The Food in Jars Cookbook + Giveaway

So often over the life of this blog, I’ve written about beautiful cookbooks. These posts are fun for me to write because I love any excuse to sit awhile with a new cookery volume and explore what it has to offer. Many of you take the time to write me an email or leave a comment, to tell me how useful you find these cookbook pieces, because they give you a chance to peek inside a book in a way that’s different from the experience on Amazon.

rear cover

Today’s cookbook feature is a particularly unique joy, because this time, I’m sharing my own book. Now, I realize that I’ve been talking about this book for many, many weeks now. Thing is, for all that excited chatter, I haven’t taken much of a chance to tell you what you’ll find when you open the cover and why it might be a good canning book for you.


To my mind, the book is a tangible embodiment of this website. It brings together the most popular recipes from the archives as well as a number of new recipes you’ve never seen before. All the previously-published recipes were retested and rewritten before being included in the manuscript to ensure that they were the best versions of themselves. Many were also scaled down to yield just three or four pints, to keep with the small batch theme.

canning intro

It includes detailed canning instructions (with helpful instructional pictures!), tips on how to determine whether your jam has reached its set point, a guide for adjusting processing time for altitude and all the best safety practices.

blueberry butter

The recipes are sorted by genre, so that all the pickles are in one chapter, jellies in another and so on. Within each section, the recipes are arranged by season, so that each spring, you can start at the beginning of the jam chapter and then work your way through to the end.

boozy peaches

The book is also full of really gorgeous images. Truly, my jars have never looked better. The photography was done by Steve Legato, at his Philadelphia studio, and it was such a pleasure to watch him work. Also, I made all the canned goods pictured, so you can trust that your finished products should look pretty darn close to what you see.

cinnamon vanilla butter

Another way I tried to keep the book tied closely to this site is that it’s not just about canning. Towards the back of the book, you’ll find sections devoted to nut butters, granolas, bread and scone mixes in jars and even flavored salts. There’s also information about how to best freeze different fruits and vegetables, and some details on pressure canning low acid foods.

rhubarb syrup

Finally, the reason I think so many of you will like the book is that it’s me. It’s my voice, the same one you read here day after day. I’m always working to write about food preservation in a way that conveys the fact that it’s a joy, not a chore. That feeling ribbons throughout the book. I love joining so many of you in your kitchens through this blog and I hope I’ll get to do the same through the book.

Thanks to my kind publicist at Running Press, I have three copies of the Food in Jars (the cookbook) to give away to Food in Jars (the blog) readers. Here’s what to do:

  1. To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post and share your favorite kind of food in jars. Jam? Jelly? Pickles? Chutney? Canned peaches? Granola? Iced coffee? There is no wrong answer.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Sunday, May 27, 2012. Winner will be chosen at random (using and will be posted to the blog on Monday, May 28, 2012.
  3. Giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian readers.
  4. One entry/comment per person, please.

If you can’t bear to wait and see if you win the giveaway, you can always order a copy by clicking here: Food in Jars: Preserving in Small Batches Year-Round.

Disclosure: I wrote this book. Running Press is providing three copies at no cost to me for this giveaway.Β 


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1,407 responses to “The Food in Jars Cookbook + Giveaway”

  1. Fruit butter has been the most exciting thing to put up so far, but my favorite food in jars is the oatmeal I eat out of half-pint jars every morning at work. The jars are perfect for transporting and heating up in the microwave!

  2. It has got to be pickles but to narrow it down beyond that, I am hard-pressed to pick a favourite. I really love spicy pickled carrots though.

  3. Jam, jam, jam. Your tomato jam recipe was my first venture into canning. I’ve been addicted ever sense. If it was healthy to eat tomato jam 24/7 I would.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway.

  4. I think, above all else, Applesauce is my favorite thing to come out of a jar. While I love all my jams and my baked beans are fantastic, applesauce is always what I reach for when in a meal pinch.

  5. Pickles, pickles, pickles! Although I love jams & sauces…I can’t get enough of pickles. Especially carrots and jalapeΓ±os.

  6. My favorite food in jars…since before I can remember has always been green beans, fresh from the garden, strung and snapped and pressure canned with just a bit of salt.

  7. Dill pickles! Jam! Salsa! Frozen leftovers!

    The book looks beautiful – both the pictures and the glimpses of text. True to your voice, and clearly a labour of love! Congratulations!

  8. Clearly you understand what it is to be giddy about a new cookbook. I must tell you that this is my year to really develop my mad canning skillz. I am so so excited to see not only a fabulous new book dedicated to the subject, but one filled with gorgeous photos. As a photographer who loves shooting food, and a cookbook girl who needs pictures to really *love* a book, I have a feeling your book will be well-used on our little farm in my well-loved kitchen.
    Favorite canned good- I think interesting mixes of jam. I want to learn to find good combinations of things for jam. With four boys, we go through a LOT of jam!
    Crossing my fingers!

  9. Pickles are definitely my favorite food in jars. The first and only refrigerator pickles I make are your garlic dills. We loved them so much the first time I made them that I haven’t even bothered trying new recipes, I can’t wait to make more.

  10. I love apple butter, and peach jam. I’d love to try that blueberry butter recipe in your book. Congrats! I look forward to reading your book!

  11. Hmm…. This is really tough. I love just about anything I put in a jar… which is a lot! πŸ™‚ But if I had to choose – salsa and pickles.

  12. congratulations on the new book! it really looks fantastic…i’m sure in the event that i don’t win, i’ll be purchasing it very soon! anyhoo…my favorite food in jars, geez, so many. love my iced coffee of course, but my favorite has been the ginger quince jam i made last year.

  13. My favourite food in jars (right now) is a yummy blackberry-lime jam I made with blackberries I picked from the yard =)

  14. My family has a long tradition of making jams, but recently I have been infusing alcohol with fruits. Where else but in Jars would I be doing this?!

  15. I don’t want to enter the giveaway, because my copy came in the mail yesterday! I sat down and read it cover to cover. I’m a chef at a restaurant that grows most of it’s own produce, and relies heavily on local farmers for just about everything else. We are expecting (hoping) for quite the bounty this summer, and your beautiful book was just what I needed to read to get me excited about all of the canning, pickling, and preserving I will be doing for the next several months at work. Thank you. I loved it not only for the professional inspiration, but because your personal touches reminded me of being little and doing this with my mother and grandmother, something I took for granted then, but memories that I cherish today. I can’t wait to share your book with my colleuges and loved ones!

  16. Pickles for me as well. I have never canned but due to an abundance of Meyer lemons at our new house I made some lemon marmalade this year and I have to say, it turned out great. Looking forward to expanding my repertoire.

  17. I have really gotten into jellies lately, but I have to say pickles will always be my number one go-to food in jars! Congrats so much on the beautiful cookbook.

  18. I can’t wait to get a copy of this book! The food I put in jars most is jam, but my favorite canning project last summer involved pears in a light vanilla syrup. Yum!

  19. Right now, my favorite food in jars is homemade vanilla flavoring (vanilla beans sitting in mid-range vodka) and homemade ginger flavoring (dried, “cracked” ginger from Penzey’s in the same mid-range vodka). I use both in my pancake and french toast recipes. I find the ginger one much less oversweet than typical ginger liqueurs, which makes it a much nicer addition to baking and cooking, and doesn’t make mixed drinks so oversweet (like mixed with pomegranate liqueur or non-alcoholic lemonade).

    But give me another month or two, and I’ll be all about the jams again!

  20. Just one favorite? Tomato anything. Or jam. Or pickles. Ah, dang it, I picked three, ha. I love all food in jars, how about that? Thank you for the inspiration!

  21. Oh, I really want to win your book, Marisa! I always vote for pickles because I love anything with a jolt of salt and a good pucker. But I am so interested in your other jar makings like fruit drinking vinegar and fruit syrups. Last fall I tried canning for the first time and came away with a few jars of great nectarine jam & some pickled beets. What’s next??!! I’m sure it will be good.

  22. My absolute hands down favorite thing that comes from one of my jars? Jam. All the way. Peach, strawberry, raspberry, cherry….doesn’t matter what kind. Good ole jam.

  23. My favourite food in jars is canned cherries. 10 years ago I got a jar of canned cherries from my grandmother, I loved them so much I couldn’t bring myself to open them. They sit in my pantry as a reminder of those summers we spent on the farm eating canned cherries with fresh cream.

  24. Red currant jelly! The red currant I planted two years ago is full of fruit and I can’t wait!
    This looks like a gorgeous book.

  25. I’m a big fan of fruit butters. Concentrated fruity goodness. Whether or not I win, I absolutely can’t wait to see your book!

