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April 24, 2012(updated on October 3, 2018)

Last fall, when I was in Austin, TX waiting for my sister to go into labor, someone sent me the link to a Kickstarter project that they thought I might be interested in. A woman named Karen Rzepecki had designed a mason jar lid with a spout so that she could easily pour things from canning jars without removing the lid.

I thought this was a brilliant idea and immediately signed up to help fund this idea into reality. I posted a link to the project on my Facebook page to help spread the word and soon enough, it was funded.


After months of waiting, my very own reCAP lids arrived last week. They are just as promised – a mason jar cap with a flip-top pour spout. They are leak proof, easy to pour from and made out of BPA-free plastic.

Because I donated $40 to the campaign, I received 10 reCAPs. Though I’m a huge fan of these lids, that’s more than I need to have kicking around my apartment and so I’m sharing. I’m giving away five of these reCAPs to five lucky folks.


And if you don’t want to take your chances on a giveaway, the reCAPs are now available for sale. They cost $6.99 a piece and shipping is free if you buy three or more. They’re currently only available in the regular mouth size, but I hear that they’re working on a wide mouth version, as well as lids with other utilities. I’ll let you all know if I hear anything more!

  1. To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post and share how you’d use a reCAP.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Friday, April 27, 2012. Winner will be chosen at random (using and will be posted to the blog on Saturday, April 28, 2012.
  3. Giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian readers.
  4. One entry/comment per person, please.
Disclosure: This is not a sponsored giveaway. I paid for my reCAPs and just want to share. 

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1,174 thoughts on "reCAP Mason Jar Lid Giveaway"

  • A great idea, and I’d be very happy to see her expand the line of similar products. I’m only ‘just’ beginning to learn about canning and see a fleet of jars in my future. What a terrific way to expand the useful life of the jars!

  • I like being able to pour homemade salad dressing direct from the jar. This would have been a Kickstarter that I would have backed. Awesome that they got funding for their great idea.

  • I love using my mason jar for tiny treats, like M$M candies and peanuts. This is a great way to dispense a handful without sticking my hands directly into the jar.

  • Wow! This would be awesome for making my Pebbles Salad dressing- the lids on the mason jars leak and make a mess!

  • Just what I’ve been looking for! I use Mason jars for leftovers ALL the time! I would LOVE one of these lids for ANYthing liquid! I would probably use it most for mixing powdered milk.

  • I just found these on Pinterest, went to their FB Page and saw this giveaway! I would LOVE these!! I most definitely have to buy some! GENIUS! I use my mason jars for all kinds of things… homemade dressing, food storage, even drinking cups! I even started using them for holding on to pre-mixed essential oil water to put in my aromatherapy diffuser. This reCap would be PERFECT for that!

  • Thanks so much for the great giveaway! This one is very apropos because I have recently started juicing (fruits/veggies, not steroids) and I bring my afternoon juice snack to the office in one of my quart sized mason jars (they say glass is best!!) and would love to be able to use one of these caps. Thanks for kickstarting and for sharing!

  • Wow! I’d use it for freshly brewed meadow tea in the summertime! Throw some fresh leaves and lemon slices in along with the ice…..lid it, and give it a good shake before each sip! I really love your site and the links! I’m a little bit of a jar hoarder…..I love any opportunity to re-use glass even though I have local access to brand new glass. If you need fresh glass or if you’re staring out and want some standard sizes that will fit mason lids or if you need replacement lids for putting up almost anything….may I recommend…they‘ve got great products and are quite helpful!

  • these would be great for my husband. a mason jar is his water glass of choice and one of these would be perfect!

  • What a great product! Hubby & I both prefer glass and love to brew our own meadowtea…..we’d use it for that! Throw in a fresh sprig, a slice of lemon and we’ve got refreshment!

  • I would probably use it the most for salad dressing. It would also come in handy for pouring some of the liquid off of a jar of pickled foods, whether you just wanted to get to the pickles in the bottom or if you wanted some of pickling juice for a shrub.

  • Every night I make a beautiful vinaigrette with meyer lemons, olive oil, honey and S&P. I use a ball jar to shake my dressing vigorously and then take off the lid that always seems to get me oily. This would be amazing for my dressings.

  • Oh the possibilities.
    Soup, sauce, vinegars, quinoa which bounces everywhere if allowed to escape, syrups, everything I can that I need to pour. Thanks Marisa for sharing your bounty.


  • I’m thinking I would use it for a variety of things, but foremost on my mind on this lovely spring day is for iced green tea lattes. You gotta shake/shake/shake to dissolve the matcha powder and make them frothy. Yum.

  • I’d use it for sauces, for sure, and possibly also for the more syrupy preserves I occasionally make 🙂 I’m kind of surprised this didn’t already exist!

  • I use mason jars to drink out of ALL the time. It has been my glass of choice for a few years now. Yes, I do canning (No PC yet but one day) but my large canning jars are mostly filled with ice water!

  • I could use them for almost anything, from saving home made dressings and syrups to making iced coffee in the morning! I hope she gets the other lid models off the ground soon too they would be awesome!

  • I am already using canning jars for water bottles, but this lid would be an improvement in being leak-proof and rust-proof.

  • Probably mainly for salad dressing, but I’ve also started drinking tea out of a mason jar (mugs aren’t big enough!) and might see if it’d be good to use for that purpose as well.

  • Handy for salad dressings. Finally realized homemade are better than store bought! Thanks for being so generous as to share something you paid for youself.

  • This is a fantastic idea! I can tomato juice, apple cider, broth, syrup… all of which are messy and unpredictable to pour. I’d love to have a few of these!

