Reminder: Food Writing Workshop

October 13, 2011(updated on January 23, 2023)


This Saturday, Tenaya and I launch our little pair of food blogging workshops. There is still room in both sessions. Both classes will be held in the conference room at Indy Hall, 20 N. 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA. Here are the details should you want to join us:

Food Blogging I : An Introduction
Sat., October 15, 10-1 p.m.
Indy Hall, $75, includes brunch
Instructors: Marisa McClellan & Tenaya Darlington

Want to launch a food blog, or spice up the one you’ve already started? Spend a morning developing your culinary identity. We’ll give you an anatomy lesson of good blog components, talk photo gear, explore trends and niches, plus brainstorm future posts with you. This is a hands-on class. You will eat muffins. You will take lots of notes. When you leave, you’ll have all the tools to start blogging with a clear vision of the food story you want to share.

Food Blogging II: Ethics & Etiquette
Sat., Nov. 5, 10-1p.m.
Indy Hall, $75, includes breakfast
Instructors: Marisa McClellan & Tenaya Darlington

So you’ve been blogging for a while, but you’re wondering how to get noticed. And you’re worried your posts might be too long. And you think you might want to run advertising? In this 3-hour workshop, we’ll run through Blog Ethics 101 and help you think through the choices ahead. We’ll also look at several case studies of successful bloggers who have landed book deals and launched full-blown careers in writing. It’s not just about branding, it’s also about understanding the ethics and etiquette around posting recipes, photos, and comments. Consider this your baptism into the pro blogger community.

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9 thoughts on "Reminder: Food Writing Workshop"

  • Will you be offering the workshops again? I have plans both weekends, but would be interested in attending at another time. I live in Central PA, so it isn’t too far for me.

    1. Kristia, I’m hopeful that we’ll do this again, but it depends a great deal on the response from this first round. I’ll put a mark in the “do again” column because of your comment, though.

  • This looks awesome, unfortunately I don’t live in the area. Any possibility of doing a web version? Either a webinar or maybe a short e-book/pamphlet? I’ve thought about going to the food blogging conference just to learn more, but the cost is so prohibitive, something like this would be more up my alley.

  • I would echo the desire for a Webinar. Your classes sound wonderfully useful, but unfortunately, not accessible to us West Coasters!

  • I second Meghan for a web version! I would go if I could but that would involve plane tickets and such to get there and I simply can’t afford it.

  • Marisa, I hope you had a successful food blog course and was wondering if you will be offering another food blog writing course in the philadelphia area? I’m interested in hearing about any future courses. Thanks, Bob

    1. The first class was quite successful. We’re hosting part two of the workshop on November 5. We do hope to offer this pair of classes again, though not until after the new year.

  • Can I sign up for the second session even though I missed the first one?! I just found this right. now. I’m a grad student and I am trying to figure out what to do after I graduate in May because I know the job market is bleak for English professorships.