Regular Mouth Cuppow Review + Giveaway

Back in the early days of my canning jar obsession, there really weren’t fun accessories for mason jars. We had the regular old two-piece lids, the commercial one-piece lids and those white plastic lids designed for dry goods storage. That was it. There weren’t any reCAPs, leather sleeves and if you had a jar cozy, chances were good that it had been a sock in a previous life.

packaged regular mouth Cuppow

Things have changed rapidly in the last four+ years. Of all the new doo-dads now available for jars, my favorite is the Cuppow. I wrote about the original wide mouth version when it was released back in JanuaryΒ and even then had a feeling that I was going to be a rabid fan of this sturdy plastic disk. And I was right.Β It has rapidly become a favorite in my travel mug world.


About a week ago, I got an email from the creators of the Cuppow. They wanted to let me know that they’d decided to release another lid, this one designed to fit regular mouth jars. What’s more, the new lid was going to feature something they’re calling “Straw-Tek.” That means they’ve designed the sippy hole in such a way that you can also insert a drinking straw into it without entirely crushing the straw.

In addition to really liking the fact that I can fit a straw into this lid, I’m also pleased with its performance as a drinking lid. They’ve made the opposite vent hole slightly bigger on this lid than on my original wide mouth version, and so it doesn’t have that slight whistle that the first one had. Like the original, it’s also easy to clean, entirely free of BPA and doesn’t have any funky, plastic-y scent.

Cuppow with straw

It will come as no surprise to you that I was giddy when my two-pack of regular mouth lids arrived. I popped one open, gave it a rinse and poured myself a jar of iced tea. It was love at first sip.

Because Cuppow creators Joshua and Aaron know that my readers are just as crazy for all things jar as I am, they’ve given me five sets of Cuppows to give away. As in, each winner gets a regular mouth and a wide mouth Cuppow. Pretty nice of them, don’t you think?

If you want a chance to win, here’s what you do.

  1. Leave a comment on this post, telling me about your favorite hot weather beverage.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Wednesday, July 11.Β Winner will be chosen at random (using and will be posted to the blog on Thursday, July 12, 2012.
  3. Giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.
Disclosure: Cuppow gave me two review units and are also providing the sets for this giveaway. However, my opinions remain, as always, entirely my own.Β 

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1,278 responses to “Regular Mouth Cuppow Review + Giveaway”

  1. my favorite summer drink lately has been kefir lemonade… YUMMY
    would love to win one of these lids….

  2. I love to pour a can of seltzer water over ice, squeeze in juice from a lemon or lime and if I feel the need for a little sweetness a dash of grenadine! Kind of like a lime Ricky.

  3. Lemonade, lemonade/iced tea combo! Or if its time for an adult beverage then definitely summer shandy.

    These are new to me but I’m definitely going to have to get myself a cuppow!

  4. Well, I hate to say it–but I just drink plain ‘ole iced water….cools you down and good for you too! πŸ™‚

  5. I adore super strong Thai iced coffee (the kind with just enough sweetened condensed milk to change the dark brown coffee a pale milk chocolate color) with gobs of crushed ice. A perfect summertime morning eye opener.

  6. I would say my favourite Summertime drink is Hibiscus Cooler.
    We make it with hibiscus flowers, fresh mint, honey and orange zest. Then I strain it over ice and frozen berries.

  7. Tonic water and lime juice, iced green tea, or OJ and lemon-lime soda. Recently my lovely daughter began making me smoothies (everything from oranges to pineapples), and these are also a favorite!

  8. I Love Cuppow! I found out about them last month when a customer came to my Sbux with one…I was so jealous since I keep a stash of used pepperocini jars (with sock sleeves) in our back room….
    as for my favorite hot weather beverage has been a) in the morning i have been sipping coldpressed Indivisible Blend (i even made ice coffee ice cubes… b) in the afternoon….fresh squeezed valencia orange juice with a sprig of basil from my wondowsill….

  9. My favorite hot weather drink in my Mason jar is either home-made iced coffee or sweet, refreshing iced tea….

  10. Love these! I think they’re the coolest things ever. One of my absolute favorite summer drinks is a good agua fresca – cooling, delicious, refreshing, the perfect thing for a hot Texas summer day.

  11. Lemonade…or ice cold beer! lol These lids are great! I do a lot of canning so we drink out of lots of jars! Awesome idea! πŸ™‚

  12. Iced tea all the way! Although, I don’t discriminate too badly in the heat. I also make extra coffee and pour it in a pitcher in the fridge to keep for iced coffee, and sangria is also becoming a new favorite. πŸ™‚

  13. I make a pulpy strawberry syrup that I combine with either fresh squeezed Persian limes or Sodastream seltzer. Summer in a glass… canning jar!

  14. Hi! I Love sun tea made with regular ‘ol black tea and a bit of lemon. Excited to hear you on Radio Times – I may have to call in! I called in for the first time for an episode a week or so ago. They are having so many of my favorite people on!

  15. I’m so lame, but my favorite hot water beverage is room temperature water. Honestly, it’s just my favorite beverage. I know most folks like cold drinks, but bring me some water at room temperature and I’m a happy woman.

    Another great giveaway. Good luck to all.

  16. Limeade mixed with Jasmine Tea! I stole this from Peets coffee – one of their summer drinks that’s so easy to make at home, and so good.

    Great Jar lid idea – count me in for your drawing!

  17. rhubarb delight! rhubarb syrup, made from the front yard rhubarb patch, added to fizzy or still water, tonic water, etc. add gin for a rhubarb frisky ; )

  18. A Strawberry Shrub πŸ™‚ if I’m not driving, then breve iced coffee (or cocoa ) with a splash of homemade Kahlua!

  19. Iced homegrown herbal teas, iced coffee and plain ol’ cold well water with a lemon or lime slice. I love the Cuppow drink lids, what a great idea!

  20. My favorite summer drink is a club soda with a little grenadine, pineapple juice, cream, and a maraschino cherry. Yum!

