Pre-Order the Food in Jars Cookbook!

December 22, 2011(updated on October 3, 2018)

Food in Jars cover

Okay kids, I have some fun news. The Food in Jars cookbook(subtitled Preserving in Small Batches Year-Round) is available for pre-order! Obviously, it won’t be shipping before you give gifts this week (expect to see physical copies of it around May or June), but if you have a bit of extra holiday budget burning a hole in your pocket, pre-ordering a copy from your favorite bookseller.

Get it from a local-to-you bookseller.
Get it from Powell’s.
Get it from Amazon.
Get it here from Barnes and Noble.
Get it here from Chapters (for you Canadian folks).

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61 thoughts on "Pre-Order the Food in Jars Cookbook!"

  • I just ordered my copy! I imagine I’ll forget about it between now and May, so it will be a lovely little surprise to get me excited for my CSA to start up again!

  • Done! Giving one copy as a gift to my mother in law who will love it, going with the old print-out Christmas gift approach. Amazon will ship direct with my gift message explaining this is the gift I promised 5 mos ago! Looks awesome, can’t wait!


    1. Lady, you and I will figure something out. 😉 I don’t think I’m going to make it up to Canada during the promotion, but I’ll make sure you get a personalized copy!

      1. It’s available at too!

        Do your links include a site code so you can get extra monetary awesomeness from orders?

        And boo! You’re a tiny flight or manageable drive away! Get up to Toronto! You could hit the Cookbook Store:

        And I could take you out for a celebration. 🙂

  • This is the first time I have come across your site – but I have always had an unspoken fascination with canning and jarring food – a few months ago I made a fig and onion chutney, it was wonderful but I wasn’t blogging back then. When it’s fig-season again I’ll have to make it again. Congrats on your first book!

  • Hm, there are two Rachael’s on this site. How very cool!

    Marisa, I just ordered a copy for my library, in addition to one for me. Can’t wait, because you’ve already given me a couple personal favorite recipes.

  • That looks fabulous Marisa. Make sure your publisher sends us a copy as soon as it’s available so it can be indexed on Eat Your Books.

  • I will be pre-ordering right away but wondered (just to make the suspense WORSE) what is one recipe you can’t wait for us to get???!!

  • I am really looking forward to your book which will certainly lend inspiration to my garden planning. Hope you reach bestseller status(~.~)

  • Oh, I am SO EXCITED! Your blog is among my top 10 in all subjects. Even when I don’t try your recipes, I love learning from them, being inspired by them, and just drinking in the gorgeous photos. Of the recipes I have tried, they have all been absolutely brilliant . . . I’ve been canning for about 30 years, and finding your blog actually made it feel like a new passion.

    Woo hoo!

    Also, I love your kitchen. I have a tiny kitchen too (without the very cool turquoise stove, alas), and you’ve definitely encouraged me to ignore space and time restrictions and just go ahead and put something up.

    Congratulations on your book! I’m so very excited to see it! (Just preordered.)

  • This book will soon be as dog-eared as other canning books in my possession, I’m sure! No one deserves a larger venue for her recipes more than you, everything I’ve ever made of yours has been wonderful, and I’m not just saying that. Congratulations, Marisa!

  • It’s on my wish list for my birthday next month! Congratulations…… the cover is absolutely gorgeous!

  • Merry Christmas Marisa,
    What a wonderful surprise to wake up to! So happy for you.We talented women deserve recognition. I’m still waiting for my Patent Approval for my invention for breast cancer Women [see my website –] it’s been 3 long years now !
    I know all the work you put into your success, first hand, and i commend you for you for your efforts and talents. You are the one who got me started along the preserving/canning path ! Thank you for that!
    …and a Happy New year to you and your family.

  • really looking forward to your book! pre-ordering as soon as I get home.

    Will you be making it up to Boston on the promotion tour??

  • I wish I could have found a “Contact Me” link..

    I love your blog, enjoy it immensely, and plan to order your book but I have another comment to make that I really didnt want to say in public.

    Calling your readers kids is extremely condescending in my opinion.. I know others dont mind, and I know you dont mean it in that manner (you wouldnt have written it otherwise, I know) but there are those of us who take it this way.. Im sure Im not the only one. I am so old enough to be your mother and Im sure there are others out there my age who take exception to be called “kid”. Food for thought..

    I hope your book is a smashing success!!

  • I just pre-ordered my copy from Amazon. Their price right now is amazing! I want to thank you for your blog. I had wanted to can for years and was afraid that I would poison my family so I never tried. Your blog gave me the inspiration to start. My 5 year old and I made the Strawberry Vanilla jam, which we opened for the first time on Thanksgiving morning. It was delicious, and no one in my family can believe that we made it. I already have goals for next summer.

  • hi all, I pre-ordered one for me and one for a friend…now…can’t wait ’til May!!

    also…Marissa…I’ve steam juiced all of the raspberries from the freezer (from this past fall) and now need a raspberry JELLY recipe (lot’s of jam recipes out there).

    Can I use the one I use for the grape juice I steam juice? thanks!

  • this is the first book i ever preordered! i already use so many of your recipes off the blog; i’m excited to have them all in pretty book form 🙂

  • congratulations on your book! This will be a winner and I look forward to it! Wish I had someone to gift it too! They are all still in amazement at my canning obsession but most enjoy it’s benefits.

  • I don’t comment much, but I do have you in my RSS feed and read your blog a lot. I wanted to let you know I also pre-ordered a copy. It’s nice to support a local.

  • Just pre-ordered my copy! Love the cover. Congratulations, Marisa! 2012 is going to be an exciting year for you.

  • Marisa, Congratulations! This is very exciting news! It was good to catch up with you in Walla2 in September. I’ve been waiting for this official cookbook announcement post for months! I have a jar of vanilla extract curing in a kitchen cupboard right now that was inspired by a recipe of yours. You should come do a Seattle book tour stop at the Book Larder in Fremont!

  • I normally fuss and go back and forth and wait for reviews before ordering cookbooks, but considering that you’re the person responsible for my getting started canning, I figured I can’t possibly go wrong! I can’t wait till May for the book to get here! Congrats. I hope that it’s a smashing success!

  • I shall preorder your cookbook on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and if we all do that …um…guess who gets on the best seller lists for those sites? This does not mean you have to actually buy the book when it becomes available. I learned this from a writer friend some years ago and oh, I want Food in Jars to be seen by as many as possible. I like to support small business. Tell your friends and I wish you the best , Marisa. We could do this! Really!

    1. Jo, I honestly don’t know the answer to that. If it’s not being carried by your local bookstore, you could always ask them to order it for me.