reCAP Mason Jar Lid Giveaway

Last fall, when I was in Austin, TX waiting for my sister to go into labor, someone sent me the link to a Kickstarter project that they thought I might be interested in. A woman named Karen Rzepecki had designed a mason jar lid with a spout so that she could easily pour things from canning jars without removing the lid.

I thought this was a brilliant idea and immediately signed up to help fund this idea into reality. I posted a link to the project on my Facebook page to help spread the word and soon enough, it was funded.


After months of waiting, my very own reCAP lids arrived last week. They are just as promised – a mason jar cap with a flip-top pour spout. They are leak proof, easy to pour from and made out of BPA-free plastic.

Because I donated $40 to the campaign, I received 10 reCAPs. Though I’m a huge fan of these lids, that’s more than I need to have kicking around my apartment and so I’m sharing. I’m giving away five of these reCAPs to five lucky folks.


And if you don’t want to take your chances on a giveaway, the reCAPs are now available for sale. They cost $6.99 a piece and shipping is free if you buy three or more. They’re currently only available in the regular mouth size, but I hear that they’re working on a wide mouth version, as well as lids with other utilities. I’ll let you all know if I hear anything more!

  1. To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post and share how you’d use a reCAP.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Friday, April 27, 2012. Winner will be chosen at random (using and will be posted to the blog on Saturday, April 28, 2012.
  3. Giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian readers.
  4. One entry/comment per person, please.
Disclosure: This is not a sponsored giveaway. I paid for my reCAPs and just want to share.Β 

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1,174 responses to “reCAP Mason Jar Lid Giveaway”

  1. Heck yes, sign me up! I’m working on my entries for my county fair over Memorial Day weekend. One of the things I want to enter is the “gift pack”, for which I plan to make a raspberry or rasp-cranberry syrup. The cap would let me keep the canning-jar packaging theme while still having the syrup container be useful (and the recipient not needing to transfer it to another bottle or pitcher).

  2. How wouldn’t I use them!? This is an awesome idea. My first thought was to use it to put nutritional yeast on my popcorn – shakers often don’t have big enough holes. Or maybe to keep raw sugar in at my office, or OMG to mix homemade salad dressing in and then dispense from!!

  3. these things look great. I pressure can a fair amount of chicken stock and it would be great to be able to pour out from a qt jar without mess

  4. I would use this to cap jars of raw goat’s milk. A friend gives us some from her goats because my daughter breaks out in a rash when she drinks pasteurized milk. This would make it much easier to use the milk that arrives in mason jars.

  5. I’d use it mostly for very simple purposes — to drink water from a mason jar, especially while in the car/out and about. I also like to make salad dressing in a jar and this would make the dressing quite easy and neat to pour. and I’d find other purposes, I’m sure. oh, I want one, pick me! πŸ™‚

  6. wow!! what a cool idea! i’d love to use it at work to help keep myself hydrated (and give myself an excuse to get up and get water every now and then!)

  7. I just got mine in too! They’re fabulous. I’ve used mine as a sugar dispenser and a half and half container so far with many more uses to come.

  8. LOVE this! I can approximately 75-100 quarts of tomatoes a year. Boy could I use this, especially for my tomato juice. Please, please, please pick me :)!!

  9. I do my own canning, but am always wiping off the rims of opened jars in the fridge. Many times my grandkids get to the jams/preserves before I do and mold has already set in. Have to throw them out. These would be GREAT to keep the lids clean and give the kids an easier, cleaner way to use grandma’s canned goods without having them develop bacteria! What a wonderful concept!

  10. Definitely salad dressings. I hate how messy everything gets w/ the oil as soon as you take the jar lid off. These look fabulous!

  11. I’m addicted to iced coffee and I mix up a sweetened milk combo, being able to store it in one of my mason jars and pour easily would be brilliant! I want one!!


  13. Omgoodness the uses are endless! Sipping iced tea at the farmers market, to shake up an pour cinnimon vinegrette, grabbing a protein shake or smoothie on the fly…oh nom nom so many uses.

  14. What a wonderful idea! I’d love to make homemade lemonade and then take it to work in a Mason jar with one of these lids. It would also be great to make homemade vinaigrette and store it in a Mason jar with one of these lids!

  15. I would use this with my juices and water. Most of our glasses are actually just ball jars. i hate reg glasses n always put a lid on and go. this would make opening the lid in a car much easier!

  16. This is one of the best ideas ever. If you were to cut a piece of fine mesh screen the size of the jar mouth and lay that over the top before screwing on the lid, you could strain all your infusions, seasoned/herbal vinegars, and kombucha brew AS you pour. It’s brilliant.

  17. Oh there’s so many ways I could use these! Since I make homemade coffee creamer I would use this to easily store and pour my creamer each morning!

  18. So many different uses… I think I would use this to pour my pre-mixed spices (I keep in half pint jars), as well as for salad dressings.

  19. I could certainly use that type of a cap. I make zucchini relish and that would serve ideally and of course, salad dressing.

  20. Those are perfect lids! My uncle makes maple syrup and I get it in a gallon jug–so that is my first idea…I’m sure I could come up with many more–sugar, salad dressing, iced coffee, you name it, I keep it in a mason jar!!

  21. I really want to try these out. I would use them for herbal tinctures, but if I got a bunch, I’d probably use them for bulk pourables like honey, maple syrup, sorghum, or molasses.

  22. Juice, salad dressing, smoothies, water, stock/broth… the list could literally go on and on… such an awesome concept/design!

  23. Awesome, I would def use it to pour my liquor infusions, since ball jars make great large capacity cheap infusing and storage, but horrible to pour from to make a cocktail!

  24. Oh how cool is that!!! I’d use it for my homemade BBQ sauce! I rarely use a whole jar, and I could just pour it on while bbqing!! Fantastic idea. Thank you for the opportunity.

  25. These are fabulous! have many many uses- Gravy making, putting canned juice into in the fridge, water, tea, milk …etc. etc. I LOVE these!

  26. I’d use them for pouring homemade dressings out of mason jars onto fresh salad.

    Or for infused alcohols. Last summer I made blueberry vodka by soaking a pint of blueberries in a quart jar filled with vodka. This would be so much easier with a jar with a pour spout!

  27. Great idea!! I’ve only seen this kind of lids for wide mouth jars and they go for something like 15 bucks! Yikes!! I’m wondering if there is a little screen at the spout to stop the seeds from coming out? I use cheese clothes but honestly it looks nasty after a few days, and I worry about possible food born illnesses cause by the dirty cheese cloth. This might be my solution!! Thank you in advance!!

    • Sorry, I forgot to say I’d use it for growing sprouts, hence the question “if there’s a small screen to stop the seeds from coming out”. I’ve seen some kind of “screen” for wide-mouth jars.

  28. I would use them for syrup, creammer/sugar, salad dressing, buttermilk, homemade vanilla, vinegar…the list just goes on and on…….

  29. after years of meaning to, I’ve recently been making my own salad dressings, and I think these caps would make the perfect middleground between spooning the dressing out of a widemouth jar and the yet-to-be-tried funnelling the dressing into a used glass bottle. Thanks for sharing your bounty!

  30. I would LOVE these! Would be so handy for lots of things, but my first thought was pouring homemade juice without all the mess.

  31. Pouring oatmeal, coconut, mini-choco chips, and other baking supplies. And/Or just for drinking water, juice, coffee from the jars.

    Thanks for sharing some of your spoils!

  32. I’d love to have a couple of these around! I like to make small batches of herbal sun tea in quart mason jars. These would be perfect as a pour spout!

  33. There are so many uses for these! I could use them to put my homemade shampoos and laundry detergent! Or use them when I cook. . . easily pour things like pancake batter without a big mess!

  34. I’d love to give these a whirl! I make a lot of sticky, wonderful sauces that don’t pour nicely out of a mason jar…then the lids become cemented on…i’m curious to see how these hold up against sticky sauce.

  35. the list is limitless of the things that I could do with that recap, I could keep sm pourable candies like M&M’s at my desk, us it for salad dressing, maybe even gravy you would of course have to make a cozy to surrond the jar so it would be easy to handle, But there is a possiblity.