  21. I mostly drink water, but on special occasions I love my homemade strawberry lemonade. This is a great giveaway!

  22. Nothing better then iced tea out off a mason jar…except if it’s with a nice lid you can stick a straw in!!! I love these!!!!!

  23. My 4 year old daughter would love this, so she could have her “coffee” along with me in the garden. Please tell me, are these available in stores?

  24. Hot weather means Stumptown iced coffee during the day, and my strawberry infused vodka with some lemonade at night.

  25. Easy! My favorite summer beverage is lemonade/iced tea. Preferably the kind made by Joe’s Tea or Nantucket Nectars. I haven’t perfected a homemade version yet, but I’m working on it…

  26. My friend turned me on to Rock Shanties after she returned from a trip to Michigan. Half lemonade and half medium to light beer. Being from the beer loving Pacific Northwest I like mine with a Deschutes IPA. The best beverage for those all day summer BBQ’s!

  27. I love homemade BibiCaffΓ¨– caramel, vanilla, toddy coffee, and a splash of seltzer over ice. I call them my fizzy lifting drinks πŸ™‚

  28. My favorite hot weather beverage is strawberry agua fresca, though I have not made it in years. Delicious, frothy and sweet, a perfect way to use up flats of strawberries. πŸ™‚

  29. i discovered a new way to make lemonade by accident when canning peaches. i was popping my peeled peaches into acidulated water to keep the colour and the more peaches i added the prettier the colour of the acidulated water got. when i finished canning the peaches i was left with this peachy/lemony water that was a pretty pinky colour. i added simple syrup and ice, put up my feet and it was the best drink i’ve ever had.

  30. I’d say since the nights are getting warmer I start to miss sitting outside and watching the fireflies light up the night. After having moved to the pacific northwest these little guys don’t make it up this far. So when I am feeling homesick.. A mint julip would be my cold drink of choice. Perhaps followed after a sweet sun tea. πŸ™‚

  31. Diet cherry limeade (sonic style) or sugar-free pineapple syrup and sprite zero. Not the healthiest or most organic but it gets me through the day while watching my calories and carbs. πŸ™‚

  32. icy fresh lemon verbena and mint leaves tea with a splash of fresh OJ or limeade.
    add a wet dash of Campari and clink your ice cubes invitingly~

  33. A nice sweet chilled white wine. We always take some to the park in jars for a picnic. Cup pow would work great for us!

  34. I’d have to say on the farm in summertime, we drink the heck out of sweet tea, but I love lemon or lime water, and on a SUPER hot day I’ll make virgin mojitos (lemonade with lime and mint) the best thirst quencher!!!

  35. Anything that comes with ice since I’ve been traveling and have had to learn to not take ice cold drinks for granted.

  36. We call it Summer Tea. You take one gallon of Sun Tea add a cup of Splenda to it. Then you put half of it in another Gallon container. To each you add six ounces of defrosted frozen juice concentrate of your choice. Then fill each Gallon container full with water. It makes great fruit tea. It really stretches out the bucks.

  37. Frozen juice concentrate (thawed) mixed with sparkling water to make homemade pop with no processed sugar. Sometimes iced tea too–always in a canning jar. I popped a hole in a lid with a screwdriver so I can use a straw.

  38. My favorite summer drink is so simple: good old tap water, tons of ice, and a lime wedge. Refreshing! I’ve got to get me some of these lids. I’m more motivated to buy them now that there’s another size.

  39. Of course iced tea!!!! Regular, green with mint, sometimes with lemonade….I can’t get enough of the stuff when it’s hot; in the mornings I do like cold brewed iced coffee with almond milk and a little creamer….

  40. My favorite hot weather beverage is a slushy made from chunks of frozen watermelon. It’s even more delicious with a touch of limoncello blended in.

  41. I make a big pitcher of iced tea. I stopped buying bottles of Snapple when I discovered Todd Wilbur’s Top Secret Recipe for it. You can make regular lemon or peach flavored.

  42. How Cool! I drink my iced tea (gave up cream and cannot drink black coffee, eck) in my office from a wide mouth canning jar each morning! This would be perfect!

  43. Oooh! What to drink? It’s been so hot, that anything with ice has been the word of the day, but adding a dollop of homemade jam to flavor green iced tea is the best. Tea, dollop, ice, shake to blend, sip! :^) You get to mix up your own flavors flavors, as well; I just LOVE black cap raspberry.

  44. Besides the ever loving ice coffee!!?? Well a friend served me an ice cold chai flavored water the other day with a little fresh ginger grated on top – very refreshing after a walk.

  45. Been on a SodaStream kick lately. This current heat wave has us downing tump lots of seltzer spiked with homemade fruit syrup (rhubarb or blue-berry lemon).

  46. Gotta be slow steeped, loose leaf English breakfast tea, with mint from the garden and a little piece of lemon. Mmmmmmm.

    • Oh, and my favorite hot weather beverage is strawberry lemonade (canned, of course!) during the day and riesling in the evening. πŸ™‚

  47. I love lemonade and really good margaritas and even those silly drinks with umbrellas but what I drink regularly in unsweetened, decaffeinated, refrigerator brewed ice tea. Eight tea bags in 2 qts of water right into the fridge and about a day and a half later it is ice tea – no muss no fuss.

  48. My favorite summer beverage is iced mint tea. I make it every summer. It’s so refreshing and cooling!

  49. Since I live in Florida there are few hot drinks. This would be perfect for fruit smoothies. I have one every morning for breakfast. This would be great to take outside and the lid would help keep the bugs out. We use jars as glasses.

  50. Nothing is really as refreshing to me as a cup of ice water with a few chips of crushed ice and lemon or cucumber slices. BTW, after your first post I had decided to give these to everyone for Christmas! Now I have some choices to make. πŸ™‚

  51. My favorite beverage to drink via mason jar in the summer is iced coffee! By the way, I saw the 10! segment yesterday and it was excellent!

