Taylor Thermometer Discount/Giveaway (thanks OpenSky!)

April 9, 2010(updated on October 3, 2018)

instant read thermometer

You’ve all heard me wax poetic about my Taylor Thermometer before. I use to to watch my jams and jellies as they approach and achieve set temperature. The long probe cord means that it can mind items that are happily roasting in away in the oven. It’s also incredibly handy when it comes to making my every other week batch of yogurt (I still need to show you all my overnight method).

Mine was a wedding gift (thanks Dan and Becca!) and I don’t really know how I functioned before it arrived in my kitchen. It lives on the fridge (it’s got a handy magnetized back), always ready to be instantly helpful.

If you’ve been thinking about getting yourself one of these thermometer/timers, you’re in luck. OpenSky is offering all my readers the chance to buy one at 10% off. What’s more, one person will actually get one for free! All you have to do is go here and enter your email address. You’ll be send a coupon for the 10% off. Or, if you’re particularly lucky, you’ll get an email notifying you that you’re the winner. If you just want to enter for a chance to win, that’s cool too. You’re under no obligation to buy one (although, I swear, it will make your kitchen life easier in a number of ways).

I hope you all have a terrific weekend!

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10 thoughts on "Taylor Thermometer Discount/Giveaway (thanks OpenSky!)"

  • One question about this: does it allow you to set a low temperature and have it beep when it gets there? That’s the part of yogurt making that takes the longest, it seems, and I hate having to check it every 20 minutes. I see the word “lo” on the display but I’m not sure what that means?

  • I entered! It’s funny ’cause I am doing an Opensky giveaway on my blog today too!
    I really enjoy your site. I am mostly a “lacto-fermenter” and I’ve been in the habit of refrigerating/freezing the jams that I make, so I am looking forward to doing some canning in the future with you as my guide!

  • I actually have one of these but never thought to use it for canning! Do you let the metal piece rest on the bottom of the pot or do you rig it somehow to not touch the bottom? Thanks!

  • Paige, that is the one thing it doesn’t do. I wish it did, because then it would be the absolutely perfect tool. When I make yogurt, I fill the sink with cold water and put the pot with the milk inside it. It only takes about seven minutes to cool the milk down to the right temperature to add the starter.

    Winnie, how funny!

    Karla, I tend to use a deep enough pot so that I can balance the curve of the temperature probe on the edge of the pot so it isn’t touching the bottom of the pot.

  • I’m entering to win. You’re blog has inspired me & given me the courage to try canning. I look forward to all the fruits & vegetables that will become available over the next few months & am already planning to make strawberry jam in a month or so! I’m sure a thermometer will come in very handy! Thanks!

  • De-lurking to say; Yes please tell us about how you do yogurt, would LOVE to know more!!! I’m hoping it means I don’t need to spend money to get one of those plug in yogurt makers…Thanks for this great blog!!

  • I was using a Taylor Thermometer a few years ago when I was pasteurizing/canning a pot of pickles. I set the timer for 30 minutes and the high temp for 185, then left the thermometer stuck to the oven hood. When the time was done, I grabbed the lid of the pot, which somehow pulled on the cord of the probe and dropped the thermometer straight into my canning pot! Oh, no! I fished it out with some tongs and it started beeping wildly, so I took out the batteries and let it dry for a while.

    Long story short, after it dried out, I put the batteries back in and it worked just fine. Occasionally, it will beep crazily for no reason at all, but for the most part it works amazingly well for something that has been dropped in near-boiling water! I highly recommend this thermometer.