  36. What couldn’t you use them for? What a wonderful idea! I can my own applesauce and pour it onto the plate when we eat. Not sure why I don’t just use a spoon, but it’s just the way I do it. This would keep from having to wipe the rim before putting the lid back on.

  37. I would use them to take drinks to work, on errands, to picnics and to use on the table to dispense sauces and dressings! Very cool.

  38. Oh, my wheels are spinning so many uses. I have figured that milk stays colder when stored in glass so this would be perfect. I also have children so when making juice I could use it, as well as for salad dressings. When going to little league games to pour into cups. There are many, many uses for this product.

  39. I have mason jar mugs that I use all the time, and my husband was just saying today that I needed some sort of drinking lids for them. These would be perfect! They’d also be great for my homemade salad dressing and chocolate syrup jars.

  40. I would use them for my pantry jars or for salad dressing. I always need more jar lids and these seem to be the Cadillac of jar lids. Thanks for the opportunity.

  41. I can think of so many things- dressings, concentrates, ketchup,using as a cup on the go, top for bottle of vanilla, the possibilities πŸ™‚

  42. i would use them for water kefir that i keep in the fridge iun mason jars so it’s ready to use/drink
    what a fun idea

  43. I would use it to measure out my calcium water when using Pomona’s pectin! Way easier than trying to dip a measuring spoon into the 1/2 pint jar I have the calcium water stored in. πŸ™‚

  44. Maybe a better question would be how WOULDN’T I use it?!?! LOVE. I would probably use most with homemade salad dressing, but I could also use it for juice for the kiddos, marinades, small grain storage, SUGAR for my coffee with my cuppow! I LOVE IT!

  45. Please pic me! Going into year 2 of canning. Year 2 of my home garden. Recently got tattler lids and love them, I am starting to collect antique mason jars.pik me cuz I’m from jersey and learned everything on my own from the Internet!

  46. I would use this with broth. I use it alot of it but I keep it in the frige for when I dont need alot! This would work great.

  47. Salad dressing & maybe some hot fudge sauce since the mason jar is microwavable–great product! Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. Oh wow, what a list I could give. Homemade coffee creamer, salad dressings, honey, dry goods,etc. what a wonderful idea.

  49. I would love one! I could use it for my homemade iced coffees, or my hubby could use it as a green traveling mug for his commute for iced tea, etc !

  50. This is wonderful. I would use mine for my pepper sauce. It is so hard to pour the pepper sauce without losing some of the wonderful juice.

  51. I use mason jars instead of Tupperware so anything pourable would be perfect….salad dressings, iced coffe/tea, syrup, honey. Love this idea!

  52. Great Gods yess! I would very much like one! Or two!

    1. Homemade BBQ sauce (sweet and smoky hot)
    2. Honey
    3. Big jars of mead. Really, really large jars of mead.
    4. Home made tinctures of: vanilla, all spice, cinnamon, anise, and ginger
    5. Lemon cello. Really big jars of that, too.

  53. Oh, SO many uses for this! Iced coffee for the morning commute springs to mind first, what with the weather warming and all. So glad they got funded!

  54. So many good ideas in the comments! I’d use it for pouring the cream we get in quart jars, salad dressing and water or other beverages…after that, who knows, I’m sure I’d find dozens of uses πŸ™‚

  55. I make a lemonade base for the summer, stored in a mason jar and aspired blackberry concentrate that I add to club soda for a grown up winter soft drink. They both would pour great from a ReCap!

  56. It looks like that’d be handy for any number of things-I’d probably use it for a water/iced tea bottle lid, or maybe for storing cornmeal (it’d be nice to have a pour-spout for that, since it always get all over the counter when I pour it from the bag).

  57. So many possible uses! Salad dressings, DIY liqueurs, syrups, juices, bought in bulk spices/salt/sweeteners–the list goes on and on. I’ll definitely buy a few and use them constantly. Glad to hear that a wide-mouth one will soon be available. Thanks for the great info.

  58. I would use these everyday for my iced coffee that I make and take to my kindergarten classroom…gotta have that caffeine!!!

  59. these might just be my new favorite thing! I’m lucky to be able to shop at a local market that has an amazing offering of bulk goods. they encourage use of reusable packaging, and these would be perfect to top the jars I fill with olive oil, honey, vinegar, and liquid detergent and the like. such a wonderful idea!!

  60. i will use the reCAP to organize my entire life. imagine vanilla infused sugar in the measuring cup instead of all over the counter, water/tea/kombucha in my mouth rather all over me, boozy infusions the my glass rather than dribbling down the jar…

  61. Wow! What a neat idea! I have visions of using them to shake out seeds, nuts, salad dressing, and homemade mixes. I would use some of them on pint jars too for smaller amounts of goodies.

  62. OMG! I have been waiting for these since you first posted! I want to use them as water bottles, for sauces, for vegetable stock… rice… everything!!

  63. Brilliant. I’d probably use this primarily to carry around my iced coffee/fresh-squeezed juice for the day, but I’d also definitely use it for salad dressings and sauces.

  64. I would use this for the jar of homemade almond milk I always keep in the fridge. It would be so much easier to pour into measuring cups or on granola!

  65. I would use these for my daycare kiddos! They love to concoct their own drinks out of a variety of juices I have on hand and we mix them in mason jars. With these lids we can mix and go and save some for later!! Amongst a trillion other ideas, I think my kiddos would use them the most often.

  66. Thanks for sharing & the opportunity to win one of these lids. So many uses for these since I store lots of things in canning jars.

  67. What wouldn’t I use it for? Trying to get away from storing food in plastic (lids are fine though), I use canning jars a LOT. You should see my fridge! Some people in my house (we won’t name them here) find the need to pour from all jars – so this totally makes sense and would keep messes down. I’m all for minimizing work!! Who isn’t, really? We have all kinds of sauces, soups, gravies, the last of larger containers of beverages, and much more in jars in the fridge alone – not to mention all the stuff in the cupboards. I’m also thinking bulk spices and teas, and other staples in the pantry! Okay, either way, I MUST get these! Several of them!

  68. Ooh! These would get so much use in my house! My kids love to help me make homemade salad dressings, so they’d definitely be used for that and for my cousin’s homemade maple syrup! Mmm.

  69. Awesome idea! We love to drink out of mason jars because they are so plentiful at our house. I rarely take them out of the house however, because their round bottoms tend to turn over. This would be a great on-the-go converter!

  70. I am learning to eat the Eat Clean way, and this would be perfect for the grains I am now using in my meals. It would enable me to keep the grains free of bugs, yet easy for me to use, which would mean I would use them more often!

  71. I only drink from a mason jar ! Summer can be a bummer with the bugs, and its a real pain taking off the lid & ring everytime you want a sip so I just mold a piece of aluminum foil over the jar & stick a straw through it…it doesn’t look so good but keeps the bugs out. This is the 1st I’m hearing about these & just gotta have one

  72. I would definitely need more than one reCAP – I would use mine for beverages to mixing salad dressings and slurry for gravy…the list goes on and on! What a great invention!

  73. I would love to make SO many yummy organic thugs for my family and I am going to learn how to can this summer. This lid would be so handy as I am a busy Mom of 4 and it would help cut down on mess and save a little bit of time. πŸ™‚ These lids are an amazing idea!

  74. I’d probably use it for grain like pinhead oats or malt o meal for breakfast cereal. Easy to pour out to make in the mornings. This is a great idea!

  75. Wow! These sound great…I was thinking that maybe someday they will do such a cap for paint buckets. However, I have already done something with paint buckets…I throw them out after I pour leftover paint in a canning jar, top with a piece of plastic bag, then the lid and screw lid. Kept upside down the paint lasts forever for touch-ups. These new lids would make it even easier to pour out the paint. And they would be great for food, too. I am a long time canner – started helping my Mother when I was a child – and am still canning stuff at age 78!

  76. Awesome full-circle story! I see myself using them primarily for salad dressings and iced coffee at work. Thank you!

  77. Oh goodness! Mt husband would be thrilled if I won this. No more spilled iced coffee in my car. :paperbag : oops!

  78. The ideas for uses of Mason’s converted to pourable glass jars must be endless! Ones not mentioned above….liquid fertilizer solution applied directly from jar to seedlings in pots. …Pour off liquid from sweet pickles directly into coleslaw sauce. …Pouring rather than scooping the buttermilk out of the Mason! And pourable containers for all the homemade cleaning and personal care products. Happiness is a Mason jar from which you can pour…..