  52. I love mint tea – half black salada tea, half mint from my garden. This summer I’ve been using lemon balm, too.

  53. still the most refreshing is plain old ice water over ice with lots of lemon or lime! A slice of orange is great too! Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  54. My current faves are super-spicy iced chai with honey or seltzer with a dash of homemade syrup… or, if we’re being totally honest, a Pacifico with lime πŸ™‚

  55. I’ve been really into seltzer lately. I make it with my seltzer maker and add the juice from half a lemon or lime. Would love to sip some from a new cuppow lidded jar!!

  56. I have been wanting to try these since you first mentioned them months ago. My favorite warm weather drink is my fresh squeezed lemonade. I make it by the gallon and always add the juice of 2 or 3 oranges for a taste twist.

  57. Years ago an elderly friend turned me on to a tall glass of cold plain seltzer with just a tablespoon of milk, 1/4 teaspoon of sugar (optional) and a touch of the extract of your choice (I usually use vanilla, or almond, or orange). VERY refreshing over ice!

  58. Being a true Southern lady, it is iced tea, darlin’, maybe with lemon, or a hint of mint. Bless your heart for the chance to win.

  59. So glad this is out now! I’ve been really into sun tea lately–whatever tea I’ve got on the shelf goes in a giant glass jar to steep in the sweet sunshine!

  60. Seltzer, ice and a spoonful of my current favorite homemade jam mixed in for flavor. My current fav’s are my blackberry-lemon jam and for a bit more of a kick, my sizzling strawberry-habanero jam. Very refreshing.

  61. It is 110 degrees in the shade where I live right now, so an ice cold jar of Crystal Light Peach Tea would hit the spot!

  62. I drink water all day long, every day, but I love something hot first thing in the morning. Sometimes it is instant decaf, sometimes decaf tea. Sounds wimpy, but I have enough energy w/o adding the caffeine. Love the knitted cozies. I’ll have to find a pattern and make myself one.

  63. Sweet tea. Only sweet tea will do when it’s filthy hot. I do like iced coffee. I crocheted mason jar cozies and not only can you drink hot with with them, it will soak up the old sweat. Awesome!

  64. My favorite hot weather beverage is iced tea – especially raspberry iced tea. Funny thing is, I don’t drink hot tea, I’m a dedicated hot coffee lover. (Don’t drink iced coffee, either! Coffee needs to be HOT, tea needs to be COLD!) Would love to try these, as I’ve not yet seen any to buy.

  65. My favorite hot weather drink is an Arnold Palmer. That half and half is so refreshing. These lids would be great for that.

  66. I would have to go with a wine slushie concoction made with Passion Feet’s Heart Pounding Crush. If you live anywhere near the Finger Lakes you should get to Three Brothers Winery and pick up a bottle because it rocks in a slushie on a hot summer day!

  67. i drink ice water all day long, and maybe a little iced green tea in the afternoon. this cuppow (!) is perfect for drinking a short sun-brewed tea. thanks for the chance to win.

  68. This sounds like a great product; thanks for hosting a giveaway! As for my beverage of choice, I drink a lot of water, but sometimes in the heat of the summer, lemonade can really hit the spot.

  69. My favorite hot weather beverage is unsweetened iced tea…although I like hot coffee in the morning no matter what temperature it is.

    And I love my cuppow! I get lots of questions about it & my kids call me ‘hipster’.

  70. Recently discovered that linden tea is delightful cold. It’s a common tree here in NY city and you can collect the flowers and light green “wings” and make a soothing, refreshing tea. Free food, yay.

  71. I’m loving sun tea lately in a big glass w/lots of ice and a fresh slice of lemon. So refreshing on these hot New England summer days! : )

  72. I am famous for being the one drinking the gigantic thing of iced tea out of a mason jar in the lecture hall. It’d be good if I had something to help prevent spillage!

  73. Iced Tea! I make concentrates and keep them in jars, and add a little bit with ice and water any time I want a cup of tea. That way I can keep three or four flavors in the fridge at once…

  74. 2 BIG mugs o hot tea in the morning. Make a 1/2 gallon jar of “counter” tea at the same time I’m sippin’ the hot tea then put it in the fridge. Unsweetened iced tea the rest of the day.

    And…I’d love to win the Cuppow

  75. Well, my true love is Diet Coke, but I’m trying to give up that vice, so I’ve been drinking a lot of iced tea lately!

  76. My current favorite summer refresher is water with cucumbers and mint. It’s fabulous after working in the garden on these hot summer days πŸ˜€

  77. I love plain old lemonade, but we usually have sweet tea in the fridge (the husband is an addict). They’re not bad mixed together, either.

  78. Gingerale and Pineapple juice punch is my favorite in the summer! Even better if you add frozen strawberries instead of ice.

  79. Sweet Iced Tea. Period. And I drink it out of a “redneck wine glass” (a mason jar attached to a candle stick) that a friend of mine made for me. Now all I need is a Cuppow to make my ice tea drinking complete!

  80. Definitely either green or black tea infused with chamomile, lemon & ginger- iced, of course:) Very relaxing & invigorating. We drink it all summer at my house.

  81. Iced caramel coffee or ice water with lime! I put out a gallon glass beverage dispenser filled with ice, water, and a couple of limes for the fourth. It was a huge hit! We also had lemonade filled mason jars in the cooler for the kids- the cuppow would have been great!

  82. Love a glass of homemade sangria in the evening, with a fire going in the pit and a few good friends hanging out.

  83. My newest obsession is a cocktail made with hibiscus water and spiced tequila, with sugar and lime. Tangy, sweet, spicy and perfect.

  84. I love everyone’s wonderful beverages!
    I live in Texas, so I might get kicked out if I say anything but iced tea!
    I have yet to order the cuppow… I think this new one might be the right size for me!

  85. I pretty much only drink (tap) water year-round. But in the summer I occasionally make exceptions. I live in Washington DC and we don’t have air conditioning, so when it gets around 90 degrees in the house, as it’s been lately. . . suddenly, cool drinks become very appealing. My favorite is ginger-beet lemonade, which is made with the water from boiling beets, boiled ginger-water, lemons, and sugar. It’s like all-natural kool-aid, incredibly delicious and bright pink!