  26. Oh, pickles have got to be my favorite to eat. Jam’s my favorite to make. But I’ve also got to acknowledge the wonderfulness of a gin and tonic in a pint jar. Perfect.

    I’ve looked through the book, because I requested that my public library buy it (which everyone should do! they just might purchase it), and it’s lovely. Would love to have my very own copy.

  27. Anything that tastes like summer! Jam that reminds me of fresh berries or pickles that give my winter foods the tang of some other time of the year are both equally pleasing to me. There’s just something special about cracking open something I made months ago. All that work on one day is a gift to myself on another day.

  28. It’s a tie: I love jam, apple butter, and applesauce. πŸ™‚ I just ordered another batch of tattler lids and I’m excited to get into the kitchen to do lots of canning this summer. Last summer was my first time canning and I feel as though I have so much to learn. Keeping my fingers crossed for this gem of a book.

  29. Definitely jam. It’s so versatile. Of course it’s amazing on home baked bread., but we love it even more for cocktails!

  30. Either jams or my grandma’s apple butter. I love experimenting with new jams but not much can beat Grammy’s apple butter recipe…I’ve just recently dived head first into canning and preserving…it would have never interested me 5 years ago, but now I’m obsessed!

  31. favourite food in jars… today it’s pickles (specifically pickled lemon); tomorrow who knows? Congratulations on the book, it looks fantastic!

  32. I have recently become obsessed with sauerkraut. And anything rhubarb. And ketchup, and salsa. Really anything that goes in jars at this point. <3

  33. After a year-and-a-half long flirtation with pickles, jams, fruit preserves, and tomatoes it was finally lemon curd that ultimately turned me into a loopy canning person.

  34. I am a big fan of jarred foods of all types. As for picking a favorite, I’m going to have to go with my original love, PICKLES! As a little kid, I didn’t like the texture of jams and jellies (although that has certainly changed), but I have always loved a good pickle.

  35. I love pie fillings in jars such as bumbleberry and blueberry. Nothing better in the middle of the winter. Delish!!!

  36. Pears. I think pears are my favorite food in jars. But maybe applesauce. Jam? Pear butter? Nope- it’s green beans. Definitely green beans are my very favorite food in jars!!

    Thank you for the giveaway Marisa! Your book looks amazing!!

  37. I’ve only canned strawberry jam so far and I was so pleased with it! So for now, jams are my favorite πŸ™‚

  38. when I was young, we bought these gigantic bottles of peaches in light syrup. Each bottle contained maybe 10 whole peaches– no one knows where to get them again πŸ™

  39. When I was young, my father canned his own fresh-caught tuna in olive oil. The stuff in the cans will simply never compare to my memories of that tuna-in-jars!

  40. Fave jar is homemade strawberry jam, hands down!
    Though to be honest: any homemade jam makes me happy ^_^

  41. My favorite is anything fermented: kimchee, sauerkraut, asparagus, sour pickles, etc. They get better the longer they spend in the jar!

  42. pickles!! pickles pickles pickles. I could eat pickled ANYTHING all day long. I’ve been eyeing your book for awhile and can’t wait to see more!

  43. BOOZE! Liquors of all kinds. Hells Yes!

    Congrats on your book. Seriously, if I don’t win this drawing, ok whatever, because I will go buy it.

    Of course, if I do win, I should say I will still buy it for someone else as a gift. πŸ˜‰

  44. My favorite food in jars are actually supplies – I love the look of flours, sugars, popcorn, nutra-yeast, coffee beans, etc in jars in my cupboard. It feels good to see them all so clearly and often inspires me to open one up and see what happens (usually a big mess). πŸ™‚

  45. I have to be honest, I can’t believe that anyone here is entering this contest. Doesn’t everyone already have a copy? Mine showed up here in Alaska last week and it really is beautiful.

  46. I do love jam, but my absolute favourite thing to put in jar (and to take out) is applesauce. So comforting, so yummy!

  47. I made a couple of 8oz jars of Banana Vanilla Rum Butter from the “Put Em Up” book, and I kid you not, I’ve never tasted anything closer to heaven than a piece of toast slathered in peanut butter and this canned goodness! Can’t wait to start canning again. It’s been a long winter…

  48. I already have a copy of your book, but I want to win one for my mother. We always had tons of fruit every year that went to waste because she didn’t know how to preserve it or give it away fast enough. Sadly, two of her best plum trees died this year due to my sister’s husband’s overzealous pruning of them, and now I am scheduled to take a class with you in stone fruit chutneys! I tend to like the sour things in jars myself (like pickles or umeboshi), but with your book I will venture into many different kinds of foods. I’m so excited for your class and looking forward to lots of experimenting in the kitchen this summer.

  49. Pickled beets! I would LOVE a copy of your book – when I timidly began putting food in jars about a year ago, I stumbled upon your site and found a wealth of ideas and inspiration that has made me love this delicious art!

  50. I love jam and pickles (not together, though!). And I really love those hot chocolate in a jar gifts where the ingredients are stacked on top of each other in the jar.

  51. We started canning last year and are so into making jam and its cousins. We had a really proud moment last year when we created Peach-Jalapeno jam on a whim and it turned out to be our favorite all season. I really want to get pickles and canned fruit into my repetoir this year, and your beautiful book looks amazing for all of these things and more!

  52. Cranberry ginger chutney – I made a few jars of this right before Thanksgiving and each subsequent taste brings back all the love and warmth of the holidays.

  53. I love to make herb syrups when they come in season. So refreshing with sparkling water or in a cocktail!

  54. I have not had many first-hand experiences with canning yet, but I was happy to receive my sister’s strawberry vanilla jam, made with seascape berries picked near her home in northern California – yum!

  55. My husbands grandma’s Strswberry Rhubarb Jam. It’s great on toast, in yogurt or oatmeal, in vanilla ice cream, or straight out of a jar. She just past away at a young age of 88, and I’m now the family’s source of it. RIP Dolly!

  56. Pickles! Carrot pickles currently, but truly, any type! (I may just be obsessed with vinegar) and congrats on the book, again!

  57. My canning is limited because I live in the desert. The most economical things I can is Beans, I also can chicken and pork for convenience of quick meals, and occasionally I make a jam or butter.

  58. My favorite food in jars? Pickles! Honestly though, that’s a really tough question. One thing is for sure, though. My favorite jarred foods come from recipes on your blog.

  59. i am only a beginner in preserving
    as for putting food in jars, as a child of a farming family on the prairies, there was plenty of
    my all time favourite: pickled beets

  60. Canned green tomatoes mixed with garlic cloves and jalapeΓ±os. You can’t buy something at the store as good as these turn out!!

  61. Blackberry jam. Really all jams, but my parents have a couple of acres of wild blackberries by their house that make the most wonderful jam!

  62. My favourite food in jars is strawberry jam. Maybe that’s boring, but I don’t care. Nothing makes me happier first thing in the morning than opening a jar of my jam.

  63. My favorite food on jars would definitely be pickles!
    So many things you can pickle to bring out some really intense and delicious flavors.

  64. Love all the jams . Now I have a passion for Pickles ! I’d love to give these a try. Hope you come to upstate NY on the book tour.

  65. my favorite food to put in jars is probably chicken broth. Canning ensures that a food that should be so nourishing is not polluted with excess sodium or BPA in the cans.

  66. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of your new book! My two favorite things are jams and relish:@)

  67. Canned apple cider because there’s nothing like drinking hot spiced cider in front of a crackling fireplace in the dead of winter. With canned cider on the shelf, all I have to do is pop open the jar, heat it up and enjoy!

  68. This is not a comment to win the book. I wanted to let you know that I purchased it and it is beautiful. I love that it is hardback, and I know it will get much use. Good luck! If this comment gets picked please pick someone else so they can enjoy it too.

  69. Oh man. Jams and pickles are my favs. Specifically plum jam and dilly beans. Mmmmmm. Once a jar is open it doesn’t last long.
    Of course I always seem to have some curds in jars in my freezer. Apricot curd is a favorite of mine.

  70. My favorite favorite? This is tough! Right now, cauliflower salad for muffaletta sandwiches. I’m so looking forward to checking out your book!

  71. I love to can soups & stews. I love being able to just pop open a jar of ready-made HOMEMADE food on what would otherwise be a “takeout day.”

  72. strawberry jam. hands down. It’s the reason that I read your blog… because I hope someday I will get the nerve to try to make my own! I gotten as far as buying jars… but not much further. I was hoping small batch canning is less daunting. πŸ™‚

  73. I love strawberry jam and have made it successfully. However my daughters favorite is pickles and that has been a disaster. Nothing worse than limp pickles

  74. I really loved the apple butter I made in the fall. That was the best. No, wait. The pickled tomatillos. Hard to choose. Thanks for your wonderful blog and book.

