A Pressure Canned Bean Reminder and A Mighty Nest Giveaway

pressure canned beans in Weck jars

There are a lot of people out there who think that there’s nothing to can during the winter months. That when the cold days roll in, the best thing to do is just hang up the canning pot and apply one’s energy to emptying the jars they spent so much time filling up during summer and fall.

And while it’s true that there’s less to can this time of year, there are a number of pantry building projects you can do during this time of year, particularly if you have a pressure canner.

fully soaked beans

Restocking my supply of home canned beans is one of my particular favorite projects to take on when outdoor temperatures plummet (it’s just 8 degrees F today in Philly). While store bought canned beans are plenty cheap for most budgets, dried beans are even more affordable. When you soak, simmer, and process your own beans, you’re reducing the amount of waste you product (no cans into the recycling) and you’re making better tasting beans. It’s a winning situation, if you ask me.

I wrote a post all about how to process beans in a pressure canner this time last year and it’s such a useful post (if I do say so myself) that I thought it merited a reminder.

close on pinto beans

Once you have a stash of home canned beans in the pantry, you use them just like you would cans of beans from the grocery store. I regularly stir them into batches of soup or chili, and use them to top trays of homemade nachos. They’re also good for burrito bowls and adding extra protein to salad.

You can also pre-season the beans with ground spices, a sliver of chile pepper or some fresh herbs before canning, so that they become even more useful meal starters (later this week, I’ll be posting a variation on this pressure canning technique that I use to make ready-to-use white bean and rosemary soup).

canned beans square

Last year when I first posted this bean tutorial, the post also included a giveaway from the nice folks at Mighty Nest. Happily, they’ve agreed to offer a giveaway with this one as well! Use the widget below to enter for a chance to win a 6 Quart Dutch Oven, a set of six 1/2 liter mold jars (they’re the same ones pictured above), and a People Who Love to Eat Tea Towel. Additionally, Mighty Nest will donate $150 to the winner’s school of choice.

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56 responses to “A Pressure Canned Bean Reminder and A Mighty Nest Giveaway”

  1. Love to can beans, and I love the Weck Jars! They are beautiful and make the best gifts of homemade stuff. Love your site and your books!

  2. Thank you for the reminder! I’ve been wanting to can my own beans for a while now, but I think I just needed a push. And a pressure canner. But I think I’ll bite the bullet and get one now… as much as I love cooking with dried beans, it would be even more convenient to have them canned!

  3. Thank you so much for this post! I was just thinking to myself that winter sucks because there is nothing to can. So I pop on over to your site to see what you are up to and am instantly inspired! Planning to can some beans this weekend thanks to you 🙂

  4. I usually cook beans in the slow cooker and then jar and freeze them for later use. But those Weck jars sure are purty …

  5. I’ve never put up my own beans, but have been trying to make them from scratch more often. Plus, anything in a Weck Jar is just so irresistible!

  6. I’ve never put up my own beans, but have been trying to make them from scratch more often. Plus, anything in a Weck Jar is just so irresistible!

  7. Do pressure canned beans taste that much better than beans in the can from the store? That is an exciting thought! We just bought a pressure cooker a few weeks ago. hmmm

  8. I would love to know how to pressure can. But I have learned that it is almost impossible on a smooth top stove. All kinds of warnings about cracking glass, etc. My stove is from 1978. I don’t know if it would work. I would be afraid to try. I also read that the pan needs to be no more than an inch or two larger than the burner. I wish I could find someone who knows canning and could possibly let me use their stove. Until I get a new stove, I can only dream of canning. Until then, I suck up the information on your blog and hope that I am able to one day preserve my food other than dehydrating or freezing.

  9. I’ve had a pressure canner for a while and have never used it. This post has inspired me to pull it off the shelf and can beans!

  10. I love to can but don’t do much pressure canning anymore and have never canned beans but have thought of it many times, especially this winter since the weather’s been so bad and we don’t get out and about as much. I love reading your blog and always find something In it that is interesting. Thanks a bunch.

