“The Return of Spring” at Art in the Age

May 3, 2013(updated on October 3, 2018)

food in jars at Central Market

In the past, my work as a writer, teacher, and food preserver has taken me to libraries, barns, farmers markets, and private homes. Tonight, for the first time, it’s taking me (or at least, my books and jars) to an art gallery. A collection of my jams, pickles, and preserves, along with copies of my book, will be part of the new show at the Art in the Age shop/gallery in Old City, Philadelphia.

Called The Return of Spring, this group exhibition features an eclectic mix of work from environmentally inspired artists and craftspeople from the Philadelphia region. It opens tonight at part of First Friday and runs through the end of the month. There’s a reception tonight from 6-8 pm and you can get more details about that here. I hope some of you can make it!

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10 thoughts on "“The Return of Spring” at Art in the Age"

  • Oh, cool. I had no idea Art in the Age had an actual physical location. I’ll have to pop up from Baltimore some day soon and check this out.

  • It looks as though you’ve been canning with lug-style jars as well as the traditional, continuous-thread or Mason types.

    All the lug lids that I had previously found on Fillmore Container were at that time listed as hot fill only. That restriction is no longer in the description of any of the 70mm lug lids I just looked at.

    I’d certainly like to be able to reuse some of the lug jars that I have been throwing in the recycle bin. I’d just want to be real sure the lids were considered safe to use in home canning.

    1. The jars pictured here are not my preserves. This photo was taken at Central Market in Lancaster, PA. I’ve occasionally used lug-style lids when working on preserving projects for other parties, but I don’t currently use them for my own preserving. Also, must like the lids used with mason jars, lug-style lids are not considered reusable reusable. I’m also not certain that they’re recyclable.

      1. Marisa, You are correct…the lug lids are not recommended for a second round of canning, just like the continuous thread lids. You may see videos and read of folks re-using them with success, BUT they were not engineered for that type of use by the manufacturer, so we can’t recommend that practice. You may certainly use them for refrigerated storage or dry storage, but the quality of the closure with the lug lids during re-use may diminish as the lugs become distorted from being cranked onto the jar repeatedly.

  • I can understand why they would want to display your book, its BEAUTIFUL! As a beginner, it was my very first canning book and remains my favorite. It is the book I drank coffee with, sitting by the fire in a Montana blizzard longing for warmer weather. I recommend it to everyone who says “they could never can” and wish I could give it to all my gals as inspiration. Just wanted you to know that it still inspires me. Thank You!

  • In the photo, your bottom row has different lids. What kind of jars and lids are on those pickled beets and peaches?
    Inquiring minds want to know!!!
    I have been a follower of yours since you did the ginger month last summer. I am using up my last four jars of pear/vanilla jam from that era. It is lovely.

    1. Susan, like I said in my reply to Howard, the jars pictured here are not my canning. However, those are lug-style lids that can be purchased from jar distributors like Fillmore Container.

  • Marisa, yesterday I received the produce storage bags from you and beautiful earth. I so love them, they are a great size. I already have washed them and they are ready for my Monday Market shopping trip. Thanks again for offering the chance to win these wonderful bags. -jackie