The Sur La Table Preserving Box + Giveaway

Quattro Stagione jars

It should come as no surprise to any of you that I take a certain amount of pride in being on top of all things canning. I like to know about the preserving cookbooks that are in the pipeline. I do my darnedest to be aware of any tools that are being marketed with canning mind. And I want to have canned in every jar out there, so as to be able to answer questions with some level of knowledge and understanding.

Progressive International canning kit and Le Parfait jars

So, when the folks at Sur La Table got in touch to ask if they could send me a box filled with some of the canning gear they sell in their store, of course I said yes (after all, I had to see if there was anything out there that I didn’t know about!).

The package arrived a little more than a week ago and contained an assortment of the Quattro Stagioni jarsΒ (the three sizes I got were .5 L, .25 L, and .15 L)Β a pair of these Le Parfait jars (these were new to me and I adore them! They’re the same style as used by Bonne Maman), and the box of canning essentials made by Progressive International (I wrote about these tools here).

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The other thing that Sur La Table sent me along with this box full of goodies was a PDF fact sheet full of current statistics about local food, farmers market shopping, and canning and preserving. There was one particularly hunk of data that I found particularly interesting (that’s the image you see above).

I’ve always noted that when I teach a jam class, I mostly get women participating. The percentage of men goes way up in my pickling classes. It’s neat to see the numerical breakdown of something I’ve long observed.

Progressive International tools

Because it’s Monday and that’s giveaway ’round these parts, I’m going to share some of this goodie box with one lucky reader. I’m giving away the Progressive canning tools that they sent me (the lid lifter is the best one I’ve found) as well as the set of four .15L Quattro Stagioni jars they sent. Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post. Tell me about your favorite jar, about something you’ve canned this summer, or your most beloved canning tool (we’re taking the grab bag approach this week).
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Friday, August 23, 2013. Winners will be chosen at random (using and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, August 25, 2013.
  3. Giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.
Disclosure: Sur La Table sent me this box of canning goodies for free. I’m choosing to share out some of its contents with one of my readers. I did not receive monetary compensation for this post and all opinions expresses are entirely mine.Β 

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1,087 responses to “The Sur La Table Preserving Box + Giveaway”

  1. I did corn cob jelly last year and really enjoyed it. This year, I added cinnamon sticks to the corn water. Makes it just that much better!

  2. I always love canning tomato jam, but this year I’m happiest with my drunken sweet cherries! I love that jar lifter. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I LOVE and want that wide mouth funnel!!

    My favorite jar is the Ball wide mouth pint jars that are kinda squat….
    I am in the midst of making Fresh fig and strawberry jam tonight. Then back to the home made tomato sauce….I call that Saucemeggedon.

    I Can because I can.

  4. I’ve been using Ball & Kerr exclusively for a few years now, and I love them/never have any problems/etc. But I recently got some Weck jars & I have to say I’m in love! They’re a dream to work with. I was so intimidated by them and after using them I have no idea why! So those would be my favorite jar.

    And I, too, would love to try a new kind of jar (new to me that is).

  5. I just made a batch of Bruschetta Salsa and already had to open the first jar of it (less than a week later). It’s amazing and I need to make about 700 more batches immediately. This giveaway looks amazing!

  6. Sadly, I’ve only canned strawberry jam this year, but am intending to have a can-a-thon with some friends and a few bushels of tomatoes soon! My favorite jars are the random ones I have from my mother, I can tell she collected them over the years as she was able to get them and some match, some don’t, and that’s ok!

  7. My favorite jars are the 4 oz. jars. They are perfect for jam! So far I have made peach preserves and zucchini relish is next!

  8. My favorite preserve for the year is the Strawberry ~ Vanilla jam that I put up in mass quantities for gift giving during the holidays. It’s so delicious, we have to hide it from ourselves so we have some left!

    I just want to thank my mother for teaching me the magic of canning. I have so many fond memories of being in charge of sterilizing jars, lids & rings until I got promoted to actually handling the food. Together, we made pickles, sauces, jellies, jams…more than I can remember. I used to show off the treasure of beautiful jars, all lined up in our pantry, to anyone who would come over. Since we lived in the city, they were always amazed!


  9. Yesterday, my mom and I canned peaches, pears, and made apricot jelly in mostly Ball jars. I am fairly new to canning and my mom hasn’t canned in 30+ years, since she lived at home and helped her own mom.

    Based on the comment above me from Marilla about the Weck jars, I’ll have to check those out!

  10. I made Strawberry Champagne Jam this spring. It tastes awesome and I am so excited about it. The only downside is it didn’t make many jelly jars so I have to use it sparingly.

  11. I’m still working on putting up my first batch of cornichons! I need some smaller jars to do small-batch work. I love those little Bonne Maman jars!

  12. Last night I canned Dill Spears, B&Bs, and Peach Jam. Almost all of it was done in pint and half-pint wide mouth jars. I love that they use the same size lids. I make a single regular mouth jar of everything to give away to get the regular mouth jars out of my house.

  13. I made pickles for the first time a few weeks ago using an assortment of jars that I happened to have. The next week my husband picked through a bin of cucumbers to find all of the little baby gherkins. We are loving fresh refrigerator pickles this summer!

  14. Have made blueberry jam…love the Bonne Maman jars, honestly I buy that jam for the jars alone πŸ˜‰
    Homemade jams are always better…

  15. I have an old heavy square sided pint canning jar. Don’t know where it came from but I love it. It feels nice in my hand, it is great for iced tea and I use it to measure rice with (if I don’t have tea or something in it. My sister gave me some small jelly jars with metal lids that go with them. They would need paraffin to seal them so I can’t can in them but the are so darn cute.

  16. One of my favorite things to do in the winter is to pop open a can of a delicious, hearty soup that I’ve canned with summer goodness! Today I put up some sausage and kale soup. A recipe that even the kids agree is too tasty to pass up. I’m looking forward to that snowy, cold night when we can enjoy this and remember the days of summer when we harvested the kale and carrots from our garden!

  17. today I canned 10 points of our own home grown pears. I have made Bread and butter pickles and two kinds of dill pickles. I am also planning to canned my home grown Romano beans as Spicy Dilled green beans. I started to learn about canning at age 8 when I helped my Mother make pickles, can tomatoes and make jam. I have my Mother’s canning kettle as well as my Aunt’s canning kettle.

  18. I’m a newbie at canning and jamming so my neighbor gave me the most beautiful rhubarb for jam. We call it ‘rhubarbara’ after her and it tastes awesome!

  19. i just got these little tiny quilted jars! i haven’t canned anything in them… i gave them away with homemade face scrub instead. probably i should try food in them one day.

  20. This summer has been the year of the baby food as my first grandchild was born in January and I am very proud to say that due to the efforts of my daughter and me, he has never had commercial baby food. As a result, my favorite jar is the economy 4 ounce jar from Fillmore Container and my handiest tool is my immersion blender. Huge time savings by not having to peel the apples, pears & plums when making sauce.

  21. I’m hard-pressed to say which canning tool is my favorite, but maybe my funnel, because I use it even when I’m not canning to fill my sugar shaker, put dry goods in jars, fill my goldfinch feeder…

  22. I would love, love, love some hexagon shaped jars. I’ve been a canning fool this season, my strawberry vanilla jam ROCKS! I would be lost without my canning funnel.

  23. I just canned a half peck of beautiful farm-fresh yellow peaches using your recipe. They are incredible! Can’t wait to open them later on this winter on a snowy Maine day.

  24. My favorite is the short & fat Ball jars for my blueberry jam. They’re the perfect size and make adorable additions to my Christmas baskets for my family.

  25. As someone who is a total newbie to canning – have just made jams, I use a big corn pot and tongs we flip hot dogs with to grab the jars. I have used 8 oz and 4 oz jars. No one in my family ever canned so I’m teaching myself πŸ™‚

  26. sigh…the only thing I have “canned” so far has been many many lemon and lime curds in my trusty 8 oz mason’s but I so want to learn….

  27. Kumquat ginger marmalade. The mixture of spice, sour, and sweet really is lovely. I eat it straight out of the jar, with cheese, yogurt, crumpets…it’s my new addiction.

  28. This year I’ve put up something like 18 kinds of jams and jellies but my favourite is the Creamsicle jelly, it’s delicious. I put in two pouches of pectin by mistake so it’s not so much of a jelly as a gummy. It was a mistake worth making again.

  29. I just finished canning my latest round of plums: Plumsauce (like applesauce, not Asian Plum Sauce) with maple syrup to sweeten, Plum Butter with vanilla bean and lemon zest, and Salted Caramel Plum Sauce. I’ve easily canned three times as much food this year as I did last year!

  30. I have been canning since I was 17, about 36 yrs. I borrowed a canning book from the library and taught myself, as my mother never canned and was afraid of pressure cookers of any kind.
    I have raised my children on home grown and home canned foods. I have and regularly use my plastic jar funnel I got at a kitchen show about 36 yrs ago. I love canning and will try to can anything at least once. I have had a couple of new recipes over the years I didn’t care for, but I also like to experiment.

  31. I’ve really been liking Weck jars – I have some really tiny ones that are perfect for single serving, grab and go lunch items like the pickled cabbage I did this past weekend.

  32. Ok, so now I REALLY want to try that strawberry vanilla jam…that sounds a divine! I tried dill pickles for the first time this year. A little nerve racking because I’ve given away 6 jars and I don’t get to taste them until October 1st! Hope they are okay…does the garlic normally turn blue? Also did a batch of raspberry jam (amazing!) and blueberry freezer compote (not so good).

  33. Just finished salsa and hot and sweet garlic thai sauce. Also have finished strawberry and blackberry jams. Love canning everything from jams, relishes, sauces, fruit. veges, even fish.

  34. This summer I have made strawberry rhubarb jam, garlic dill pickles, ginger beets, and tomorrow has dilly beans on the to do list!

  35. I’m really enjoying tiny jars this year; my life is way, way busier. I made a hopefully fantastic gooseberry peach jam to be shared with friends this fall and put it up in 4 ounce jars.

  36. We made a very smokey green tomato jam with the first tomato crop. It caramelized a little bit, so it got darker but with very complex flavors. We thought it was a fail but it is great. Thank you for the giveaway!

  37. This is my first year canning and I am now obsessed. I have done both pickles and Jams from the fruit and vegetables in our garden. My favorite so far would have to be the lavender nectarine jam. Next time I will make the lavender syrup stronger, but overall it was amazing πŸ˜‰

  38. This has been the summer of peaches– peach ginger jam, peaches in syrup, maple bourbon peach butter. . . . I need to get some berries in there soon before summer is over! As well as garlic beans. And tomatoes. If I can con only stop buying peaches at the market. . . .

  39. I love the big jars so we can make lots and lots of pickles! We love pickles at our house…but the little tiny ones are cute to fill with the homemade body butters and scrubs I make at Christmas time.

  40. I bought a jar of hot zucchini relish at the farmers market and quickly became obsessed. The following weekend I canned 9 half pints and 4 pints of my own hot zuke relish because I loved it so.

  41. My friend Juliet turned me on to the most fabulous thing which is making dirty Bloody Mary’s with filled green beans. Yes. You put a little juice in the Bloody Mary and garnish with a few of the beans. It’s amazing! So, I decided that I would try this with garlic scapes, and I prepared them the way I would the dilled great beans and threw in a chili pepper. Double amazing!

  42. I LOVE my little magnet on a stick to fish my lids and rings out of the hot water. Not only is it useful and saves me from fire fingers, but it’s kind of a fun game too. πŸ™‚ Great giveaway!

  43. I have three cases of canning jars in my house and the closest thing to canning I have used them for is doing quick fridge pickling (and much like you observed, my boyfriend did it. But he’s the chef, and I love that about him). But a quick pickled rainbow carrot from the CSA is the best thing I have had out of a jar.

    Can’t wait to try my hand at canning this fall.

  44. Love those Stagioni jars! Love my grandmother’s blue quart jars. I haven’t canned in years except for some strawberry jam which was promptly eaten within the week )
    thanks for the giveaway.

  45. My wife and I grow a lot of vegetables in our garden and also have kumquat, fuyu persimmon and fuji apple tree. My wife has been inspired lately with Sqirl Confitures and other jams and preserved food stuff. I surprised her with several books on the subject of preserving and such, but has of yet not found a kit that I liked. The Sur La Table kit seems like a good start. πŸ™‚

  46. Went a bot overboard this weekend at the farmers market with strawberries and cukes. Going to attempt a basic strawberry jam and spicy bread and butter pickles this week. Still new to canning, so this prize would be a good thing for me.

  47. I just finished canning kiwi-jalapeno jam. I also canned a boatload of pickles last weekend (grandmother’s recipe). I haven’t been able to can as much this summer as I would like, but I am looking forward to fall and making apple butter and pear/vanilla jam. I just stick with the basic Ball jars…1/2 pint, pint and quart. Someday I’ll get some of those cute jars!