  86. Iced coffee, for sure. The trick is to freeze your old coffee into ice cube trays and then use the coffee cubes in the ice coffee. that way your ice coffee doesn’t get watered down as the ice melts!

  87. Ice tea with lemon or ice water with lime all day. In the evening I like a mojito with lots of lime and mint, or a pitcher of sangria with lots of fruit.

  88. Ice cold, freshly-squeezed leomonade with seltzer water hits the spot for my lazy, hazy days of summer! πŸ™‚

  89. Nothing beats a nice cold glass of sun-brewed iced tea, with fresh mint from the garden and a lot of lemon!

  90. Plain ol’ ice water! I may like other beverages, but when I’m hot…..nothing cools me down like ice water!

  91. My favorite summer (and fall and spring here in hot Texas) is iced coffee. Now, that I am my own heat source, I can only enjoy hot coffee on really cool days!

    I am new to your blog, but since our garden grew exponentially this year, I sought out all things related to canning. Thanks for all your inspiration. Hope your book tour and book sales go well.

  92. Water with wedges of lemon or lime & ice. For a treat, frozen raspberries or blackberries with club soda πŸ™‚

  93. Sparkling water or sun tea. Mr grandmother used to make sun tea in a giant, old pickle jar and I’ll always remember it that way.

  94. Iced coffee made with lots of fresh milk from our cow in the morning and sharing a local beer with my boyfriend in the evening. Heaven!

  95. I drink water all year, but in summer I enjoy a refreshing glass of cold homemade kombucha (fermented tea) during the day and some version of mojitos in the evening — like those made with my own mint syrup, or rhujitos made with my rhubarb syrup. Whatever it is, though, it’s likely in a jar (Mason or Ball). Drinks in Jars are important, too! ☺

  96. Definitely iced coffee or fresh squeezed lemonade. Both are refreshing in some way when its 80+ degrees outside.

  97. I like pure grape juice with half water or to taste and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Lots of ice and a straw makes this a very refreshing cooler.

  98. I’ve recently started drinking Pu-Erh Tea for breakfast every morning, on the recommendation of Dr. Oz. There are many health benefits to drinking it each day!

  99. In my family we just can’t seem to get enough ice tea!!!! I always make it without sugar so everyone can fix it their favorite way.

  100. There are tons of entries for this already! I guess it’s because everyone thinks these are super awesome. If I don’t win, I’m still buying some.

  101. Depends on the time of day and the state of my mind – iced coffee or iced rooibos tea. These look amazing!

  102. Favorite hot weather beverage…That’d have to be unsweetened ice tea. Perfect for the forecast today of sunny and 101˚, no?

  103. Have discovered my fresh fruit juices left from canning which I capture in a mason jar and refrigerate – During the week after, I mix about 2 oz. peach, plum, strawberry, or blueberry juice with tonic or soda and lots of ice. And lemon or lime slices are nice too!

  104. I am a huge fan of iced coffee, which I (of course) drink from a mason jar! I have also managed to convert the boyfriend to using jars for the iced tea he always has with lunch.

  105. icy cold water! Or, barring that, ginger beer with bourbon, basil, and balsamic. I think the fancy name for it is a Bufala Negra. Either tastes better out of a mason jar πŸ™‚

  106. I LOVE LOVE LOVE ice water with slices of cucumber in it! It’s so refreshing, and you get a little snack when you’re done. Lately, I’ve been putting in mint, lemon and lime, along with the cucumber. Yum!

  107. Lately I’ve been drinking sugar free Peach Iced Tea, it is so refreshing. I actually love just to drink iced water as well. If I want to quench my thirst, water seems to really do the job. πŸ™‚

  108. Lately I’ve been enjoying juices with a splash of seltzer, though lemonade is always a winner – especially when other fruits join in the party!

  109. I have been enjoying some lemon balm muddled up with some lemon juice and maybe some wild strawberries thrown in, if I am lucky. A cold kombucha is also a go to thirst quencher.

    Thanks for opening this up to Canadian Residents as well!

  110. I’m kind of a purist when it comes to warm weather drinks, and I just go for iced tea. But I get tea of the month shipments, and naturally in the summer months they send teas that make for a good cold beverage, so I’ve had a good selection of iced teas of late.

  111. I learned to like gin, in this my 41st year on the planet. It’s very refreshing with tonic and pink lemonade.

  112. Yay Cuppow! I was so excited to see the wide mouth version when you did your review, but the regular mouth one is even more awesome. Such a great idea! My favorite hot weather drink is usually iced coffee (made at home in a mason jar on the counter, natch). However, since I’m pregnant this summer, I’m making do with iced herbal teas: my midwife is keeping me supplied with nettle, clover, and peppermint. Not bad, but I’ll be happy to hit the iced coffees again next summer!

  113. Ice cold water straight from the artesian well near my home that was dug in 1895 and still flows today. People come from miles around to take this water home because it tastes so good and is so good for you with its high mineral content.

  114. Beer mixed 2:1 with Spicy Hot V8 juice. Dash of worcestershire, ice, salt and pepper to taste, garnished with a pepperoncini.

  115. My favourite traveling drink is water, and my favourite for sticking around the homestead is a Campari and soda.

  116. My favorite summer drink of late has been cool water with slices of lemon and lime….mmmmmmmm! Refreshing! And strawberry daiquiri’s! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the awesome giveway! My fingers are crossed!

  117. Such a cool item…wow!

    my favorite hot weather drink is sweet tea and always ice water!

    thanks for an opportunity to win!

    Melissa from WA

  118. The summer drink I really love but can’t indulge in very often because caffeine and I do not get on well together past breakfast, is a cold brewed, good quality, organic jasmine green tea. It doesn’t need sugar or any other additives. For some reason the cold brewing (about an hour over ice water) makes it cleaner and less astringent than brewing with hot water.