  79. I live in a dorm and currently have a couple mason jars sitting in the house fridge with milk and chai concentrate… I wouldn’t mind having these caps to make my chai assembly a little easier, but I also might be worried someone would take my jars if they had such cool caps!

  80. So many uses!! If I had to pick one thing, I’d say salad dressing. Iced coffee or tea. Honey? Maple syrup? What a great idea!

  81. I would use this lid to get my strawberry jam on my toast in the mornings and in my yogurt at nigh… Taking the kid off and on all the time gets sticky!!

  82. reCAP, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:
    * homemade blue cheese dressing needs a reCAP pour top
    * homemade Boiled Apple Cider Syrup needs a reCAP pour top
    * homemade apple cider vinegar needs a reCAP pour top
    * quart jar of desert wildflower honey needs a reCAP pour top
    * homemade ketchup needs a reCAP pour top
    * homemade simple syrup for hummy birds needs a reCAP pour top
    * jar of thistle seed for goldfinches needs a reCAP pour top
    * homemade mineral bath salts need a reCAP pour top

  83. As I have to can EVERYTHING due to significant allergies there are so, so, so many things I could do with five of these lids!! On my ketchup, my mustard, my BBQ Sauces, my syrups, make iced coffee in jars for the morning, for my concentrates to make limeade, and much, much more!! Can I please, please, please with sugar on top have them? Thank you!!

  84. I love this! Love. I would use it for our mason jars that hold soup. We make a lot of soup. This would be perfection. Oh, and also for horchata. And for coffee concentrate. And iced tea. Yay! Off to order.

  85. I’d either use it to turn a jar into a go-cup for my iced tea, or as a pourable spout for my homemade ranch dressing! Thanks for the chance to win!

  86. What a great idea and so wonderful that Food in Jars got the word out! I would use reCaps for so many things: dressing made from leftover jam; my homemade ketchup from Linda Ziedrich’s book which I first heard of here and have made every year since; homemade teriyaki or other sauces; sugar for my coffee; herbed or citrused salt mixes; bulk dry goods like cocoa, B soda, baking powder…. Anything really!

  87. The possibilities are endless. Keeping broth in the jar in the fridge. Mine still seem to spill. Drinking comes to mind. Oooh, hot soup for lunch. Raw milk container. On the dry side, a sugar keeper, flour keeper or rice keeper. How could I not find a use for this jar?

  88. It would be so great for left over tomato juice or orange juice. It would even be great for that 1/2 gallon of milk that could be downsized to a quart jar that would fit on the side of the door (there is never enough room in there!) Homemade salad dressing, so many uses.

  89. These would be perfect for turning canning jars into large spice jars that are resealable. I store a number of seasoning spices, like taco mix, fajita mix, meat rubs and such in canning jars… this would be so wonderful for ease of pouring and resealing with one hand after use!
    Thank You!

  90. Nice! I’m so glad these are available at the regular-mouth size–we have zero wide-mouth mason jars, so we only have to have one size of ring & lid. Now if only the cuppow would come out in regular size…

    I would use these on my jars of grain, so I could pour them more easily & with less grain-all-over-the-kitchen syndrome. Thanks for the giveaway!

  91. I just made mint simple syrup, mixed it with pureed strawberries (they’re finally in season!) and lemon juice and froze 6 pints of it with a couple hanging out in the fridge. A reCAP would be perfect to pour out just enough to add to sparkling water or vodka for a cocktail!

  92. Wow, what an awesome idea and product. I’d use them for the many sauces, dressings and marinades that end up in mason jars in my fridge. Would also be great for my shrubs to add to carbonated water.

  93. What a great idea, would be very handy for pouring some of my more sticky jar products like salad dressing, or the homemade kahlua I made from the recipe on this site!

  94. My husband likes maple syrup heated up. It would be nice to heat it up and then put the lid on when pouring to cause less mess. Then I could store the syrup in the jar. A great idea, I will be looking for them in the store. I’m sure I can find other uses for them.

  95. What a fantastic idea! As I use my jars for all kinds of things I could definitely use this lid. I see myself using it for simple syrup, marinades, and salad dressings.

  96. OMGoodness, I saw the kickstarter project just after it closed, or I would have donated! The lids look awesome! I would use a lid for the Yummy Sauce I make to pour over rice and beans. I already store the sauce in a jar, one of these lids would make it so much easier to pour!

  97. i love using my mason jars as drinking glasses, these tops would be perfect for a straw and less spillage, lol… i would love some !!!!!

    • I usually make salad dressings. I put it in a squeeze bottle. But if I make a dressing like a buttermilk ranch or a yoghurt green onion and dill, the fresh herbs clog up the spout. This cool new top would allow me to pour dressings and sauces full of chopped herbs onto my great fresh salads all summer long.

  98. ZippedyDooDah! This is exciting. I don’t store food in plastic anymore but these won’t touch the things sitting inside. I store everything in canning jars. I have the antiques, the old ones and the new ones. I love them all. Okay, I love the oldest and the unusal ones most but still… These will be perfect an example is I save my pasta water. It’s organic and wholewheat and sometimes there are veggies in there. Being what I need easier to pour out is a gift and wide mouth, oh boy. I use pasta water for many things.
    Thank you. Gotta go I feel a song coming on -zippedy doo dah lalalala…

  99. I just made violet infused vinegar. If I had one of those lids, I could make up a salad dressing in a canning jar with my georgeous pink vinegar.

  100. I do historical food demos. You’d be surprised how often I can bring wine, so long as its not in a wine bottle. Ditto for hard spirits and beer. I use mason jars for the task, but the pour is a bit messy, so, I’d use them for booze.

    (truthfully, I use mason jars for almost all ingredients, to avoid labels altogether. I’ve discovered the kids from my favorite peanut butter work for non preserving use.

  101. Oh man. I have been waiting for this for so long. I’ve drilled and snipped sip-holes in my metal bands to make drinking vessels, only to end up with sliced fingers and/or drips on my shirts. My lunchbox has at least 3 canning jars in it every day; at least one of them holding my morning coffee/tea/smoothie/milk. I spend the whole day on the road and would love one of these little buggars to turn my jar into a drip-free water, juice or kombucha jug! Awesome!

  102. That is such a good idea! I’d use it for salsa, spaghetti sauce, and syrup! And probably for other foods that don’t start with the letter “s” as well!

  103. I buy local honey in bulk and put it in mason jars. This lid makes it so much easier to poor without stuck lids and sticky liquid running down the side!

  104. I take my tea on my commute in a mason jar all the time. The jar is very hot usually so i use old cut out jean pockets as a sleeve for the jar. The only hassle is unscrewing the lid all the time. A pour spout would be the answer to my tea-on-the-go dreams!

  105. I would use this awesome lid with a quart jar to bring my Iced Tea or Strawberry Vinegar Drink with me everywhere I go.

  106. Oh what won’t I use these for is a better question!!! Win or lose I’m looking forward to getting some of these! For starters I will use it with the yum yum recipe I have (found on pinterest) for an all around yummy condiment! Thank you so much for helping get this product to market!!!!

  107. What a great idea! I use canning jars all the time for storage! How great this would be for pouring oatmeal and salad dressing!

  108. PS: It is hard to pin you to Pinster b/c your photos are uploaded to flicker. You might consider a host that is more pinster-friendly, b/c when I am able to pin , your posts get re-pinned like wildfire…

  109. Love this idea! I’d probably use it for salad dressing at first, and then start discovering other uses for it. Ooh, like protein shakes…

  110. Awesome idea! I use Mason jars for homemade ranch dressing. Taking the regular lids on and off each meal to pour the dressing gets so messy, because the excess “gloops” up on the rings. But with this pour spout, it would be so much cleaner, not having to take the lid on and off each night.

  111. If I was lucky enough to get one of theses, I would use it for my home made watermelon syrup. Was trying to make the watermelon jam and we will just say a it turned out to be a happy mistake :).. it would make pouring it out so much easier and less messy and sticky!