  48. I’ve been up to my elbows in making jams and jellies since yesterday morning. So far we have strawberry/rhubarb jam, blueberry jam, grape jelly, and grapefruit jelly. I still have plum jam, nectarine jam, cranberry sauce and blueberry anything to make. We went berry picking last week and came home with 7 gallons of blueberries. So far we’ve only used 2 gallons. πŸ™‚

  49. I have made what feels like loads and loads of jam thus far. Some of that because I wanted to and some for Christmas presents and some because our fridge broke and I had to save the berries! What a lovely giveaway, thank you.

  50. I made grape jelly from my first ever grape harvest this summer. It was an intense process involving lots of straining, but the results were fantastic! I love Sur La Table’s selection of Quattro Stagioni jars, especially for preserving small jars of jelly, which I used for my grape jelly. Not only do they come in a wide variety of sizes for small batch jamming, canning or pickling, they are beautiful jars with BPA-free, one-piece lids.

  51. Nice giveaway! I am waiting on my last batch of habanero peppers to pick and will can them up. Also tomatoes are beautiful this year and will make a variety of salsas. I have only used Ball jars because that is all that is available locally.

  52. After watching my rural homemaker Mama preserve garden and wood treasures for years in jars, I tackled the task this year in full force. It is amazing what a young girl remembers of watching a process over and over….. I have made salsa, salsa, salsa, pepper jelly, sugar free pepper jelly, cilantro/garlic pepper jelly, did I mention, pepper jelly? Canned tomatoes and made “granny” pickles and garlic dill pickles as well as taqueria style jalapenos with carrots, garlic and onion. My one casualty was when I was straining my plum juice for jelly and knocked the entire thing off the island and watched in laughter as beautiful purple juice coated my kitchen and me…. what’s a girl to do. While I am using her old canning supplies, I did purchase a contemporary jar lifter which has been the ticket to lifting those hot jars…. so much better than her metal tong kinda thing Mama used so many years ago. All I ever managed to do with it was drop and burst jars!!!!! We will be planting the fall garden later this week and I cannot wait to put up more pickles and maters and who knows what else!!!!! this post was great fun to write. thanks for the opportunity.

  53. My favorite canning jars are the tall thin asparagus jars by Ball. I love them for pickling those long home grown green beans as well. They are perfect!

  54. The Progressive jar lifter is my favorite jar lifter by far, I have tried three others and this one is the best! I love the special anniversary Ball pint jars the best.

  55. I just started canning this year and I have to say the blueberry lemon lavender jam is by far my favorite. Always a winning combination!

  56. I love Ball jars and Bormioli’s Fido jars! I’ve made all kinds of jams and I am getting ready to make some pickles for the first time! Thanks for having such an awesome giveaway.

  57. I canned some dilly beans today! Never had them before but soooo excited to try them πŸ™‚ also canned SMS black raspberry jam this summer! So yummy! Black raspberries are a special find!

  58. I’m comfortable with the canning process, and typically do my fair share of tomatoes, potatoes, and pickles each year. This year, however, I attempted peaches for the first time, now that our tree finally produced a beautiful bounty! Needless to say, with it being my first attempt – it was not a very smooth process, and made for a very long afternoon. I learned a few lessons along the way and (successfully!) attempted again a few days later. Note to self (and others!) – make sure your peaches are perfectly ripe before attempting to can!! πŸ™‚ I have all the standard Ball gear – but love all the fancy options that are out there these days!!

  59. I just started jamming and I’ve made two big batches of strawberry jam. It’s so good I don’t know if I can ever go back to store bought ever!

  60. I’ve only used ball jars. I’ve made strawberry jelly and cucumber dill stackers so far. My garden is bursting with tomatoes so I need to can those as well.

  61. I haven’t done any canning this year yet… we moved into a new house and I had baby #8, so it’s been busy πŸ™‚ Our new property has TONS of black raspberry bushes though, so I have big plans for them next summer. Lots of jams, I might even try jelly πŸ™‚

    I do plan on making chili in a few weeks when my mom visits and canning that up to teach her how to use the pressure canner πŸ™‚

  62. What a great giveaway! I’ve put up over 200 jars this season (lotsa jams, jellies, pickles, and tomatoes). My favorite so far, though, has been putting up strawberry shrub. Can’t wait to drink it in February.

  63. I’ve only used Ball Jars. This summer we’ve just started canning and going beyond fridge pickles. We’ve made and canned blueberry butter, basil jelly, corn cob jelly, and dilly beans so far.

  64. I like any jar that I get for cheap at a tag sale. πŸ™‚

    I like the little lid wand magnet thing. I have never lost the one I have, love it.

  65. My favorite canning project this summer was tart cherry jam with my mother-in-law. It was my idea to throw in some cinnamon and it takes like pie when slathered on toast.

    • I made peach butter for the first time .also canned lots of beans,salsa,pickles,since got peaches,apples,,and tomotoes to do.and more beans

  66. I love canning with Weck jars. They are so classy and I love the shapes and sizes. One of my favorite canning tools, however, goes with my Ball/Kerr lids. My sister bought it for me at an antique shop, and it has little slots to place the kids in vertically, then submerge with an integral long handle in the hot water bath to stay warm before sealing the jars. This year, I’ve made jalepeno jelly and four kinds of jam.

  67. I can everything I can get my hands on. We raise or grow most of what we eat. So far I have canned salsa, pasta sauce, ketchup, green beans, cabbage, chili sauce, black berry jam, pears, rum pears, pear butter, chicken and chicken broth, wild violet jelly, dandelion jelly, dill pickles, bread and butter pickles, and I’m making grape jam right now. My favorite jar would be a wide mouth pint.

  68. This spring I visited my Granny who took up canning later in life when she moved back to Appalachia.
    After eating her delicious macaroni and tomato (my favorite), I decided I’d try to can some tomatoes this year. I live in the PacNW and tomatoes have a very short season.
    What started as me biding my time and practicing canning methods before the tomatoes came has quickly become an obsession.
    So far I’ve used either my Granny’s or her mother’s recipes for canned tomatoes, blackberry thyme jam, blueberry jam and dilly beans. I’m super excited to have this new hobby and I love using family recipes. Though I’m far from the “homeland” of Appalachia, I feel closer when I can these recipes. πŸ™‚

  69. I love the 4oz jelly jars! It’s great to get a taste of something (and then maybe have some larger jars too). They are also great because I feel like I can give away more without the bulk of more jars…

  70. I have a collection of blue Ball jars that I’ve found all over the country. I can’t choose a favorite because they are all great! I’ve only canned pickles so far, but my beets are just about ready!

  71. It is peach season here so I’ve been jamming and canning – peach lavender, spicy peach, drunken peach, and peach slices for pies mid-winter when we need a pick-me-up.

  72. About 20 minutes ago I took some blackberry-apple jam out of its water bath. Thanks for a great giveaway- I need a jar lifter. Mine is lost in a box somewhere and tongs just aren’t cutting it.

  73. I made Apricot JalapeΓ±o Jelly today! It is my absolute favorite thing to can. You can put it on anything! As for my favorite jar, I have a set of vintage 1970’s Ball Quilted Crystal Jelly jars with pink, green and white floral lids that I adore.

  74. My favorite jars are Ball wide mouth jars. I can with them, drink water, coffee, wine, and beer out of them. In the summer I put flowers in them. They are the most useful item in my kitchen.

  75. Sadly, I’ve not canned anything yet this summer but I’m set to remedy that tomorrow with some corn salsa and pickles. And my fav tool is my jar lifter.

  76. My favorite thing to can is ramps. Being from
    wv and considering ramp season is so short, I love having ramps year round. I’ve also heard its the only thing you can smell through the mason jar.

  77. I love the Quattro Stagioni jars from Bormioli because of the one-piece lids. Also, they’re adorable! I did buy one of the Le Parfait jars, but it was too tall to fit in my stock pot water bath, so I used it to store some orange zest sugar. Because I’m so behind on life, I’ve canned some winter fruits that have been stored in my fridge & freezer (grapefruit in the former, cranberries in the latter). I made the salted grapefruit jam, actually, which I loved, except for the salt! πŸ˜‰ I also canned some cajeta. Finally, after a rush job on the grapefruit jam, I predict my new favorite tool will be a funnel, once I get one. For now, I love my new jar lifter! πŸ™‚

  78. Marisa, I just finished a week of canning for the first time and I’m addicted. I’ve put up Dilly Beans, Pickled Zukes, 3 Citrus Marm and two of my favorite recipes- Strawberry-Vanilla & Blackberry-Apricot among a few others. it was a marathon! Now, I’m waiting for tomatoes to tackle some serious pasta and pizza sauces.

    Thanks for the feedback on different tools. Out of expediency, I purchased the Ball jar lifter and though I’m satisfied with it, I think it could be far sturdier.

    A question for you…to blanch or not to blanch? I noted that many different sites say this is necessary for summer squash.

  79. Finally got to can this weekend. Peach jam with a hint of nutmeg using local peaches. Now trying to figure out whether or not to can some tomato sauce before my semester gets super crazy. Or just stick with the peaches and make my husband some peach and orange marmalade….

  80. I love canning applesauce. This week I am trying peaches, exciting! I have only used ball jars, it’s what is at our local ACE.

  81. I love canning jams. To be honest, I haven’t tried anything else. I just started growing pickles and tomatoes this year. I will have to try canning them.

  82. My favorite thing to can is jam. I love opening those jars year round and being able to smell and taste summer. Homemade jam just tastes SO MUCH better than anything I’ve ever bought.

  83. My favorite canning item is my big presto pressure canner! Ironically, I have yet to pressure can anything, but the size and durability totally blow my old enameled starter pot out of the (boiling) water. Also, it’s tall enough I can water bathe quart jars, and this was the first year I did whole pickles in quarts. Achievement unlocked!

    So far, I’ve done regular and alcoholic maraschino cherries, maraschino cherry jelly, gooseberry jam, strawberry rhubarb jam, honey strawberry jam, strawberry margarita jam (you may correctly infer it was a good year for strawberries at our house), Dill pickles in many configurations, tomato salsa, and blueberry BBQ sauce. I’ve also made limoncello, cherry vodka, and basil-mint vodka. I feel pretty darn accomplished, but I still have blueberry jam, peach BBQ, peach salsa, and peach oolong jelly to go this week, and a tomato basil jam if I get to it in time. Whew!

  84. This year so far has been all about strawberry (lemonade concentrate, and your +fig and +vanilla jams) and Local Kitchen’s rhubarb ginger (my son’s favorite). Up next: your tomato jam, which was hoarded jealously last year, so this time I need to make multiple batches!

  85. I spent the weekend making three batches of zucchini relish and two batches of dilly beans. My niece and nephew ate the last of my dilly beans when they were in town so it was perfect timing for beans to be in season. I just started making the zucchini relish last summer and loved it so much I can’t imaging another veggie dog without it.

  86. Reading your blog gave me the confidence to finally tackle canning this summer! I made 12 very satisfying jars of wild blackberry jam, and now I’m so excited about it I want to CAN ALL THE THINGS, haha!

  87. I have an odd assortment of jars picked up at garage and estate sales over the years. My favorites are the really heavy old ones, that are still good after all this time. And I wonder about their previous contents, and the families they fed. Favorite canning tool has to be the jar lifter. Though I just bought a stainless steel pot rack that I’m loving (no more rust). Just finished canning bread and butter pickles.

  88. So far I’ve only canned pickles this summer. Our tomatoes are just coming in, though, so I expect lots more canning in my near future. Tomato conserve!

  89. Today I canned some cherry/peach jam using unsweetened apple juice concentrate for the sweetener. Smelled heavenly, tasted great! I think I will add a vanilla bean next time.

    I love putting my jams in the fancy little rounded jars printed with pictures of fruit. I don’t even know where to get them new, mine have all been garage sale finds.

  90. I love canning tomato sauce every year and also all kind of vegetables that me & my husband grow. It’s a lot of fun doing all the canning process!

  91. I also like the tall slender jars from Ball for my pickled asparagus and “dilly” beans. My most treasured canning tool is a jar lifter that belonged to my Mom, who passed away in 1958. It has been used every year since her death, and God willing, for many, many more.

  92. I just tried canning some Dijon Mustard. It was a new experience for me, but one I think I’ll try again. Next up: Peaches! From orchard to jar in the same afternoon!

  93. My favorite jar is an old blue Ball jar I got from my grandma. I’ll never can anything in it, but I love to look at it and display it. I also just picked a whole grocery bag full of pickling cucumbers from my mom’s garden, so I need to can some bread and butters soon!

  94. My favorite jar(s) are the ones my mother used & my grandmother used. Even though I don’t can in them anymore I do still use them & remember.

  95. I love finding old mason jars at thrift stores. They say great things like “Ideal” and “Strong Shoulders”. My favorite canning tool is my stainless steel funnel; I don’t know what I ever did without it. This summer I’ve made more preserves and jams than I can list off, but the most recent was an amazing no-pectin peach jam.