  119. ooh! I discovered a new favorite hot weather beverage on the 4th of July. I visited Lititz, PA for the festival and fireworks and spent a lot of time in the air-conditioned splendor of the Tomato Pie Cafe. Their food was delicious, but their herbed lemonade was transcendent. I think the herbs were basil and mint. yum!

  120. Iced tea, with either lemon or mint, is my standard hot-weather drink. Wish I had one of Mary’s mojitos πŸ™‚

  121. My favorite is iced tea. Slightly sweetened. Iced herbal teas are great too πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway!

  122. Last week, I made Watermelon/mint popsicles with the left over juice I added a little tequila, juice and zest of a lime, poured over ice, and served with a sprig of mint. It was a big hit! It has enter my special recipe book of “When I own a restaurant”.

  123. Iced black tea, hands down. Emphasis on the ‘iced’ part-temperatures over 100 predicted for today…

  124. I drink a lot of water and iced tea in hot weather. I find pop too thick and sugary if i am outside….unless it is rum and ginger ale of course πŸ˜€

  125. These are sweet! Last fall I knit myself a mason jar cozy, but it’s still a pain having to open the top of the jar every time I want to drink…. dribbling all over the cozy πŸ™‚ I definitely need to get some of these lids!

    Oh, and my favorite hot weather drink is iced Rooibos Chai with maple syrup and coconut cream!!! Yum!!!

  126. Well my always goto summertime drink is really iced water but my favorite refresher is my great-grandmother’s vanilla milkshake and it just has to be mixed and served in a mason jar to be good. Put crushed ice in the jar, add milk, some sugar (vanilla sugar is best) and a splash of vanilla extract. Shake well and go to childhood memory heaven. As with all things grandmothers made mine never tastes quiet as good but maybe that’s because we now have refrigerators that will provide us with things like crushed ice instead of the old metal freeze to your hand ice trays and and a trusty old dish towel and hammer. Maybe my missing ingredient is a little lint. This drink always makes me feel so good inside and brings her back to me.

  127. My favorite hot weather beverage would have to be a tinto de verano – this lovely combination of red wine and soda water (flavored or sweetened, if you please) served over ice is a lighter version of sangria and got me through many a hot summer in Madrid, Spain. Yum!

  128. Ice water with lemon is always refreshing. And I LOVE my wide mouth Cuppow. Glad they decided to make a regular mouth size version!

  129. Being a southern girl, the drink most likely beside me is sweet tea. I don’t like it super sweet–in the heat it makes me feel ill–but a mellow sweness is perfect.

  130. Count me in, please! Lemonade, made from homemade concentrate, sometimes spiked with a little tequila, is my summertime drink.

  131. OMGOSH! I’m from the deep south and mason jars have always been a staple! I wish my grandmother were alive to see these new Cuppow lids! She always drank sweet tea, homemade lemonade and water in her jar and always had some ready made for the grandkids! I drink mostly water but my treat is ” louisianne” sweet tea! Thanks for the giveaway! Hope I win because I will share with my Granny Bert, in spirit, with each use!! <3

  132. I recently made rhubarb syrup ( inspired bt Hungry Rabbit) and elderflower syrup. I add 4-5 spoonfuls to 8-ounces of sparkling water with ice- SWOON!!!

  133. My favorite refreshing summer beverage is Cucumber water with lemon and mint!!! So refreshing!!!! Also love hibiscus water!

  134. Ours is home brewed iced teas -anything goes here; black, green, white, yerba mate…
    I have to say that when Cuppow was first introduced I snapped these up right away. I even went out to get pint sized wide mouth jars (all I had were quart sized and they don’t fit too well in my car’s cup holders. We love them in our home! I knew when they said a couple of weeks ago that they were going to have a big announcement coming soon that they’d be bringing out the regular size – I had been emailing and pleading with them! Thank you so much for such a great review and giveaway!

  135. I’m currently pregnant, so I’m trying to limit myself, but oh boy do I love my cold brewed coffee!

  136. Nothing beats sweet tea! Love these lids. I need to get one for the 1-1/2 pint jars I just picked up. That’ll make a nice big jar of sweet tea to take in the car with me.

  137. T & T with double lime!!! Or if I’m not drinking the strong stuff, iced tea with fresh mint leaves will do.

  138. This is fantastic news. I’ve been wanting a cuppow for awhile but didn’t really want to have the smallest jar it’d fit on be a wide-mouth pint. I’d much prefer to use a 12oz jelly jar.

    I’d probably have to say iced tea. I’m a daily hot tea drinker but during the summer, I often switch to iced. The cuppow (maybe with a sleeve of some sort…didn’t know about the leather ones) would be perfect for that.

  139. Unsweetened iced tea is a classic I always come back to. As for alcoholic beverages, mojitos are my favorite summer drink. Lately I’ve been drinking just plain old water and of course my regular coffee, though in summer it often gets iced.

  140. My favorite hot weather beverage is fizzy mineral water with lime. Second favorite is Mint tea with lemongrass and honey.

  141. My favorite any weather beverage is a nice mellow whiskey. That said, I’ve been drinking a lot of sparkling water with just a hint of mint syrup these days.

  142. Oh wow! what a great accessory! I carry my iced coffee around in a mason jar with a rigged up lid. I can’t wait to cuppow!

  143. My favorite drink in summer is good old ice water! The kids love when I make lemonade or iced tea, but it doesn’t stick around long! πŸ™‚

  144. I love my coffee in the morning hot or cold!!
    Then for the rest of the day I carry water with assorted fruit and/or herbs for flavor.
    I use my mason jars as cups anyway, this will just make it soo much easier πŸ˜‰

  145. Unsweetened iced tea wins in the non-alcoholic category, but my all time favorite hot weather beverage is a cold, fresh IPA.

  146. I’ve been drinking obscene amounts of Harney & Sons Mango Black tea over ice lately, but if I need something with a bit of a kick to it, Pimm’s Cups have been my go-to alcoholic summer beverage.

  147. This summer, I’ve been sucking down iced tea in a variety of flavors all summer long, but if I were to be lucky enough to win, these cuppows would be used for morning green smoothies! Yum!