  • I would use these for the items that I buy in bulk, so they can be stored and saved without using paper or plastic. They are good for the environment

  • These fantastic lids will make it easier to pour the moonshine I have in my mason jar directly into my mouth. Just kidding. I would use it whenever I have any liquids in a mason jar – oil, salad dressing, etc. Thanks for sharing!

  • EXACTly what I need to get the thick syrupy things out of the jar. Warm the jar of caramel up in a pan of hot water & pour!

  • These look to be perfect for home made salad dressings. Everything into the jar and easily shaken and served from the jar. Also good for my wife’s barbecue sauce – mmmm!

  • I would use them for the shrug I made with cranberry and vingar. ItMs perfect on a hot summer day, I know they are coming.

  • What a great lid for drinks! I usually use a mason jar to mix up a little lemonade, or even use it on a pickle jar to make it easier to get a little juice…

  • I would use these primarily to keep my water kefir after brewing. I am currently using plastic and want desperately to switch to glass, but the pouring issue has held me back! Also dressings (as mentioned), snax, teas,…it is really hard to limit, but for space and time I will…

    1. I would use for my morning iced latte. It would be perfect for cooling the espresso in the frig over night then just add skim milk ice and go!

  • What a fantastic idea! I would use them for salad dressing, rice mixes, M&Ms, nuts….endless possibilities. Thanks for sharing! I’ve never entered a giveaway with over a thousand comments!! Wow!

  • How cool! We have a new milking goat, and we strain her fresh milk into mason jars for storage in the fridge. I would definitely use these caps for the milk, because it would be lovely to just be able to pop open the spout and pour!

  • Just what I have been looking for. I make my own oil and vinegar salad dressing. I’ve been keeping it in a Tupperware shaker bottle. I want to use a class bottle. I think this will solve my problem.

  • If I win one or not I AM buying these! What a wonderful product! I would use it for so many things……….cold drinks for when I am on the road in the hot TX sun……….salad dressings, smoothies, treats (thinking M&Ms, Skittles) for the little ones, keep pancake mix in it so you can make some every morning, pouring out dry pastas/rices……….oh so many, MANY USES!

  • What a great little product! I keep almost everything in canning jars, so this would be great for all the homemade syrups and dressings and such. Thanks for sharing your stash with us!

  • This is like a dream come true!!! I will use this to prevent my morning juice/smoothies from slopping on myself while driving! Thank you YAHOOOO!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • I would love to use the reCaps for my smoothies I store in mason jars in the fridge. What a brilliant product!

  • I’d use one for on-the-go drinks like homemade iced coffee or even green smoothies. What a GREAT concept!

  • Ohhh, this looks very promising for salad dressing! I always make my salad dressing in mason jars (typically a 1/2 pint regular mouth) and this looks like it’d make pouring dressing a much neater process.

  • I’d use them to pour the grape and apple juices we canned last year into juice glasses for my children!

  • My daughter has a love affair with mason jars. So much so that when she gets married in 2013 it will be a “mason jar” wedding. She has all kinds of decorating plans using the jars. Melissa also loves to create her own dressings for salads and veggies. Another thing she is crazy about is vinegar. LOL With all the different sizes the jars come in, they would be perfect for her dressings. The reCAP would be perfect for using the dressings. So if I am lucky enough to win one, it will be for my daughter.

  • Definitely would use for drinks. And popcorn kernels. It would make it easier to have a controlled pour and not get the kernels all over the counter and floor.

  • Fabulous idea. I store our gluten free flours in mason jars. This will make it so much easier to measure out! Looking forward to the wide mouth lids too!

  • I use my mason jars to make salad dressings, but the wide mouth makes it difficult to pour without spilling. The caps will be a great for easy pouring and bringing it to work!

  • Oh salad dressings! I make such a mess everytime I try my best to create a clean pour onto my salad. 🙁

  • Love this idea. I am slowly switching most of my fridge and pantry storage to glass, which in this house means glass jars. I use Ball jar plastic lids often but they are not actually leak proof. Right now I am conjuring a chai masala extract in a jar and this would be great for pouring out a bit into my tea cup.

  • My partner’s first comment was that we’d use it for maple syrup when we started making it… Not sure when that’ll happen since we have no maple trees 🙂 But regardless, we’d likely use it for maple syrup, and a million other things!

  • I think that is perfect for putting on top of my fresh juices so that I can use my jars to drink from without spilling over my desk at work (which I’ve done)

  • What an awesome idea! Can’t wait for the wide mouth version! I would use these to store the extra coffee I make from my Toddy maker and storing homemade dressings and oils. Yum!

  • So many uses – salad dressings, yogurt drinks, smoothies, homemade syrups, honey . . . What a FABULOUS idea!!

  • I make homemade lemonade in mason jars because it makes it so easy to put the lid on and shake. This would be perfect for pouring it!

  • I would use it for storing beverages in my jars…initially….but am sure I will come up with 100s of other uses too!

  • What a great idea…I’d use it simply for a “to go” container for water or tea. I use jars at home for drinking, but not at work because I worry about spilling liquid on my keyboard. A reCAP would solve that problem!

  • Love it! I’d use these to help scramble eggs. We have a dozen hens so we eat a lot of eggs around here. Thanks!

  • oh, heck yeah reCAP. Do want. Oh gosh, how to narrow it down…probably start with salt, since I buy my salt in bulk.

  • These are awesome!! I would use these to store my raw juice drinks that I make. What a great idea by the way!!!

  • Such a clever idea! I could see this being handy for those half empty jars of homemade chicken stock that are always in our fridge. It would be so much easier to measure small amounts with a pour spout like that.