  96. I make a lot of jams with my son. I go low sugar (but no artificial sweeteners!) and I try to get a bit creative: blackberry lime, blueberry saskatoon, vanilla bean pear and, for pairing with cheese and crackers, cinnamon chipotle pear. I buy local and organic whenever I can. You know, I have basically nothing fancy for tools but I get ‘er done.

  97. My favorite thing I made this summer was refrigerator pickles – diced eggplant with garlic, basil, and chili flakes. I think I tend to go heavier on the garlic than most of the people I know, but whatever, it came out just the way I like it.

  98. I’ve been making jams like crazy this summer. My favorite is the spiced peach. I plan to experiment with lower sugar jams next.

  99. I’ve just finished canning peaches–peach butter, strawberry peach jam, and (my fave!) Peach Vanilla Bourbon Jam. A neighbor just gave me a bunch of rhubarb out of her garden, so next up is Strawberry Rhubarb Pie filling, Blu-barb jam, and ??

  100. My favorite canning project this year (so far) has been Greengage Plum Marmalade. Said with an English accent. Our rare tree here in the NW U.S. is HEAVY with them this year and in addition to making Vanilla Greengage Plum jam, I found a lovely recipe from England to turn them into marmalade. Not satisfied with just one kind of marmalade I created chewy and regular. Chewy meaning the orange and lemon peels were not cooked down as much and remain something I can sink my teeth into. My favorite part is when the pits release at the end of cooking and just float to the top. Awaiting my slotted spoon to fish them out. Summer in a Jar is what I call them. Yummy.

  101. My favorite jars are the old, old ones that we have from generations past. We use them for special things, but do not take a chance with actual canning. Mostly they have odds and ends of pasta and such in them! We just enjoy using them, and seeing them every day, knowing that our grandmothers used them.

    The favorite to use are the 8 oz jars. Most everything we make to give away is canned in them. So, making whatever is going in them is just more fun than the utilitarian stuff in the pints and quarts!

  102. Favorite jar would have to be my vintage ball freezer jars! Canned to much to list already but two favorites are zucchini pickles and strawberry/raspberry/mulberry jam!

  103. I have been on a canning binge, and I’d say my favorite thing I have canned is your spicy peach and yellow tomato jam. I have enjoyed trying the Weck jars.

  104. I have been a bit of a canning maniac this spring and summer! My stores are FULL of so many delicious pickles, jams, and fruit. Just to name a few of my favorite things that I have put into jars these past months would be: red wine jelly, pickled peaches, curried zucchini pickles, ginger blueberry jam, and of course peach pie filling!! Yay for food!

  105. Oh, your grab bag of goodies looks exciting! Especially those La Parfait jars, they’re just darling. This simmer has been a great one for canning, thanks to the abundant rain; it started with strawberry jam, went into blackberry preserves and hasn’t let up since. One of my favourites is the apricot jam with the kernels I just did last week. The kernels give that lovely almond flavour.
    I’d have to say my most valued canning tool is my big copper pan – I bought it 28 years ago and thought I was spending way too much money, but it has been worth every penny. Makes everything turn out so much better.

  106. I haven’t canned anything yet this year. I missed strawberries for jam; but hope to do some peaches soon. My favorite jar is a vintage blue *square* Ball jar! I love it. It sits on my windowsill at all times with some type of flower in it. <3 love. <3
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  107. I made some orange cherry marmalade this summer; it never gelled. It has become the favorite pancake, waffle, and ice cream syrup of my family and friends. I hope to repeat my mistake next summer! I put the batch up in half pint jars, rather than the pint jars the recipe recommended. It is the perfect amount for one or two meals.

  108. Sadly, we are in the middle of moving and I have packed my canning supplies. I do have my jars handy and have been using them for dried herbs, fruit leathers and beef jerky.

  109. I haven’t gotten in as much canning as I wanted to because it’s been a busy summer, but I did make a great strawberry-blueberry-rosemary jam.

  110. I took it on myself to can Merichino(I can never spell that…) cherries this summer, and the recipe I had mentioned that with the judicious application of pectin I could make jelly out of any remaining syrup. Well, I tried it, but 12 hours out of the canner all my jelly jars had sealed, but the contents had most definitely not set, and looked mostly the consistancy of a thin syrup. A little dejected, I went back and forth on possibly reprocessing it, but for the meantime I set them up out of the way, meaning to label them later. Well, life got in the way, and I didn’t get to putting my labels on until nearly a week later, made them up to say cherry syrup, only to find them now inaccurate. The contents of my jars now were definitely a jiggly jelly! I had read before that it sometimes takes a few days for a jam or jelly to really set, but I’d never experienced it, until now.

  111. My favorite jar is the 1 gallon Vlassic pickle jar that I just filled with cucumbers in an attempt to ferment them. I haven’t canned anything yet (ever) except for helping peel carrots for a class my friend taught!

  112. I have been really loving all the little jelly type jars or wide mouth 1/2 pints-fun for special things like pickled fruits and jams. I have been canning up some sweet brined pickles this month. Kathy

  113. I have canned some strawberry-vanilla jam and marionberry jelly so far. Getting ready to try zucchini relish and garbanzo beans. Love the perfectly clear jelly jars and my favorite tool is the jar lifter i have that my grandmother used many years ago.

  114. I use my grandmother’s old aluminum funnel for all my canning. Blackberries are in full season here right now and I just finished putting up 24 pints of the Driscolls blackberry sage jam.

  115. I love Bonne Maman jars! They’re my absolute favorite, although they were too small for my most recent endeavor, which were garlic chili pickles.

  116. I canned blueberry jam (berries we picked from our “secret” blueberry patch) and fireweed jelly with my daughters this summer. Looking forward to doing some rhubarb/ginger jelly to stir into yogurt this winter, and some jalepeno/cranberry for cracker spreads!

  117. My favorite thing I’ve canned this summer: spiced plum jam (from your book!). There is something so nostalgic about the flavor…takes me back to being a little kid.

  118. I’ve been on a strawberry jam kick and the best so far has been Strawberry-Balsamic jam. Delicious. The dilly beans will be ready in a couple weeks and I can’t wait!!

  119. Strawbert rhubarb syrup! I love the fact that I can have a fast of spring/summer in my pantry for the coming cold months…

  120. Those are gorgeous jars and canning items! This is a perfect time for this wonderful give-a-way too. I canned blueberry jam last week, salsa on the weekend and now looking for peaches and beets to can! Thanks!!!

  121. I just bought a case of peaches to put up. I’m thinking simple peach preserves to take us through the winter. A little sunshine on toast….. Mmmmm….. It definitely warms up a cold morning.

  122. Without a doubt my favorite jar is the quilted pint and half from Ball. I got a bunch last summer and can’t find any now. Also, I am newly obsessed with making garlic dill pickles. I can’t keep up with the demand for them!

  123. After taking about 15 years off from canning for various reasons I’ve thrown myself back in to it wholeheartedly this summer! Strawberry Jam, Apple Pie Filling, Chokecherry Syrup, Chokecherry Jelly, pickled Beets, Dilly Beans and Dill Pickles have all been added to my pantry so far! I’m not picky about jars right now… I’ve raided my Mum’s stash of jars a few times already when I ran out of my own! πŸ™‚

  124. I am quite new to canning, and just finished making 4 different types of jams. This is truly addictive! I think the pop sound the jars make when they come out of the canner is one of the most satisfying sounds I know. Anyways, in answer to Marisa’s question about favourite tools…for removing the jars from the bath, I just used my silicone oven mitt…put it right in the water. It worked beautifully.

  125. I made nectarine preserves/jam for the first time. I used a white grape raspberry no sugar added juice as my low sugar additive and it added a tang but did not overwhelm the nectarines flavor. I liked the test batch and have high hopes for the rest in a few weeks.

  126. Just finished plum jam, fig jam and apricot jam!
    I used 1/2 pint jars from Ball, pint jars from quattro stagioni and I love them all!

  127. My favorite jars at the moment are vintage square Kerr half-pints. So lovely! I have a few fancy deco jars that are fairly new to me, but I haven’t had them long enough to truly adore them like I do my square half-pints!

  128. I’ve been on a pickling kick and my latest is banana peppers. Add a little cumin seed and red pepper flakes to the brine. Perfect.

  129. I have been on a jam canning kick this summer. So far, I’ve made 7 different kinds, all low sugar and very fruity. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but it would have to be either the apricot or peach jams that I made out of some of the most delicious fruit I’ve tasted in years….although the wild red plum jam does give them a run for the money. And I’ve still got blackberry season coming up (it’s late this year). I can hardly wait to make some of my blackberry sundae topping!

  130. This summer I was grateful to find your post for ways to preserve zucchini. So far I’ve made zucchini relish (very good), & yesterday I made the zucchini spread (smells wonderful). As this appears to be the year of the zucchini (& not much else) in my vegetable garden, I may make the curried zucchini pickles next.

  131. Just finished 36 jars of raspberry chambord jam in my new commercial kitchen space. So they’ll be one of the first flavors available in gourmet shops here in Maryland.

  132. Our family moved two weeks ago, so I’ve had tragically little time to can this summer. But the farmer’s market was advertising peach seconds on Saturday, so I couldn’t resist doing just a few pints of in vanilla syrup. I still haven’t had a chance to clean up the kitchen.

  133. I love my Blue Ball Heritage Jars (just released to celebrate their 100th anniversary)! I use them to drink tea (with my Cuppow plastic lid) or as storage. The blue color make everything look beautiful!

  134. Sunday I put up 1.75 *gallons* of Plum Ginger BBQ Sauce. That’s 14 pint jars. I was going to do them in 1/2 pint jars but that would’ve been 28 jars. And it was HOT (for Sonoma County). I opted for the pint jars to save myself. I love the bounty of summer and love canning as a rite of summer!

  135. My favorite canning tool is the little plastic magnetic lid picker-upper. So simple. So useful. My beloved canning tool is an old wooden handled jar lifter that was my mother’s. She’s been gone for 10 years, but whenever I use her jar lifter, she’s right here.

    (she also hated blue jars….she thought her peaches looked sickly in them!) I love mine!

  136. So far this summer: 10 jars of ginger (yellow) plum jam, 4 jars of spiced (red) plum jam, and 4 jars of exquisite raspberry jam. My favorite was the raspberry, plain and simple, because I made it with my son’s girlfriend. It was her first jam. Bonding in the kitchen!

  137. My favourite jar is Kerr wide mouth pint size. They are great for drinking out of, storing a smoothie or fresh juice, dried items, or canning salsa! So versatile. πŸ™‚

  138. My favorite canned treat this summer is a blueberry-lavender pie filling/ice cream topping! And because I have a teensy-tiny apartment stove, I love my silicone trivet/canning rack. It fits in my stock pot and makes it possible to can a few small jars at a time!

  139. Am a sucker for jars! My fun new fave is a wide mouth half pint filled with carrot cake jam! I love it when a recipient exclaims “it tastes just like carrot cake”! new go to jam recipe (which I think would look adorable in those parfait style jars) is probably Oregon Blackberry with spiced rum! It would be beautiful! πŸ™‚

  140. This season, I’ve pickled 4 jars of dilly beans and 8 jars of garlic dill pickles. Made two kinds of mixed berry jams, cherry, strawberry, and strawberry rhubarb jams. I even preserved some berries in a vanilla tarragon syrup. Next up, blackberry jam!

  141. I’ve got Ball jars from 4 oz to pint. I love the half pints best of all, and I really don’t know why. I also have some jar lust for those glass-lidded beauties, but I haven’t acquired any yet.

  142. I love the mini .5L quattro jars. They are perfect for just a little morsel of goodness. I made your vanilla rhubarb jam this summer along with some strawberry rhubarb jam. YUM!

  143. Even though we were remodeling our kitchen and I didn’t have a fridge, stove or even a sink to jam, I couldn’t pass up the u-pick raspberries in Seattle! For the first time ever I used instant pectin and made no-cook freezer jam! It turned out great and I love the fresh fruit flavor as something different.

  144. May sound stupid but my favorite jar is a standard wide mouth pint Mason jar. I always have one at hand to throw some oil or may in, with cider or balsamic vinegar and some spices to make salad dressing or marinade for chicken. Close it and shake it up. Wide mouth makes it easy to add ingredients and spoon out just the quantity I want to use.

  145. I have 2 favorite vintage quart jars … one is a completely circular Kerr? and another is a squared-off Ball. All the more proof that being unique is what is most beautiful!

    As for canning tools, I love my roommate’s deep “corn” pot (he uses it to boil corn, I use it to can!) with a silicon trivet on the bottom – heats up quick on one burner! And I’m excited to try some homespun salsa recipes using my acid strips to ensure a safe amount of acidity.

    I always take a break in July (subconciously) from canning, and kick it into high-gear late August. Super pumped about tomato season coming on full force and to welcome Autumn with a roiling-boiling stove full of awesomeness. Here’s all my fingers crossed — these jars look bee-utiful.