  75. You always ask the tough questions… right now it is hot pepper mustard. Can’t seem to find enough stuff to try it on.

  76. I have all my loose teas in jars. That’s my favorite way to store them. So I guess tea is my favorite things in jars.

  77. My favorite foods in jars would have to be pickles. I like them sweet, sour, whatever. I also love to make canned dill pickles even more crisp by draining the liquid and adding a little sugar. The sugar draws liquid from the pickle and makes it extra crispy while creating a ‘sweet and sour’ pickle. Yum!

  78. Beautiful book! I hope it inspires many to start canning. My favorite thing right now to have in a jar is chermoula sauce to dat on anything savory. I’ve got oodles of cilantro in the garden, and it always tastes so fresh and clean.

  79. Pickles (all types) are a favorite, because they are quick and easy and everyone in the house likes them! Your book is beautiful. Thank you for the opportunity.

  80. Tomatoes. As much as I love jams and jellies (black current jelly is the BEST), as much as I love pickles, as much as I love chili sauce – there is NOTHING like opening a jar of tomatoes, and tasting summer.

  81. Tomatoes! I can’t wait to get my hands on this. If I don’t win one, I’ll buy one from you next week in South Hadley! See you then.

  82. Growing up, my favorite canned good my mother made was her strawberry jam and peaches. She also canned plums, which I really didn’t like. Now that I’m canning my own food, I love my uncle’s dill pickle recipe. I think I’ll be doing two bushels of pickling cucumbers this year.

  83. I have been reading your blog for a while now and have been so excited for the cookbook! My favorite food in a jar is your pickled asparagus. I have made it over two seasons now and it is definitely a family favorite. I also got a red ribbon at the fair for it! You can now officially call it award winning pickled asparagus! πŸ™‚

  84. I love your website and would love a copy of your book! Our current favorite in the house is strawberry rosemary — I only made a small batch, and it’s almost gone!

  85. I already bought the book but I would love to win a copy to give to one of the many friends who have complimented my copy as it sits in the coffee table!

    My favorite food in jars is pickles! The sweet Asian refrigerator pickles was the first Food in Jars blog recipe I tried and they were so good!

  86. I love canning.I love that your recipes go way beyond the Ball blue books.I would love to win a copy! Thank you.

  87. Your small batch strawberry-vanilla jam. My friends and family refer to it as crack jam and eat it straight out of the jar!

  88. Homemade bean salad is my favorite food in a jar. I am growing enough beans this year to maybe last until next summer…probably not! (I eat it like a mad woman when I have it.) Thank you for the chance at your fabulous book!

  89. My favorites are strawberry or grape jelly. They both bring back wonderful memories of my childhood of both my grandmother and mother making jellies in the kitchen.

  90. My favorite thing is jars: Tough to answer, but I believe it is going to have to be Jam! I love the smell of it cooking, the beautiful colors that I end up with and the satisfaction of placing it up on the shelf for future eating. Nothing as great as popping that seal and smelling summer in the middle of winter! ~anita

  91. I like anything canned. Fruits, jams, pickles, veggies.. Your book looks wonderful!! I have truly enjoyed your site.. Wish you were coming to the South for your book tour and class- I would be on the front row!

  92. I love making chutneys because they go with so many things, and they are the most forgiving recipes! I love your blog, your recipes are clear and filled with helpful tips, thanks. Congrats on the book, that is an amazing accomplishment!!

  93. I can’t choose just one! I absolutely love spicy dilly beans for snacking and everyone loves when I put them out at parties. My other favorite is crushed tomatoes. I love cooking with them all winter to make delicious tomato sauce, pizza sauce and chili!

  94. Congratulations Marisa! I learned how to can from your site, starting with carrot pickles, and I think pickles are probably my favourites to eat, though I love to make jams and jellies.

  95. Last year was my very first year to can and my very first recipe to try was your vanilla strawberry jam. It was amazing!! It was delicious and my kitchen smelled heavenly as it cooked. That and spiced apple butter were my favorites and on my to do list for this year as well. Your book looks beautiful. Congratulations!

  96. My favorite thing to put in jars is your tomato jam!! Love fruit jams, too….hmm, hard decision. I’m going to stick with the tomato jam. Thanks for the giveaway. Your book looks awesome. I’m asking for it for my birthday–if I don’t win it here!

  97. I’m a jammer and jelly maker mostly – I in the middle of rhubarb too, but just did a pinepple that people are truly enjoying. I was surprised. My favorite thing is to hear the lids pop! Your book looks great – Congratulations! This is a great opportunity – thank you for all you do.

  98. My Israeli grandmothers garlic/dill pickled
    Kirby cucumbers! Pickled in the sun on her porch
    Every time we went to Israel she put large batches
    Up and now I make them for my family from
    Her recipe

  99. As it’s the last 6 weeks of the school year and my classroom is a steambath…my current
    Food in Jar is iced coffee.
    Hope I win!

  100. Congratulations! It must feel amazing to be holding your own book in your hands! πŸ™‚ Personally, I’m most excited about the pickles chapter (as I’m something of a pickle sissy) but it all sounds wonderful!

  101. Jams are my favorite. I use them everyday on my toast, yogurt, PB&J, spoon. ; ) Right now, strawberry as I have made 24 jars in the past two weekends.

  102. I canned 119 jars of jam this week already! One of my favorite foods from jars, however, is home-canned green beans!

  103. Oh my goodness! I would LOVE to win a copy of your book, Marissa. I just love your website and I think it’s wonderful that you were able to share your knowledge and delicious recipes via book form. So many congratulations being sent your way!

    Favorite food in jars? Jam! Definitely jam. I am a jam canning fool. I currently have two freshly made batches of your strawberry vanilla jam sitting on my counter. My neighbors love it, and so do I!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  104. I lived in Yakima Washington for several years which is famous for its fruit and produce. I had a friend who canned every year and I couldn’t understand all the fuss and work that is until I tasted her peaches! Now these were peaches that were probably just a few hours from the tree when canned and I swear they tasted better than fresh ones! Soooo, I was bitten and dipped my toe into the big canning pool! To this day I think of those peaches…the woman was truly gifted!

  105. After a long, hot afternoon of yard work, I love to shake up a large jar of homemade lemonade or an Arnold Palmer (ice tea and lemonade).

  106. I’d love to win this book! Canning has always intimidated me so this would be super helpful. I’m a big jam fan πŸ™‚ Congratulations on your book by the way!

  107. I would have to say that it would be pickles. 1) because I’ve always loved pickles, ever since I was a kid, and really fresh ones are so much better than supermarket pickles. and 2) because they were the first thing I ever canned successfully (I had some early attempts at jam that turned into berry sauce, which was delicious, but not what I was going for. I have since successfully made jam many times, but pickles remain my first unqualified canning triumph).

  108. I really enjoy reading your ideas for food in jars; my favorite all-time food in jars (so far) is my mom’s strawberry and rhubarb jam.
    Your book looks great!

  109. My friend is a farmer who raises pigs, dairy cows, chickens, and grows tomatoes. At the end of the season, there are always a lot of green tomatoes – two years ago he discovered a green tomatoe chutney that is the perfect sweet/tangy condiment for his pork sausages! And we discovered green tomatoe pie – which is absolutely dielicious with a drizzle if raw milk.

  110. Learning to can is at the top of my list of summer projects. I stumbled upon your site and am really excited to see you live near me. I’m a Philly native, but now live 15 minutes south of Longwood Gardens. Your book is gorgeous and I can’t wait to try some of your wonderful recipes.

  111. My favorite kind of food in jars is anything I’ve canned with my two best girlfriends – and we’ve tried many things. But blueberry plum jam is something there is never enough of.

  112. I am so pleased your emphasis was on *small batch* canning for the book. We are a small family and, while I love to make jam, I don’t need a few quarts of each kind I want to try. Variety, not quantity, is what makes canning fun for me.

    Congratulations, Ms. Author!

  113. Oh my goodness, I am so excited about this book! I cannot wait to get my hands on it, regardless of whether or not I win a copy! My favorite food in jars is pickled beets. Well, actually, pickled anything: beans, peppers, asparagus and, of course, pickles.

  114. I recently stumbled upon your blog and I’m so glad that I did. Congratulations on your new book.

    It’s a tie between canned pears and strawberry jam. They’re both delicious.