  148. Oh COOL!
    My favorite hot weather beverage is hot water, 1 squeezed lemon, tiny bit of minced ginger, and buckwheat honey.

  149. My go-to, everyday summer beverage is iced coffee, home-brewed, but growing up it was iced mint tea (what we call “meadow tea” up in Berks County.) Still one of my favorite drinks!

  150. Favorite cold bev on a hot day: Lemon Sage cooler. Make sage simple syrup (ideally when clearing the overgrowth out of your herb garden). In a cup, mix lemon juice, sage syrup, and bubbly water. Mmmmm! This is good with any herb-infused simple syrup!
    Would taste even better from a jar on the go with a brand new Cuppow!

  151. Ice cold cherry kool-aid! I know, I know…too many chemicals and totally fake…but it is my favorite and I only have it once in a while. My every day summertime drink is iced water with a slice of Meyer lemon…lucky me: I have a deep well and a Meyer lemon tree!

  152. My favorite summer beverage is kool-aid. I like to fill a quart jar about half way with ice, add the flavor of the day and put in a long drinking straw. I can then take a long sip while I’m typing, or knitting without getting my hands damp from the sweat all that ice makes.

  153. Sweet drinks can make you thirstier so I like to add a strong cup of herbal tea like orange spice rooibos to a pitcher of water with citrus slices. Berries and herbs make a nice addition too.

  154. Even when it’s hot outside, I like my coffee hot. We use mason jars to drink from already at home, the cuppow would be an awesome addition to our home!

  155. My favourite hot weather beverage is Lingonberry Lemonade made from fresh squeezed lemons, agave and a drizzle of lingonberry juice served on crushed ice. Pop that into your mason jar for a great thirst quencher!

  156. My favorite is homemade rootbeer. We only make it for special occassions but it is so delicious!!! Definately an all time family favorite. It doesn’t hurt when there is, leftover slush in the bottom from the dry ice either. However, like most of the other commenters my every day is ice water, which is great too.

  157. Lemonade made by squishing slices into the sugar–the oils released from the skin amp the lemon flavor, making this the best lemonade ever (thanks to the folks at America’s Test Kitchen for the idea).

  158. Definitely my iced espresso coffee! after that I enjoy iced water for the rest of the day. Now that they have made a regular-sized lid, I will be ordering some and either digging out some canning jars (I know they are here somewhere) or just getting a few new ones to celebrate Cuppow. I just like saying that word, cuppow – reminds me of shazam or kapow, from the cartoons of my youth.

  159. O.k., I know this sounds crazy but, my favorite, refreshing, summer 2012 drink is 1 Tablespoon of Bragg’s Apple Cider vinegar, a few drops of clear stevia and club soda (or plain water) poured over ice. It’s super health and thirst quenching. I drink one or two every day. Oh and I made your strawberry vanilla jam yesterday–Heaven!
    Thanks for entering me in your give-a-way!

  160. My most favorite summertime drink has to be a mojito (oh, yum). But also iced green tea flavored with fresh berries, cucumbers or mint … my cat loves tea too (last time I had iced tea in a mason jar, he took a few sips!) so having a Cuppow would help keep him away πŸ™‚

  161. Iced tea! Lately I’ve been drinking iced acai mango tea with peppermint leaves added. Sounds weird, but actually it’s great.

  162. These are fabulous–lemonade is my refresher of choice, but we love Mason jars around here for everything. Looks like they are going to be a theme of sorts for my daughters wediing–the favors are going to be preserves canned by us, and the lighting for the outdoor ceremony is going to be canning jar lanterns.

  163. My favorite beverage during hot weather is chilled water. It doesn’t have to be plain, though. I love chilled water with lemon, fresh mint, or cucumber. I’m not overly fond of drinks with lots of ice or that are very sweet. I do like iced tea, but I prefer it unsweetened or only very lightly sweetened.

  164. My favorite hot weather beverage is ice cold water muddled with mint and fresh Jersey blueberries! Hits the spot everytime!

    These lids are adorable! My sister would love them!

  165. My favorite drink is ice water with a squeezed Mexican Lime in it. Of course, I serve it up in my special blue Mason jar with a handle on it! Now all I need is a Cuppow to make my drinking cup complete!

  166. Right now I am loving the raspberry lemonade I made from the wild black raspberries behind my house. I made syrup out of them and use it to make the lemonade. Delish!

  167. I purchased an iced tea with mint and honey at Whole Foods for my daughter for lots of $$$ so I decided to make it at home – it’s my new favorite – and a lot less expensive!! I also want to try your strawberry syrup and club soda one day.

  168. I tried it for the first time this summer, but I have to say that strawberry-rhubarb lemonade is my new favorite hot weather drink!

  169. Ice tea is my all time favorite! Mix in some chocolate mint and wow! But also love a good daquiri or limeaide too.

  170. My favorite cold beverage on hot days is what I call a fauxjito – soda water, muddled fresh mint with just a pinch of raw sugar to aid the muddling, and a splash of lime juice over lots of fresh ice! But I also enjoy homemade rhubarb soda water or iced tea as well.

  171. My favorite summer beverage by far is a bunch of watermelon, seeds removed, blended. No straining. No additives. Yum. Also makes excellent margaritas.

  172. Behind on the times, I’ve lately been thinking about getting some ceramic travel mugs for me and hubs. This past weekend I was introduced to my SiL’s glass travel drink holder, which doesn’t have a sippy top but is still pretty cool. It reminded me of a Mason jar, and I was thinking that it’s too bad I can’t just take one of those (have lots) to use. NOW I CAN! I’d *love* to win some of those lids. How serendipitous!

    And, my favourite hot weather beverage is Pioneer Woman’s recipe for Perfect Iced Coffee. Divine!

  173. I think iced chai is my favorite warm-weather drink. It’s a special treat and one of the only times that milk coming into contact with ice doesn’t make me want to vomit.