  146. My favorite canning tool is my huge harvest gold Presto pressure canner. I can almost everything with it. It is ugly according to some people, but I love it!

  147. This summer I made a lemon ginger jelly and a lemon vanilla jelly that are super delish. It will be hard to give any of those away.

  148. I have not canned anything yet, but I have picked quite a bunch of elderberries to make jelly. I’m also hoping to find a gracious soul who has too many cucumbers so as to make bread and butter pickles. They’re my favorite.

  149. I just made my first round of refrigerator pickles, even though I have been pressure canning for a couple of years. They turned out so perfectly crisp and dilly – I think that I will make these more often over the season. I actually purchased my first Bormioli Rocco Quattro Stagioni jar this past week, but I have not preserved with it yet. My favorite is a quilted, tall Mason jar, but I lust after Weck jars…

  150. I’m a big fan of the tall thin Weck jars, perfect for processing our onslaught of Romano beens into dilly beans. Elegant shape, clear glass, low profile closures and ease of sealing make them my favorite.

  151. I don’t have a favorite brand of jar but my big thing is to reuse and re-purpose jars. I have the jar my daughter in law made tomato in the first year she and son were married on my desk to hold my pens and scissors. I reuse spice jars for my own dried ones with hand made labels. I drink my sun tea from another canning jar that must be about 30 years old now. Everything gets a new use.

  152. Every year I pickle our Asian Pears using the rounded Weck jars. The shape of the jar fits the shape of the fruit perfectly. I also like the new Ball collapsible filling funnel. It has made adding the pickling brine easier and neater i.e. less spills.

  153. The figs are just coming into season where we live, and as soon as I tire of picking them fresh off the tree and just eating them with greek yoghurt, I will start making some delicious fig marmelade, which is always a hit by any cheese platter. This year I plan to experiment with additional flavors a little bit, thinking spices like cardamom, but also aged balsamic vinegar, or vin santo. I think I’ll also make a few jars with walnuts. Suggestions are always welcome.

  154. I only discovered canning this year and the first thing I made was lemon and orange marmalade. Thank you for the chance!

  155. This year I’ve only canned dill pickles and doing pasta sauce today. I found some old canning jars with the glass lids at a yard sale once and bought 6 at $2 a bottle. What a score!!

  156. I’ve been on a pressure canning kick lately. I canned some yummy chili for when the weather turns cold. I also did some amazing pickles, my first batch ever, which was pretty exciting!

  157. I Love the retro jars that are available this year. I’m trying pickles for the first time. Would love some new jars to get me started.

  158. I love canning. It is the best “fast food.” This year I am doing different preservation methods, using fermentation and dehydration. But I still can.

  159. I love the pint and a half sized jars. They are the perfect size for my family for the various tomatoes, sauces and salsas I canned last year.

  160. Hi, Marisa! I made strawberry lemon jam this summer and it is very good. In the quest for “perfect” jam, I will add 50% more lemon next year because it could have been lemony-er!

    Thank you for all the great info and inspiration!
    Sue Blando

  161. I love the Weck canning jars, they look so elegant, but to be truthful, I love all canning jars. I also like Tattler plastic re-usable canning lids and the jar lifter. Everything I can is considered my favorite, but at the top of the list is Cantaloupe jam. I love to see people’s expressions when I ask if they have eaten Cantaloupe jam.

  162. My favorite jar is a half liter widemouth jar. I put my Smoothies and juice in them every morning. Thanks so much for the opportunity! I love to get into canning.

  163. My favorite tool is a canning funnel that my Grandmother used. Every time I pull it out, I get a flashback to her standing in her kitchen canning something…

  164. This year I had lots of strawberries and no pectin. I found a great recipe from a no pectin Strawberry Jam. The family loves it.

  165. I just pickled and canned the beets in my garden. It was such a wonderful experience and I am so excited to try them this winter.

  166. Hey Marisa…hope your summer has been great thus far. Canning jars have to be my favorite item…they can be used for storage, canning and gift depositories. This summer has been extremely busy for me but the item I did get to can was peaches….I use them all year long in various ways.

    Thanks for the great give-a-ways you always have!


  167. Marisa
    I made chocolate pear jam this year. It is quite tasty and has the distinct pear texture.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  168. This summer I bought a dozen Ball blue mason jars because you recommended them. Once I opened them up, I immediately fell in love with how beautiful they are! I’d love to try these Quattro Stagionni jars.

  169. I can’t can in my favorite jar but I do use it for storage and keep it in clear view all the time. A late 1800s Gilchrist jar. About a half pint size maybe slightly larger.

  170. I just started my canning adventure this year. And I am all consumed by the process. I love finding all items related to canning and reading about the different foods people have canned. I absolutely love it.

  171. My favorite canning item is my Grandma’s old dented funnel. However, I’ve seen ways to prim it up and decorate with then. I really like the look of this funnel. πŸ™‚

  172. This weekend I made pickled okra using the recipe in your book. Now to patiently wait for the okra, vinegar, and spices to work their magic.

  173. I have several that I like. I use the quart ones to store leftovers, stews or soups. The small ones Iu se to make peanut butter and puddings. Everyone always comments how cool pussing looks in the little jars. I also make fresh garlic and depending on how much garlic I use, determines the size jar I use.

  174. The favorite thing I canned recently was some raspberry preserves. They are so delicious & even though we left the seeds in they just seem to pop in your mouth.

  175. The best thing I canned so far this summer was corn salsa with local sweet corn. Can’t wait to open a jar of that in the middle of winter and taste summer!!!

  176. Choosing a favorite canning jar is like choosing a favorite child. They all have their pros & cons. Love the Wecks & Parfait for their beauty, good ol’ Ball for their practicality.

  177. I am new to canning this year and my favorite thing I’ve made so far are the pickled sweet cherries from your blog. They are awesome — everyone should make them! Thanks for the giveaway!

  178. I have been pickling cucumbers for the first time. The bounty of my garden is overwhelming! I also have peaches that should be dealt with. My favorite jar is the squat little jelly jar with a wide mouth that ball made a few years ago. They are so pretty! My workhorse jar is the widemouth pint – I store everything in it and also use it extensively for canning. The Quattro Stagioni jars have caught my eye in the store, but I haven’t bought them. they are really lovely!

  179. My 2 little guys & I went organic strawberry picking & they were determined to pick an entire row! We ended up w/ A LOT of berries! So, we canned jam of course! We’ve already gone thru several jars- do good on toast in the morning!

  180. We have a fig tree that has bombarded us this year, so we have done several unanticipated small batches of fig preserves,

  181. I’ve canned quite a few *new* things this year; particularly pickles ~ and I am a female ;^) Gherkins were a first (hubs like sweet pickles) and they’re quite good. I’m also fermenting 3 different batches of kosher dill type pickles, trial-ing the recipes. Plus spicy dilly beans, canned tomatoes (instead of freezing) and several batches of peaches!! It’ll be great to pop open a jar this winter, for sure!

  182. I just canned strawberry lemonade concentrate that I’ll use with my soda stream to make strawberry lemon soda and Vietnamese Daikon & Carrot pickles. I’ve developed a nasty corn allergy, and I’ve been forced to learn how to can because I can’t use anything commercially made with corn syrup or distilled white vinegar (often made from corn). So I’ve been pickling and making relish and mustard, and so on. About to have to learn pressure canning because I can no longer buy any commercial bouillon or soup stocks.

  183. I love using all shapes of jars in canning. I am especially tickled with my pickling journey this Summer. I made 2 different kinds and they both turned out great, first time try. I would love to win this give a way

  184. I love to give out an assortment of the different flavors of salsas that I make over the summer. The smaller size makes it so much easier for the gift giving. Everyone appreciates a homemade gift!!

  185. Jars! Jars! And more JARS! When it comes to all of the “tools” my thoughts are always “I have one of those or this will make do.” Every time I see a new jar though my thoughts are “I want to try that one or that would be great /fun/ pretty for ________.”

  186. My favorite jars are the squat, roundish Ball jars that are embossed with fruit. They don’t make them anymore, probably because you can’t fit as many in the canner or the pantry, due to the shape. But they look so pretty, especially with jelly. I keep an eye out for them at antique stores and garage sales, and bought a few on etsy.

  187. Triple berry jam is my favorite thing, then apple butter. Will be apple time soon. Cannot wait to get to canning.

  188. I love any canning jars – so versatile. I use them for canning, drinking, storing dehydrated goods and dry mixes… they’re great for everything!

  189. I have made a few batches of jam this year, using your Mixed Stone Fruit recipe, and my favorite canning jar size is the half pint.

    Today I’m doing some spiced pickled beets.


    • this summer has been lots of jam — strawberry, blueberry, apricot, tart cherry, peach — so far my favorite is Apricot. 4 batches!! I just LOVE apricot jam!! (I do have peaches macerating in the fridge as I write to be transformed tonight, so this may change.)

  190. Those jars look cute with the curved side. I am pleased having all jars filled with food near by. Its a comforting feeling. Like knowing your family is safe and near.
    hope to win
    One time I found lids covered in a calico flower design. I thought that was just adorable.

  191. Those jars look fantastic! I would love to experiment with different styles of jars. My mom’s best friend has been thrifting kitchen things for me for years, my favorite canning tools are my vintage jar lifter and funnel.

  192. I could can all Ball and Mason jar in sight! Just love canning!! and the ”ping” at the end of the process … priceless :o)

  193. I’ve got a big jar of fermenting sour pickles on my counter right now, and I’ve canned dill pickles, strawberry jam and rhubarb ginger jam so far this summer. I’ve got plans for peaches and tomatoes this weekend!

  194. I tried that progressive canning funnel this weekend and I didn’t like it as much! Found it hard to check the headspace accurately, as the number is on the side of the jar instead of the line that you can see from above. Curious about the wand though!

    My favourite tool are my dish washing gloves for holding hot jars πŸ™‚

  195. Picked gallons of blueberries this summer and have made lots and lots of jam! Sprang for the crystal cut jam jars for a little extra sparkle for that deep purple beauty.

  196. My fave item that I’ve canned so far this summer is the lavender honey wild blueberry jam- it smells heavenly and tastes even better. It’s light, delicate and full of blueberry goodness. I adore the jars in this giveaway! They’re beautiful.

  197. this is my first year canning, so I have all sorts of favorite firsts.
    my husband loves my grapefruit marmalade (made thanks to you amazing tutorials).
    and I made watermelon rind pickles, which were weird, but very yummy.
    I could really use a canning funnel and lid lifter, our local walmart and target haven’t had any in stock when we’ve gone.

  198. I canned tomatoes for the first time this summer! We’ve opened only one jar, and, so far, it seems like a success. Yay!

    I’d like to get some fruit in before it’s too late. I was looking at the maple bourbon peach butter recipe I saw on your site. It sounds great!

  199. I’ve made strawberry jam (and a variation w/ black pepper and balsamic) and have cucs waiting to be pickled. I ended up freezing some tomatoes instead of canning b/c I just couldn’t get my head around getting my gear out, but next weekend will be a huge canning weekend.

  200. my favorite jar = the weck 1/2 pint. i know they’re hard to find on the east coast, but i walked into my local kitchen goods store in NYC the other day and there they were on the shelf!

  201. Just this past weekend I canned one little half-pint of wild beach plum and blackberry butter. I was so excited to finally find beach plums, but I’m not a huge fan of jelly and I wanted to make something that I would actually want to eat sometime, so I threw in some blackberries that had been growing nearby and made a (rather tart) butter instead πŸ™‚

  202. My favorite canning jars are some old ball jars that have a rounded bottom and an imprint of fruit on them. They are pint and a half jars and I can barely stand to give them away so tend to can “keepers” in them so I don’t have too!

  203. the Le Parfait jars are adorable! just finished up a batch of watermelon pickle last night, and also did an inaugural batch of prunes in the dehydrator.

  204. I like plain old Ball regular jars for fruit, wide mouth for jams and vintage ones for decoration!!

    I would love to try some new jars.

  205. My neighbor gave me some cucumbers from his garden and I canned some bread and butter pickles for the first time ever. I’ve never even seen it done. My family insist they are better than store bought. Yay for the internet! We can learn to to anything.

  206. I made pickled beets, strawberry jam, and dilly beans! But all with my parent’s canning supplies. I need my own stuff for my apartment, so this would be amazing.

  207. My favorite jar to can in has to be Kerr half pints. I love the simplicity of them in addition to plenty of real estate space for the label on the reverse of the jar. Favorite tool, it’s a tie for me, lid lifter and jar tongs. Both make canning easier and safer.

