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November 12, 2015

Fillmore Gift Guide #1-canning and preserving items_03

Last week, I spent a little time pulling out jams and preserves for holiday gifts and packages. My mom, sister, and I have an ongoing group text going in which we discuss and plan the minutiae for our Christmas gathering in Austin. And I’ve been marking recipes for brittles and barks, in the search for something new and delicious to share my neighbors. All sure signs that the gift giving season is upon us.

Our friends at Fillmore Container have also been prepping for the holidays in the recent weeks. They have pulled together a series of five gift guides to help all of get ready for this most festive time of year.

Fillmore Gift Guide #2-Mason Jar Accessories_02

Canning Essentials Guide – This is the guide you see pictured at the top of this post, and it features a bunch of my favorite things, like the Blossom Trivet, that nifty cherry pitter that fits onto a mason jar, and my beloved 4th Burner Pot.

Mason Jar Accessories Guide – Gifts for the mason jar lover abound on this list. It includes the Cuppow Coozie, handy Flip Top lids from reCAP, and Silicone Sleeves for transforming eight ounce jars into grippy cups for kids.

Fillmore Gift Guide #3-Candle_01

Jars for the Pantry Guide – Know someone who wants to clean up their food storage act? Then take a look at this list! They’ve got Cracker Jars, French Square Jars (love these for small pasta shapes and seeds), and Ball’s Classic Half Gallon Jar.

Candle, Bath & Body Guide – This is the guide for all your candle, soap, and balm making needs. They’ve got Frosted Tumblers for candles, Straight Sided Jars for lotions, pretty bottles for salts and oils, and much more!

Homemade Gifting Guide – The final guide features recipes and tips for filling up your jars and bottles. There’s Almond Butter Crunch for your candy lover, Cranberry Rosemary Vinegar that is perfect for teacher gifts, and Mulling Spices to warm up a chilly winter night.

Fillmore Gift Guide #4-Pantry_01

The lovely folks at Fillmore Container want to share the holiday love with a couple of Food in Jars readers and so are offering up a giveaway to go with post this post. Two lucky folks will get a $25 credit to spend on their website, along with a copy of one of my books (the winners get to choose which one). Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me what Fillmore Container product you’d most like to give or be given.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Saturday, November 21, 2015. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, November 22, 2015.
  3. Giveaway open to United States residents only. Void where prohibited.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: Fillmore Container is a Food in Jars sponsor. All opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own. 

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390 thoughts on "Sponsored Post: Gift Guides from Fillmore Container + Giveaway"

  • The product I want to receive is the 20 qt. Stainless Steel Water Bath Canner. I have been using my basic pot, and would love this big sturdy pot! Thank you for the chance.

  • I have a couple of the Ball Half Gallon jars and would love to have a few more. I find they are great for all sorts of things.

    1. The purple quart jars catch my eyes every time I go to your site; I’d love to have some. I’d also like to have a few half-gallon jars; I have one and it is surprising how often I use it.

  • Every time I browse at Fillmore Container, I end up spending way too much time there. One product I always come back to is the Montana Jars with Black Lids for food storage. I think the 2.5 Gallon size would be great for keeping flour and sugar handy and fresh.

  • I would love the 4th burner pot……I keep coming back to this one..it would make small batch canning so much easier….
    thank you

  • I would love a water bath canner! I have a 4th burner & I love it but I would love a bigger water bath canner for large batches.

  • I absolutely adore the 8 ounce woozy bottles from Fillmore. They are great to can juices, syrups, and condiments in. I also love giving those items away to family and friends, especially around the holidays!

  • So many things I would love to have but probably some bottles to make my own vanilla extract in and for gifts. also to experiment with new extract flavors!!!!

  • I love the Fillmore container economy jars. Their smooth sides make it easy to put a beautiful label or decoration on the jar to make it special. I’m excited to see what I can come up with for the holidays. Then, I get to fill the jars with something special liked candy or cookies or hot chocolate mix.

  • I would love to receive a case or two of the 4oz canning jars. Love using these as nothing goes to waste in small households and they are the perfect size for giving a sampling of the summer bounty to friends and family. As a gift to give, I think the two gallon hill jar with glass lid is simply beautiful. You can put so many things in it and not restrict it to the kitchen! Fun.

  • It’s so hard to decide what ONE thing i would want from Fillmore!! I hoard glass jars.. One of my favorites is the smaller, amber colored glass bottles – perfect for carrying essential oil blends in a carrier oil.. Also love the pretty bottles for my homemade limoncello & vanilla extract..

  • I love the bee skep jar. I have a small business and my logo is a bee – this would fit right in! As A gift to give I would want the beverage dispenser. I know several people who entertain large groups for whom this would be the perfect gict!

