Recipe Reminder: Chive Blossom Vinegar

May 8, 2012

Philadelphia’s Headhouse Square Farmers’ Market reopened for the season yesterday. This is the biggest farmers’ market in this city and I look forward to it all week long. My friend Shay and I met up early and walked down to be there for the opening bell. We saw some of our favorite vendors, bought strawberries and ate tacos al pastor.

There were piles of rhubarb, plenty of green garlic and flats of tomato plants (oh, to have a garden in which to put them!). I also spotted several farmers with bundles of blooming chives, which reminded me that it’s time again to make chive blossom vinegar.

I made it for the first time last year and it’s been one of my favorite pantry items ever since. The finished vinegar is impossibly pink and flavorful. I like using it in salad dressings and as a way to add a bit of acidity to soups.

For those of you who made your own chive blossom vinegar last year, how did you work it in to your kitchen life over the last 12 months?

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24 thoughts on "Recipe Reminder: Chive Blossom Vinegar"

  • I just started this year’s batch of chive vinegar last week! LOVED using this vinegar in 3 bean salad (chickpeas, edamame, and blackbeans) with sliced red onion and in salad dressings. Last year, my mom gave me a “clump” of her chive plant and it was really fun to watch the buds appear and wait for them to open this spring!

  • I didn’t make it last year, but have been thinking about it a lot this year. I have been willing my chive blossoms to open and they are just starting to. Can’t wait to try it! And honestly, I’m thinking of infusing a few other things with the chive blossoms too!

  • I’ve made the last couple of years and we’ve enjoyed it salads such as potato salad; in deviled eggs mixed in with the mayo and a bit of mustard, salt and pepper; added it to salad dressings; and a few other things. I have been making other herbal vinegars and a favorite of my husband’s is rosemary vinegar.

  • Would love to have a 101 on this ladies. Just set up a raised bed full of herbs and have a large rosemary plant. Didn’t know you could make vinegars with these.

  • Made this last year and shared half with a friend. This year she wants her own bottle…and another friend as well so I’ve got three small bottles “brewing” on my kitchen counter. That about did me in for chive blossoms. Used in salad dressings and pretty much any other thing that called for vinegar and could be improved by some oniony flavor.

  • Vinegar infusions have become such a great part of my pantry, especially chive. Chive vinegar was added to peanut noodles, especially if I didn’t have scallions on hand. It’s a lovely sub-in for rice [wine] vinegar in Asian stir-fries. Or any salad when I was lacking alliums.

  • I didn’t make chive blossom vinegar last year, but I’ve made it before and used it in stir fries, dressings and to jazz up tomato sauces.

    This year I want to make mint stalk/red wine vinegar after reading An Everlasting Meal. I still have tarragon/white wine vinegar left from last summer, and the last bit of pine needle vinegar

    As well as being delicious, (diluted) rosemary vinegar makes a great rinse for dark hair! Just put a tablespoon or two in a jug of water.

  • Waiting for mine to open – this week, if the sun will come out – to make my first batch. I remembered your post from last year as soon as I saw the buds!
    These are all great ideas…fun to see what others are doing with it.

  • I also love Chive blossom vinegar! I love to layer up an oil an vinegar dressing and set it out on the table. Everyone ooo’s and ah’s and then we shake it.
    The craziest and one of the most yummy ways I use it is in a Gibson Martini. just add a splash and it give it a pretty hue.

  • Hi,

    usually I just take the blossoms and put them on top of my salads, as a kind of “edible decoration”. But THIS I definetely have to try! Instantly pinned, and probably tried out next weekend!
    Thank you so much for this “reminder”!
    Very warm greetings from cold northern germany!

  • Thanks for the reminder! I made a batch a couple of years ago and used it mainly in salad dressings. But I’ve been making a spring pea/arugula soup that normally takes a splash of lemon juice … now I’m going to try it with chive blossom vinegar instead.

  • To skip the above bottle directions, buy bottles of vinegar from the market and set in cold water to soak off the labels. Dry bottles and empty about 1/3 of the vinegar into a glass, liquid measuring cup, add spices and herbs and refill with vinegar to about 1/2 inch of the top, replace cap.

  • Just found your blog through Lottie + Doof and now I MUST try this vinegar. Would love to try this in a fresh pasta salad for summer!

  • Made it – used it – gifted it – beautiful and enjoyed by all. Thanks. Ready to make more very soon.

  • My first batch turnout out gorgeous. Thanks for the tip. Curious, though, whether it needs to be refrigerated after infusion or whether it’s stable as is.

    1. No need to refrigerate! Even infused, it’s still mostly just vinegar which is incredibly shelf stable.

  • i saw some beautiful chive blossoms at the union square farmers market today and it reminded me of your post last year so i bought them, then went to fish eddies for a large jar. the blossoms are soaking as i write! im so excited for the finished vinegar.

  • I used mine this year in my chive blossom salsa. Just a splash with roma tomatoes, fresh garden cilantro chopped chives and chive blossoms. A pinch of sea salt and a splash of olive oil and the splash of chive blossom vinegar.

  • Easy EXCEPT picking all the tiny black bugs out of the individual chive blossoms. Soaking the flowers didn’t get rid of them and neither did gently spraying them with the sink sprayer. Still waiting to taste the vinegar to know if I’ll try it again next year. More time consuming than expected.

    1. So sorry to hear that your blossoms had bugs! That wasn’t something I ran into with mine!