  208. My Orange Vanilla Marmalade was such a hit, it disappeared like MAGIC!! Now I have to make more, lots more!!! The jar funnel made filling the jars quick and easy and not so messy. Love it! πŸ™‚

  209. I like the squat, square-ish 8 oz. jar. I can stack @ progressive rack of them to make 18 jars in the canner because they are so short. This year, I filled them with your Cantaloupe Jam with Vanilla. It is so delicious with the new black pepper Triscuits. I wonder how it would taste if I were to add some black pepper to the jam?
    I also made dried fig jam which is also awesome.
    Would love to win this. I desperately need a new funnel and this one looks great.

  210. Eric the past three weeks I’ve canned strawberry jam, pepper jelly and hot sauce. My next project will be cucumber pickles!

  211. Recently retired I’ve discovered the crab apple tree in the backyard and made batches of apple butter and beautiful jelly.

  212. My favorite jars aren’t for canning, they are the spring lidded glass jars from the Container Store that I use as canisters. I have ridiculous little labels on each one and everything. They are also italian glass and completely adorable.

  213. I am all about the squat square Ball pint and half pints-the ones in the 4 packs. I fill them with the prettiest pickles and jams for gifting.

  214. The 4 oz quilted Ball jars are my favorite. they are small enough that i can give them away as a set of 3 or 4, and large enough to pack in a ton of flavor.

  215. I love those Quattro Stagioni jars, they are so pretty and elegant! So far this summer I’ve only made a couple batches of strawberry jam, including your strawberry vanilla, which I love! I really want to make some tomato basil jam and some orange marmalade before the end of the summer!

  216. My first canning of the summer happened this weekend(the garden has been flooded then drought, not a good year) and I made pasta sauce. I have tried pickles but I fail every time, what can I do to get good dill pickles (no sweetness to them)?

  217. I have done jams and beets, etc, but my favorite recipe so far this year is 4 bean salad. yum. our tomatoes are just starting to turn, so I will have my hands full shortly.

  218. My first summer of canning – my bread & butter pickles (or to be more accurate YOUR bread & butter pickles) were FANTASTIC…..I don’t have a lid lifter yet!

    Thanks so much for your blog!

  219. I just used one of my favorite jars – a square quart jar that has a raised picture of a woman, with the words “Mom’s Mason Jar” on it. I actually have two of these jars. I love square jars! πŸ™‚

  220. I put up eighteen pints of my rummy peaches — using a quarter cup (at least) of dark rum in each jar. Love breaking these out in winter!

  221. My favorite canning jars are the old ones. I love the blue ones for vases and pencils. Lately my favorite canning tool is a full one piece metal lid. I don’t can with them, but I use them to cover yogurt and dried basil and all sorts of other stuff. I’ve been picking up a couple every time I go to the market.

  222. My favorite jars are the vintage ones I collect from yard sales or auctions. My favorite thing to can is everything I can (pun intended!) summer fruit, apple pie filling, applesauce, spaghetti sauce, peach salsa Etc…etc…etc

  223. My favorite canning jar is a 6oz. almost round jar with fruit embossing. I bought it and likely 11 others when I was living in Texas 20 years ago. A co-worker had given me a grocery bag of bruised peaches from one of his trees. I had to figure out what to do with them fast. It was my first attempt at jam. It did not set and had to go in freezer since I had not yet figured out how to can. But it tasted wonderful.

  224. Thank you! My favorite jar — is a large canning jar my aunt brought back to us when visiting Norway. It is lovely with a glass lid.

  225. Growing up in Germany, I’m particularly fond of Weck canning jars. This year I canned basil pasta sauce, tomato sauce, salsa, jalapeno’s and bread and butter pickles.

  226. I had a bounty of figs in July and my two favorite things I canned were: a spicy fig chutney that was to die for and I incorporated figs into my bacon jam recipe and it completely transformed it. Yesterday I received a gift from a very creative friend of a strawberry jalapeΓ±o jelly, which might be my favorite jelly of all time.

  227. Pickles, pickles and hot peppers. We have had a very hot and rainy summer and many crops have had issues, but not the cucs and peppers!

  228. My favorite jars are the old Atlas jars passed down from my grandmother. I made strawberry jam (more llike soup) this year. It was delicious in my yogurt.

  229. Mom and I just made 12 pints of Dilly Beans using the recipe from your book that I just received. Can’t wait until they’re ready to eat!!

  230. I really like my little electric burner. It seems like we never have enough burners on the stove (4), so my little separate burner just comes in so handy!!

  231. So far this summer, I think I’m most looking forward to trying the vanilla peach jam I put up. It smelled delicious, but there wasn’t any extra so I didn’t get to have a taste.

  232. My first canning project was last week – garlic dill pickles to preserve an over abundance of cucumbers in my garden.

  233. I love the Elite Ball Jars. Such a beautiful shape. I’m also partial to the wide mouth Kerr half pints. Apparently short and squat are my thing, kinda like my figure.

  234. So far, a fennel relish, strawberry rhubarb jam for teacher’s gifts, fig preserves, and stewed tomatoes.
    Enjoy taking from the garden and enjoying it all year round.
    I also just love jars!!

  235. My friend and I canned 12 pints of dilly beans, 12 pints of pickled beets, and 4 half-pints of pickled teeny tiny pearl onions this weekend. There will be plenty of martinis this winter.

  236. Hello…I am in the process of canning many different styles of mustards….want to get them done now so that they can mature…I want to give gift baskets this christmas with different mustards and homemade crackers and cheeses along with some smoked sausages… I have to sample them all of course….I bet they would look spectacular in those style jars…going to check them out…

  237. Tried that magnetic wand in the progressive box…the magnet fell off with the first dip in the water…not impressed! The other jars would be appreciated; can always use jars!!!

  238. My favorite jar came from a kitchen job I had years ago. It used to hold pickles, about 2 gallons worth. They were going to throw it out, but I’ve used it for brewing kombucha ever since.

    • Summer would not be summer without canning at least 2 bushels of Roma tomatoes! Love the funnel, makes canning so much easier. These new tools look great! πŸ™‚

  239. These are beautiful jars. Have never seen them before. I’ve been making boysenberry jam for so many years I can’t remember how long. I’ve never used specific tools before but my granddaughter bought me a basic set with jar lifter, etc. I don’t know how I lived without the magnetic lid lifter. It sure beats chasing a lid around the hot pan of water. It simplifies the process times 100 !!!! I’d sure love these jars !

  240. I’ve made basil jelly, spirited pears, dilly beans, and lots of berry jams. I love 1/2 gal. mason jars, they are so handy for fermenting, storing dry goods, so many things…

  241. I love the pint and a half jars that Ball decided to make again this year. Our local peaches are HUGE and I often have a hard time fitting enough of them in regular jars and these are perfect. I’m in the process of the yearly massive batch of bourbon peaches to give away at the holidays.

  242. My favorite jars this year are the pint and a half. They are awesome for Bread and Butter pickles. I am always looking for different jars to use in canning.

  243. My favorite canning jar so far is the pint size wide mouth from Ball, but the “fancy” squat ones they sell. I’m too cheap to buy them, but I have a few of them and while I love them for the jams we use more of (I tend to can jams for the family in pint size and giveaway jams in smaller sizes), what I REALLY love them for is lunch. They’re the perfect size for some chili with cheese, or a nice little salad, or some kind of soup. And because they’re shorter, they fit in my stupid little office refrigerator perfectly!

    I canned peach-watermelon jam this year. Heaven!

  244. Way cool jars! Must admit I’ve never seen the any quite like the little ones!
    I have my mothers old pressure cooker that has CANed more food over the years than I CAN count! Tomatoes and peppers have been the bounty this year, with peaches waiting to be opened for a fresh winter treat. Living on a very limited income being able to CAN my own food means I can eat fresh and not out of a box which KILLS my Crohn’s and causes my auto immune disorder to run amuck. I often make gift baskets filled with jars of homemade goodies….SAVE THE JARS if you want more! If there is a family tragedy, fire or displacement I can always spare a few jars of summer splendor to donate. Old jars are saved for storage, sewing nic nacs, cotton balls, change jars and so much more…ps…gonna do pickles today!…now, where ARE those jars????

  245. My favorite jar is actually a box of Ball Jars that I bought back in 1976. Everyone was capitalizing on the Bicentennial, and Ball had put out jars with State Flowers impressed on them. I had to buy three dozen until I got the one for my State, which is the Black-Eyed Susan. Luckily, I was just starting out that year, and having a growing family, I needed lots of jars.
    Many of them are gone, most not returned by gift recipients, one or two broken over the years. I still can, even though it is just for myself and a few friends and family members. I no longer can dozens of jars a year, so I was attracted to your website.
    This year was my first year since I have been in my present residence that I had my OWN fresh peaches to make a couple of jars of jam, and two quarts of pie filling!

  246. I did my first massive tomato can, I did 50 pounds and salsa, tomato sauce, whole tomatoes, pickled tomatoes, and EVERYONE’s favourite, tomato jam. Delicious!

  247. I’ve been canning lots and lots of dill pickles this summer. I’m getting into canning a little more every started with freezer jam, progressed to blackberry jam and now I’m pickling!

  248. My favorite jar that I canned this summer was a small batch of Spicy Asian Pickled Watermelon Rind. Omg. It is amazing and I’ve been making it last. I canned it in a Ball blue heritage jar.

  249. The last of the peaches will look lovely in some of these jars! My favorite canning tool is the silicone trivet I immediately bought after reading about it on your blog. It makes any pot a canner! I have one to use on the counter and one to use inside the pot. Your blog has inspired me many times over the years!

  250. My favorite canning tool? The magnetic lid lifter, they didn’t have these when I first canned back in the 1980s (or at least I never found one). My favorite jar? I haven’t tried many which would make winning this set extra special but I’m a big fan of the half pint jar from Ball. Haven’t done a lot of canning but I have pickled rhubarb, pickled ramps and made garlic scape vinegar. LOVE the pickled ramps and the brine makes an incredible vinaigrette!

  251. I bought a bushel of cucumbers this year. It didn’t seem that big at the farm stand. But good lord when I got it home! I think I’ll have enough bread and butter pickles to last me a lifetime. But really, I love the dill relish I made (and ate) for the first time. I’ve only ever had sweet relish but I didn’t have any sweet peppers and I didn’t want to go to the store, so dill relish it was. Fantastic on hot dogs and I’m looking forward to trying it in mac salad.

  252. I love my new Small Batch Preserving cookbook by Ellie Topp. I’ve made several jams using her recipes and a peach salsa that is absolutely yummy. It will be nice to have the variety this winter!

  253. I have some old blue glass pint jars… the color is gorgeous and I always try to speculate what they’ve held previously every time I can something new in them.

  254. I’ve been pressure canning vegetable broth from clippings. I have a ton right now, but I’ll be very happy when winter comes!

  255. As I live alone, I do my canning, mainly in pint jars and jelly jars. The tip I read here, years ago, to use a tall silendrical pot to waterbath these small jars is a real saver. thanks.

  256. I love the baby 4 oz jars…they are perfect for gift giving with jelly inside.:) my favorite tool is that magnetic lid grabber…i love that thing πŸ™‚ there are some very cool items you got…oh i froze corn this year so far…pear vanilla jam is next πŸ™‚

  257. We haven’t done it yet but we are getting ready to can some blueberry jam this weekend. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  258. My newest canning “tool”: my son’s outgrown tie-dyed T-shirt. Used it as a hand towel while canning and no more staining my dish towels.

  259. I use an old funnel that belonged to my best friends mother. When I use it I remember all the wonderful women in my family, and in her family that have canned before me. I love that I am carrying on a great tradition!

  260. I made a strawberry-blueberry jam this weekend and flavored it with cinnamon (verum not cassia). A couple in 4 ounce jars for gifts and a couple in 8 ounce jars for spooning over steel cut oats this winter.

  261. My most beloved canning tool is the old pot that my parents canned tomatoes in when I was little. It holds such special memories for me πŸ™‚

  262. I made a plum, blueberry jam this summer. The plum helped balance the sweetness of the blueberries and helped it set nicely.

  263. I just found a canning pot that fits my 10″ glass top stove burner AND that is big enough to process quarts in! Psyched for upcoming tomato season. And the pot was super cheap–$12! Can’t get any better than that πŸ™‚

  264. My favorite jar is the 1/2 pint from Ball. I would love to have the beautiful fancy jars, but I can’t justify spending the money on them. Recently, I canned 40 pts of Dilly Beans, which we are looking forward to eating as soon as they reach 2 weeks old.

  265. I just canned some apple pie filling from a ‘wild’ apple tree in the neighboring pasture. These apples are the BEST apples ever, and I got them for free!! πŸ™‚

  266. Weck jars just do it for me! I love that they’re all glass and rubber. #swoon

    I really love lemon curd. Give me anything lemon + sweet and I’m yours forever. <3

  267. My favorite jars are the ones people return EMPTY, because I know they enjoyed the jam/jelly I gave them. I always promise to refill the jar if they return it, so I know if they return it, they liked it an want more!

