MightyNest Book Event in Evanston, IL on Monday, April 28

April 26, 2014(updated on October 3, 2018)

Jars at my book event today.

Friends! I’m currently in the Chicago suburbs, getting ready for a full weekend of events (you can find all the details here) and wanted to drop in with more details about Monday’s canning party in Evanston with MightyNest.

We’ll be at Now We’re Cookin’ (1601 Payne St, Evanston, IL) from 7-8:30 pm on Monday. General admission to the event is $5. There’s also “Mighty Pass” that you can buy for $25 that will get you entrance to the event, a signed copy of the book, and 3 mini Weck tulip jars. Both options can be purchased through Eventbrite.

I’m going to be demo-ing how to make the honey sweetened strawberry jam with thyme from the new book and will happily answer any and all canning questions. I hope to see some of you there!

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8 thoughts on "MightyNest Book Event in Evanston, IL on Monday, April 28"

  • Great to meet you–the apple pear chutney I bought yesterday at the Canning for Kids event is scheduled for devouring tonight with an aged cheddar, baguette and a bottle of wine!

  • Hi, I recently bought your book Preserving by the Pint and I can’t wait to make the Honey Strawberry Jam…it looks delicious. I am new to canning, so I’ll probably be coming back with future questions.

  • Just received your new book and love it. One question, why mix the fruit and sugar for preserves in a bowl only to transfer to a pot. Am I missing something why dirty an extra bowl?

    Already have many recipes marked and can’t wait to try them. I love the small batch concept, it’s only my husband and I and we certainly don’t need six of one kind of preserve. Much more economical too and I can experiment with so many more recipes.

    1. Often, you want to let the fruit and sugar sit together for a while before cooking and so I’ve found that it’s better to do that in a bowl than in the pan. However, if want to mix them directly in the pan in which you’ll be cooking them, feel free to go directly into the pan.

  • Hi! I preordered and received the new book and I love it! I have a few jars of the mango salsa in my boiling water bath right now! I am a little nervous though… There definitely wasn’t enough liquid in the jar to reach all the way up to the top of the fruit. In other words, the bottom half of the jar is fruit and liquid, but above that it’s really just fruit. Did I boil off too much liquid? Is this going to be safe after processing it as is, with liquid only halfway up the jar?


      1. Okay great thanks so much! Can’t wait to eat the salsa. The jars both pinged beautifully!