  115. So excited to get your cookbook, one way or another! My favorite food in jars is anything with rhubarb.

  116. I absolutely love canned peaches throughout the winter months. Thank you so much for the give -a- way.

  117. Pickles!! It took me MANY years to realize pickles weren’t just cucumbers. And I love every single one of them!

  118. If you cookbook is one fraction as good as your blog… it will be a soaring success! You are one of the motivators in my great surge of canning last year. So many easy, tasty and practical things to make from what come out of my yard and the local farms! I thank you and look forward to more great inspiration!

  119. I *love* making jams, jellies & butters. There is nothing like the feeling you get from taking a glut of fruit and making it into something wonderful for later consumption. In addition, I store just about everything I can (no pun intended) in jars. Iced coffee tastes much better in a mason jar! : )

  120. My favorite is pickles! I love all kinds of pickles, sweet ones, dill, spicy pickles. My favorite, though, is sweet pickled watermelon rind, although I can rarely find it and I have not gotten up the guts to try to do it myself… maybe this summer, if I can find a watermelon with a nice, thick rind!

  121. Congrats on the book! I just previewed some of the pages on and it looks beautiful. To answer your question, my favorite is jam…although I usually don’t have the patience when making I end up with the all-encompassing label of “preserves.” Cheers!

  122. How exciting! Please pick me! I have your book sitting in my wishlist. If only a birthday would roll around. My favorite thing I am given in a jar: grandmother-in-law’s hot relish. Haven’t used store-bought relish since! My favorite thing to put in jars: Marinara sauce and/or pizza sauce. Still going strong on last summer’s bounty, I’m proud to say. (Soooooo many Roma’s…)

  123. So glad I found your website this week! I have loved every post I have read. My favorite food in a jar is jam or pickles or wait – salsa…too many favorites to choose from!

  124. Hm, it’s really a toss-up between jam and granola. It might be that my favorite food in jars is jam, but my favorite food to take out of jars is granola. It’s so convenient to be able to pour granola out of a wide-mouth pint (or quart) jar right into the bowl, rather than spooning it out teaspoon by teaspoon.

  125. My favorite has always been canned peaches; my grandmother’s were the best! Or relish. Or salsa, or sweet pickles, or… the list gets long. Awesome giveaway, can’t wait to get my hands on your book, one way or another!

  126. The book looks gorgeous! Lately, my favourite food in a jar is the maple syrup we bought in a can, seriously the best maple syrup I’ve ever tasted. Which reminds me, I should hunt more down, given the shortage and all.

  127. Pickles! I’m still in search of a garlic dill pickle recipe that just results in pickles with a simple, clean taste and without all the extra pickling spices/apple cider vinegar/etc. But I love trying all kinds of interesting other pickled vegetables in creative combinations!

  128. My mother’s Bread & Butter pickles. They are the best burger topper, although I’ve been known to eat a pint all by themselves.

  129. Honey
    Fruit with honey is one of life’s great pleasures!
    I would love to see more recipes substituting honey for sugar.
    Much success with the book.

  130. Definitely pickles. But boozy peaches are being added to the list to try this summer. Congratulations on the book!

  131. Most favorite of all favorites has been your grape catchup recipe. We just ran out of our stash a few weeks ago and its on the To-Do List!

  132. Congrats on the book! It looks gorgeous! My favorite is canned whole tomatoes. They’re summer in a jar, and the most useful thing in my pantry.

  133. Your cookbooks looks beautiful. I have it sitting on my Amazon wish list, but would LOVE to win a copy. My favorite food in jars would have to be something pickled. Dilly beans, pickled garlic, or hot peppers….

  134. I love jam in jars, specifically the savory ones….like hot pepper jam. A close second is pickles! Congrats on the book. Can’t wait to get a copy….win or buy. πŸ™‚

  135. its a toss up between jams/jellies and pickles.
    when i was pregnant i live on pickles, they were the only thing i could keep down, and i just love a slice of homemade toast slathered with a sweet fruity jam or jelly.

  136. I love to make jam. I’m really looking forward to getting your cookbook. I’m also looking forward to your book signing at the Odyssey book store next month.

  137. Dill pickles for sure. I have fond memories of my “Aunt” Helen’s dill pickles. Even at the age of 4, I couldn’t get enough of them. And now my boyfriend begs me to make them whenever cukes are season.

  138. Jam is definitely my favorite! Right now I’m loving raspberry mango jam and any kind of jalapeno jam! I love that spicy sweet combo! Yummo!

  139. Hands down my favorite food in jars would be canned tomatoes! I think that I love them so much because they are so versatile and I use them pretty much daily (that means we can a lot of tomatoes here!). BUT a close second would be dill pickles from my great-grandmother’s recipe, yum! They are a family and friend favorite (as I give them out as gifts!)

  140. Ok i have to be honest… i don’t think i’ve every met a food in jars that i didn’t like. oh except okra… all the others, well i love them ALL! but especially my grandma’s limed pickles and jams/jellies/preserves!!!

    (thank you so very much for this opportunity!! it is so very sweet of you!!!)

  141. Jam will always be my favourite. The other things that go in jars are wonderful, but jam is the only one that is guaranteed to be in my home at all times.

    Also, congratulations on the book! It looks gorgeous.

  142. I love the dedication to your mother, my mother is also the reason I put food in jars. And canning food was the way I won my (then soon-to-be) mother-in-law over. She had surgery at the beginning of canning season, and I put up several batches of tomatoes and tomato sauce for her so she could stay of her feet while she recuperated.

    My favorite food in jars is probably the Zanakeel Labni (yogurt cheese balls preserved in herbed olive oil) I made a bit ago. They’re almost gone, so I think it’s time to make up another batch.

  143. My favorite food that comes in a jar would have to be jam-specifically, my aunt’s apple juice-blueberry jam, which I may or may not eat straight from said jar with a spoon.

  144. Preserves/jams have to be my favorite. I grew up on my mother making them every summer, and they are in no small part what got me interested in canning!

  145. The book looks great! Favorite kind of food in jars? I think I have to go with jam, but there are so many favorites!

  146. Thanks for this awesome prize!

    My favorite thing to can – and share – is Lemon Curd. I have perfected the recipe and it never fails me. Sooo good to taste, but even better to share!

  147. love love love salsa’s/chow chows! cant wait to get the book and looking to hit a canning class too!

  148. So far, my favorite food in jars is strawberry jam! But I am a relative novice, so who knows what my favorite will be by this time next month? Your book looks beautiful, and I’d love to win a copy.

  149. You just can’t beat strawberry jam – that will always be my favorite. A close second are butters (apple, pumpkin, etc).

  150. I absolutely love plum jam in jars, strawberry jam and peach jam! I love canned tomatoes of any kind–they are so sweet and delicious in the middle of winter and is a reminder of summer when I open a jar! I’d love to have a copy of your book because it seems to be everything I’d be interested in!


  151. My favorite food found in jars are picked green tomatoes. They are like pickles but sooo… much better! The more garlicky the better!

    Though… I’ve never been known to turn down a snack of capers right out of the jar.

  152. I put everything in a jar when commuting, so really I love all food in jars… salads, soups, pickles, jams, preserves, etc.

    My boyfriend would say pickles though.

  153. I am really excited to see your book is out and if I don’t win, I’ll be buying one! I have a small house, small kitchen and 2 adults so small batches are right up my alley. I think my favorite is watermelon rind pickles, though I’ve never made any.

  154. My favorite food to can (so far, since I have only been doing it on my own a couple of seasons) has been jam- once i got the rhythm down, I made jam out of anything that would stand still:)
    Thanks for the inspiratioin!!

  155. I love pickles and I LOVE to can my homemade tomato sauce. It always tastes better than the expensive store-bought gourmet stuff, and it is so easy to can!

  156. I love all my food that I put up in jars…how to pick a favorite? I’d have to say we are really enjoying the salsa this year. I LOVE looking at my jars as they fill up (200-300 jars a year or so) and when they are empty during the summer I feel like they are mocking me….

    It is a sense of security and abundance when I see rows and rows of filled jars!

  157. My favorite foods to can are jams – strawberry, raspberry, cherry, whatever! Jam makes the kitchen smell divine when you’re cooking down the fruit, and reminds you of the summer when you’re munching it down in the middle of winter.

    can’t wait to read the book!

  158. I found your blog in the winter and now I’m waiting for some fresh produce to put in cans. I’m thinking peaches, salsa, jams and jellies, tomatoes, and tomato sauce.
    Oh just writing that made me excited!

  159. Beautiful book….already asked library to order….

    Will be looking for any Chutney-like recipes…my favorite!