  268. This summer I made seedless blackberry jam from the berries we picked off our property. I only ended up with 3 pints–darn if making seedless doesn’t lose a lot of product! But it’s worth it every time I dont’ have seeds in my teeth! πŸ˜‰

  269. I made some apricot jam that my family flipped for :o) My favorite canning tool is my new kilner stainless steel funnel, so pretty!

  270. I love to can anything and everything!!!!! I have a couple of wreck jars that I love but use Ball jars for the mass canning. Great giveaway!! I hope to try some new things.

  271. peach & rosemary jam doesn’t last long around here, strawberry lavender jam (which makes an excellent gift for visiting someone) but oh..what we are really waiting for our our tomatoes to grow a wee bit (we have had so much rain) so we can can tomatoes..and for autumn to come! Pumpkin and apple butters galore!

  272. I think my favorite jar(s) are the little 5.4oz Weck ones I was given as a housewarming gift. They’re the perfect size for super small batches and look so pretty.

  273. Have made many jams this summer, mostly your recipes! Next up is a recipe from a friend for peach pear chutney. My favorite canning tool is my digital scale. I don’t have to worry if I have enough fruit for my jam – just weigh it and adjust the rest of the ingredients accordingly!

  274. Well, I’ve canned cantaloupe jam so far this summer, and jasmine green tea jelly and am planning on plum jam as it’s my teenager’s favourite. Thanks for including Canadians in the giveaway.

  275. I adore the tiny Ball quilted jars. I use them for jams. They are just so tiny and so pretty. My favorite canning tool is my pressure cooker. We have canned over 200 jars of soups and sauces and veggies this summer!

  276. I was lamenting to a co-worker that my tomato plants had been very stingy this year, so I was unable to can home-grown tomatoes. A few days later, she came in with three GIANT tomatoes (one alone weighed 2.5 pounds!) that her mother-in-law sent me from her garden. She didn’t want me to miss the mid-winter joy of canned home-grown tomatoes. Thanks, Mrs. S!

  277. My most prized canning tools are the ones I inherited from my grandmother – my large water bath canning pot, my tongs, and my metal funnel. I think the funnel was even used by my great-grandmother. Good stuff!

  278. I made the first batch of peach jam of the summer last night! Started later in the season because of a big cross country move, but it was well worth it. The peaches were perfect. I ended up putting about half of it in jars for later – the other half is in a tupperware in the fridge!

  279. My favourite canning tool is my stainless steel funnel. There’s no brand name on it. I think my father bought it at a surplus store, but it is THE BEST funnel I’ve ever used.

  280. My favorite jar is a Quattro Stagioni jar that I received as a gift once! I am planning on canning some nectarine jam this week and maybe also some cucumber relish.

  281. I’m thrilled with a Habanero Sticky-Hot-Sweet Sauce I made last week. It’s like a very spicy Sriracha sauce, and it’s amazing on grilled chicken– in small doses! A condiment like this is best put into a small jar like the ones you’re giving away… hint, hint!

  282. I just started learning to can. So far, I am trying jams. I honestly didn’t realize there are choices for the can. I have a small 125 Ball jar filled with vanilla sugar that was given to me as a gift. Now I am excited to explore the possibilities.

  283. I just made a batch of cinnamon peach & plum jam with the leftover fruit getting too soft in my fridge–and I didn’t peel them! It was delicious!

  284. my favorite canning tool is my giant stockpot, so much easier than the short pot I used to use, worrying about having enough water to cover the jars, etc!

  285. I’ve not explored with various jars… just the tried and true Ball jar. My favorite and most unexpected success from this summer was my mixed tomato salsa I ended up making when all my tomato plants started to die, and I grabbed what tomatoes I could.

  286. I canned diced tomatoes – and added Italian Seasoning, garlic and salt. In my crockpot I layer cooked sausage, sliced zucchini (which is in abundance), and a jar of those tomatoes. I love to make this for Sunday lunch. When we come home from church I sprinkle shredded cheddar on top and lunch is ready!

  287. current favorite jars are good old BAll fancy jelly, etc. I tried branching out to Weck but just to used to ball and how they all fit well in the canning pot and on the shelf together πŸ˜‰

  288. Just this weekend, I canned homegrown garlic dill pickles and some beets from my CSA farm. Waiting to eat them is killing me!

  289. I am over the moon about the peach jam I made last week. This week I want to pickle some jalapenos! I am very interested in the jars this week – I hope I win!

  290. My favorite canning jar is this one small Leifheit jar I have. It’s kind of weirdly shaped, oval or like a diamond. I only use it to store jam for the fridge, not for processing jam (those go in Ball Mason jars). Some variety would be nice!

  291. This has been an amazing summer in terms of preserving. Peaches, dilly beans, rhubarb jam. But today will be my favorite. Today we start canning asian pears. I am so excited!

  292. I made a wonderful strawberry fig jam with fresh brown turkey figs from a friend. I am not crazy about figs always but they are sooooo good in the jam. Everyone is trying to score a jar from me.

  293. I love old blue canning jars. Love ’em so much I’ve purchased a boat load of the new heritage jars. Wish they came in quart size, though.

    Would love some new canning tools. I’m using a mishmash of non-canning tools to get the job done.

  294. Just opened a jar of blueberry pie filling I made from last years blueberry crop. Used it on waffles and might not use it for pies since it was perfect for waffles.

  295. I just canned my first batch of anything, ever! The maple bourbon peach butter that you linked to a few weeks back. Divine!

  296. I just got done canning some pickled jalapenos. I left in the seeds and may be regretting that the first time I crack one open.

  297. I think my favorite canning tool is my lid-lifter. It’s nothing special at all, just a very basic magnet onna stick – but I spent a stubborn year or two picking everything up with ordinary kitchen tongs (not even jar tongs, just the regular kind) before I broke down and bought an $8 canning kit. Best investment ever. Haven’t burned myself since.

  298. My favorite canning tool is the pair of heat-proof rubber gloves that I wear when handling hot jars! Thanks to my hubby for coming up with the idea AND the gloves – mm-mwah!!

  299. This has been a summer of pickles and jams! My nine year old son has discovered a love for homemade dill pickles. To keep him happy and in pickles all year (along with my husband), I’ve put up 28 quarts of pickles so far. I planted my own pickling cukes this year just as an experiment and that has been fun. Cute little cucumbers! We also put up 24 pints of applesauce. Phew. Thank goodness we can set up the propane stove on the front porch for the water bath! It’s much nicer than filling the kitchen with all that steam! We don’t get many hot days here in the Pacific NW, but this summer has been warm.

  300. I canned my first tomatoes this year! I am pleased with myself for branching out and trying something new. Thanks to this blog I have tried new things.

  301. I’ve been watching my grandmother can for decades but just this last summer and this season I have started making my own refrigerator jam! It is delicious and I would love to learn how to can in one of Marisa’s classes!

  302. Just made my grandmas special recipe for bread and butter pickles. Every time I make even though she’s been gone for years I can feel her joy.

  303. The tomatoes in my garden are just starting to turn red. This past weekend I canned salsa. So far this year I have also canned tomato sauce, spicy dill pickles and homemade ketchup. I have a couple sets of the Quattro Stagioni jars – I used them to can apple butter earlier this year. Nice jars.

  304. I’m a newbie; just canned my first homegrown pickles and pickling this mornings cauliflower harvest later today! I’ve leaned already that all basic canning tools are essential….but the funnel might be my winner!

  305. My favorite canning tool is the Kuhn Rikon Fourth Burner Pot. It’s just the right size for my needs. It’s about time to make peach butter again. The peaches at the grocery store look amazing.

  306. I’m new to canning this summer, but I’m in loooooove with the blueberry-lime jam I made a few weeks ago. I love it, my sister-in-law went through her jar in like a day and the ladies at work fought over who could take it home. Next blueberry season I will definitely be making a double batch!

  307. I have a set of the Quattro Stagioni jars that were a gift from my mother. I canned some peach butter in them last month and it was quite delightful. They look so neat on the shelf too!

  308. I’m gonna hit all three –
    I have been gathering up some really old jars inherited from my gram and some old-timers. There are some old jars that are more square and squat than the newer… they just tickle me!
    My favorite tool is that jar lifter! No canning could take place without that beauty.
    I’ve been canning everything. But my latest feat is pressure canning my garden’s green beans. I feel so proud!

  309. Yesterday I made a peach jam with fresh and candied ginger and a blueberry bourbon jam. I’m newly new to this canning thing (I was conscripted to help my mom and grandma when I was a kid…there’s nothing less inspiring than peeling bushels and bushels of peaches and tomatoes) so I haven’t yet figured out what tools I can do without: I’m never using my standard tongs to take jars out of my canning kettle again, though! (Ouch!)

  310. I mostly use Ball jars for canning…. I’m hoping for some of the new ones tho!! These look awesome ! I desperately need some new tools because my tongs have lost their grip and I burned myself with hot water last time I canned. My favorite items canned from this summer are yummy tomato soup, and cherry brandy jam! Thanks !!!

  311. I helped good friends make 80 small jars of blueberry jam and 40 small jars of peach jam to give as favors at their wedding. It was great to have a bunch of hands in the kitchen, making it go quickly and smoothly. We even pulled out the camp stove and cooked the blueberry jam outside on the deck.

  312. I taught my cousin how to can this weekend. We bought a half bushel of pickling cucumbers and it took us 9 hours to can them all! We made a couple different brines and used a variety of sizes of jars… we had 31 jars total when we were finished! But since I’m letting her take most back to NY, I am going to do another half bushel next weekend!

  313. I found a beautiful stainless steel pot at TJ Maxx and it not only cooks up a recipe wonderful but also a breeze to clean. I love it. I love the Italian jars as well. The make beautiful presents.

  314. Jalapeno dill pickles! I’m not sure if it counts as canning though ’cause I don’t have any canning equip. I just put the cucs in old tomato sauce jars and put them in the fridge.

  315. Recently I canned sweet pickled cherries using your recipe from your book,which I love (thanks to a good friend who shared it with me). I knew for some time now that as soon as the cherries showed up in quart sized cups at the farmer’s market, I’d be buying them up and trying this recipe. A few weeks ago, there they were, so I bought several quarts and started canning. To thank the friend that originally showed me your book and started the canning craze a year or so ago, I invited her over and we enjoyed a refreshing sweet pickled cherry lime gin spritz, with a happy mint flower garnish πŸ™‚ The jars line the kitchen and bring a smile.

  316. I’m not new to canning, but I still consider myself as a beginner. So, this summer I went with the basics and I’ve made plain raspberry jam. It turned out very well, it’s delightful!! Since I was so pleased with the result I made a batch of blueberries, a batch of strawberries and today I’m planning a peach jam, Up to date my favorite jar is simply the 250ml masson jar from bernardin (I’m from Canada!), i’ts the perfect size for me, but I hope I will have to use and test many more in the future!! By the way your website is wonderful every time I read an article or recipe I want to start canning! Long life to Food in Jars!! πŸ˜€

  317. I’m excited about the plum jam I made a couple weeks ago! I recently ate the extra bit of it that got refrigerated instead of canned, it was so good on toast. Looking forward to opening those jars in the fall/winter.

  318. I made a rhubarb jelly with rhubarb from my own garden. It was the first time I had ever made it and it and so much work but so worth it!

  319. I love using the wide-mouth pint jars for pickles!!! I don’t have to worry about the shoulder or the jar, I can get more produce into my jars, and they’re easy to work with πŸ™‚ Sadly, my canning pot is small, and that means it’s hard to get the jar lifter around them, but that just means I need a bigger canning pot, right? πŸ˜€

  320. I’m really looking forward to canning hot sauce in really small jars this year. I’ve been really busy finishing up my PhD, and haven’t had time to do anything other than simple pickles so far (that will go in the fridge). I’m really looking forward to canning up a storm in September!

  321. this weekend i made my first ever jelly using crabapples gleaned from a neighbor’s tree. i followed the directions for hedgerow jelly in the river cottage preserves book (such a nice one!) — what lovely hot pink stuff! consider the crabapple, is all i’m saying.

  322. Oh my goodness, I’m so excited to potentially win this! So far this summer we’ve done pickles and sauerkraut, but there is a bushel of nectarines with my name on it just waiting to be made into jam. I’ve also been making tons of baby food for my 6-month-old baby, though so far we’ve just been freezing what isn’t eaten fresh. Thanks for this opportunity!

  323. I made two different types of salsa that turned out quite amazingly. Still on the hunt for a tomato salsa recipe (other than mrs wages) that doesn’t call for onion!

  324. Just made your recipe for roasted corn salsa, it is so yummy. I didn’t can enough last year so will be canning many more jars this year.

  325. I have only used traditional Ball or Kerr type jars. I would love to make pepper jelly this year in small pretty jars to give as gifts

  326. These jars look fabulous! My dining room is a canning station right now – jars, rings, lids all sorted and at the ready. Have been making blueberry jam and syrup lately and just picked a batch of fresh blackberries for a yummy jam. I’d love to add these products to my collection.

