Preserving by the Pint at the IACP Book & Blog Fest

March 12, 2014

PbtP stack

My new book doesn’t officially come out until March 25 but unofficially, things are starting to get under way. I’ve heard through the grapevine that Amazon started shipping some of pre-ordered copies this week. Fillmore Container has a copy and posted a sneak peek earlier today. And I’m doing my first event for this book on Saturday.

I’ll be at the IACP conference in Chicago this weekend and on Saturday from 7-9 pm, I’ll be signing books at the conference’s Book & Blog Festival. If you’re not attending the conference, tickets for the Book & Blog Fest are $35 per person. It’s a little bit pricy, but there will be a number of cookbook authors there, so if you’re a cookbook fiend, it’s a good chance to see a number of your favorite folks all in one place.

I hope to see some of you there!

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29 thoughts on "Preserving by the Pint at the IACP Book & Blog Fest"

  • Yep, I got notification from Amazon that my ship date had been moved up! I am very excited to see this book; I love “Food In Jars” as much for it’s beauty as it’s wonderful recipes! Congratulations!

  • Great! I’m going to the IACP conference; I’ll stop by at the book and blog to get a copy of your book signed and say hello.

  • My book will be delivered on Friday! Had I known, I would have bought a second copy for my friend’s birthday (she’s my canning buddy, and I’ll see her on Saturday). Can’t wait to get my hands on my copy and I may have to dig out my 4th burner pot and do a wee bit of canning on Sunday!

  • Beautiful Cover! I am really looking forward to reading your new book.
    I have pages from Food in Jars marked and waiting for spring rhubarb, I am so excited for the season to start! I am sure it will be the same with Preserving by the Pint!

  • Congratulations, Marisa. I have no doubt the new book’s pages will soon be as stained as those in my copy of your first one! Good luck with the rollout.

  • It’s here! And, right after I finished shoveling, I read through it. And, I was instantly hungry. So, I finished off a jar of dilly beans. I love how this book introduces me to a few new types of produce making me wish I could join a CSA. Instead, I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for the dates when the farmer’s market arrives.

    For now, I happen to have some grape tomatoes on hand, so I was thrilled to find a recipe (Slow-Roasted Grape Tomato Spread) that I can use this weekend!

    Thanks for another great and inspiring book, Marisa!

    1. I made it! Well, a slight variation of it… I had to use rosemary instead of thyme, and I used my immersion blender to puree it, but I ended up with four quarter pint jars (I had 2 pints of tomatoes), currently tucked in the freezer. A small sample proved to be delicious!

  • Just got my copy this evening. It’s a beautiful book with a unique variety of recipes. I appreciate that not all the recipes are for water-bath canning. I plan to do a summer CSA this year and I am sure I will find these small batch recipes very useful. Thanks Marisa!

  • I received my copy from Amazon yesterday. I had a chance to look through it. Our daughter-in-law love it too. Now it’s returning to Sweden with her and our son. I ordered another copy for myself. Peter

  • Just got your book in the mail yesterday……WONDERFUL!!!! I am looking forward to finally having a “go to” guide to preserve all the CSA vegies that I just can’t consume myself (and don’t have the heart to relegate to the compost pile…). My CSA always gives a bag of herbs, so I’m really thrilled about the herb salt! Congratulations on another great book!!

  • Ordered from Amazon on Wednesday and received my copy yesterday! Buy canning corned beef today, but looking forward to reading the book and planning some projects.

  • Yesterday I made Lemon, Parsley and Garlic Salt. I usually enjoy cutting and chopping up stuff but yesterday it seemed very time consuming and tedious. I didn’t want to leave it out to dry. Our kitten gets int everything.
    So I put it into the dehydrator to keep little paws out of it. Next idea! I set the dehydrator for 85 and 5 hrs later it was done. I can’t wait to try it on something.

  • People laugh, but I call your first book “my bible”! The pickles, the jams, all have become my new favorite recipes to make and give as gifts.

  • I am looking forward to receiving the book. I like the approach as preserving in small batches makes much more sense for me, my family and my picky eaters.

  • Sorry I missed IACP this year.
    I am responding to the salt giveaway. This past Dec., my African Blue basil was still growing and out of control. I made basil salt as my holiday gift and used the long seed stalks that were starting to dry as well as the leaves. The seeds gave the salt added texture and pop and the leaves added aroma and color beside flavor.