  160. The only thing I’ve ever put in jars myself were strawberries from last year’s fields. I love homemade jams, pickles, etc. I’m hoping to do my very first real canning this year!

  161. Congrats on the book! I have to say my favorite FIJ is salsa. Its a lot of work making it, but all winter long when I grab a jar out of the pantry I am reminded how it’s totally worth it.

  162. With fresh strawberries in season right now, I’ve really been enjoying making a yogurt parfait at home and bringing it into work for a mid-morning snack. Yogurt, Strawberries, Yogurt, Strawberries and some granola on top. Perfect pick-me-up.

  163. Pickles! Hands down my most fav food in a jar. Thanks for the giveaway! I’m really looking forward to your book.

  164. Yay, Marisa! Congratulations on your book. If your publicist is the person I know, she’ll do an excellent job of promoting your book. πŸ™‚

    My favorite food in jars has to be jam or fruit butter of any kind. We go through a lot in my house, with 2 kids eating peanut butter and whatever sandwiches daily. But I also just got the RE-Cap so I can drink out of my jars, and I’m very excited to be able to travel with fruit smoothies now. Does that count as food?

  165. My favorite kind of food in jars is a toss between BUBBLES PICKLES & FROG JAM (no, not made from frogs πŸ˜‰ it’s a mixed fruit jam)… my kids vote for Bubbies Pickles πŸ™‚ Thank you for such a generous giveaway, I hope I am a lucky one of three to receive one! πŸ™‚
    God bless you!!! Stacy N.

  166. Oh my…just too many choices. :~)
    My favorites are jams and relishes, both are just so easy and wonderfully tasty! They also make great gifts.

  167. I am a jam lover and just made some tasty strawberry rhubarb jam. I’m wondering if your book addresses how altitude affects the set point of jam, as I live near the Mile High City. I know that processing time must be adjusted but how about the temperature of a jam set point?

  168. To borrow another famous line, my favorite food in jars is always the next one I’m making. Congrats, Marissa. This is exactly the book we’ve all needed. So right for us urban canners and for newbies, as well. I hope it’s a wild, wonderful trip!

  169. I love oatmeal in jars. Hot oatmeal with a little home-made jam on top is perfect for my commute into work on a busy, chilly morning. In the summer, a little yogurt, granola and jam is the perfect mid-morning snack!

  170. I love the “gifts in a jar” – cookies, soups, etc – they are all so wonderful to give and to receive!

  171. Home canned tomato juice. Can’t match the flavor or the great results cooking with it. A little bit of heaven when you have a glass for breakfast.

  172. i love almost everything, but hard-pressed to choose one, i’d have to say salsas. no, nut butters. wait — jams. uh…..

  173. My favorite food in a jar is pickled red onions. I have been making the recipe from the Zuni Cafe cookbook and I can’t get enough!!

  174. I have to pick one!!! I love all food in jars. I can’t make it through winter without lots of jars of berry vanilla jam. But then again there’s the lemon/apple curd that gets stirred into bowls of yogurt and granola. And the rhubarb infused vodka that waiting for Christmas… What’s not to love?

  175. My favorite food in a jar is relish — I grew up with everyone gathering and G-ma and Bumpa’s house one Saturday to grind, grind, grind, cook and can. Haven’t had that amazing stuff in years!

  176. My grandma’s strawberry jam. We’d go out and pick them ourselves and it was my job to wash (sneak eat) and hull them.

  177. Do I really have to choose? I would have to say the pickle family them, this girl right here loves here some vinegar, oh and things soaked in them!

  178. This looks like a beautiful book. You must be so proud! My favorite food in jars is elderberry jelly because my dad’s made it since I was a kid, and it tastes like home. This summer I’m going to force him to teach me the ways of canning and make my own jams and jellies.

  179. I absolutely love any type of jam- I think Apricot is my favorite- and there is nothing like homemade Pumpkin Butter in the fall πŸ™‚

  180. I’m still digging the carrot pepper salsa we put away last summer, but fresh pressed concord grape juice is pretty amazing as well! Congrats on your book!

  181. Favorite food in jars? Still has to be my raspberry habanero jam. Soooo good. πŸ˜€ The husband, on the other hand, is a big fan of your recipe for “fridge pickles”. πŸ™‚

  182. I just love canning and using my canned fruits and vegetables. I began pressure canning as well a couple of years ago and that opened up a whole new world.

  183. I use my jars as if they were Tupperware so they’re always filled with leftover bits of this and that. And they’re way more trust-worthy than Tupperware because they don’t leak since the lid seals so perfectly!

  184. Right now it would be pickled asparagus as it’s asparagus season around here. Tomorrow, I am making tiny pies in jars for Saturday’s bar-b-que. I love jars and canning and storing food in jars, taking a morning smoothie in a quart jar as I travel to town. Thank you for entering me in your drawing.

  185. I LOVE raspberry jam – I’ll eat it straight out of the jar. Your site is the single reason I started canning, and I love it (when I get the time! Mostly in the summer). I’d love to have a copy of your book in my home! It would make me so happy πŸ™‚

  186. I love preserving sauces and salsa’s πŸ™‚ and I am so proud of you for completing your book! It looks amazing!

  187. The short list of food in jars that I like best is this: pickled beets, Canadian chili sauce, blood orange marmelade, and sun ripened tomatoes.

  188. Blackberry jam, for the win! Or maybe fig. Or raspberry. . . My mom and grandmother put plenty of jams and jellies away every summer- peach, plum, muscadine too! So, my young taste buds were spoiled rotten, and jams and jellies are still my all-time favorite food in jars. πŸ™‚

  189. I love jellies and relishes in jars. I love looking at pantries stocked with food in jars…whether they are preserves or just everyday grains/nuts/dried fruits. Something about it is oddly satisfying.

  190. My favorite is straight up strawberry jam from my own strawberry patch. Simple, sweet, strawberry goodness! It doesn’t get much better than that!

  191. I don’t know a favorite – my hubby calls me a hick cuz I put everything in jars, as a matter of fact I’ve given up on using the cheap glasses from Walmart cuz they just crack all the time, we use Mason jars for our dinner glasses – their indestructible!

    Iced coffee, ice tea, smoothies, water (awesome in the car for the kids, they have lids!), spices, herbs, and other baking items – baking powder, baking soda, chocolate chips, nuts, etc. They also work great for craft items & decorations!

    and of course canned goods πŸ™‚

  192. My favourite is definitely jam. Congrats on getting your cookbook published! It looks beautiful, and I can’t wait to buy a copy (assuming I don’t win the contest!).

  193. I’d have to say my favorite would still be in my mind…I’m thinking some kind of delicious rhubarb stuff. But I have used the meat I canned last year gratefully and often. My citrus marmalade experiment hasn’t been too far off favorite, either.

  194. Honestly my favorite? Milk – it’s the only container that doesn’t leak when transporting!! Besides that I keep all my seasonings in them……apparently, I really need this book πŸ˜‰

  195. My husband and I absolutely LOVE your Unfancy Pickled Jalepeno Peppers. So much so, that we planted 12 jalepeno plants this year in anticipation of filling jars and jars with them!

  196. Fruit Butter is one of my favorites. I’m just starting to explore some fruit/savory jam experiments too, largely based on what I read here. Congrats on the book!

  197. My current favorite is the balsamic strawberry jam I made last summer, but I’m always looking for new inspiration!

  198. I hated pickles until I made them myself. Now I can’t stop eating them! Definitely my favorite food in jars.

  199. Pears are my favorite at the moment! And I could really use some help from a canning cookbook as my first batch of blackberry jam turned out almost solid and very unspreadable. However, this morning I had the brilliant idea to add warm water and use an immersion blender to turn it back into something spreadable. Since it was so condensed when it was hard, the flavor was somewhat overpowering and now it’s more toned down.

  200. Again Congratulations on the beautiful book! One of the favorite things I put into jars last year was pickled beets. I also love making homemade almond butter. As you know it’s hard to narrow down all the good things that can be put into jars.

  201. The book is BEAUTIFUL! You must be tickled pink.

    My favorite thing to put in jars is jam. It is the first thing I ever learned to can, and I have fond memories of watching my grandmother make it when I spent time with her in the summer.

  202. My favorite kind of food in jars is definitely jam. And when I used to buy store-bought jam I always went for strawberry but now that I am making my own, I’ve found I love raspberry and blueberry more! πŸ™‚

  203. It’s a toss-up between strawberry jam and iced coffee. I have been carrying my iced coffee around in a Mason jar to work because I can put a lid on it during my commute and it is the perfect size. My coworkers pointed out yesterday it looks like I am drinking dirty paint water, as their only experience with these jars is painting – ha!