  174. My favorite hot weather drink by far is a good cup of Vanilla Iced Coffee. I will even drink decaf so that I can get in more than one cup a day. I think these jar lids would be perfect because I could put my left over breakfast coffee in jars in the fridge and and take them out and cream and sugar them during the day as I want them. Sounds like the perfect pick me up I can take out to the garden to keep myself cool!

  175. Good, old-fashioned sun tea, super sweet. Just like grandma used to (and still does!) make. Nothing is more refreshing than pouring sun-steeped tea into a mug filled with ice and plopping in a slice of lemon!

  176. My fav hot weather drink is sweet tea… I could drink it all day long (and be awake all night to prove it πŸ˜‰ )

  177. Love love love lemonade in the summer heat. For fun I add a splash of Jack. Yum. I’ve been wanting to try the cup pow for ages!

  178. crushed ice with lime juice, raw sugar or honey, and a bit of mint muddled all together… currently being sipped out of mason jars with glass straws from strawsome! It keeps us all cool and I can control the amount of sugar my kids drink!! For those times we want soda… we just add carbonated water to the mix.

  179. I just found a recipe for lavendar iced tea- I’ll be making that today and I think it will be my new favorite summer drink! I would so love a Cuppow, I’ve been eyeing them for months but haven’t had the money for the purchase. Great contest!

  180. This is a new one for me, but I just had a French 75 with chamomile and sage the other day, and lordie it was lovely!

  181. we have a lot of mint growing in our yard, so whenever we have friends over, i get a half gallon glass mason jar out and put water, ice and mint in it. it tastes refreshing and looks so beautiful, too.

  182. AM – iced coffee made extra strong in the press, with lots of milk, ice, and a drop of vanilla bean paste.

    PM – homemade iced tea (delicious with Celestial’s Lemon Zinger)… & depending on the evening, with all the Long Island fixings!

  183. My favorite drink- plain old boring iced water! Since I live in the Southwest in Arizona where our summer temps can really soar- 118F is not unusual i drink lots of water.

  184. I have the wide mouth cuppow and love it – but have always wanted a straw hole for my iced coffee. i’m so excited about the new version! My favorite hot weather beverage has got to be either iced coffee or a cold cocktail with cucumber-infused vodka, lime seltzer, and limes!

  185. Iced coffee, for sure. Or seltzer water with something special in it, like cucumber, mint, berries, or even lately I’ve been putting cold watermelon in there. If I weren’t super lazy I could blend it up and have an agua fresca of sorts.

  186. Iced coffee. Love it and make it myself out of leftover coffee, which gives my hubby the heebie geebies.

  187. I’m so excited to hear about this! I only drink iced tea in the summer, and I didn’t think the original cuppow would work for me.

  188. I like cold-brewed coffee, but that is a little time consuming to make, so the default is water with a couple ice cubes or fresh brewed ice tea.

  189. Hands down, my favorite summer cooler is a slush made with orange juice, pineapple juice, strawberries and ice, with just a touch of honey–all whirled up in the blender until it’s slushy. YUM!

  190. Right now, my favorite is iced tea. I used a mix of pu-erh, a cranberry-lemon grass herbal blend, and a bit of grated lime peel.

    We’re also experimenting with putting leaves from the garden in water, making our own versions of “Metromint”. We’re playing around with pineapple sage and borage leaves in various combinations and concentrations at the moment, with an eye on the rest of the lime zest…

  191. SHRUB!! Strawberry Basil Shrub! Raspberry Shrub! Blueberry Thyme Shrub! Fruit infused vinegars are a great way to preserve. It’s my favorite this summer.

  192. Definitely mango lemonade! Puree a ripe mango with the juice of two lemons, a tablespoon of brown sugar, and two cups of water… yum! Tart, refreshing, and beautifully orange!

  193. Raspberry Lemonade made with Raspberry Vodka. It’s supposed to be 102 degrees in Chicago today. You can bet I’ll be having one later today. Thanks so much for the into to Cuppow and Recaps. I am definitely going to check them out.

  194. My favorite daily hot weather beverage is simply iced coffee with heavy cream. It also counts as my morning snack πŸ™‚ Otherwise, I’m a cold water gal through and through.

  195. I make homemade lemonade all the time!

    First, I peel the lemons and cover them with non-GMO white distilled vinegar to use for cooking and vinaigrettes, cleaning countertops, in the laundry, as a rinse aid in the dishwasher, and the list goes on! Then I juice the lemons and keep the juice in the fridge until needed. We like to use the juice in cooking, add simple syrup and water for lemonade, and my favorite way: Arnold Palmers, yum!!!


  196. Iced coffee is definitely my favorite hot-weather beverage! It also looks great in a glass jar with the ice (OK, *I* think it’s pretty). πŸ˜‰

  197. Cold-brewed iced coffee is always at the top of my list πŸ™‚ Lemonade is the runner-up, especially since I’ve taken to stirring in some berry preserves and syrups.

  198. Iced cold brewed coffee rules our home in this weather! We have taken to sweetening with simple syrup made with turbinado sugar. Cuppow looks rather brilliant. Hot sweaty Milwaukee hugs to all.

  199. My morning favorite is iced coffee. Afternoon favorite is iced tea. I stick them into the freezer for a few hours first πŸ˜‰

  200. Hands down the best drink of the summer….ice cold homemade Kombucha with frozen blackberries as the ice~mmm

  201. My favorite hot weather drink is unsweetened iced tea made from a green loose leaf blend from Remedy Tea (Seattle) called Orange Krush. It tastes like an orange creamsicle and is delicious when icy cold!

  202. On a hot day, I love love diet 7-up with a squeeze of fresh lemon in it served in a tall glass full of crushed ice…mmmm…it is gooood! Refreshing doesn’t get much better than that unless it is a glass of Mrs. Bell’s sweet tea! (with a squeeze of fresh lemon of course!)

  203. My absolute fave summer beverage is Yerba Mate tea! I am such a fan of my cuppow and really can’t wait til I get a regular one. Straw tek is going to be my new fave, I can tell already!