  112. This is an amazing idea! Why did it take so long for someone to out with this product!! I make homemade buttermilk in a jar and store with a standard lid. It is always precarious pouring from the mouth of the jar. Yay, I can have a real pour spout for my buttermilk!! If I had one if those i would probobly start making frozen juice in a half gal jar instead of my ugly plastic container!! So many great ideas popping in my head!!

  113.!!! LOVE THIS IDEA! Thank you for the present ideas for a few people on my list. My first use for these tops would be humming bird feeder food and second on the list is homemade BBQ sauce.

    Excellent giveaway!

  114. I immediately thought of using it with my canned strawberry syrup. But then looking at the other post I could use one for salad dressing and one for honey also. Great idea!

  115. To be truthful at the moment I don’t have an “idea” as to what I would do with it. But as a stay at home mom of 4. I’m sure it wouldn’t take long to find a job for that awesome lid.

  116. I’m the only one in my house who drinks iced tea, so I’d probably make some in a quart jar and use this lid to pour myself a glass. Except for the really hot days, we don’t get many here, I’d only drink about a quart a day.

  117. this is such a great idea! I have a recipe I make that is similar to the green sauce at Cafe Rio. It fits nicely in a quart jar and this cap would make it so easy to pour!

  118. These are great! I’d use one for salad dressing, one for a sugar pourer,
    And maybe for liquid detergent for handwash…to name a few!

  119. I mix my husband’s dehydrated milk up in mason jars and am always making a mess when I pour it out of the jar onto his cereal. This would save many cleanups. Can think of a dozen other uses without even trying. Such a neat and much needed idea.

  120. My daily kale green smoothies would be so perfect in this! Best Eco friendly travel mug EVER! I’ve lost 15 pounds this way and started growing my own kale!

  121. I would get out the beautiful old mason jars I have stored away and actually use them! They would be great to put on the table with my salad and cereal “topping bar” items such as flax, dried cranberries, nuts, etc, inside of them.

  122. I would use the re-cap on the top of my Salsa jar… it sounds just perfect to pour the right amount into a taco or onto an omelette.

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to possibly win one of your prized re-caps…


  123. These are fantastic. I am forever spilling my sugar and I think this would be perfect to store some in to use in cooking and baking.

  124. I would give the recap to a classmate. She’s a really nice girl and she’s super committed to the environment and she exclusively uses glass jars as beverage containers. She doesn’t have much money and I think she would love this! I’ll buy one for myself, and also give the web address to another classmate who’s interested!

  125. Smoothies! They’re too thick to get through the opening on my cuppow – this would be perfect! Fingers crossed for a big win.

  126. I love this design! I use mason jars to ferment my vegetables. The reCAPs would be helpful in releasing the gas buildup while the veggies are fermenting. Cultured vegetables are high in beneficial probiotics and are easy to make but sometimes the lids are hard to unscrew from all the gas buildup. How is the seal on it? The spout is a wonderful touch for pouring the fermented juice. Can’t wait to try it!

  127. OMG! If I’d had one of these @ dinner tonight, I bet I wouldn’t have homemade blueberry syrup all over my lace table cloth & silk oriental rug!

  128. OMG!! An idea whose time has come. Many a time I’ve wanted a pour spout on the ancient grains, beans & seeds I keep in jars to keep the critters out!! With my arthritic hands, turning those screw tops is often a pain in the, well, hands!! I wish I could afford to put them on ALL my jars.

  129. We do so many things in the home that these would be wonderful for but out in the goat building there are little ones that need feeding and/or supplemental feeding. We carry out the milk in half gallon regular mouth jars and then pour the milk into the individual feeding bottles. However the pouring of the milk from the jar is tricky and this lid would help save a lot of time and temper attacks when pouring of the bulk milk into the individual feeding bottles.

  130. I can’t even choose just one idea…the possibilities are endless. I need one immediately for my Honey jar. Syrup, ice tea to go, cap the lemonade jar, no more spills, the possibilities are endless.

  131. I’d take tea to work, walking, etc. Or, keep pancake batter in the refrigerator for spur-of-the-moment pancakes!

  132. I would use it for iced coffee and kombucha so I could stow my drinks easily on the water bottle holder of my bike!

  133. What a great idea! I’ve always got chicken stock in a jar in the fridge. I use some almost every day. This lid would make pouring it out so much easier.

  134. My husband would love one of these — he is always bringing a jar of water or coffee to work with him! I would put it on our milk jars — we just started getting milk in glass from a local dairy. I would prefer wide mouth, but could use the regular ones too!!

    • I would use this in so many ways!! First, I know my 16 year old who uses mason jars as water bottles would love to have a flip spout! Next all those sauces etc, could be poured! Draining brine off of things…easy peasy! Love these!

  135. Love drinking my kombucha out of glass, but never feel safe either with it open, or unscrewing and drinking from that big mouth while driving!

  136. I haven’t got a really close look at them yet, but I would probably put some on my baking station for things like sunflower and pumpkin seeds. They look like they would be useful for a lot of spots around the kitchen where I leave stuff in boxes now. Thanks

  137. My head is swimming with possible uses..the first of which would be to make drinking from my jar so much easier. Thanks for sharing.

  138. I use mason for so many things – but this would come in handy particularly when I’m using the jar for something like salad dressing!

  139. These are fabulous! We make smoothies from kefir in mason jars every day. Would be great if they were portable and I could drink them in the car while getting kids to school. Also for storing leftover broth and sauces in the fridge.

  140. These are so cool!! I would use it to mix up salad dressings, gravy, and once I had one, I would think the possibilities are endless.

  141. I think this is a brilliant idea! I’m focusing on learning to make my own salad dressings this summer and think the lids would work beautifully for that-just shake and pour! Thanks for the fun give-away:@)

  142. The first thought that came to my mind is to use it when pouring home canned chicken broth. I like those cartons you get in the store and can keep in your fridge because it’s handy to flip up that little lid and use what you need. Having a way to do the same thing with healthier, homemade broth would be excellent!

  143. mmmmmm… I’m tasting failure jam. Jam that didn’t set but was the perfect consistency to pour over ice cream. I would LOVE one of the lids.

  144. LOVE this idea! Could use it for SO many things! I love to make salsa and this would be perfect for that. Thanks for sharing!

  145. I use canning jars for a lot of things. It would help to our cereal nuts and even M & Ms if such things were to show up in my jar! πŸ™‚
    Also when opening home canned tomato juice I could put the pour lid on it and people wouldn’t make such a mess when they poured a glass.

  146. I’d use a recap lid for the many olive-oil based emulsions–salad dressing and lemon-basil pasta sauce, to name a few–that I am constantly cleaning off of the sides of jars with leaky lids. Hooray for leak-proof-ocity!

  147. I would use it daily when I pack my lunch for work, I usually bring ice tea or if I’m eating pb&j, a glass of milk. This would work so much better, than just a jar lid and band. No great plan here, just practical.

  148. I’ll use it to keep myself hydrated during the day … I am a high school teacher and I need a good water bottle that makes me feel motivated to drink water. I’ll put limes and ginger in there for a tasty treat!

  149. Love your Food In Jars emails. Since I am now getting back into canning these eCap lids would be fantastic. I’d love them for tomato juices, plus other juices, storage items and a drinking glass. As stated above, lots of ideas for this cap. Wonderful thought here….kudos!

  150. This is awesome!!! First I would use it as a water bottle! There are lots of other great ideas too… Salad dressing would make much less of a mess!!!

  151. I buy salt in bulk so this would be a good way to fill salt shakers…..and so many other uses…drinking out of jar, salad dressings….

  152. Drinks, definitely drinks. Although the M & M’s idea is a good one too. I always have a jar of those kicking around work. : )

  153. I would definitely have one on my buttermilk jar that’s always in the fridge! If I don’t win, I’m going to buy one as soon as this is over!

  154. Thank you for supporting this business/idea, and also bringing it to us. And what a brilliant idea to have a give-away as a reward for coming up with inovative ideas for using this product. Our use would be for pouring raw milk from Mason Jars, plus many more I’m sure.