  204. Congrats on your new book. My favorite to eat and to can is jam. In particular, my late Grandmother’s Fig Jam. It is different from any other fig jam I’ve eaten. It has orange pulp, juice, and peel which adds such a nice flavor.

  205. That’s a tough question. I did a Boozy Fig last year that was really yummy. My dad loves my Dill Pickles, my mom loves my Bean Soup and Tomato Soup, and my sister loves my Chipotle Ketchup.

  206. Of all the things I have put in jars, strawberry jam is my favorite (and the simplest). Congrats on the book!

  207. I love coffee in a jar, especially since discovering the “cuppow”! But I’d say my true love in a jar is salsa, for it’s endless possibilities and versatility : )

  208. I love pretty much anything in jars, but I could eat through a jar of pickled squash at an alarming rate. Congratulations on your beautiful book!

  209. Tough decision! Do I really need to pick one? Oh, all right…. last year I made a totally awesome cinnamon fig preserves (no added pectin) that makes me swoon when I add it to plain, nonfat Greek yogurt with walnuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. If my hubby was answering, he’d say the bread and butter pickles I made two years ago with lemon cucumbers (no garden last year) or any of the jams I make. He’s very diplomatic like that!

    • My favorite is Cowboy Candy! Great on burgers, brats, sandwiches, cheese and crackers or just out of the jar. I can’t get enough of them!

  210. Hard to say – I am a recent convert to canning. I’ve been making jam for a few years now but I would only make small-batch jams that we could easily use up – but last night was my first time canning using a water bath! Success!!!!!

  211. Spiced plum spoon fruit has to be my favourite food in a jar, but gooseberry jam and sour cherries in syrup are tied for a close second (really, how are we meant to pick just one?!).

  212. So many things to choose from… If I’m making it I would have to go with salsa or apple sauce although I do get a huge jar of fresh honey from my Uncle for Christmas. It’s generally gone after a week because I make huge batches of granola out of it.

  213. Peach preserves. Peaches are only tolerable, i.e. amazing, for such a short season that only yummy preserves can capture that rare taste of summer.

  214. Jams are by far my favorite canned food! I would love to be able to make my own so as to not have all the added sugars.

  215. My favorite jarred food that I’ve made myself was some blueberry marmalade I made last year—so good that I wouldn’t let my husband eat any (he’s only so-so on blueberries). I love to buy jarred chutney and India-style pickles. I wish I had more recipes for them!

  216. Hard decision! Love the pickles…strawberry jam….apple butter…..pear jam…..pickled jalapenos…..pickles! Love the pickles.

  217. I love jams and playing around with the flavors. My other half can’t get enough salsa. My mother was a huge canner, we never bought canned goods at the store. But, sadly she never passed it on to me and I’m now just trying teach myself.

  218. I am so in love with your book. It sits on my table right next to my chair in the living room. I thumb through it and place sticky notes on the recipes I plan on trying this summer. The first one with be Strawberry Jam with Vanilla…I have everything ready to go and this recipe tops my summer bucket list. Having a second book would allow me to give it to my sister for Christmas this year, she is a foodie as well.

  219. I am looking forward to this book! I can in all categories, but this year I am really into marmalade. Yesterday I canned Cowboy Candy, pickled jalapenos is a sweet syrup. Last week I made mango chutney. I’ll be canning some hot sauce in a few days. Good luck with the book!

  220. Anything sweet and fruity! Jelly, jam, syrup … yum! Love the blog and would love to have the cookbook! Thanks for the inspiration, Marisa. πŸ™‚

  221. I like the look of fruit or garden salads in a jar. Or yogurt. Although my vanilla rhubarb jam made with your recipe looks really nice too!

  222. I love canning all kinds of things. Some of my favorite things are salsa, chicken noodle soup and lingonberry jam. Your book looks so wonderful. You are very creative and that makes canning exciting.

  223. I’m a relative newbie to canning so my favorite thing to can so far is jam/preserves. Just enough of a challenge to give me the occasional failure but when it works, it’s so good. I love pickles made by other people, though. I have many fond memories of buying handmade pickles from the farmers market in college with my best friend.

  224. Congratulations! The book looks absolutely beautiful. I would love to have a copy πŸ™‚

    My favorite food in a jar has to be cherries.

    My grandmother always had quarts of them in her root cellar, and when we were at her house and were asked what we wanted for dessert (there was nearly always cake, cookies and ice cream available), all of us cousins always asked for her cherries!

  225. I have a lot of favorites, but I make jam the most and store bought jam just can not compare to the home made stuff.

  226. Proud to say your cookbook is on the cookbook pile and dog-eared already! Congrats on the completion of a huge undertaking!

  227. Strawberry jam for sure. Not so much for me, but for my increasing number of nephews and nieces that love my jam. Love your blog.

  228. The strawberry jam my sis-in-law makes from her grandmother’s recipe — I think I gained 5 pounds in a week last time she shared! Congrats on the book πŸ™‚

  229. The best thing I ever canned was a peach and jalapeno jam using peppers I grew in my window sill. I was frankly doubtful of the recipe, but it was wonderfully sweet and spicy, and it had a great peach-meaty texture. I will be doing my best to replicate it once my jalapeno plants start fruiting and the peaches come in again this year!

  230. I think, maybe, pears is my favorite food in jars. Or salsa. Diced tomatoes get used the most often so maybe those. That’s a harder question than I first thought. πŸ™‚

  231. Jams were the first things I ever canned, and are still my favorites, even as I’ve branched out and gotten more adventurous. I’ve been following your blog for ages, and I’m so thrilled that you’ve gone from a relatively small following, to a successful website and book and other projects! Many kudos to you – I’ve enjoyed following your journey!

  232. I am just getting into preserving, but I love making jams. And I just got started with a csa so I’m planning on freezing a lot of greens and other veggies for winter!! Can’t wait to check out the book!

  233. I think my favorite food in jars are fruit butters. I started with plum, but have fallen especially in love with pear. And even though I can’t can it, pumpkin butter is always a favorite. I like how versatile the butters are and how little extra sweetening is required. Lately I’ve enjoyed stirring a tablespoon into my Greek yogurt for my morning snack.

  234. I have a soft spot in my heart for my grandma’s beet pickles (grown in her backyard!) but haven’t adventured down the path of pickling yet (not a big pickle eater…) Maybe this year!

  235. I love all food in jars that one can make themselves, but my husband LOVES pickles and we go thru way too many. I have never made enough to last one winter season. Maybe this year I will buy more pickling cukes. My favorite way is to use a no vinegar recipe that is quick and easy. Hubby likes fermented food. Maybe there is one in your book that will become a fave.

  236. I think canned peaches are my favorite – at least that’s what I hoarded the most this year. My husband would say canned tomatoes, my 5 year old would vote for canned pears and my parents would choose pickles. All that said, what I make most is jam!

  237. My ultimate favorite food in jars is jam. Good ole’ humble apricot jam, strawberry jam, blueberry jam. It is such a delicate sweet treat that bursts with flavor. And I don’t think anything compares to opening a jar of strawberry jam in the middle of winter and tasting the summer in that jar!
    Bravo on your new book ~ it looks gorgeous.

  238. Though I love making jam, I must confess that my favorite canned food is Elberta peaches. No matter what time of year they remind me of summer, my grandmother and her delicious peach cobbler in each and every bite. I have already bought your cookbook, but I would love to win a copy to give to my Mom!

  239. I have two favorite food in jars…..crushed tomatoes and venison stock. I use both of them so often in my cooking that they really don’t last long on the shelf.

  240. All the food in jars is wonderful, but I think my very favorite must be peaches. Last year, the peaches I used yielded golden orbs in a rosy-pink syrup. Not quite sure how I managed that (the peaches themselves? organic sugar? both? no clue.) Either way, they were delightful to behold and decadent to eat. And winning a copy of Food in Jars would be equally delightful!

  241. I love jam! Im making my first batch of the season today. Excited to pull out the canner and jars and get busy!

  242. Almost 400 comments!? While it would be nice to win this book, I still plan on buying it. I loved this site since the first time I stumbled across it. It is my go-to site for canning inspiration.
    As far as my favorite food in jars? Pickles! I love pickled vegetables, especially cucumber pickles. Dilly beans and pickled asparagus (trying for the first time this year) are a close second.
    Congratulations again on the book, Marisa

  243. My favorite food in jars is probably pickled okra. I’m not sure if it’s the okra so much as the memories of my great-grandfather bringing it over for me and my grandmother to put up when I lived with her in the first year of my son’s life. The taste of those crunchy, salty things was the taste of that first summer for me.

