Spouted Measuring Cup Winner

December 14, 2009(updated on October 3, 2018)

random measuring cup I’m just tickled that so many of you liked my canning gift guide (and the attached giveaway). Thanks for all the terrific comments! (There are a lot of Weck lovers in the crowd!)

The winner of the giveaway was Annie, who’s comment made me laugh when I went to match the random number up with the winning name. She said, “Great stuff, Marisa. Thank you! Can’t wait for the generator to spit out my number!” Well Annie, spit out your number it did. I’ll be emailing you shortly to get your details!

Still to come this week I’ll have at least two (if not three, depending on how demanding my day job is) more “Gift in a Jar” posts, as well as my local meal for the Dark Days Challenge. Meanwhile, I’d love to hear how your holiday preparations are going (I passed out jars of Apple-Cranberry Jam, Apple Butter and the Rosemary-Maple Nuts at my family’s Hanukkah party last night to a crowd of excited cousin)s.

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2 thoughts on "Spouted Measuring Cup Winner"

  • The moment I saw your post about the apple cranberry jam, I knew I had to make it to give out to my friends. (A truckload of CSA apples also helped sway me to make that decision!) Unfortunately, one jar didn’t process properly, so I stuck it in the fridge as a treat for ourselves. Later that night, I made latkes for Hannukah and spread some jam on top of them. Let me tell you, they were absolutely amazing together!

  • We have jars of goodies set aside to give to friends and neighbors. These include cranberry orange sauce, spiced yellow tomato jam, caramel apple jam, hot pepper butter, peppers in tomato sauce, and a couple of others. Plates of homemade candies and sweets will accompany some. All our gifts this year are coming from the kitchen and canning shelf!