  155. I envision using the reCAPS on personal size jars of sun tea made from home-grown herbs and flowers. What a good, easy way to make and serve it and much fun to experiment with new flavor combinations…

  156. perhaps a better question would be when would I not feel like I could sure use one. I drink my coffee out of jars, make homemade vanilla extract (and lack those nice small bottles), store various kinds of sugar, my granola….all of these things have ended up on my shirt/floor/table/dissertation before!

  157. Like others that have commented, drinking is the first thing that comes to mind. But I’m also thinking bulk spice storage with these caps would make refilling the smaller containers very easy. Thanks for the giveaway!

  158. Thank you. Thank you. I ran across the website about these reCaps a few months ago and was excited but I did not keep the address. I have not been able to find them again so thank you for passing it on. I would love to win them. The possibilities are endless but I would probably start with my homemade salad dressing.

  159. I brew my iced tea in mason jars, so this would be great to use for pouring it out. Would also be nice for taking drinks for travel, but also for measuring out grains such as rice, bulgur, couscous, pastina, etc…

  160. What a great idea and thank you for your generosity, Marisa! I would use the mason jar lid for homemade salad dressing. Nothing like a fresh, bright salad with delish homemade dressing on it! I’ve been using bottled dressings for a while now as I’ve been cramped for time, but if I made a pint of it I would have dressing for several salads.
    You’re the best –
    Sue Blando

  161. I store alot of spices and herbs in mason jars, I could just flip the top and measure my Tsps etc…. Salad dressing good idea, but Iced coffee by far the tastiest!

  162. I love to drink out of Mason jars and this will make them be able to use on the go! Also great for pouring canned items out of the jars. πŸ™‚

  163. These look fantastic! I would use them on those large jars of tomato juice we put in the fridge for drinking, Of Course!

  164. Wow, I can think of lots of uses! But the first two are pouring salad dressing and for drinking with less spilling!

  165. This would be great for small non-perishable cooking must haves like flax seeds or lentils. Easy to pour, easy to store. Also great for homemade broths and sauces.

  166. I store rice, dried beans, quinoa, etc. in mason jars. This would make pouring them out so much easier. What a great idea.

  167. Wow – these are totally brilliant!! And so many uses. Me? Salad dressing, maple syrup, berry sauces… Everything!

  168. I would love to store flour, coffee & sugar in them and display them on my counter, and perhaps mix vinegar & oil to keep in the fridge. Great invention!

  169. I make my own dressings and also store grits in mason jars. These would be perfect for pouring without making a mess.

  170. We make our own maple syrup that I can in jars. These would be great to put on the jars to pour from with out making a sticky mess. It is something the kids could open and use too!

  171. I would use the Recap for salad dressing first… but then smoothies, homemade syrups… oh the possibilities are endless!

  172. water bottle, coffee, iced-tea…

    and really, for pouring everywhere. i tend to have mason jars rattling around everywhere (home, office, etc) — and this would be a great way to carry my office water jar around campus!

    thanks for the chance to win!

  173. My kids would love to be able to drink their smoothies like this. And it would be so easy to pour the liquid out of fruit before using it.

  174. OMG I’m dying! This is awesome! I’ve been crocheting mason jar covers for drinking. Now I need to make them with straps! lol, I love thinking I can take my jar on the go!

  175. I would so totally use these! I would use it for my oatmeal every morning. Shake shake shake!

    Heck…I am almost #300…..I am running over to buy some!

  176. These would be perfect for kids (and adults of course, too)! We love to make green smoothies and drink them in jars..the messes we’ve had though..these lids would help so very much!

  177. I keep so many things in jars in my cupboard and refridgerator. I really like the maple syrup idea, and also milk at the office for morning cereal. Thank you for the opportunity!

  178. Right now I would have to say for salad dressing. But I’m sure I would find lots of uses because we put everything in jars now! I can’t wait for the wide mouth version. We buy milk from a local farm and we have it in the half gallon jars that are a wide mouth. It would be WONDERFUL to pour our milk because using the wide mouth is messy!

  179. Tomato juice. I can never finish a quart at a time, so a pour top lid would keep things tidy and convenient.

  180. I make my own salad dressings. I usually end up with a huge mess. What a great product!
    *What was the name of the top to add to make the jar a sippy cup?…I must look back through your blog!

  181. What a wonderful idea!…great that they are working on the wide mouth jar size ones…thanx for the giveaway opportunity!

  182. Do I have to pick ONE way I would use them? I would use it for the jars of salsa I make each year. It is a staple in our refrigerator and it would make clean-up a cinch and allow for less waste. Thank you!

  183. I would love to try these! I’ve been looking for the old mason jars with the handle for use as a beverage cup but I am unable to find them locally. This might work just fine.
    Thank you.

  184. These would be wonderful for the fruit syrups I make each summer/fall. Can’t wait to find some. Thanks for the info.

  185. I make “green” juice every morning, this lid will make it easy to transport and drink throughout the morning, without having to unscrew the lid every time I want a drink!

  186. Those are just fantastic – now everything will be so much easier. Maple syrup, home made shampoo, salt, sugar – Oh! the possibilities!

  187. Oh My Goodness how I love these tops…definitely use them for my preserved fruit juices, grape & plum…my husband harvests the fruit & using a steam contraption he fills dozens of mason jars & always tedious unscrewing the lids, even my grandkids could use the pour lids, love them!!!!

  188. My husband is a beekeeper, so I would use it for honey. I’m sure I’d fine lots of other uses for it as well like sugar, coffee creamer, even dry oatmeal and rice. πŸ™‚

  189. i could use this for salsa. it’s pretty rare that we use up an entire jar at one sitting. this cap would be ideal!

  190. I’d keep my iced tea cold in the fridge and grab it after I’ve worked outside. What a fantastic product!! Thanks for the chance to win one.

  191. I would use this to bring milk for tea to work. I use a mason jar with a 2 piece lid now, but this would make pouring milk so much easier!

  192. The reCAP would be perfect for making my own salad dressing by shaking and then using the cap to drizzle on the salad. Once the wide mouth caps are available I’ll use that one for my morning smoothie. I use a quart wide mouth jar and immersion blender. Currently I just use a Ball plastic twist on cap but the reCAP would be perfect for drinking, can’t wait!

  193. Man, there’s so many things you could do with this…sunflower seeds so they’d be easy to pour a small amount on my yogurt, the unsweetened tea I drink in the summer, decanting the maple syrup so I could see how much is left…..

  194. I would love these for so many things like salad dressing, syrup, dandelion honey. The list is endless. Thanks so much for sharing!

  195. Summer’s a comin’ and though we’re hardly lushes, I can’t help but think of summer drinks on the porch with friends. The new lids would make handling the various flavored simple syrups I make much easier. Less spill to attract the wasps. πŸ™‚

  196. ohhh– salada dressings would be great, maple syrup would be great, syrups would be great, bbq sauce would be great……….

  197. I crush up all my eggshells and keep them in a jar. I use about a tablespoon of crushed shells in each hole when I plant tomatoes and green peppers. This lid would be handy for pouring them. I currently use the removed top from a salt container, held on with a canning ring.

  198. Definitely salad dressing and a portable drink bottle! Maple syrup would be good too. We get the huge jugs from Vermont and they are hard to pour from. Thanks for introducing us to great products!

  199. Hubby pours his milk into 1L jars (we get milk in bags here in Canada), and I love to use pickle brine for cooking once the pickles are gone. This would make both a little less likely to spill!

  200. what an AWESOME idea! The two ways I re-use jars most are for chilling coffee (for AM iced coffee) and salad dressing. These caps would be just perfect for those uses.

  201. I would use it for ground coffee. I like to pour the coffee into the reusable k-cup container. this would be perfect!

  202. I can a lot of fruit syrups to mix with seltzer water to make my own home-made sodas. These would be great for the syrups once they are open.

  203. Salad dressing!! The lid always gets crusty when pouring straight from the jar no matter how hard you try to get it clean

  204. What a wonderful idea! It would be useful for so many liquids & I can’t wait till they come out with the wide mouth version. I hope you will let us know!