  327. My favorite jar would be an old Ball canning jar I found in my mothers basement, which has an older woman imprinted on it. This year I made old fashioned garlic dill pickles, keeping the cucumbers whole and only cutting off the ends

  328. My favourite jars are the little guys – the 125mL mason jars. I like variety! I want to have a little plum jam, then a little pear jelly, and then a bit of something else. And there are only two of us in my household, so we take a long time to go through jams and jellies. I like the small jars because then I don’t feel obligated to use up a whole 250 or 500 ml jar before opening the next one.

  329. I just made jalapeΓ±o candy for the first time. It’s HOT. Not sure if it will mellow in the jars or not. I used the blue ball anniversary jars that I read about right here.

  330. i LOVE the italian canning jars. the shape is unique and they bring back so many childhood memories to so many of my friends. i found a sale on them a few years ago. SCORE! of course i do not give away food gifts in any of them… lol

  331. Oh do I need these! I have canned over 100 jars this summer (obsessive compulsive canner?) and have ran out of jars and cash! Love your website , just made tomato basil jam last night…cheers

  332. The ball heritage jars are great for all of the oven roasted tomatoes I have been making. I’m doing away with plastic bags in the freezer, they don’t seem to keep the air out like the jars do!

  333. I love the old Mason jars for canning–why? Because it’s what I’ve had forever and therefore always used! And with fresh, flavorful ingredients it has time and again given me a delicious result. But who am I to stand in the way of progress? I think it would be awesome to try my hand on those Progressive tools. This year with the move across the globe I’ve only done cherries. Looking forward to apples and pears soon!

  334. In Brooklyn we have access to locally grown tomatillos, so we made a double batch of Marisa’s salsa verde last week – it was so good we’re doing another batch this week!

  335. I’m canning chutney this week, I also love to can apple, pear and plum sauce–sauces in pint jars and chutney in 1/2 pints. Will be working on salsa next month. The giveaway jars look terrific.

  336. Currently my favorite jar is the wide mouth 8oz. It’s good for small batch canning and they fit better in my fourth burner pot!

  337. Love your website. This is my second year canning & preserving and things just keep getting better. My most useful tool is the posts from websites like Food In Jars and other friends who share recipes and advice. I have your book…….I’ve made many of your recipes. Love it!
    Thank you,

  338. This year there was a bounty of wine berries along the roads around my home. Found a friend to go out with me and I picked enough to freeze 2 quart bags and make 5 pints of jam. This was the first time I make freezer jam. I froze 4 pints and kept one in the fridge for immediate consumption. YUM!!

  339. Being reasonably new to canning, I don’t yet have favorites but I do adore the look of the Weck jars! So far this summer I’ve put up spicy diily beans, dill chips and peach jam…more to follow! Many thanks.

  340. Just this weekend canned 5 quarts fire roasted tomatoes, 7 pints corn salsa (your recipe), 4 1/2-pints of ketchup (your recipe), 7 pints Rotel-style tomatoes (again, your recipe). And two half pints of lime curd for good measure (yes, also your recipe)! All in various jars — some clear, some blue, some quilted. Tried to can some of the curd in the tiny jars but will have to do more research on how that works. . .possibly on your blog!

  341. I’m a newbie at canning. I’m so excited I did my first dilly beans and freezer jam. I have yet to

    try jam. I’m about to do my first batch of pickles too. πŸ™‚ I as of yet I do not know enough to have a

    favorite jar. I’m in the learning process and

    am excited to find your website as one of my resources. Thank you for all the time and effort

    you put into sharing your passion with others.


  342. I have’t done any canning yet but I love the jars for all sort of others things would love to win thanks for the chance

  343. Wide mouth jars are my favorite to get my goodies in the jar. Favorite item made this summer was fig preserves! My favorite tool is the funnel. Love the looks of the progressive funnel! I collect canning jars so these would be fantastic to win! Fingers crossed πŸ™‚

  344. This summer, the retro blue Ball jars have been my favorite, as two daughters have used them for decorations as part of their two weddings. What could be better than that? (One of them will be married this Saturday)

  345. My favorite canning jar is the Ball Half Gallon size. Yesterday, I harvested over two gallons of honey from my new Bee Hives and stored the honey in my half gallon jars!

  346. My favorite canning tool that’s a less obvious choice is my silicone oven mitt which can keep my hand cool (albeit briefly) when fishing lids out of the boiling water bath. Also, I’m literally making your tomato jam right this minute. Oh, the scent!

  347. This weekend I made pickled onions (YUMMY!) and Freezer Pesto (as I call it).
    I am looking forward to trying my hand with “Mint Garlic Pickled Eggplant” this week.

    I need to get me some wide mouth pint jars for the ever popular Salted Lemons that I make and use on a regular basis.

  348. I was lucky enough at the start of the summer to be gifted a couple boxes of vintage ball jars after a friend’s mother passed away. I love that they look just a little different than my more familiar modern jars, and I’ve really been enjoying canning in them lately! Thanks for the giveaway!

  349. My favorite jar is the 1/2 pint wide mouth ball jar. They are the perfect size for taking to the coop when buying bulk dry goods, making refrigerator oatmeal and most of my canning projects. I own more of these than any other size jar.

  350. My favorite jars are my antique blue ball jars, some with glass lids and metal lid holders that flip up on top to hold the lid down. I only use them for dried beans, but they look lovely sitting in my pantry.

  351. My favorite canning jar is a set of vintage Ball jars that I have. Use them for everything! One of my favorite things I canned this summer was a Jalapeno Jelly. Thanks!

  352. My kids and my husband and I picked sixty one pounds of peaches this summer. I made canned peaches, peach butter and maple peach sauce.

  353. Wow what a treat! These jars look amazing. I haven’t been canning too much this summer since I’m very pregnant and can’t stand in the kitchen for too long. But with the help of my 8 year old we have made a few jams including you three-citrus marmalade and some freezer raspberry jam. Thanks for the amazing giveaway.

  354. My favorite canning tool is my steam juicer. It’s become so incredibly useful in processing most of our fruits and tomatoes.

  355. I’m new to this, and have only used blue mason jars to can in the past. Still have some exploring to do. My favorite food in a jar was made after your demo at Wyebrook Farm on Sunday- spiced rhubarb jan πŸ™‚

  356. Dreamy giveaway! I’ve canned peach slices and purple raspberry jam so far this summer, but the apple harvest is just beginning…

  357. I love the straight sided canning jars with the larger lids because then there’s no lip to get around when you want to get things out of the jar!

  358. My favorite canning jar is the Ball quilted 12 oz jar. I like them because they take up less space than the pint , take up same space as 1/2 pint but hold more. Use for jams, pickle relish, corn relish. Harder to find though int he store. My favorite canning tool is the lid lifter. I finally discovered it after 30 years of trying to use tongs and bare fingers to fish out those evasive lids.

  359. My favorite jar is the vintage blue ball pint jar. This summer I canned ketchup (the first thing I ever canned!) and it didn’t last long in our kitchen, delicous recipe from Food In Jars! My most favorite canning tool is a very basic magnetic wand lid/ring lifter- (i had used large tongs before that), I absolutely love it’s basic function!

  360. I am trying to make something for Christmas with peaches. Just canned 6 quart jars of sliced peaches and the plan is to make a mix for peach cobbler to give with the jar (just add butter and water), but I guess I had siphoning??? The liquids are at the bottom and the solids are at the top – is this a problem? Am I going to end up eating a lot of peaches in the next couple of weeks? I am getting ready to make more. Thanks for any help. FYI, used Kerr jars and I think there were some imperfections in the jars, not happy about that. Sure wish someone taught canning classes in Tucson.

  361. So far this summer, I’ve canned 15 quarts of peaches, 62 quarts of green beans, and 13 quarts of corn. Today, I’m going to try to get some hot pepper jelly made with peppers given to us. Then we have to start on the apples. Our trees are loaded!

  362. My garden hasn’t done well this summer, so I haven’t done much canning. I have made some great jams though…..Rhubarb & Ginger, Raspberry-Peach, and Blueberry! (All great on toast and over ice cream. Mmmmm.)

  363. I’m a simple, ol’ fashion mason jar kind of girl. (Yes, I know they’re technically Ball Glass Mason jars. But as any southern will tell you, they’ll foreven be known as a mason jar.) My go-to jars are always the half pint / jelly jars and the wide mouth pint jars. I rarely use any other sizes.

  364. I just discovered the joy of canning with Weck jars, so right now my favorite jar is one of the smallest tulip shaped jars. before Weck my favorite jar was one of the old glass jet puff marshmallow fluff jars. They have such a pretty shape:)

  365. I have really only used Ball jars so I guess they are my favorite. This summer has been busy so we haven’t canned much yet, we did do some strawberry jam, and my 7yo made some strawberry banana freezer jam nearly all by herself.

  366. I love Weck jars, but only have a few. Mostly, I just use wide mouth Ball jars for canning. But I will admit to a bit of a jar fetish. They’re all so different and beautiful

  367. I can’t wait to make apple butter this fall and put it away. My mom’s award-winning recipe was tweaked with less sugar and it’s delish!

  368. This year is the first time I’ve had a ketchup come out well. I’ve only done a few, but it’s been frustrating. I can usually spot a recipe I’m going to like, and I can usually follow it and make a decent result of it. So when things don’t come out at all, it’s very disappointing. Anyway, this year I found a recipe that held some promise so I gave it one more go. It was fantastic! And that was just with canned tomatoes. I like to think of it as a trial run for when I go back and use tomatoes from the garden. Yay!

  369. My favorite thing I canned this summer (and every summer!) is peach butter. I give it away as christmas presents with shortbread.

  370. My favorite jar so far is a good ol’ Ball Mason Jar. I filled some of those jars with raspberry jam this Summer! Yum! My favorite canning tool is my pressure canner! I was so intimidated about using it! Now, I’m so happy I learned!

  371. My favorite tool this season is my pressure canner that I am finally beginning to feel confident using. Green beans on the list for this week.

  372. I learned how to make jam with my mom when I was really young, and when we initially did it, we would just lift the giant pot of hot boiled jam and pour directly into a jar. We were both immensely talented at directing the flow of jam into a regular-mouth jar without any spillage. However, the canning funnel has made this process a little bit less like playing roulette and we’ve both appreciated it now that we each use it in our own separate kitchens.

  373. My favourite jar.. of all the ones I’ve come across so far, probably the old “Improved GEM” jars.. specifically, the squat? ~500ml version. These jars haven’t been made for years now – but the 78mm two piece lids for them are still manufactured, thanks to a large “out cry” a number of years ago when it was announced the lids would no longer be made. I’ve managed to procure around 100 of the various GEM jars now, from the squat ~500ml (pint) jar to gallon sized jars!

  374. I love the staggioni jars! In early July my friend and I bought about 100 pounds fruit and vegetables and had a 15 hour jam fest that produced 153 jars of:

    – blackberry, lime & cassis jam
    – rasberry, lemon and chambord jam
    – red pepper jam with balsamic syrup


  375. Its pretty traditional, I like the strait sided wide mouth pint jar. It’s just so practical. Just cut green beans to size for dilly beans!

  376. My best “can” so far has been a mango butter that I am continually hounded for. My friends crave it. I tell them they are going to have to wait until next year to get more, even though I still have a few jars in the basement. πŸ™‚

  377. My favorite jars are Weck jars. They are beautiful and stylish and elevate the look of anything you can in them. I usually keep them for myself and only give them away filled with jam to people I REALLY, REALLY like!! πŸ™‚

  378. I love ball jars. My husband can find them anywhere, especially when I make him run out to pick up a case because I run out in the middle of canning! Salsa is my favorite canning food this year.

  379. Last weekend we harvested 15 pounds of jalapenos from our garden. I canned pickled jalapenos (the simple recipe from your site), jalapeno salsa, and jalapeno pepper jelly. Yum! Now what am I going to do with the 15+ pounds I left on the plants?

  380. I love the blue Heritage jars from Ball – my favorite color, I can’t bring myself to can with them but are using them for display storage in the kitchen. My favorite item canned this summer is strawberry-peach-vanilla jam – so yummy!

  381. Last night a neighbor dropped off a quart of meltingly ripe blackberries, so I made the black and blueberry jam you had a link to on the blog yesterday. Its delicious on toast with ricotta!

  382. I have been canning chokecherry syrup this week in 12 oz jelly jars. They are great with the little bit of extra room and slim profile. I love them!

  383. A few weeks ago, I got my hands on a mixed bag of hot peppers for cheap and decided to test out a hot pepper jam recipe. I’m not a big fan of super spicy things, but this jam turned out perfect. Me and my roommates love to put it on tacos and nachos

  384. I was gifted with almost 5 lb of free gooseberries that made me swear a lot in frustration while prepping for use, and swear profusely yet again in amazement when trying some of my tweaked version of Tigress’ gooseberry jam “reserva.” Worth every ounce of energy expended on them.

