Sunday Night From the Food in Jars Flickr Pool

Every Sunday evening, I take a break from showing off my preserves and give the rest of you a chance to shine by featuring a few photos from the Food in Jars Flickr group. Here are a few pretties from the last week or two. If you’d like to see your photo featured here, please head over to Flickr, join the group and add your images.

Homemade Maraschino Cherries

Pretty homemade maraschino cherries from Katherine Martinelli.

Damson Plum Jam

Damson plum jam (one of my very favorites) from Meighan.

for my dad...

Pickles by Cheryl for her dad (is there anything better than canning for someone you love? I think not!).

Peach butter

Peach butter by the newlywed Melissa, The Boastful Baker.

all labeled

Very retro-looking corn salsa, made by Dory.

tomato jam

Yay! Another incarnation of Amy’s Tomato Jam. Love the OX cheese, Krista and Jess!

Patty Pan Squash Pickles

Another version of my baby pattypan pickles from David Kindler.

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7 responses to “Sunday Night From the Food in Jars Flickr Pool”

  1. There is nothing prettier than home canned goods. It ranks right up there with a beautiful sunrise and sunset. Very nice pictures everyone.

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