  244. If I don’t win, I have a copy sitting in my amazon shopping cart right now. If I had to pick just one, I’d go with my beloved peaches in syrup: truly, the most perfect snack in the world. All you need is a spoon.

  245. Your book looks lovely – I’ll definitely be acquiring a copy!

    I like jam, but I’m even more partial to fruit butters – last year I made a plum butter with really tart plums that was absolutely divine. That said, I also use jars for leftovers, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s a pretty good thing to have in jars too.

  246. I am a country girl and was raised on food in jars! LOL I LOVE green beans the best! A close second would be my blackberry jam and pickles! Everything even looks better in jars!
    I would love to win your book! Thanks for the opportunity.

  247. Your book looks so beautiful. I love to can so many things, my mom taught me to make jams and jellies, which I love to make-I make a mean peach ginger jam and am currently working on a mango version! And I lived in a co-op where I learned to can tomatoes and salsa and pickles, and while I don’t love canning tomatoes as much, I do love eating canned tomatoes.

  248. Raspberry jam from my own raspberry plants is the first jam I canned in jars and it is still my favorite. πŸ™‚

  249. My favorite is probably jam, any kind. It’s what I make the most of, and eat the most of, so it must be my favorite! Congratulations on your book. I can’t wait to see a copy!

  250. I love all things pickled but especially asparagus. Double as a delicious snack on their own and a great addition to bloody mary’s. Congrats on your book!

  251. It’s between pickles and jams. My 9 year old loves the jam and my 2 year old would live on pickles it we let him. I’ve canned rhubarb, asparagus, ramps and fiddleheads this year.

  252. What a gorgeous cookbook – your blog posts are a favorite in my reader, and I would love to have this reference on hand for canning season….love strawberry/lavender jam and spicy pickles the best.

  253. My favorite canning is Relishes, all kinds. I already purchased Food in Jars and absorbing its contents now, but I would love to win one that I can share with others.

  254. I had to think awhile about what my favorite thing to can was, there are so many : ) but I would have to say that chutney is up there at the top. Of all things that are magically transformed by canning, that is the most pleasing for me. Oh, and the wonderful chive blossom vinegar recipe I found here, that is pretty special too. I’m looking forward to the inspiration you new tome will certainly provide!

  255. I don’t know if I can pick just one favorite but probably jam & granola as they are part of my daily diet. I am excited to get new inspiration from your cookbook!

  256. pickles are definitely my favorite food in a jar, and yet i’ve never made them. . . . i guess i need a few new recipes!

  257. I love making my own jams and fruit butters and sauces. So much better to have home made and healthy rather than processed, overpriced items sold in food stores.

  258. Tomato sauce!
    Hopefully, my tomato plants will yield more this year than during last year’s drought and temps over 100 degrees!!

  259. Berry jam is probably my favorite. I made some blackberry-nectarine freezer jam last year that was just fantastic, if I do say so myself!

  260. I feel like a squirrel, burying her nuts for the long winter, when I can something. It mi8ght end up on my table, and it might be given to a friend for a gift of nourishment. I suppose my fave would be jam. Jam congers up the image of spreading it on toasted homemade bread, and having a pot of really good tea to share with a friend.

  261. Putting things in jars makes me think of being a squirrel, hiding my nuts to eat at a future winter’s meal. I suppose it would have to be jam, rhubarb vanilla in particular, that I would choose. for me spreading jam on homemade toasted bread and sharing a pot of strong tea, with a dear friend, is the best way to have a conversation!

  262. I just read your writeup on pickled spring onions which sound really good! My favorite FIJs jams first but pickled vegetable comes a close second, I don’t know, not second, I think they are both tied for first.

  263. My favorite is my mum’s apple sauce made from the apples that grow on her ancient wolf river apple tree. Still working to match her. So excited for the giveaway! *fingers crossed

  264. I love your tomato jam! It’s the best ever – goes great with peanut butter, cream cheese, or goat cheese. This discovery transformed my life.

  265. All manner of canned fruits and veggies are wonderful ….and so much better than the store bought stuff! I would luv a copy of the cookbook!

  266. This year I am going to make chutney, but I think my current fave is caramelized pear jam with vanilla bean. SO good with brie, and I think it came from you?

  267. I have been making granola from a recipe on this site, and it is super-delicious. Definitely a household favorite. I can’t wait to try out some of the slow cooker fruit butter recipes you have too. Slow cooker + canning fruity goodness = love!

  268. Chutneys are my favorite, but my eye was caught by the Slow-Cooker Blueberry Butter page. Definitely need to try that!

  269. I like to gift jams. Of all home-made stuff, kimchi is prob my favorite “jar food”…
    Congrats on the book!

  270. I started canning a little over a year ago with some girl friends, and we have consulted your blog regularly. We have even made some of your posted recipes. At our latest session, we were all drooling over your book. Often, you look through a book and want to try a few of the recipes. But, your book is full of recipes that all of us want to try. And, the small batch approach makes it easily doable. Can’t wait to try them out!

  271. My very vocal hints that I wanted your cookbook & a pressure canner for Mother Day were completely ignored so I’m throwing my hat in the ring for this give away. If I’m not successful my husband will be getting your book and a pressure canner for Fathers Day!

  272. My favorites are whatever friends, family request again and again. Nephew…peach butter. Mom….meyer lemon marmalade. Best friend…peach salsa. Me…anything chutney : )

  273. Just wanted to let you know that we made your strawberry vanilla jam 2 weeks ago and how delicious it is! Just a subtle hint of vanilla. Last night we took 3 cups of homemade yogurt and mixed in a 1/2 pint jar of the jam and then made frozen yogurt in the ice cream maker – it was super good and super fast!

  274. Love blueberry jam! I made freezer jam last year, and now that I’m not terrified of canning anymore (in large part due to your blog!) I’m excited to preserve some this year.

  275. My favorite jams are being edged out by pickles, relishes, and lemon and lime curds. So many possibilities.

  276. This is only my second year of canning, thanks to this site. So, since I haven’t branched out yet, I’d say berry and peach jams. My family loves it!

  277. My favorite food in jars thus far is salsa. I made my first foray into canning last season with three versions of salsa and really enjoyed getting to eat them through the winter. I found your site through the canning subreddit on reddit, and have been really enjoying it. Thanks!

  278. So hard to pick a favorite but here goes. The first time I tried homemade pickled asparagus it was such an unexpected treat – I’ll have to go with that. I was pregnant and it became an instant addiction. I would call up the lady who canned it and ask for a dozen jars at a time! When I started canning on my own it was at the top of my list of things to learn.

  279. Homemade Oregon strawberry freezer jam …. not exactly in a jar as my mom used the white plastic containers. Takes me back to summers that seemed to last forever.

  280. i can’t decide between jam or chutney. i love them both. but that blueberry butter recipe you featured from your book looked fantastic, too, so, perhaps the butters might be my favorite as well. drinking from jars–mason jars, bells jars–has always been de riguer in my family, too.

  281. My favorite food in jars is a tie between pickles and jam. I make a ridiculous amount of each almost every year. One thing I think I could get addicted to really easily is syrups, which I’m adding to my repertoire this year, thanks to the recipes and recommendations on this blog!

  282. I am going to have to say your recipe for pickled onions is by far the one food in jars that I crave! And when the jars run out, I cry. Then run to the farmer’s market to buy more onions πŸ™‚

  283. Congrats on your book- It’s beautiful.

    I love homemade syrups (just made a rhubarb syrup yesterday!) and jams. I also adore iced coffee in jars… but I’ve really got to get better jars that don’t leak!

  284. I just started canning and have swiftly made 5 batches of your wonderfully delicious strawberry vanilla jam. My house is full of far too many mason jars to just fill with strawberries this season. Bring on the FIJ book.. my jars need fantastic-ness in their tummies. πŸ™‚

  285. Definitely strawberry jam, I use mine almost every morning, with pickled okra a close second, partly because, if you pack it carefully, it can look so pretty in the jar

  286. Favorite food in a jar – berry jam. I can still taste the freezer jam my grandmother always laid by, and there hasn’t been any of that in the world since the 90’s.

  287. Chutney… any chutney, really. It’s one condiment that the big commercial producers haven’t taken over; barring a few over-priced jars of Major Grey’s, you don’t find much of it in your local supermarket. Plum cardamom chutney is one of my favourites!

  288. I found your blog by searching for a recipe for Sour Cherry Jam. I have been reading ever since. My favorite food in jars is a line-up:
    1. Sour Cherry Jam
    2. Peaches
    3. Pickles
    There are more, of course, but those are probably the top three. Thanks for all of the wonderful recipes and instructions.
    Looking forward to your visit to PDX!