  205. The first thing that came to mind was pancake batter, but after thinking about it for a
    few minutes there are so many other things it could be used for. Home made salad dressing, sauces, juices and maple syrup. Also, it would less messy after coming in from the milking room to be able to pour the milk into canning jars with those lids for for use at the table.
    Thank you for your willingness to share.

  206. These will come in handy for homemade salad dressings, pancake batter, maple syrup,. I also love the idea of storing sunflower seeds in and pouring them onto salads etc. Also all the dehydrated onions and seasonings that you can store with these lids. Thanks for the chance to win some of these lids/spouts.

  207. I’m glad you did post the link because I funded the project too! I only have a couple but have some friends begging for a review once I’ve used them for a while – so if I win, I’ll be passing them on again! (and I can’t wait for their wide mouth version!)

  208. Fabulous product. I have one that is old…a tin spout that someone made. I keep sugar in that jar but always wished I had more. Homemade salad dressing would be a great use; as would drinks. Thanks for helping produce this project!!

  209. I would use these for the protein drinks that I have to drink all day. What a fun, unique, stylish way to have a drink at hand no matter where you are!

  210. I buy yeast in bulk, and keep it in a mason jar in the fridge. This would prevent a lot of spills that I’ve had in the past with that!

  211. I can think of solo many uses, but the first one that comes to mind is for my pickle jars. I use pickle juice in my defiled eggs, potato salads, and other recipes that call for a bit of acid in them.

  212. I would use it for maple syrup, for salad dressing, for the liquor from my fruit in rum concoctions and for, amazingly, the pickling liquid of my bread and butter pickles which my friend likes to drink when he is done sneaking all my pickles.

  213. I have been watching these forever! I missed being able to back them on kickstarter and have been waiting to pick some up. I would use them for all kinds of things. The first thing that comes to mind is fresh veggie juice. We juice a few days worth and keep it in the fridge in a mason jar but pouring it ALWAYS spills onto the counter. I definitely have more wide mouth jars so I am more excited for those lids (b/c wide mouth jars are easier to clean) but the awesomeness of these makes it worth using the reg mouth jars. πŸ™‚

  214. I’d like to use it to drink out of like a water bottle. Wonder how that’d work?! I hope I get to try!!

  215. So many uses for these! Homemade salad dressing and coffee creamer are the first to come to my mind. Thanks for sharing.

  216. I store so much in mason jars that I’m not sure where to begin how I would use a pouring cap. But….. Dressings and marinades, milk,homemade soda syrups, honey, drinks, spices,grits,flours, dried beans and grains, the list goes on…….
    Thanks for sharing.

  217. Salad dressing, especially. It’s so messy to pour, and hard to wipe the oil out of the threads. Iced tea, too!

  218. I can my own tomato juice, but don’t always need to use a full quart. This would be perfect to stick on the top and know that it has a tight seal and I will be able to pour from it whenever I need to!

  219. I make a lot of infused vinegars and infused sugars. This would turn my mason jars into perfect containers for said projects!

  220. I had read about these lids on another blog over the weekend and ordered some…they are on their way and I’m so excited…Not only do I plan on using mine for homemade salad dressing I’m going to use one for honey and the other for blackberry syrup…can’t wait. Hope I win because I could use more and more! Great idea!

  221. oh my gosh – for tons of things – I’m always carrying around a jar with water or iced coffee to drink, along with my 5 kiddos πŸ™‚ maple syrup, dressing, wow – great product!

  222. Salad dressing-Salad dressing-Salad dressing!!! I make it in small batches in the little quarter-pint jars – how PERFECT it would be to be able to pour it out of a spout instead of having it drip down the sides! Please oh please!

  223. Ohhh! This is so genius! I have several jars of jalapeno hot sauce and this lid would make pouring smaller amounts so much easier!

  224. My daily lunchbag is filled with jars, so I, too, am excited about this great idea! Homemade salad dressing and filtered water would be two uses I can think of and no doubt more to come.

  225. I reuse my jars over and over. So I would use the recap often–for example, I make my own salad dressings and my own chocolate syrup (with fair trade cocoa!). Right now, I tend to reuse the old plastic chocolate syrup bottle for the chocolate syrup, but it would be much better to use glass with a pourable spout!

  226. These are great for so many uses…canned juice or sauces, dressing, syrup, infused honey, pizza sauce and the list goes on! Sure would love to have one! Thanks for sharing.

  227. Oooh! This would be perfect for maple syrup or honey. Both are available at the farmers’ market in mason jars and I tend to make a huge mess trying to pour. Love the reCAP idea!

    I can also see these being very useful for lemonade, iced coffee or tea, dressings, and more all summer. πŸ™‚

  228. Great idea. I use a LOT of dry active yeast in the summer when I’m making pretzels for our local farmers market, and I keep it in the ‘fridge in a quart mason jar- My only fuss with that is when I’m constantly taking off/putting on the lid, little bitty pearls of yeast get wedged under the band and then get all over the counter, floor and in between my toes. The ‘recap’ would eliminate all of that. Even if I don’t win one, I still plan on buying a couple!

  229. Storing lots of things in Mason Jars, the things that bounce all over the counter when pouring would work great with this cover… couscous, rice and orzo! Great idea!

  230. very cool! especially love that they’re made out of BPA free plastic. my first thought was homemade chicken stock – i’m always dribbling that all over [the counter, not my chin :]
    appreciate the generosity either way!

  231. Wow I can see these for all manner of sauces and of course salad dressing. I think it could work for on the go drinks too. What a great idea!

  232. This is a brilliant idea! I’ve often lamented about the spills I have to clean up from pouring out of a mason jar. We store our goats milk in mason jars and these lids would be perfect for that. Maybe my son wouldn’t have as much spillage when he is getting his morning milk!

  233. I would use it on my jar of simple syrup. I pour the syrup into iced tea, and sometimes it can be rather messy.

  234. The water bottle I currently take to work with me every day has a broken cap, which typically spells disaster if I’m toting it around in the car, in my purse, etc. I have a large collection of mason jars, so this smart cap would be a welcome addition!



  235. I would use one to hold our homemade salad dressing, the old maple syrup bottle with pour spout its currently in was NOT meant for shaking. These sound so awesome and useful I am definitely getting me some!

  236. What wouldn’t I use these for? I have been trying FOREVER to find a portable coffee keeper that WASN’T made in CHINA!!!..Why can’t I find one!!!??? That is what I would mainly use it for, but many other ideas do come to mind! I would LOVE one! πŸ™‚

  237. We have to have homemade pepper spray to keep rodents and other pests away from our backyard garden. And getting it from the mason jar it’s stored in into the spray bottle is always a somewhat messy process. These caps would certainly make things neater in the kitchen on pepper spray days.

  238. What a great idea!!!! I would use mine for homemade vanilla as well as I think storing baking power and baking soda would be perfect. Actually I could think of about 100 uses for them.

  239. I gave up plastic refrigerator storage containers in favor of glass Mason jars a year ago, and I would store BBQ sauce, homemade salad dressing, my chili gravy for enchiladas, my raspberry sauce for chicken, my hoisan/orange sauce for chicken, and anything else liquid in a jar with these caps! Jars have a smaller footprint in the fridge, and it’s easy to see what’s in them. I also store chopped onions, chopped carrots, and peppers and other salad veggies this way. I LOVE this idea!

  240. I store everything in canning jars, so I can think of about 100 uses for these lids. Sugar, honey, brown sugar, baking soda, pecans, almonds, beans, rice, quinoa, spice blends I get from Penzeys in bulk like Bicentennial Rub and Fox Point.

    I absolutely love the idea!


  241. So many uses come to mind…salsa, syrup, my iced coffee in the morning, all the many things I store in jars, too, grains, beans, even my turtle food. πŸ™‚

  242. Primarily I would use it for homemade liquid coffee creamer. We are currently reusing a bottle from a store bought creamer that is not large enough to accommodate the entire batch. My husband doesn’t like to pour from the large mason jar because it always drips down the side. And, I’m not crazy about having 2 creamers taking up fridge space (not to mention using the plastic). So, this will solve both problems!

  243. This is very neat! I’d use them for taking drinks on picnics, like iced tea and iced coffee. Salad dressing is a popular way I’d also use them. I want to make more of my own condiments and this would be great for that purpose. Yay!

