Reader Submitted Photos + Blossom Trivet Giveaway Winners

September 17, 2012(updated on October 3, 2018)

Canned Foods of 2012

All summer, I’ve been meaning to get back into the habit of featuring all the fab photos you guys submit to the Food in Jars Flickr pool. With all that’s happened over the last few months, it’s just one of many items that has slid off my list of good intentions. However, now that fall is nearly here and life is starting to quiet down ever-so-slightly, I’m pledging to get back into the habit. If you want to add your photos to the pool, please do it!

This photo above is from Melissa, The Boastful Baker, and features just some of the canning she’s done this year. Make sure to click over to her canning round-up post to see more of her hard work.


This lovely, moody photo is of the strawberry jam that another Melissa made. You can find her post and many more gorgeous canning photos at her blog, Melissa Made.

garden grub 49:120 :: 50 lbs of seconds

Erin took 50 pounds of scratch and dent tomatoes and cooked them down into 18 pints of dense, flavorful sauce. In my book, acts like this one are worth every moment of time invested.

Duo of Refrigerator Pickles

Candy made two different kinds of refrigerator pickles (the ones on the right are adapted from my fridge pickle recipe!). For more details, check out this post on her blog, Dessert by Candy.

spicy hot (also, when life gives you peppers)

These three jars feature a savory, spicy sauce that Stephinie and her husband made. Just looking at these pictures has me craving something with heat. For more details, click over to this post on her blog, Gypsy Forest.

August 21 2012 & Garden Grub 42

I just love the line-up of canned goods from the duo behind the blog and Flickr account, Interchangeable Parts. It reminds me that I haven’t pickled nearly enough okra this year.

Finally, thanks to all of you who took the time to enter last week’s Blossom Trivet Giveaway. The winners are Jed Scott, Beau, Mary Kay Lawrence, Linda, and Kristy.

If you didn’t win this giveaway, I still very highly recommend the Blossom Trivet as a canning rack. It’s cheap and easy to use. The one tip I have for those of you having issues with it folding up when there aren’t jars sitting on top of it is this. When it’s time to put the jars back into the pot for processing, pull the pot off the boiling water. That way, the trivet isn’t being buffeted around by the  moving water. Then, use your jar lifter to flatten it back down. Don’t slide the pot back onto the hot burner until you’ve got at least one jar on top of the trivet to hold it in place. Works every time for me!

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6 thoughts on "Reader Submitted Photos + Blossom Trivet Giveaway Winners"

  • Wonderful! This is a great little prize. But the even better prize was getting your book and getting into canning. I have been working my way through the book trying many of the recipes in season while having a blast doing it. Thanks again!

  • Favorite food memory: picking blackberries as a kid with my mom and big brother when the blackberry canes were five times my height…most recent food memory, my mom calls me up and says “the neighbors have us 40 pounds of plums, help!” so we had a late night canning seasion and filled 16 quarts with canned plums, which my family all love.

  • Thank you so much. You have truely added to my joy in canning in so many many ways. I love your recipes a the red tomatoe jam is a family favorite! Thank you again.

  • I loved that you found the half pint jars with the flat side. I agree that they are more elegant looking. I am planning on buying a case for a Christmas present.