Preserves in Action: Fried Eggs, Avocado, and Tomato Jam

December 7, 2012(updated on October 3, 2018)

egg and tomato jam sandwich

The jar situation in my fridge is way out of hand (though I did finish off two jars of jam last week!) and so it’s time to redouble my efforts to press my preserves into action in new and creative ways.

This particular meal was inspired by a sandwich that my friend Sara posted on her blog, The Cozy Herbivore. Her verision was inspired by a sandwich that the Luck Old Souls truck serves on Sundays at the Headhouse Square Farmers market. I’ve never ordered it there, but I thought that the combination of eggs and jam seemed like a very good idea.

egg and tomato jam sandwich

In my version, I toasted two slices of sturdy whole wheat bread and spread a thin layer of tomato jam down as my base. While the bread was toasting, I fried two eggs (in my new favorite square cast iron pan) until the whites were cooked and the yolks were still just a bit runny (my dad calls this state of egg cookery “over easy, hold the wiggle”).

Once the eggs were done, onto the jammy toast they went. I added avocado because I had half of one kicking around the fridge and this seemed as good an application as any. It was a lovely lunch and I’m planning on adding this to my regular rotation of easy weekday lunches.

How are you guys putting your preserves into action these days?

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32 thoughts on "Preserves in Action: Fried Eggs, Avocado, and Tomato Jam"

  • I make a tomato-chilli jam which I love to spread on toast with avo and a fried egg. I also spread it on tortilla wraps and add some cheese or sour cream. Mmmmm…..

    (PS I’ve asked for your book for Christmas! Here’s hoping the little elves are listening!)

  • How, oh how do you keep ‘a half an avocado’ in the fridge???? Doesn’t it turn brown? I’d love to know – DH doesn’t like them so I’m left with figuring out a way to eat a whole one myself or making guac, that also turns even with saran wrap on surface…

    What’s your secret?

    1. Gena, I have been told that if you keep the leftover avocado or guac in an airtight container that it will not turn brown. Haven’t had a chance to try it yet. If I make guac when the kids come to visit, it is all gone in no time. Sounds like a good use for some Tupperware if anyone out there still has some bouncy around the kitchen.

    2. Put it in a ziploc bag and squish all the air out- a tiny layer on the surface may start to discolor but underneath it is still a lovely, yummo green.

      Now I need to buy an avocado…

    3. I wrap mine tightly as mentioned above, and then even if / when it browns, I scrape a millimeter of flesh of off the top with a spoon and underneath is still nice and fresh and green.

  • I love pairing my apple-lemon marmalade with horseradish cheese on a nice multigrain cracker.
    I, also, have asked for your book for Christmas; hope I get it.

  • I took your post a while ago to heart and use my preserves for sandwiches. Been making grilled cheese on a multi-grain bread with my cranberry chutney left over from Thanksgiving. Or my apricot or plum jams on a turkey sandwich.

  • I’ve never had any luck with the keep the seed in concept, but when I store avocados, I rub a little lime juice on them first. They just won’t keep that long no matter what, but leaving half in the shell and the citric acid seems to buy a little extra time. You could also freeze it, but that changes the texture a little. But avocados do freeze beautifully for smoothies. 🙂

  • Regarding how I’m using my preserves, I had literally no time to make anything for a friend’s open house party, so I picked up a great Manchego and a fresh baguette and brought a jar of my fig jam from early autumn. Done and done!

  • these types of posts are great—its good to get some ideas of what to do with the literal fruits of your labor via canning 🙂

  • Hey, you glorious blogger you, would you please hotlink your mater jam recipes henceforth? I might have found it in the Tags but you deserve all the clicks you can get. 🙂

  • In the spirit of using up half full jars in the fridge, I finished off a strawberry jam the other night by warming it up and spooning over vanilla ice cream. Lovely!!

