Sponsored Post: Oval Stainless Steel Food Container from the MightyFix

September 22, 2016


I have always loved a good lunch box. When I was very young, I had a snazzy metal Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox with a matching thermos. In middle school, I graduated to a reusable nylon lunch bag with our school name and mascot printed on the side. During my office job years, I had one of those neoprene lunch totes that claimed to keep food cool for hours.

Working from home these days, I don’t often find myself in need of a container for my lunch, but that doesn’t stop me from loving them and pining for a new model on occasion.


Enter the Oval Stainless Steel Food Container with Clamp Lid that the folks from MightyNest sent me as part of their MightyFix. They simply understand just how much joy a new lunch container can bring (particularly in September, when we all crave back to school items no matter how long we’ve been out of school).

The container is durable and endlessly reusable. I used it to hold my travel snacks on a recent plane trip and it weathered time in my backpack like a champ. The clamp lid- is non-toxic and non-leaching, it’s dishwasher safe, and it’s resistant to stains and corrosion.


 MightyNest is offering Food In Jars readers a special $5/month rate for the first month of their subscription. That means that if you sign up for MightyFix today, you’ll pay just $5 for the first month and you’ll receive a stainless steel food storage container as your first fix. The fix will arrive at your door within a week or so!

To sign up: head this way. Offer expires October 14, 2016! (MightyFix is currently available to US customers with free shipping. Canadian and Australian MightyFixes ship for a small fee. Full shipping details here.)

MightyFix Button

(And if that link isn’t working for you, you can also use the code FIJCONTAINERFIX at check out.)

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6 thoughts on "Sponsored Post: Oval Stainless Steel Food Container from the MightyFix"

  • Sadly, I am retired now and have no need to pack a lunch. I still can’t bear to part with my collection of bento boxes so cannot justify adding yet another container. I also have some of the Ziploc glass containers and some Snapware.

    I really should start downsizing.

  • It looks like that container would also be good for ripening fruits; it would doubtless work better than the old “stuff ’em in a paper bag and roll up the end” that I often use.

  • I was thinking of signing up with them anyway, so this clinched it! I use a couple of these stainless boxes already (from Pearl River Mart or my nearby Asian supermarket) to store office supplies, and they’re great. Thanks Marisa!