  289. I have your book already and LOVE it. If I win a second copy I’m going to give it to my sister becuase I know she will love it too.

  290. Your book looks beautiful! I love home-canned peaches. Nothing in the store can compare to their deliciousness! My husband would pick raspberry jam.

  291. My favorite? So many recipes, so many great flavors. I have to say though, that my favorite by far is the Pear Vanilla Jam. Who knew we liked pears so much! Thanks so much for making my foray into the world of canning and yogurt making and almond butter making such fun!!! (and tasty and productive and healthy and….. πŸ™‚
    JoAnn R

  292. From what I’ve learned to make – marmalade. From what I’m hoping to learn – pickled green beans… and congrats.

  293. My favorite is a tie between jam and marinara. My homemade marinara sauce is what first got me into canning, but blueberry jam is amazing.

  294. The cookbook looks gorgeous… it is on my wish list! My favourite food in jars? Pickles, with plenty of dill.

  295. The best thing to ever come out of a jar in my house is plain ole concord grape jam. I thought I didn’t like grape jam/jelly until I made it myself. That’s something I find to be true every time I redo an old classic!

  296. I’d have to say that hot giardiniera is my favorite food in jars. I’d love to learn to make it. It’s never hot enough for me. Thanks for the giveaway.

  297. I think my favorite is jam. I already have your cook book (great read BTW) but if I win, I’ll pass it along.

  298. Oh, this cookbook would be so wonderful! My fav food in jars has to be my grandmothers strawberry jam, the best, thickest, chunkiest jam ever, so good on homemade bread!

  299. I love pickled beets, spiced apple rings, pickles, pretty much anything. Food in Jars has helped bring my canning to a whole new level-one way or another I plan to get a copy of this awesome cookbook! Thank you!

  300. My favorite food in jars to look at after they are made and to eat all year long in oh so many ways are tomatoes. They look great in canning jars…….much better then tin can! MK

  301. My favorite is marinara sauce. It takes a lot of time to prep in August but I absolutely love being able to go to the pantry on a hectic weekday night in February and pull out a quart for a 5-minute dinner that is still fresh and local. Congrats on the beautiful book!

  302. My favorite jarred thing for me is raspberry jam, and for the kids is applesauce (we go through quarts and quarts and quarts!!!).

    Your cookbook looks wonderful. Can’t wait to read it. Thanks so much for the chance to win a copy.

  303. My favorite canned food would be fruit jellies and jams. I recently retired and I am thoroughly enjoying being in the kitchen after all my working years! I love your blog and it saved a batch of peach jam that didn’t ‘set up’ right! I love the look of your cookbook!

  304. Homemade yogurt (fermented in jars of course) layered with jam and granola.

    I can’t wait to get a copy of the book!

  305. i have two favorites for mason jars: jams and iced tea. i make blackberry jam and grape jelly from my garden and starwberry jam from a local pick your own place. does applesauce count as a jam?! and whenever i’m home i have a glass of iced tea on the counter to sip from (i count it towards my daily water quota!).

  306. I used to can everything with my mother – me being the oldest of 6 kids! To this day, even though I’m single, I still can my own tomatoes & small batches of jam, relish & pickles because they just taste so much better. I think jam & relish are my favorites but I’ve never done either in some of the ways I’ve found on THIS site! And I’ll be buying your book if I don’t win one!!! yessireeee!

  307. I love your blog and from the glimpse you’ve given us I will most likely be buying your book if I don’t win it. :^)

    • Ooops – left off a sentence…. My favorite thing to come out of a jar is garlic dill pickles. Although strawberry jam is a close second!

  308. My absolute favorite is the good ol’ dill pickle. Been eating them since I was a child when I’d buy them with my Sunday allowance from the neighborhood store; they sold them from the large wooden barrels!

  309. I would love to win a copy of your book. I have been anxiously waiting for its publication. I enjoy all aspects of canning and preserving, but I think jams, jellies and marmalades are my favorites.

  310. My favorite is my homemade ketchup (recipe from Ball Blue Book), followed closely by Habanero Gold Jelly… love the jams and pickles, but the condiments such as BBQ sauce are sooo good, better than any storebought!

  311. Love raspberry jam. After making my own all the store bought stuff tastes over-cooked and bland in comparison. Also it’s great as a filling for cookies and toaster pastries. Yum!

  312. I love strawberry jam, I’ve expanded into canning a lot more than that now, but strawberry jam will always be my favorite, it’s a comfort food.

  313. Congratulations on a well-deserved triumph! Favorite? Anything home made, preferably by me! Jams, jellies, pickles, chutneys, vinegars, you name it.

  314. I love canning fresh green beans. There is nothing like the taste of home canned green beans when the weather is cold outside! It also reminds me of helping my mom home can when I was growing up. Great memories!

  315. I came for the dilly beans and stayed for the over-all fabulousness! I love your focus on small batches and creative updating of old standard recipes. Thanks for writing this book.

  316. Beautiful book, congratulations. I love to put up all sorts of foods, but if I only had 12 jars, they would all be filled with jam, most likely apricot.

  317. I CANNOT WAIT TO OWN A COPY OF THIS BOOK!! My favortie thing in a jar has got to be plain ole raspberry jam… mmm so simple yet so delicious

  318. Congrats again on the book. I am partial to jam, particularly strawberry-rhubarb, but my favorite has to be the applesauce I make from the apple tree we have in our current yard. Yummo.

  319. Mango chutney was the first thing I ever made and then canned – it remains a nostalgic favorite. Will be making some of your small batch strawberry vanilla jam this weekend though – could be a new favorite! Would love to win a copy of your book, but would be buying it anyway. This website is such an inspiration! Thank you!

  320. I already have your book on my Amazon wish list but I would love to get it any way I can. I think my favorite canned goodie is your tomato jam (I will never buy ketchup again), the cherry tomatoes were just so easy and beautiful in this recipe.

  321. Geez thats a hard one to answer I love so many things in a jar. I collect rocks and such from trips and put them in jars so I can see them and be reminded of the fun I had. I LOVE a pretty fruity drink in a pint and a half jar, always makes me smile. Flowers..oh how love a big bunch of garden cut flowers in a jar, that makes me smile REAL BIG! lol and FOOD FOOD and MORE FOOD in jars. I’d say i get HUGE gratification from opening a meal in a jar, so my pressure canned stews and soups and beans and such make me very proud and feel super self sustainable. BUT my pickles and salsa are another of my favs in jars, not just for eating but looking at too πŸ™‚ Id say im a bit of a jar ADDICT!!!!

  322. Congratulations on the book! So exciting!
    My favorite foods in jars are pickled veggies, bloody mary mix, salsas, and marinara!

  323. Pickles are my favorite — I have a recipe for bread and butter pickles passed down over a couple of generations, but only the spice mix, not the directions for how to can! I would love to win a copy of your book and try to do it justice!

  324. Probly canned pears from our own fruit trees would be my favorite, but we got berry bushes that should be producing this year so that might change.

  325. Canned peaches are one of my very favorites! It was a specialty of my mom’s and every time I open a jar it takes me back to wonderful memories of her.
    Congratulations on your book, and thank you for helping me remember a special part of my growing up.

  326. My most successful food in jars are my serrano-dill pickles. I like them better than any other pickles. However the number of things I’ve canned is pretty small.

  327. My favorite kind of food in jars is jam-any kind. But I’ll always take chocolate sauce in a jar, too. Now you’ve done it! I’m heading to the kitchen for a spoon and then to the fridge!

  328. I love making my morning oatmeal in a half pint jar. It’s the perfect serving size, and with a reusable lid, it’s the best way to take breakfast on the go. Definitely my favorite!

  329. I hope I win! My favorite food in jars is jam.

    The dedication to your mother is sweet. She must be so proud of you!

  330. My favourite food in jars (that I’ve made myself, at least) is a combination that I made and gave out as christmas presents this past holiday season – homemade ketchup, mustard, and dill relish. Also: homemade vanilla extract! I guess that’s four things, but it’s hard to choose just one. Congrats on the book coming out!

  331. Oooh…. just one favorite? I have to say that I do love a good jam. Even the peach jam I screwed up last year turned into a lovely sauce (with balsamic and garlic) over pork tenderloins.

  332. Hi! I can because I am a ‘working poor single mother’. So my favorite food in jars is Dandelion jelly.. it is almost FREE to make!

    I live in Western Ma and if I win can I pick it up from you at the Oddessy book shop next week? Pretty please?! :o)