    Thanks for the contest! I, too, love those La Parfait jars! I just saw them for sale somewhere recently…I think it was Food52’s new shop, Provisions. I need to buy me some. I do love those Staggioni jars too, I have a few but want more. Gotta hit up Home Goods! Found a local place too at the Outlets here that sells new lids for these.

  385. I’ve been using a lot of half pint jars for my canning this summer. I think they are the perfect size for sauces and jams.

  386. I raided my mother’s jar collection this summer and found the cutest little 8oz square jars. I used them for sweet and sour pickled red onions. My 4yr-old thinks they look like jars of worms! But he loves a “wormy” grilled cheese sandwich.

  387. Last night was my most bittersweet canning adventure yet. I bought 25 lbs of beautiful tomatoes yesterday morning after dropping my cat off at the vet. We found out last night he has lung masses and there is pretty much nothing we can do. So the cat and I hung out in the kitchen last night and we canned two batches of salsa. I told Max that the tears were from the spices, but that wise old kitty knows me better. I’ve deciced to label it max’s salsa no matter what kind of jar it is in.

  388. oh those jars are beautiful! i’ve been busy canning all summer but my biggest push was a few weeks ago when i canned over 60lbs of peaches…yes, insane! hoping to get to my blueberry picking this weekend before the season winds down!!

  389. My favorite canning jars are the basic Mason jars by Ball. And my favorite tool are the tongs for lifting the jars in and out of the water bath. Don’t know how I ever canned without them! I am getting ready to make bread & butter pickles today or tomorrow, our cucumber plants are thriving.

  390. This past weekend I canned a double batch of my roasted corn relish. I can’t not have this throughout the year. It is a must for me. I think that tomatoes are up for me this coming weekend.

  391. I just started Canning this year and am loving it.. I tend to carry my canning pot with my when i go visit my Nana incase i get the opportunity to can something with her ( she lives int he country). So far this year i have made almost 40 jars of jam (everything from Strawberry to Sour Cherry ) and have decided to give them away as a thank you for comming gift for my Parents 40th wedding anniversary party this weekend, Its a good thing i come from a Jam and pickle loving family.

  392. My favorite thing I’ve canned this summer has been blackberry bbq sauce, but I’m gonna try to make some apple chutney and pickled watermelon rind today.

  393. Going against the grain perhaps, but I do most of the canning in our place. I love to grow a vegetable and fruit garden and am more and more obsessing with saving food. Nothing like a nice jar of Summer when it is about 10 below.

    My favorite canning tool right now: my OXO Food Mill, which has made the tomato juicing so much easier, and I am getting a better product. I just hope it lasts a good long time.

  394. Jam and pickles, pickles and jam… all summer long. I somehow missed out on the sour cherries this year, but am making up for it with a LOT of plum jam. Last weekend I made a plum jam with chipotle and chocolate. Wow!

    My favorite canning tool will always be my great grandmother’s funnel. Dented, yes, but full of memory.

  395. My favorite canning tool is my jar lifter. It is a vintage metal Presto brand jar lifter with dark green wooden covered handles that I picked up at The Elephant’s Trunk flea market in Connecticut. The seller said it belonged to his grandparents. Despite the visible wear and darkened metal from years of use, it still works great and has been an asset during my first year (2013) of canning jam and pickles.

  396. Marisa! It took me long enough but I’ve finally gotten the canning bug. I canned some lemon curd this weekend with some success, long story. I used one of your canning 101 posts and it was great. I also bought the canning ladle you blogged about and it is amazing. Hope you are well!

  397. Best “canning” so far this season is golden plum freezer jam. No processing or cooking, but it’s in a jar, so I think that counts. In the middle of winter it will be the most amazing reminder of summer.

  398. I made your spiced plum butter last month, using little red plums from my friend’s tree! So excited to eat it with popovers come Christmastime.

  399. Apple raspberry jam has been one of my favorite jams I’ve made so far this summer. It’s a nice blend of autumn and spring!

  400. My favorite tool is the silicone mat that I use to line my pot of boiling water for small batch canning. I can use a regular pot and the mat cushions the bottom of the pot. Perfect for just a few jars of a jam or relish when I do not need the whole big canning setup.

  401. My favorite canning tool is the funnel that came with my canning set. I use it to pour food into jars for storage (like rice, cornmeal,…) and it’s great for filling jars with leftover chili, soup, etc. I pretty much use it whenever I want to put something in a jar or container that I might spill…

  402. My favorite jar was when I FINALLY found quarter pint jars this year (they were just too expensive to order online).

  403. My fave I canned so far this summer is peach-raspberry jam. Amazing color, truly delicious, and very low in sweetener–honey from the neighbor’s bees. Yum.

  404. Favorite canning so far this summer was apricot conserves with the apricot pits and some vanilla bean added. Delicious!

  405. my favorite recipe so far this summer is the Tomato Jam i just made last weekend from the Food in Jars recipe list. it is sweet and spicy and so rich!! mailed one to mom for her birthday, and brought one in for the receptionist this morning. ate some with cheddar last night YUMMmmm still need to try it with eggs, fried potatoes, and goat cheese – but not all together πŸ˜‰

  406. I put up what felt like a million jars of grape jelly this year from my aunt’s concord grape vine. I loved doing my bit to keep the whole family in PB&(good!)J for the foreseeable future.

  407. I was given 15 lbs of fresh figs this summer and used them to make “Boozy Fig Jam” which has turned out to be the hit of all of our summer picnics! My favorite new canning tool has to be my Kilner Jam Pan which I finally broke down and bought. It’s perfection! Nothing burns!

  408. My favorite preserve I have made this year is a mixed fruit batch. It was originally only supposed to be peach and plum, but the color was a bit off and I had some extra strawberries and raspberries around and threw them in. It is so delicious. A happy accident.

  409. Best canning this season was a riff on a recipe I found on your blog! I took the recipe for Maple Peach Bourbon Butter and turned it into Mango Maple Bourbon Butter! Added a half tsp of Vitamin C to keep it bright orange and pureed it smooth, is a lovely color and will be very welcome once the heat of summer breaks.

  410. I love my Liberty Bell jars from my grandma’s collection. She didn’t need them when she bought them, but had to have them to celebrate our country! And now I have them and love them too. I’ve got a big collection of jars (about 700) and some really neat odd ones that don’t get canned in, but my Liberty Bell ones will always be special and yes, they are full of food as we speak because she would be so mad if I didn’t use them!

  411. My favorite jar is a plain old ball jar that belonged to my Grandma. My mom gave it to me filled with delicious homemade granola and now it’s my granola jar.

  412. I love the old blue glass jars, the new ones are lovely but the color not quite the same, and I have a couple of old quart mason jars with a star on the front that I adore. This season I canned sour cherries for the first time picked from a upick in someone’s yard I found on craigslist, we talked canning and now I have been invited over for apple picking and apple pie this fall, canners unite!

  413. Ooo… i really do need a magnetic jar lifter. It’s so little but I keep on forgetting to get one. So far this canning season I’ve canned Pickled Garlic Scapes, bread and butter pickles, ketchup and this week I’m going to can blackberry jam because they are finally rippening in our yard!

  414. I made blackberry jam for the first time this summer. I normally do strawberry, strawberry/rhubarb, and raspeberry, but I’d never been a huge fan of blackberry. My memories of blackberry jam involve Smuckers which is ok, but nothing compared to the home made blackberry jam a friend gave me this most recent winter. As soon as I tried it I knew I had to make my own.

  415. My favorite jar isn’t a canning jar, it’s an old little jar that fits onto my vintage Osterizer blender. My mom had the same little jar – yellow lid, cute illustration of a flying girl in fine 60s or 70s style. My friend passed it onto me & I’m so happy to have it! I love those jars – the bonne maman ones (can you reuse bonne maman jars for jams? I thought I read somewhere you could). Anyway, I’d like to play more with canning, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed πŸ™‚

  416. My favorite canning tool is the recipe for pickled beets, which I canned in July. The recipe was my dear mother-in-laws, god rest her soul, who taught me how to can and many other wonderful things.

  417. I love the little wide-mouth half-pint jars. My husband isn’t into fruit much, so a big jar of preserves would go to waste in my house. He has decimated my supply of canned chocolate raspberry sauce though.

  418. I’ve ventured into pie filling this summer! I have some blueberry and apple pie filling that I’m looking forward to eating later this year. I also put up twelve pints of applesauce — but my tree is still dropping transparent apples. Maybe there’s more pie in my future?

  419. I’m new to canning, so I don’t have a favorite tool or recipe yet. I’m going to start with peach jam tonight! Your site is very inspiring!

  420. I’m crazy about my canning funnel, even though it’s plastic. I’d prefer an enameled or metal one, and will try to acquire one at some point. I try to use non-plastic food storage more and more and the funnel is just so useful for filling the jars.

  421. I made apricot jam for the first time ever this summer. I adapted your recipe by using dried lemons, vanilla and cardamom as additional flavors. Delicious!

  422. I canned about 20 lbs of whole tomatoes and made the tomato jam from your book with the leftover. I snack on it with ritz crackers before dinner and absolutely love it!

  423. My favorite tool is the jar lifter….thankfully it has saved my manicure all summer. My favorite jam this summer was the apricot rosemary, peaches turned out to be a disaster!! When I feel defeated I just open my pantry and see those delicious jars of apricots and smile. You win some and lose some πŸ™‚

  424. My favorite canning tool would have to be my wooden stool! It allows me to sit at the sink and stove for hours without getting tired or needing to take a break!

  425. My favorite jars are the old school mason jars with the star on them. No matter what you can in them from pickles to peaches they look beautiful. I have to confess, I never give these ones away for fear of not getting them back.

  426. This summer I canned yummy alphonso mangoes jams! Opening up each jar everyday with hot buttered toast makes me so happy that I did something good for the family!

  427. I have been canning mixed jellies and pickles so far this year. I have never done pickles on my own, but I joined a CSA and have had tons of cucumbers, so I went for it and made 8 pints of dill pickles. I also have been playing with a juicer, and using that for jelly (woo no straining!). I made a delicious jelly from the mixed juice of peaches, blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. It is SO GOOD!

  428. My favorite canning tool is my pressure canner…i am a first time canner and the very first thing I canned was jelly…I was so proud of myself..ot was all up hill from there. Bought a PC anf now I have green beans, peaches, spaghetti sauce, chili, beans, etc…along with all kinds of jelly. Ive created my own canning monster!!!! :))))

  429. My favourite preserve so far has been black currant jam. Super easy and delicious. I’ve also quite enjoyed fermenting radishes. They brighten up any meal.

  430. I love the blue slope-shouldered jars that my mom-in-law collects. She’s got a bunch of zinc lids too, just for looks!

  431. Just used Weck jars this year. They are great for dehydrated veggies and herbs. Canning tomatoes -still. My garden is not running out anytime soon.

  432. I just love my big steam canner. My mom gave it to me when she bought a new one and I have used the daylights out of it these last few years.

  433. I tried my hand at making pickles this summer! They turned out great, especially the watermelon pickles I made.

  434. What a wonderful give-away! I just canned 91 pints of our heirloom apple pie jam. It is a family recipe for several generations. Would love to try the Le Parfait jars.

  435. My favorite jar is a favorite purely for aesthetics. It’s an old “Lucky” jar with a glass lid and wire bail closure that I got from a former landlord. I usually keep rice or pasta in it, although around halloween it’s often filled with candy (in fact, that is what is in there now, from last year).

  436. I tried a raspberry grapefruit jelly this year and I really like it. This was my second jelly instead of my usual go to jam.

  437. I love to can ! I’ve been canning for years! I learned from my grandmother Winnifred! I can everything!!! We live on a 25 acre farm here in Stanwood Wa . I like to try new recipes every year along with family favorites. This year’s new adventures included pickled plums, currant orange jam, rhubarb jelly and mixed veggies! My favorite tool is the metal/ rubber tong can lifter!!!

  438. When my (now grown) children were small, my grandmother worried about affording Christmas gifts for us all. I suggested a group gift of some of her homemade strawberry jam. She surprised us with not one or two jars, but an entire case of the big jars! Enough strawberry jam to last a year for a house full of little peanut butter fiends! I returned the empty jars to her to reuse the following summer.
    She continued this for several years until she passed away. Now I have the same jars to can goodies for my own grandchildren. So of course my grandmother’s jars are my favorites.

  439. I’m enjoying “small batches” this year. I’m about to undergo three surgeries so I’m stocking up and small batches of jams and various pickles are what I’m craving. I’m into Weck jars and I’m loving a silly little wavy cutter for pickles…it’s the little things!

  440. fav thing canned this summer so far: balsamic fig jam. fav tool: I’m such a sucker for my funnel. so useful! (thanks for the giveaway!)

  441. My favorite canning tool is my copper preserving pan for jams and jellies. It’s beautiful and reduces fruit so quickly πŸ™‚

  442. so far, I think the strawberry margarita jam I made earlier this summer is my favorite this year, last summer my favorite was the rosemary peach jam.