  244. I love this idea! I often use my mason jars instead of plastic water bottles, so these lids would be perfect for this. I also use them to freeze chicken broth, so these lids would be handy for that, as well.

  245. I would love to use this cap on my mason water bottle. I love drinking out of these mason jars, we use them in place of regular drinking glasses. When my canning jars start to get chipped and are not longer fit for canning, they get moved to water glasses use only. I think these caps are so cool and make drinking or pouring out of a mason jar so much simpler. Awesome!

  246. The spout looks a bit too big for an infused vinegar, but I’ll bet it would work fine for a non-chunky tomato sauce!

  247. I make sugar-free fruit syrups for my husband. When we open the new jars, this would be perfect for pouring. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  248. I would so use this to store salad dressings, and my husband would use this for his homemade BBQ sauce! Thanks for the giveaway!

  249. Honestly, I’d probably use it as much just to re-cap a mason jar between uses as to pour things, because it’s hard to get extra lids here, so I’m always using rings with the flat lids after I open the jars! But it would be pretty sweet to be able to pour out a serving’s worth of homemade cider concentrate into a cup of apple juice… πŸ™‚

  250. What a great idea! I know I would use this to store the cold drip coffee I make on the week-ends and take to work with me during the week – would be a little easier to pour from.

  251. Well, right now I use mason jars to carry milk to the office since they are the only thing I have found that doesn’t leak, so that would be the primary usage. But I could use it for all kinds of drinks.

  252. These are fabulous-we buy locally produced honey that comes in mason jars and this would be the perfect lid. I will have to make the producer aware of these–it might be a great add on product for them to sell, or at least make their customers aware of!

  253. I would love to have this for making my Kefir. That way I would not have to make such a mess when I pour it into my smoothies. Looks like it would work great for salad dressings too!

  254. What a wonderful invention. I would use the recap for my coffee creamer. I make my own vanilla creamer this would be perfect! Thank you for the giveaway!

  255. These are wonderful!! I would use them for all sorts of things! For pouring single servings of marinara sauce, salsa, tomato jam, relish … There are so many possibilities! I also make sweet tea in mason jars and I would LOVE to have these to pour tea! πŸ™‚

  256. I keep espresso for iced drinks in a mason jar and spill it all over the counter. This would make pouring it easy. Same with maple syrup!

  257. genius! not only would it make my ball jars suitable for water jug, but when I juice in the morning, I can use a jar for that as well!

  258. I’d love to use these re-caps for my jars of not-so-firmly jelled strawberry jam. We like to call it strawberry syrup, pretending it was intentional. Delicious, but messy – this produst would provide the perfect pour…

  259. I’d use it for salsa, frozen drinks (leave the pop top up until frozen, then click down), keeping leftover cream in the fridge, etc.
    Such a useful thing!

  260. I would use them for my morning breakfast shake or to mix up and pour my homemade salad dressings. I would also use them for iced tea! The possibilities are endless!!!

  261. Would make a nice water bottle for working in the garden. Smash up some herbs for flavor.

    Now I just need an insulated sleeve to fit over a mason jar to help keep things cool & cushioned.

  262. Ahh…I’d use that reCAP for chicken broth. We can it and so it’s always in pint or quart amounts and sometimes you’ve got some leftover. I like using it up in various ways throughout the rest of the week and that would be a great way to pour it !

  263. What a wonderful idea. I make my own catsup and salad dressings, and these lids would work great for that. I also love to drink from my mason jars, and these caps would make them an almost-perfect beverage holder.

  264. I use Mason jars for my portable bevvies, already, but am constantly fearing that I’ll slop allo ver myself (because I have). I’d use the awesome lid for the smoothies that i take to work every morning.

    Fingers crossed!

  265. That would be great for homemade sauces and dressings! Love that it’s BPA-free, that was my first thought when I saw the plastic lid.

  266. Salad dressings and marinades! Would also be handy for making a jar into a to-go cup (I know there’s already a product to do this, but using the reCAP for it makes this product more of a multitasker).

  267. We would use these on our bar to make pouring simple syrup easier. Great idea and great giveaway. Thank you!

  268. I am so excited to see these lids and can’t wait to see what all else they design. I am a mason jar addict. I use them for everything. This lid would be great for my morning smoothie. I would also use it on a quart jar for almond milk storage. Thank you for including me in your give-a-way. I love your blog.

  269. I would use a reCap on Grandchild #2s’ quarts of applesauce…which he dearly loves, but is quite messy about pouring out!

  270. Oh these are awesome! We have a little plastic jug we use to mix up our foster daughter’s formula (we use the concentrate, not the powder) and if it’s being washed I use a quart-size mason jar. But pouring from the jar into a bottle is a big pain! These are such a great idea.

  271. I would love one to use for our raw goat milk that we store in jars! Would make pouring much less messy πŸ™‚

  272. I’d use it to take my iced tea to work every day and I’d probably give it a try as a way to pour my homemade salad dressing when I have lots of guests.

  273. I love making home made salad dressing in the summer with fresh herbs and I always mix it up in a pint mason jar. There have been many frustrations in our house about pouring from the jar and having it dribble down the side and this will fix that!

  274. I make my own salad dressing and store them in the refrigerator in canning jars. Anytime we use them it always makes a mess. The recap would make my salad dressing jars much nicer to deal with.

  275. My half and half (from Strauss Family Creamery) comes in a great glass bottle, but it’s nearly impossible not to spill some when pouring it. I would love to be able to transfer the cream into a mason jar with this fantabulous reCap and pour with ease, please!

  276. Those are awesome!!! I put my homemade yogurt in mason jars and this would be great for pouring without the whole jar plopping out!

  277. Let me count the ways! Maple & homemade syrups, salad dressings, vinegar and laundry soap (I buy them by the gallon), sourdough starter, pancake batter….. give me a little more time and I’m sure I can come up with many more! Sure do love your blog!

  278. This would be a perfect way to bring my home made kombucha with me whereever I go. I can think of so many, many ways to use these lids every day. This woud be a great gift to a friend or family member as well.

  279. WOW, these are GREAT! What a wonderful idea! I would use mine for so much! Smoothies, syrup, juices, pancake mix! The list is really endless! I have one of the sprout lids, and in addition to sprouting, I also use that one as a strainer.

  280. I like to prepare my protein drinks a few hours ahead of time so it dissolves well. I’ve been using pint jars with a screw cap, but it does leak at times because I shake it really well. This lid would be wonderful!

    R Smith

  281. The better question is: how wouldn’t I use these? Iced coffee would be the highest and best use, but also homemade syrups, cultured buttermilk, salad dressing, seeds/lentils… We use mason jars for lots of things. Hope the wide mouth version comes soon! Thanks for the giveaway!

  282. ooh! It would be so useful for storing juice that comes in ridiculously shaped bottles, or when I make stock, yogurt or salad dressing!

  283. This would make it so much easier….well, cleaner…to pour my goat’s milk out of. I would love to have one of these!

  284. For my sister! She drinks her tea from a mason jar every morning. No more spills transporting kids to school πŸ™‚

  285. Looks handy. We’d be able to use jars for storing juice, smoothies, or maybe syrups, instead of the plastic bottles we currently use, and still have similar convenience.

  286. wonderful lids…just what we need!! Plus my brother in Hawaii would love them. Thanks for the chance to try them out.

  287. This is an amazing concept – I wish I knew about the kickstarter when it was open! I could see these being used for salad dressings, flavored waters, lemonade, vinegars, bbq sauce… basically, anything liquid that would normally go in a snap-top container.

  288. These are too cool! Definitely would use one for salad dressing, but I’ve also found I love packing certain cooler items in mason jars when we go camping! I recently packed my coconut creamer in one & it was so much better (and cuter!) than pulling a soggy cardboard carton out of my cooler in the morning. One of these lids would make it perfect!

  289. Simple syrup, homemade herb vinegar, homemade vanilla extract, salad dressing, I want these!!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  290. I would use this for my vinegar/orange peel cleaning solution. I let it sit a week in the mason jar, then use it for the laundry. My front-load washer liquid slots are very narrow, and I always spill out of the mason jar mouth. A spout would be great!