  204. It’s a toss-up at our house for favorite summer beverage, but there is always combining involved. We enjoy Zingerade – Red Zinger sun tea mixed half and half with lemonade. Another fave is watermelon juice mixed half and half with grape juice. Both are so refreshing for hot summer days!

  205. Iced tea. Hands down my favorite. We play with a variety of flavors but always some version of iced tea, unsweetened (despite being from houston!)

  206. My homemade pomegranate mulberry wine with champagne, chilled in a punch bowl with whatever available ripe fruit sliced and floating on top.

  207. My favorite drink when it is warm/hot is iced coffee made with espresso, a lot of milk, some flavored cream, lots of ice and sometimes blended. I am not a coffee drinker otherwise.

  208. We love making pantry seltzer waters. Some soda water on ice with muddled mint, ginger, and lime! Mix in juice and/or some gin and you’ve got yourself a summer afternoon.

  209. from scratch lemonade. to make this more feasible at the drop of a hat, i make large batches of simple syrup and keep it in the fridge, so then all i have to do is juice the lemons, add water and booms instant lemonade that actually tastes good.

  210. My favorite daytime beverage is iced Jasmine Green tea, closely followed by iced Red Zinger. Favorite brunch drink is a nice Bloody Mary (I have a great recipe.) Favorite evening beverage is sparkling water with lime. I think Mason jars are one of the greatest inventions of the western world, and I’ve been wanting a set of these Cuppow lids for ages. πŸ™‚

  211. There’s nothing as wonderful as a grapefruit soda. Some grapefruit juice and some soda water — simple and delicious.

  212. In the hot summer heat here in Phoenix, my favorite go-to drink is a tall, cold glass of ice water. Not very original, but it sure does the trick for me!

  213. I’m boring and love nothing more than ice water on a hot day… but occasionally, a really good lemonade–more tart than sweet–hits the spot.

  214. I have the original cuppow, and love it. I’m very happy to hear about the new version for regular jars. The cuppow is ingenious – and so convenient! Lately, I’ve been making sun tea in wide-mouth quart canning jars; just add ice, pop on the cuppow lid and I’m good to go.

  215. :
    I love mixing raw milk, chai tea with a little bit of honey and ice in the blender to make my own frozen blended treat.

  216. My favorite summer beverage would be either an iced coffee or iced tea.
    I’d LOVE to win this. I love mason jars and use them for everything from drinks to
    Thank you.

  217. I use pint jars as glasses all the time, my cupboard is full of them! Cuppow would be awesome for everything!!

  218. My favorite beverage in hot weather is actually just cold water, maybe infused with some lemon or other fruits!!

  219. I am in LOVE with my Peach Tea from Celestial Seasons. It’s caffeine free, so it’s better for me and helps me get more fluids in throughout the day. I make it just like sun tea — I set my pitcher out on the back deck.

  220. I would love a sipping cover. Right now I am drinking a raspberry lemonade smoothie without a lid – the commute in the morning is a little tricky! Cheers!

  221. Mint-lemon. Fresh lemons. Fresh mint (from the garden). Steep it. Mix with a simple syrup (made with succanat, of course). Dilute with water to taste. Yummmmm….

  222. Sweet tea and/or fresh-squeezed lemonade for me right now. Next spring (when I’m no longer in the family way), I’ll go back to a delightful gin-lemon-honey cocktail called The Bee’s Knees or a classic Pimm’s Cup as my warm weather beverage of choice.

  223. Can’t live without a fresh glass of iced tea in the summer! Well… I drink it year round. But it’s critical in the summer! My favorite is classic Lipton black tea. It’s what I grew up drinking (well… with a ton of sugar then… now I drink it without sweetener!).

  224. I love to make Arnold Palmers with sun brewed tea, homemade lavender simple syrup and fresh lemons! If its the weekend, I might add some vodka in there to spice it up!

  225. I have to have my sweet tea, and I just moved north! Silly me! So now I make it almost every day. But on days I am trying to be sugar conscious I have lime water!

  226. “Lazy Housewife” is my fav, although I’m not able to drink it this summer. Just had a baby… but this is pretty good without the alcohol, too! Just a nice way to relax in the afternoon.

    1 can cocacola – diet if you like!
    Juice of 1/2 lime
    a shot of rum

  227. I’m partial to lemonade with sweet tea vodka this time of year. I’ve been wanting to order some of these lids ever since learning about them several months ago!

  228. Any Mexican agua. Watermelon, cucumber, whatever. Just made at home so it’s less sweet than the ones in Mexico and with a good dash of lime.

  229. WATER! I love lots of other things, but for every day, all day love it is water! And I think these narrow ones would be GREAT for using 1/2 pint jars and straws for a kids. So cool!!

  230. My favourite is ice passion tea lemonade from starbucks. but I am a cheapie so I make my own with tazo passion tea and homemade lemonade.

  231. Tap water from Bull Run Reservoir! A Portland fave forever!

    Also, just made the Apricot Jam from your book. I increased the lemon, just slightly, since I love a tart jam. So, so delicious! It’s so good that we are eating it for dessert with a little goat cheese on crackers. Yum!

  232. I love making sun tea with fruit green and white teas. I also use the silicone ice cube trays that make large cubes that don’t melt as fast.

  233. Since I live in Seattle, and summer just started for us yesterday, I haven’t had a lot of opportunity yet to have refreshing hot-weather drinks. Right now my favorite is plain ol’ ice water. But when it gets nice and hot and sunny, I really love sun tea. πŸ™‚

  234. My favorite drink — summer or winter — is always ice water. Sometimes I dress it up with some fruit and a touch of Splenda. But I have not used my canning jars to tote around warm or hot drinks — I’ll be doing that next. Craemy Rooibos tea would be good. By the way, does anybody have a pattern for crocheting or knitting one of those jar cozies?

  235. Free trade, dark roast, organic coffee (one of my few splurges!), whirred in the blender with ice cubes and organic milk. Use decaf when you don’t want that extra buzz mid-day (but