  11. …. another wonderful thing about canning your own brand is that you can choose from a variety of jar sizes. Living alone, half pint jars are much more manageable for me (and if I want more for a particular recipe, I just open another jar).

  12. I would love to try canning my own beans. I just started cooking and freezing portions of my own beans. This would be so much better for my storage arrangement.

  13. I recently upgraded to an induction stove, and while I love the efficiency of it, replacing my pots & pans with induction-capable ones has been a pain. Does any one know if it’s possible to pressure can on an induction stove? and if so, could you recommend a brand?

  14. I have my mothers cooker and I love to use to can everything. I love the jars. Oh by the way, the canner is 50 years old and still works good.

  15. Thanks for the reminder. It’s nice to do some canning in the winter when my stove isn’t fighting with the air conditioner, and the extra heat is welcome in the kitchen.

  16. The Washington Post had an article recently about pressure canning beans. I guess I should ask for a pressure canner for my birthday!

  17. We LOVE our beans! I have them at least twice a week in Mexican/Southwestern dishes or soup or salad. I love the flavor, the incredible number of recipes I can use beans in, and the fact that they supply extra protein. I actually have Weck jars on my bucket list! I have promised myself that I will get some as a special treat for myself one of these days, and winning some would be the perfect way to start a collection! I’m going to have the Hubs get my pressure canner down today. It’s cold and rainy, and I love to can on days like this! Thanks, Marisa!

  18. After taking a pressure canning class with you, I asked for, and received, a pressure canner for Christmas. It was Christmas 2013, and I have yet to give it a go. But, canning beans is the first task I’d like to attempt. I’ve got to make room on the shelves for more canned goods, so I guess I need to start giving some of my jars of preserves and pickles to other people!

  19. Have to admit, I am afraid of the pressure canner. But over the past few years, I have been growing different bean varieties to find that bean that is good both fresh and dried. So far, haven’t found a variety that is really good both ways. But I have been getting some very pretty dried beans and the climbing plants are always a welcoming sight in the garden.

  20. Sooooo many things to can during the winter! All those pressure canner things that just don’t seem worthwhile during the heat of summer. Like soups and stews, beans and chili, and sauces of all sorts.

    Thanks for the reminder! Need to get some little meatloaves canned. And some wonderful layered chili. Yum!

  21. LOVE my canned beans. So easy, cheap and handy to have. I love adding my homemade taco seasoning to pintos for refried beans.

    Plus you are right – it helps feed the canning addiction! Lots of meat beans and stock canning in the “off” season here!

  22. Thank you for another awesome giveaway! I was so excited about the weck jars, I didn’t even realize there were other things like the dutch oven!!! Have been using dry beans (thank you for some great recipes) for a few years now and I agree that you can’t beat it for the cost, taste & using a slow cooker; convenience.

  23. I love to reconstitute dried beans but have never tried pressure cooking/canning them.
    It would also be a great way to reuse those Weck jars.

  24. I’m starting to do a lot of my cooking from scratch and with all the stuff about the plastic inside of cans I would like to learn the process of canning for the convenience of having something handy to use.

  25. This year I started to pressure cook beans. A lot faster and takes up less space in my pantry. The Dutch Oven is my favorite way to make baked beans.

  26. I received a mysterious wedding gift several years ago (no ‘from’ info, even four years later), and recently discovered that what I thought what was a pressure canner is actually a pressure cooker. I need to do some research, and can’t wait to figure out new projects!

  27. Canning is a tradition in my family. I love doing this with so many different things and feeding my family healthy food.

  28. I have been canning for a long time. Great way to make meal for one. Agenda for today canning split pea
    with ham soup. Introduced my SIL to canning several years ago. We know what goes into our jars.

    • i am completely new at canning and I came upon a post you put on Pinterest. I am so happy to have found this site. I am getting such good answers to questions that I had. Thank you for being there.

  29. I have enjoyed your post on canning your own beans. I have always canned my early spring beans but never gave a thought to my dry bean supply. I would love to get your posts and will be scanning Amazon for your books on Food in Jars.

    Thanks for the ideas and recipes.

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