canned peaches for the first time this summer and after all the peeling I’m very interested in the “Lazy Peach Preserves” recipe you posted. My favorite jar is the wide-mouth quart and saving the Bonne Maman jars with the cool gingham lids.

    Also, hello from one of your sister’s former campers at WW!

  • I have a vintage jar – no idea what brand, but it belonged to my great-grandmother. It’s square and has a checked/lattice pattern on it. It’s lovely.

  • This year is my third year canning. I’ve found a hobby I truly adore! I’m still very much a newbie too!

    Two years ago, my first summer canning, my dear mom was recovering from quadruple bypass she had the week after Mother’s Day Weekend. She was a wealth of information and a ton of help to me! In late July, our local Whole Foods had an extreme deal on local peaches; we decided to take the plunge and bought 100lbs of peaches! That won’t seem like much to some, but to a 60 year old woman on the mend from quadruple bypass & a virgin canner chick with a two year old on the loose in the kitchen….. HA!!! We had our work cut out for us!!! We truly had a blast! :o)

    THIS YEAR, we hit the great Friday deal at Whole Foods yet again! We took an even crazier plunge and purchased 250lbs of local sweet South Carolina peaches!!! We knew we would need reinforcements!! My sweet Mom brought my 87 year old Grandma, and my daughter is now 4. They were both amazing helpers!

    My daughter, Emma, would run to the dining room and fill a large bowl with juicy peaches then deliver them to me. I would blanch them and put them into a sink full of cold water. After bouncing the peaches up and down in the water, Emma then got to take them out of the cold water, put them into another large bowl and deliver them to “the table of Grandmas” where either my mom or my Grandma would start peeling & slicing the peaches into a bowl full of lemon water. Once the “Table of Grandmas” had several bowls of peaches to slice, I would begin to make a batch of peach jam. It took us half a day, but we finally had a great process going and were quite the efficient bunch!!

    Mom and I put up 60+ quarts of sliced peaches, 8 quarts of peach pie filling (scrumptious!!!), 3 dozen pints of different types of jams: peach with sugar & peach with honey, peach & strawberry, and we froze about 40 quarts of peach slices to use in smoothies during the winter months. We definitely ate our fill of those amazingly juicy and tender peaches each day as well!

    The few days of having all four generations of the women most dear to my soul in my kitchen were days I will cherish all my life. It was an enormous bolster to my strength and confidence not only as a woman but also as a homemaker, my chosen profession, to witness such amazing fortitude from my Grandma & Mom alike, and it was such a blessing to watch my little Emma find so much joy in being our big helper. To have my Grandma tell me she was “proud of me for taking up canning, that not many in my generation would ever take the time or do the hard work required to put up for their families” meant so much to this newbie gardener/wanna be homesteader!! Such an encourager!

    My Grandma kept reminiscing of all her past years growing, harvesting, canning and putting up; I heard so many stories of her childhood and young motherhood. It was like a real life “Story from Grandma’s Attic” book!! I told my Grandma that our “Peach Week” was going to be one of my fondest memories in all my life; it meant so much to be able to share that experience with my dear Grandma, my awesome Mom, and my sweet little Emmie.

  • I have a variety of jars (including a few vintage ones) but I keep coming back to the basics…regular mouth pint mason jar and non-quilted 1/2 pints.

  • My favorite summer canning project this year was rhubarb lime ginger jam. This was our first summer in a new (old) house, and I didn’t have much hope that the brown mudslide of a yard was going to provide anything to can. But, spring came in June to Alaska, and about ten giant rhubarb plants started to poke out. I had harvested so much rhubarb by August that I’ll be feeding the family pie and cobbler all winter from the freezer. I had so much that I felt okay about not using the biggest stalks, so I threw them out on the back porch to compost later. Then my toddler found them and realized they would make fabulous swords.
    The rhubarb jam had quite a bit of fresh grated ginger and some juiced limes (mainly because we were out of lemons that day). All the adults loved it, but it was a little too spicy for my five year old. I might make another batch from frozen rhubarb and use less ginger.

  • I would love to win this set! I’ve just started canning this summer, and have been borrowing friends’ tools! I feel like I’ve “earned” my own setup! I’ve done pickles, pickled garlic scapes, plum chutney and now I am processing a batch of peaches! I’m going to do your peach chutney next!! I love it.

