Sponsored Post: Resolve to Ditch Disposables with the MightyFix from MightyNest

December 31, 2015(updated on October 3, 2018)

Lifefactory water bottle on window sill - Food in Jars

With just hours to go until the new year arrives, the time is ripe to set some resolutions for the new year. I’m still working on the bulk of mine, but there’s one I can announce with confidence. This is the year that I stop buying bottled water.

It’s not an issue when I’m at home, but often enough, I head out into the world to run a few errands and find myself desperately thirsty. Often the most ready and accessible solution is to buy a bottle of water. Sixteen ounces later, my thirst is quenched and I’m in possession of a plastic bottle to add to the refuse flow.

Lifefactory water bottle in bag - Food in Jars

The solution to the problem? A small reusable water bottle that seals tightly and can be kept in my purse, like this 12 ounce one from Lifefactory (it’s dishwasher safe and so sturdy). Right now, you can get this bottle for just $5, by signing up for the MightyFix from MightyNest. They’re offering this discount to all new users who sign up through the widget below.

Lifefactory water bottle measurements - Food in Jars

If you’ve missed my previous posts about the MightyFix, it’s a monthly subscription service that sends full sized non-toxic products for the kitchen and home. It costs $10 a month and ships for free. What’s more, anything you want to add to your monthly order from MightyNest will also ship for free.

Without the FIX, this Lifefactory bottle costs $18 + $5.95 in shipping. When you sign up, you’ll get it for just $5. Then, for just $10 a month going forward, you’ll get regular shipments of items that help you make small but rewarding changes throughout the year. It’s a great way to start the year off right!

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3 thoughts on "Sponsored Post: Resolve to Ditch Disposables with the MightyFix from MightyNest"

  • What a great resolution! And, that bottle is a great idea, especially because it comes in a 12 oz size. I am ashamed to admit how many times I’ve opened a half liter bottle of water and haven’t finished it (I do end up using it to water my plants, but still…). While I do recycle every bottle, developing the habit of carrying a bottle with me will help me to eliminate the purchase of a plastic water bottle (or any other beverage) while I’m out and about.

    I’m totally stealing your resolution (and it might be the only one I make!), and I’m wondering if I can somehow work it up as a lesson for my classroom (I teach 6th grade Earth Science, so I’m sure I can come up with something).

  • I’ve had Life Factory bottles for several years now. Also come in 22 oz bottles and have a few lid options, my favorite is the ‘pop top.’ I found them on another site where I order my grains and was toting one at my local Whole Foods one day and an employee spotted me and asked about it. A few months later, they were selling them! I love them because they’re glass and you don’t get any tinny taste. They also make baby bottles and wine glasses. Enjoy them y’all!