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January 26, 2016

Naturally Sweet Food in Jars cover

Nine weeks from today, Naturally Sweet Food in Jars hits bookstore shelves. I have had a single physical copy in my hands for a little over a week now and I could not be more pleased with how beautifully this book has turned out. I think you’ll find it’s pretty useful as well.

Sized to match my first two books, this new volume contains 100 recipes that are sweetened with honey, maple, agave, coconut sugar, dried fruits, and fruit juice concentrates. The recipes are a combination of old favorites (like a honey sweetened version of my beloved pear vanilla jam) and brand new things (like a strawberry cocoa jam sweetened with coconut sugar).

stack of three books

I feel extraordinarily proud of this book. It was some of the hardest work I’ve ever done. There’s not a lot of existing information out there in the area of preserving with natural sweeteners and so at times, I felt like I was breaking a very small area of new ground. That’s both exciting and just a little bit scary.

If you think that this book is going to be something you want to add to your library and your budget can handle it, I would so appreciate that you pre-order a copy. Pre-orders help my publisher get an idea of demand and whether they need to order another printing.

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20 thoughts on "Pre-Order Naturally Sweet Food in Jars"

  • This looks awesome! Could you please tell me if these recipes involve pressure canning or water bath canning? I have never done either but I would venture into water bath canning using the natural sugars. I would definitely pre-order it.

    1. The recipes in the book are all preserved using either a water bath canner or the freezer. No pressure canning involved!

      1. Great! I just pre-ordered the book. I have a large stainless pot I can use and all the other supplies you have listed in the beginning of the book. I’ll be ready!

  • Preordered! Let me also note, I don’t know if its you or your publisher, but I love the amount Amazon allows one to preview of your books. It really helps give an idea of what the book offers, which is so useful with so many amazing books out there to choose between.

    Love your first two books, can’t wait for this one!

  • Can’t wait for this to come out! I’ve already sneaked a look at your preview recipe on Amazon (from the “Look Inside” feature) for mango butter, and it sounds amazing!

  • Is there information in your book on how to make a naturally-sweetened version of medium syrup that is shown in the USDA handbook chapter on canning fruit? I can peaches and pears from my trees and have been using medium syrup made of sugar and water. I like the result, but I’m interested in substituting honey or other natural sweetener, and need a recipe for the sake of uniformity between batches.

  • I’m really looking forward to this book, I can’t wait! I’m verrrrry happy that the Vanilla Pear Jam has a honey version in this book! I have pre-ordered my copy!

  • Pre-ordered this weeks ago! Can’t wait to get my hands on all the recipes! Thanks for all your hard work in investigating this topic – so needed!

  • Done. Looking forward to seeing this new book. I’ve had some success with lower/different sugars, but some flops, too. It will be great to have a guidebook!

  • Pre-ordered!! SO excited for this book. With your blessing, I did make your pear and chocolate jam with strawberries instead of pear. It’s so delicious so I’m looking forward to another version of it in this book. With my pantry just starting to get a little lean, this will be great timing to restock!

  • This is revolutionary! I have been experimenting with alternative (and hopefully healthier) sugars in the last couple of years. I am very excited to see your book! I have it on pre-order.