  • I’ve canned a bunch of different jams this summer and am about to make one of my favorites, a pear/apple/vanilla — so good I can eat it plain! 🙂

  • I have lots of fond memories of canning with my mother & grandmother – we canned everything!! Now that I’m single, I don’t can much but one thing I’m never without is tomatoes. I love my Wide Mouth Mason jars for tomatoes. That wide mouth is wonderful for filling & makes everything easy to get out! One year, my gal pal & I ran into a huge clearance sale at our local grocery store – we bought a whole shopping cart full of bruised fruit for under $10! We took it home – apricots, peaches, plums, nectarines, limes, oranges, grapefruit & pineapples – and wondered what to do with it all. We decided on chunky marmalade. Everything but the pineapple went into the pot to stew & we diced all the lime, orange & grapefruit skins too. I don’t remember how much sugar went in but we added some spice just before bottling in our favorite Wide Mouth Mason quart jars! Best marmalade I’ve ever tasted in my life & I know I can never reproduce it again which makes the memory all the sweeter.

  • My favourites are the wide mouth 8oz jars – easy access to jam! But I also like the 12oz quilted jars – just trying to figure out what to use them for.

  • My favorite jar right now is Weck…I love Weck jars so much, they are so pretty filled with jam. Favorite tool, Kwik Kut Chopper…its a little bit of awesome. Favorite canning purchase thus far, my Kilner Jam Pan…it took me 10 minutes to make jam the other day, it was shocking how quick it came up to temp. My favorite thing I have put in jars so far, strawberry jam…I Call it a gateway canning fruit…I’m addicted to making strawberry jam.

  • I actually haven’t tried fancy cans or jars I reuse my pint ball jars until they break on the tile floor! I do hope I can win! Thanks i love your blog!

  • My Favorite jars are the Quattro Stagioni jars. They are just so pretty. I would love to win these jars. I have just discovered your blog and now I am one of your newest followers/ I am making fig jam vext week with the over 400 figs we have recently picked from our tree.

  • I haven’t canned since I helped my mom years ago… would like to get back into doing it again.
    The only jars we used were Ball and Mason. Looks like a whole new game with interesting new
    tools to work with. I’m excited to try again.

  • The half pint jars are adorable and just the right size for my families jam-eating habits. Then again, I’m finding a plethora of uses for the half gallon jars!

  • I can’t say I have a favorite canning implement. I wish I had a proper canning pot.
    I’ve made plum jam, plum butter, apricot butter and apricot plum chutney so far this year! 🙂

  • The big success of the summer was the ginger peach jam from “Put It Up”. We got five of us together in my kitchen to do it (along with peach salsa and two kinds of pickles) and cannot believe how well it turned out!!

  • My favorite jars are my vintage 1/2 gallon Ball jars that I use for dry food storage in the pantry. I bought them at a thrift store for 30 cents each and they just make me happy every time I pour out some pasta or scoop some homemade granola from one of them. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Hi,
    The things I canned this years that i most look forward to trying are always the new recipes so I can see how they turned out. This year it was Bread and Butter Jalapenos which were a HUGE success and Strawberry Dandelion Jelly which was an epic failure. Just like life, big ups and downs. I really shouldn’t be surprised. My favorite jars are some old blue ones that I was given by a neighbor. I don’t can with them anymore, I use them for dry storage but I love everything about them. Thanks for the give away and your great blog, canning is one of my favorite things to do.

  • I love all my canning jars, but my new favorites are the wide mouth canning jars, easy to fill and mix salad dressings in. I have favorite shaped jam jars, like the Bonne Maman jam jars, which I find very hard to gift away to friends and family. I’m going to need to acquire a few of the darling new Le Parfait jars!

  • This is my first year canning, so I don’t really have a favorite jar or gear. I do however love those blue Ball jars. I’ve canned bread & butter pickles and candied jalapenos so far…

  • I just made your easy jalapenos in a jar. Never did it before, and it seems to be fine! They will go into salsa later in the year, or wherever the kids tell me we need more! This is a good alternative to buying chopped halapeanos in cans.

  • Technically, my favorite jar is one that I’m not ever going to can food in. It’s an antique blue jar that I found at a thrift shop. It’s missing the lid, but still has the wire for closing it. It serves no practical purpose in my kitchen but to occasionally hold flowers and make me smile every time I see it.