  • Any canning jars for myself or to give as gifts! I use many of the 4 ounce jars to make small batches of jams/jellies/etc (today it is Apple Butter!) and then give them away for gifts or thank you’s or just because!

  • I have ordered so many jars and bottles from Fillmore for homemade liqueurs, jams, and sriracha. I would love to receive the one gallon glass jars w/ lids for those large batches of cranberries, peaches, blackberries, peppers, etc. for steeping and fermenting. Thank you.

  • Today I would want one of the Montana jars. Tomorrow my choice might change. All depends on what project I am working on at the moment.

  • During the holidays, I like to give something from my kitchen to family and friends. Half pint and pint jars with lids in the holiday colors would be perfect for gift giving. My honey would look so pretty in the green jars.

  • There are so many items that I would use and enjoy. I think the fun lids would be one of my top choices b/c I have been making my own spice blends (like seasoned salt) so this would help dispense it properly.

  • Love the Fillmore Muth Jars for our fresh honey from our hives and for giving my homemade tea blends with them and one of my own handmade mugs from our pottery studio. Makes a great basket or gift in a bag.

  • I keep looking for new creative uses for mason jars, so I’d love to try the mason jar accessory pack. I’d love to use jars more for everyday things!

  • I use the 1/2 Gallon size to store all my pasta. I would love the gallon size to store my flour, sugar and cereals. Thank you for this giveaway

  • I love my blossom trivet and wouldn’t want to can without it! Or the Pomona pectin is always a great gift option especially if you know someone who needs low sugar jams.

  • I would love a 4th burner pot. I frequently only have one jar to can and it would be great to not heat the big pot for one jar.

  • Mason jar lids in different colors. I use jars for everything and I can with two-piece lids but I store things with once piece lids for convenience.

  • The product I would most like to give is the cherry pitter–my daughter and her husband have a cherry tree on their farm that provides an abundance of lovely fruit–but the pitting can be exhausting. I’m thinking they could get to the fun stuff–like jam!–a lot faster with a cherry pitter!

  • Don’t think there’s enough room to list all I would like, but here are a few of my favorite things…..Woozy bottles, hexagon jars, Elite WM jars, syrup bottles with loops handles, 12 sided jars, Montana jars, square mason jars, aaaaaand the red blossom trivet. Tah dah!!

  • I use the beautiful stout bottles to bottle my kombucha! I would love those colored Mason jars. They would make great Christmas presents filled with goodies!

  • Oh my there are so many jars I would love to have but especially the 1 gallon jars and the 2.5gal jars with the silver lids. Then the purple jars for gifts those are awesome! Oh oh then the small pretty jars for storing cremes, hair items, spices and so many other things!! I better stop looking now or I’m going to be in trouble 😉 .

  • Every time I browse Fillmore Container’s site I find more things I really want! If I had to choose one thing, it would be the 4th burner pot – it’s just the right size for my figgy chutney recipe, and so many other small batch goodies. Thanks for doing this, happy holidays to you all!

  • Wow, so many goodies to choose from! Always more 4 oz jelly jars, 8 oz canning jars–they are good sizes for food gifts. Also the jar box.es to help me stay organized

  • I would love to receive a set of colored jars. I love them, but haven’t bought them myself because they are just a little too expensive.

  • I would love to win as I love your products and find them very useful. I use them from canning to canisters and am always running out.

  • I’d like to give friends and family members with kids the silicone sleeves for safe drinking, along with the caps they can drink from. And of course, jars of all shapes and sizes to fill with good food. For me, I’m asking Santa for the 4th burner pot and steel canning funnel, plus more stainless steel straws.

  • I’d like the Ferment Your Vegetables book! I’ve got one of the larger packages of fermenting tools coming from Masontops.com and having a book of directions would be mighty handy. 🙂

  • I’m a sucker for all shapes and sizes of jars for making and giving gifts in. I would love to try the French square jars. Great choices!

  • I would love the canning starter supplies. Every season i wish i had some and it always seems i start too late and miss the boat. If i just had them off season, when the fruit/veg were available i wouldnt have to scramble around to get what i need. Which i never seem to do.

  • The flip top lids are amazing. Much nicer than just screwing the canning lid back on to store in refrigerator. The cherry pitter is a must have.

  • I love the silicone jar sleeves — I thought I was up on all the canning jar add-ins but I hadn’t seen that before.

  • It’s a hard decision. There are so many nice products to choose from, but I think I would like the heritage jar.

  • I would love to get “Fillmore Container” frosted tumblers from the “Candle, Bath and Body Guide” as a gift because then I could fill them with scented soy wax and give them as gifts during all the holidays.

    My favorite part of holidays is making gifts!

    When you make things by hand, supplies for making those things are often a really wonderful gift to get from the ones who love us!

    Thank-you for sharing Marisa and for offering this contest.
    Happy Holidays Everyone!