Preserving Dinners with Chef Eli Kulp at High Street

May 21, 2014

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Over the course of this summer and fall, I’m working on a really cool collaboration (much like Tenaya and Amanda did before me). I’ve teamed up with Chef Eli Kulp (Executive Chef at Philly’s Fork and High Street restaurants) to help create a series of three preserving themed dinners at High Street.

The menus are going to feature lots and lots of jams, pickles, chutneys, and other preserves. Some will be the shining star of the course, while others be supporting players. For those of you who struggle to find ways of using your canning beyond the basics, these meals will give you an opportunity to taste some amazing flavors and get a world of fresh inspiration on how to put your preserves to work.

The first of these three dinners will be on Tuesday, June 3 and if the meeting we had this morning is any indication, it’s going to be spectacularly delicious. The cost is just $25 per person (plus beverages, tax, and gratuity). The menu will be released at 12 noon, the day of the meal and service begins promptly at 9 pm. Reservations are highly recommended, and you can make them by calling (215) 625-0988.

If you can’t make the June dinner, the other two will be on July 22 and September 30. They menus will all be seasonally driven and different from one another. I hope to see some of you there!

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5 thoughts on "Preserving Dinners with Chef Eli Kulp at High Street"

  • Marisa, for those of us outside of Philly and unable to attend, will you be sharing the menus after the fact? That would be some useful information!