  • That tomato jam was one of the big wins this summer — we love it with all kinds of things, but it’s great with smoked cheddar!
    I put up mostly what our CSA gave us this summer, so we have lots of sauerkraut and random pickles. We’ve used it as an excuse to have the occasional dinner of hot dogs — and one of these times, my husband may even get around to making those buns he’s been promising…

  • Ahhhh! I am beyond tickled that you were inspired to try a jammy egg sandwich because of me! This looks amazing, and now you really must try a breakfast sandwich from Lucky Old Souls, because I seem to remember them offering an egg sandwich with their housemade ketchup as well as the one I rhapsodized about. Theirs doesn’t come with an avocado, though– what an inspired choice!

    I must tell you, your tomato jam continues to light up my life. I made two giant batches during the height of tomato season this year, and not only do I have enough to give away for Christmas gifts, but I spread it on a grilled cheese sandwich at least once (okay, maybe more like twice) a week for dinner. So delicious. I really could just eat it straight from the jar. Sad to have missed you at the tea party, hope you’re recovering!

  • I love using tomato or raspberry jam on homemade monte cristo sandwiches; if I don’t feel like going to the trouble of monte cristos, jam is also great on smoked turkey or chicken sandwiches!

  • I make my boyfriend’s sack lunch every day and I like to throw in a small container of homemade Greek yogurt with a big spoonful of my low-sugar freezer jam on top. He loves it and it’s a good high-protein, lower-carb snack for a diabetic.

  • I have been adding a spoonful of cherry preserves and some nuts to my morning oatmeal (with a hat tip to Mary Poppins).

  • We’ve been using your Pear Vanilla Jam in Greek Yogurt with (or without) homemade granola. Also, our corn salsa to liven up quesadillas. Eating simple, but delicious.

  • Hey Marisa, I just made a batch of BBQ sauce with your tomato jam as a base. OMG…I may never leave the house again, just sit here and mainline tomato jam BBQ sauce. Dare I say, tis even better than straight jam out of the jar, which as far as I’m concerned is a primary food group. I just became a hoarder of tomato jam BBQ sauce.

    I slow cooked a roast then turned the oven way low, dumped in a bunch of the sauce and cooked it low and slow, like brisket. Amazing. I also used your strawberry jam and mixed it with some balsamic the other day to make a great salad dressing…am using jam as a base for so many things I never would have tried before. Love it that my food comes from my own put up jars now!

    Thanks for the base of so many loved up foodie things!
    🙂 Terri

  • Since I am sort of new to the canning enterprise – I have only made two kinds of canning – Tomato Jam and Hot Pepper Jelly. I use my Tomato Jam on all sorts of stuff, my favorite being grilled cheese and Tomato Jam. I also use it on top of Turkey burgers, and Goat Cheese Sandwiches. My jelly I like to use on top of ckicken wings and breast strips once they are half cooked, then I broil them after smothering them with the hot pepper jelly. Yum!

  • What fun reading everyone’s uses for their jams and jellies. I made many such jars of this year including a lemon tomato marmalade, a bit runny but delicious. My dilemma is what shall I bring to warmer climes as I am able to head south for the winter. I chose 2 dozen jars of assorted things to bring but alas no bread and butter pickles. Only a quart jar of pickled green tomatoes from my Ukrainian da-in-law, good but tart, she uses far less sugar than I do.
    Using these delights from up north is such a pleasure , on toast,besides meats, over ice cream or with slow cooked meats that I would be lost in the kitchen without them.

    Thanks for all the inspiration here on your blog and Yes, I already have your book!

  • I don’t leave loads of comments on plenty of blogs but i felt i had to here. Top quality articles you’ve got here.

  • I’ve seen many recipes for tomato jam that have a lot of sugar. Do you have a recipe for a savory, unsweetened tomato jam/spread? Your open face sandwich looks delicious. We made some refrigerator pickles last weekend which were a huge hit in the kids’ lunchboxes.

  • This is my fav!!

    I’ve been having rasberry jam, smushed avacado and a soft boiled or poached egg on toast since I was a kid. So delicious!! Great with smushed raspberries too.