  291. I do a lot of infused vinegars in jars – it would be a lot less messy to strain them with a pour spout, so that’s one thing I’d love to use this for!

  292. I keep sugar in a mason jar and rigged up my own pour lid using an old salt container lid. It is very functional. Makes measuring sugar so easy, but my homemade lids are not pretty. I could use these!!

  293. OMgosh I can’t even begin to count what all I can use these for. Salsa, my homemade watermelon syrup, I don’t even know where to stop! I store so many things in canning jars that would be so much easier with these!

  294. I love these. My husband travels a lot so there are a lot of meals for one here, but you don’t want to can for just one, this would be great for when you open a jar and only want enough for one meal especially with spaghetti and pizza sauce. I can’t wait to give these a try.

  295. I work in a laboratory so I can’t have food or drink nearby. I keep a plastic Rubbermaid container full of juice or iced tea in the fridge down the hall, then when I have a minute, I run down and take a guzzle. I would love to upgrade that plastic to glass and these lids would be perfect to make that possible.

  296. I think these reCaps are a brilliant idea. I just ordered 3 from their website. I am sure I can find many uses for these. I have many spices, different types of salt and peppers, flavored sugars, vinegars, oils, that these caps would work will with. If I win I will use it with my favorite vanilla- caramel sugar that I use for my daily coffee.

  297. I feel funny, after everyone has had these grand ideas for theirs, but my first thought was of giving it to my friend! If pressed, I’m sure I could think of a zillion uses, but my friend, “C”, was the very first thing/person of which I thought. πŸ™‚

  298. I would LOVE these for pouring out bone broth. I use it all the time and I always drop the lids into the pan, on accident.

  299. I make a lot of syrups — simple syrup and flavored syrups for homemade soda and flavoring coffee. I think these would be perfect. Oh! And also for my homemade vanilla extract. Whenever I take off the lid, pour a teaspoon or two and put the cap back on, it drips and makes a mess in my cabinet.

  300. Love this idea! I would use it to let my 4 yo son pour his own juice. I would also use it for pouring homemade dressing.

  301. Thanks to everyone for the ideas on using this new lid. Frankly as someone who uses every canning jar she can get her hands on for actual canning, I couldn’t think of a single way I’d use it…but you’ve given me inspiration!

  302. Fantastic addition to make our Mason jar way more versatile. I’d use it for my daily water , smoothies, chia dispenser etc. This takes using the beloved Mason jar to a whole new level, yahooo!

  303. I’d use my recap for homemade chocolate syrup! Or vinegar! Or salad dressing! Or BBQ sauce! Or ANYTHING!

    That’s such a fabulous idea – way to help make it happen!

  304. These would be great for storing liquids in the frig – fresh juice, salad dressing, stock, etc. What a brilliant invention!

  305. What a fabulous idea!

    Yes please, I would love to win a cap!

    How generous you are.

    This cap would get overtime work in my home :~D

    Thanks so much for sharing.


  306. Oooh, those are cool! I make all my own salad dressing, so they would be perfect for that. They’d also be perfect for the fresh fruit infused alcohol I make in the summer (peaches in rum was so nice last year). I could blend smoothies in a jar and just put one of these lids on for my son to enjoy. There are so many things I could do with them!

  307. Well, since I have celiac disease and am unable to eat corn and wheat, I would use the recaps for everything I can in jars, which is so much of my food.. I can a lot of my food because I am unable to buy it in the stores. So I use many jars!The re caps would be so handy to have! We are just don’t have the funds to spend on them or I definaltly would buy some!!!! A very good idea for someone that lives out of food from a far because of necessity! I also dry my own herbs and are kept in jars.

  308. I keep coffee syrup in a jar for sweetening my daily dose of iced caffeine — the reCAP would be perfect for dispensing that sticky goodness!

  309. I’d actually use it for drinking- as I type this at the moment I am currently drinking out of a 1L mason jar with a straw- I have water issues πŸ™‚ I can’t get enough of it!

    I’d also use them for salad dressings!! Homemade so much healthier!

  310. Every few days I make a big batch of fresh veggie juice and store in a large Mason jar, with a regular lid. These would be great for pouring the juice without making a giant mess!

  311. Well, since I have celiac disease and am unable to eat corn and wheat, I would use the recaps for everything I can in jars, which is so much of my food.. I can a lot of my food because I am unable to buy it in the stores. So I use many jars!The re caps would be so handy to have! We are just don’t have the funds to spend on them or I definaltly would buy some!!!! A very good idea for someone that lives out of food from a jar because of necessity! I also dry my own herbs and are kept in jars.

  312. What a great idea! Those look like they’d work well for both pouring (I’m thinking salad dressings and syrups) and for drinking – my very own fancy adult sippy cup!

  313. I always bring a smoothie at work in the morning in a mason jar, but with a reCAP, it would be so much easier to drink. I definitely want one!

  314. It would be perfect for dispensing maple syrup, salad dressing, cold brew coffee, homemade pancake syrup, etc. So many uses! I might have to buy myself some whether I win or not.

  315. I think I would put a small piece of screening or wide cheesecloth between it and the jar and use it as a “pizza cheese” shaker – that way I can grate my own parm/romano/locatelli/etc. mix, store it and have it in a shaker all at once! Of course, I’d prob also just use them to make iced tea or water bottles. Great product.

  316. I love this! I make salad dressing, it would be perfect for pouring. They’d also be great for iced tea to-go! I hope they make the wide-mouth version. Most of my canning is done with those. Great product, thanks for sharing!

  317. This is such an awesome idea! I’d use it as an everyday water bottle. I love the feel of Ball jars in my hand, so I’d love to be able to use one on a daily basis.

  318. What a great idea! I use my jars for everything – from canning to storing staples. Having these lids would be so great for adding all those small powdered things that we use in baking so that they don’t spoil. How easy it would be for my budding chefs to pour baking powder or soda, or measuring just the right amount of beans or rice? My 11-year-old could use them to store her art supplies while my 8-year old could use them for all those little Lego extras.

  319. I’d use one for my elderberry syrup. Elderberries grow wild near my house and I get lots and make syrup, among other things, each year. This lid would be perfect! And I’m sure I’d find multiple other uses.

  320. To drink from! My cat likes to put his paws in an open mason jar…. Yes, I drink from mason jars at home. πŸ™‚

  321. I can think of many uses for these lids. I’m actually surprised it has taken until the year 2012 for them to have been created! Yay for the creator! I would use them for salad dressings, pasta sauce, syrups, gravies…seriously a great idea.

  322. These look perfect for salad dressings, taking my morning iced coffee on my commute, and I’m sure a thousand other good uses!

  323. love love love this. i already have a cuppow and i am obsessed! i would probably use this for dressings and sauces – my standard peanut sauce, miso stir fry sauce, any salad dressings. yay!

  324. Umm … just about anything? The first thing I thought of was pouring out mixed grains that I add to up the nutritional value of my daily pot of rice, but that seems so lame compared to some of the other ideas people have posted πŸ™

    • Great idea! Not lame! Very useful! I will use mine for barley, baking soda and all the other bulk items that we buy that are “pourable” !

  325. Oh my goodness, I could find a million ways to use reCaps around my house! We are always using jars for salad dressing, drinks, any homemade sauces, spices, dishwasher detergent (since I make my own), etc.

  326. By the time I saw these on kickstarter it was closed, so I’m so excited the are finally available. I would use them to make a drink bottle as well as for my honey jar.

  327. Honey! We put just a touch of local honey in our iced tea, and this would be perfect. I like to use jars for everything. Can’t wait to check it out!

  328. I’d use it for COFFEE.. and then for some more coffee, then one more coffee and then one more cup wouldn’t… “hurt”.
    No seriously… I drink several cups a day out of a mason jar. It’d be really great to have this lid.

  329. Whey! That stuff is like glue when it hardens and it’s hard to pour without dribbling some down the side of the mason jar. What a fantastic idea!

  330. What a great item! I would use mine to for my salad dressing jar. I make such a mess opening the screw lid everytime. This would make it so easy!

  331. I take salad dressing that I make to work in a mason jar – this lid would really help me not spill everywhere πŸ™‚