September Sponsors: Cuppow, Fillmore Container, Orchard Road, Felix Doolittle, Spice Ratchet, and More!

September 1, 2014

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It’s the first of the month and that means that it’s time to dedicate a blog post to the sponsors who help make this site possible. Please do take a moment to read this post and if they offer something that clicks for you, I know they would so appreciate your business.

First up is jar accessory maker Cuppow! They are the creator of the original mason jar travel mug topper and the BNTO, a small plastic cup that transforms a canning jar into a snack or lunch box. They have a small stash of signed copies of Preserving by the Pint and just recently started carrying the Mason Tap, so they truly are the one stop shop for canning jar accessories.

A brand new sponsor is Orchard Road. They are new-to-market makers of mason jars, lids, and rings for home canners. They just recently launched their online store, so you can now order them straight from the source.

Next is our friends at Fillmore Container. They sell all manner of canning jars and lids, as well as a handful of books and jar accessories. They’re a family-owned business based in Lancaster, PA and they happily work with home canners and commercial producers alike. Their blog is a great source of canning info, and their latest post is all about using up those overgrown cucumbers. So timely!

New to the sponsorship roster is Spice Ratchet. They make the blossom trivet that I use as a canning rack, and just recently, they released a line of silicone Blossom uCaps for mason jars. They are available as a storage cap, a sipping cap, and a flower frog. Stay tuned, as I’ll have more about those lids on the blog soon!

Another new sponsor is Felix Doolittle (you may remember them from the giveaway post I hosted back in July). They make whimsical labels for canning jars, cookbooks, and other food gifts.

Our friends at MightyNest are back. They are an amazing resource for non-toxic, natural, and organic products for homes and families and recently added my beloved 4th Burner Pot to their stock.

Another new sponsor that is joining the ranks this month is Blue Kitchen Canning. They’re an online shop that sells all manner of canning gear. If you’re in the market for a new canning pot or you want to invest in a pressure canner, make sure to check them out! I have a giveaway and discount code coming up from them soon.

Mrs. Wages is also back for another month of canning goodness! I’ve written for them for the last three summers and this year, we’re teaming up for an official partnership. They make all sorts of pectins and canning mixes. Make sure to sign up for their newsletter for monthly installments of canning goodness.

Operated by Lyn Deardorff, sponsor Preserving Now is both a website and school dedicated to helping people expand their canning and preserving skills. Lyn teaches in both Atlanta and Nashville, so make sure to check out her schedule of upcoming classes and events and see if she’s offering a workshop near you! And, if you’re in the market for a tasty tomatillo salsa, make sure to check out the recipe Lyn just posted.

The Clay Studio is back with us! This Philadelphia-based non-profit was founded in 1974 and is dedicated to affirming the importance of the ceramic arts. They work to make clay an accessible medium to a broad range of people. I regularly drool over the many gorgeous pieces in their shop.

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5 thoughts on "September Sponsors: Cuppow, Fillmore Container, Orchard Road, Felix Doolittle, Spice Ratchet, and More!"

  • I ordered labels from him after you posted about him last time and I never got the labels. I have sent him 3 emails regarding this and no response. I am going to send a dispute by my credit card company. I would not order from him again which is sad as I thought the labels were really great!

  • Hi Christine,
    I too am sorry to hear about your experience with Felix Doolittle – we are known not just for our serviceable customer service, but for our excellent and prompt customer care. I see that we have sent you emails in response to your email and have called you by phone as well in an effort to resolve your issue. Maybe our emails ended up accidentally in your spam folder? The Chef Medallions are small, in a tin that is the size of a lip gloss tin, and may have inadvertently been thrown out with the packing materials. We will send you another set of labels. I am also happy to share the correspondence and the phone records of our attempts to reach you. You could contact me directly so that you can at least see our good will at I know you’ll enjoy your labels when you receive them again!

    1. My husband is the only other person here and he said he never got a call. I guess its possible that your e mail messages ended up as spam, but I get all other emails from people that I order from on Etsy. When I got the envelope I pulled out the packing invoice and then stuck my hand in the envelope.Upon finding nothing I turned it upside down and shook it and nothing came out. I then cut the envelope apart to make sure it had not slipped in between the bubble layers which it had not. I am 100 % certain that there were no labels in there. I do appreciate that upon my post to this site that you called me and left a message. I would not have left a negative message had I heard from you before this. Thanks for your response to this matter. I am excited to receive the labels for my canning.

  • Marisa, I am VERY excited to learn about Orchard Road Canning! I went to the website, liked their jars, and decided to place an order. Turns out: they’re right here in my hometown — St. Charles, IL! So thank you for not only introducing me to a new startup, but a business that I can support on a LOCAL LEVEL as well!! ~ kaylyn