  • My absolute favorite jam to make is blackberry jam, made with sun-ripened blackberries. This year, with the spring rains and the summer heat, we were lucky enough to get super-sweet berries. I use 6 cups of fruit, 5 1/2 cups of sugar and 1/3 cup lemon juice and cook until jammy. It takes longer to cook than using pectin but intensifies the flavour and the lemon juice cuts the sweetness. Perfect for pulling out on a snowy winter day!

  • First let me say that I love your site. Stumbled upon it today looking for some guidance on fruit chutney. I have grow up canning so it is just what comes natural during the summer months. One weekend each month during summers we would go to what my mother called “Jarring Parties” where her and her friends would spend the weekend working together canning the freshest of that months produce. One weekend would be totally devoted to just “Jamming”. Even as children we were all included in some part of the process. You had to be a high schooler to actually get to the cooking phase of the process but by the time you reached that age you knew the entire process of canning and could do it with skill. As my children aged each year I tried to get them interested in this process but it wasn’t as much fun as at it had been with me with all the other children of friends and family helping out. One day when my son was about 10 or 11 I asked if he wanted to help and his reply was that he didn’t know why I worked so hard doing the jamming when you could just go to the store and buy one. Now 14 years have passed and it was with great surprise and PRIDE when my son called from college and said he had spent the day at one of the local churches in his college town “Jamming” for the local food bank. He had taken a sustainability elective working on his Engineering degree and now had a new view on the bigger picture of Canning and Jamming. He has now graduated but if I was randomly chosen for this give away I would like to regift this to him. He now lives in an area of town that has alot of small breajfast cafes and has mentioned on several occasions that they each serve Homemade Jam on the tables and in really nice jars. Question being why am I still using the ordinary Ball Jar! Well when you put up as much as I do it comes down to economics. So far this summer I have Pickled Dilly Beans, Polish Whole Dills, Kosher chips, Bread and Butter Chips to total 60 pounds of pickling cukes. 5 different flavors of jams and preserves and today will be doing Brandy Peaches and Peach Chutney. Friends and family have come to expect jars of homemade treats in Christmas Stockings and Hostess Gifts. Each has a favorite and I do get requests for another jar with that being said I just point them to my panty where the jars are there for the taking. So I do love my Ball and Kerr Jars still after all these years but I think it would be fun to surprise my son with a little trendy package of supplies to keep him interested in the Jamming experience. I really do want my love of home goodness to be passed down thru the generations and have written out all my special combination recipes that you would never be able to find at the store.

  • I love my old jar tongs, with faded green wooden handles. I found them at an antiques market and they do the job often and without a hitch. I happened to have bought a potato masher with the same style and colour handle a few months before, and was excited to add the tongs to my collection of vintage kitchen tools.

  • Favorite jars are those 12 oz tall ones…they split the different between pint and half pint and are good for pickles too. My most beloved canning item is the jar lifter. But I have a pressure canner on its way and perhaps that will be my favorite tool…

  • My favorite jar is the 1 pint wide mouth. It’s the perfect size for taking leftovers to work for lunch the next day!

  • Love the look of those jars! Gorgeous! This summer has been a repeat of past favorites–Christmas pickles (SEVERAL batches), crystal pickles, medium tomato salsa, peach salsa, blueberry-lime jam, apricot jam, peach-apricot honey butter, apricot blackberry jam, cherry jam, cherry salsa, hot pepper jelly,…etc, etc, etc! Excited because our tomatoes are really coming in now so it’s time to start producing the stuff that makes me HAVE to can every year: salsa! Some for hubby and youngest daughter (medium heat); some for friends; and some for oldest daughter (hot enough to melt the enamel off your teeth.) Thanks for your wonderful site! Absolutely love seeing what food-savvy people are canning!

  • Hi! Wow, that is some beautiful canning equipment! I learned to can a couple years ago and have been hooked ever since. I’m currently in love with a very old, light blue half gallon canning jar I have. It has Ball written on the front and is almost worn flat. It’s one of those jars with the very gradual, diagonal neck!

    And while I have canned some zucchini already this summer, I tried your Zucchini Spread and it was great. I also bought your book this year, so that’s been fun too! I have thoroughly impressed some people with your Meyer Lemon Curd recipe!


  • Fermenting dill pickles for the first time this summer–kind of obsessed with the process. Haven’t canned any because they take 2 weeks to ferment and only 3 days to eat 🙂