Table Talk and Fall 2010 Classes

August 19, 2010(updated on October 3, 2018)

pippen apples

Got canning questions? I’ve got answers! Tomorrow at 1 p.m. (10 a.m. west coast time), I’ll be joining Kim O’Donnel (who’s got a lovely new book hitting the shelves soon) on her weekly chat over at Culinate. We’ll be talking about canning, preserving and what to do with the barrage of end-of-season produce. Please come and join us!

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Fall is coming, but that doesn’t mean that the time for canning is coming to an end. I firmly believe that there’s plenty of canning to be done straight through the autumn months. I’ve got a series of four jam and chutney classes scheduled September through December that take advantage of all those sweet, crisp apples and pears. These classes cost $45 per person and are all scheduled for Saturday mornings, 11 a.m. through 12:30 p.m.

September 18
Spicy Applesauce

October 23
Pear-Ginger Jam

November 6
Cranberry Apple Jam

December 4
Apple-Pear Chutney

Additionally, I’ve been thinking about offering a sauerkraut class. If you’d be interested in something like that, please leave a comment on this post, so I can determine whether there’s enough interest.

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22 thoughts on "Table Talk and Fall 2010 Classes"

  • I know this isn’t about your classes, but I figured you might have some information, and a post about your classes reminded me. Do you have any idea of places that offer classes in cooking skills like they offered at Foster’s? I’m not ready for home canning yet, but I think I might finally be ready to learn those wicked knife skills I’ve always wanted. Any ideas?

  • I would love a post on sauerkraut. I tried to make it last year and chickened out when it was time to consume. While my husband was dumping it down the drain he commented, “What is this? It smells like good sauerkraut, now I’m in the mood for a Reuben sandwich!”

  • Marisa, can you put me down for the first 3 classes (sept. – nov.) please? Yay!!! And I would be VERY interested in a sauerkraut class!

  • We have made our own sauerkraut, but I’m sure there is more to learn. I would very much be interested in taking your class.

  • Did you mention something about a class in Portland, OR a couple weeks ago? I would love to know if that could happen!

  • Me! Me! You know I’d love a sauerkraut class. I completely misfired when I tried to make it last winter.

  • Not sure if this is quite the right thread for this but I have a quick canner question. I finally broke down & bought a proper canner about a month ago since I’ve been doing massive amounts of canning lately. (Before I just used one of my stock pots but could only fit 6-1/2 pints tops in it.) Anyway I’ve only used it a few times so far & every time, including after the first use, the jar basket ends up all rusty & looks like its about 100 years old. What is up with that? Does anyone else have that problem? I took some advice before about adding vinegar to my water so that there isnt a film on my jars when they come out – which works great. Not sure if that has anything to do with the basket problem though. Anyway, any thought about this?? I guess its not that big of a deal since it doesnt affect a canning process but it just looks ugly & have to scrub the rust off after each use. Thanks for any help.

  • Heather, unfortunately that’s just what happens to those racks. I’ve given up scrubbing mine and just let it be corroded and a bit rusty.

  • Thanks for getting back to me Marisa … its nice to know I’m not the only one this happened to. I guess I’ll just give up scubbing mine too but now I have an unpleasant problem to deal with. Im in the middle of processing a batch of jam right now that was ready to go. Unfortunatly when I opened the canner lid to put the jars in,the water was all rust colored & the tops of the rack handles are chipping, it left nasty black marks on my fingers when I lifted it out of the water. Also there was little bits of “stuff” floating in the water from what came off the handles I assume. I would have dumped it out but the jam was already in the jars & ready to go & since it takes FOREVER for a pot of water to boil I just went ahead & put them in. I figured that no water gets into the jars anyway so it should be ok. But I will dump it & refill before I start another batch of jam. I even went on the company website ( see if there was anything about this & under the Use&Care section all it said was “dishwasher safe”. Not exactly what I was looking for so I’m going to email them about this. Even if this does happen to lots of people I dont think metal chipping off into my water qualifies as their “lasts a lifetime” guarantee. Thanks again.

  • Heather, it sounds like your rack is experiencing far more extreme wear than my has. I have found it normal to have a tiny bit of rust and calcification, but you should definitely get in touch with the company, because that’s not right. The metal should not be chipping off in pieces.

  • Hey! That’s Mood’s Farm in Mullica Hill, NJ! I picked blueberries there this year.

    I would love to take a class, as I’m always interested in these recipes and canning but I’m too intimidated. Unfortunately I’m in DC now.

  • Marisa – Just wanted to give you an update on the canner rack situation. I wrote the company a long email basically explaining everything I already told you. This was on Friday so of course noone was there over the weekend but I got an email back Monday morning (23rd) … they didnt really explain to me why this would have happened to my rack or what to do about it. They just said that the racks are zinc coated & that they often times will discolor. However they did ask for my address & said they would send me a new chrome rack. I assumed I would have to wait at least a few week to get it, but when I got home from grocery shopping today (27th), there it was waiting for me!! I have some more canning to do today so we will see how this one works out. I suppose if it has the same problem then it must be my water – which nothing can be done about. Anyway, very impressed though that I got the rack so fast!

  • Heather, I’m really glad they were so willing to help you out! Here’s hoping there was a defect with the coating on that rack and that it isn’t an issue with your water.