Potluck with Preserving with Pomona’s Pectin Author Allison Carroll Duffy

September 10, 2013(updated on October 3, 2018)


Hey friends! Allison Carroll Duffy, author of the Preserving with Pomona’s Pectin is coming to Philadelphia and I’m throwing a little potluck to welcome her to town and give her a chance to meet some local preservers. We’ll be gathering at my place this Sunday, September 15 at 6 pm. If you’re in the area and you’d like to come, please enter your information in the form below. Once you’re signed up, I’ll send all the details along.

Hope to see some of you this Sunday!

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9 thoughts on "Potluck with Preserving with Pomona’s Pectin Author Allison Carroll Duffy"

  • I am *SO* jealous! I switched to Pomona’s this summer and can’t think about going back! I wish I lived much closer…..

  • That sounds like a blast! I wish I were in the area, but I admit – that would be a pretty high bar for potluck. I’d be pretty nervous about what to bring! But let’s face it: that kind of preserving knowledge in one room would probably be worth the ego damage of taking most of my contributed dish back home with me, LOL.

  • I just picked up Allison’s book this past week and have been marking the recipes I’ll be making in the coming weeks. I switched to Pomona’s in July and so glad that I did. Would love to join you fine folk if I lived in the area – wishing you a great potluck!

  • Where is the magic wand when you need one? I am totally new to Pomona but an old timer with preserving. I will be taking Pomona for a test drive later this year when temps have cooled off and I can finally make my jams. My fruits are partying and jammin’ (pardon the pun) in the freezer at the moment. I have Preserving with Pomona (read it through 3X already) and while I love the recipes, I would also like to try other recipes that use the obscene amounts of sugar.

    I have searched the web for pectin conversion/substitution and found one for Pomona. Word hasn’t gotten out maybe? I know I have just this year discovered Pomona. Long story short, maybe a discussion can be started that addresses a basic Pomona formula i.e., ?cups/# of fruit, ?tsp calcium water, ?tsp pectin? If required, maybe fruit can be broken down into types?

    Being a diabetic, I am absolutely thrilled to discover Pomona’s ‘sweeten to taste’ concept. I can’t wait to try it. When I can use it with total confidence on any recipe I want to try, I know I would have arrived home!

    Thank you Pomona/Allison and Thank YOU Marisa for your continuing inspiration!!!!

  • What is Pomona? From reading the comments, I am hoping it is something to use in lieu of the X amounts of sugar.

    I am somewhat new to canning. I got a wild hair at the tail end of growing season here in the monsoon of Colorado and decided I was giving canned this and that for Xmas. I was lucky enough to get a case of peaches and then the monsoon came for a week long visit. Am still looking for open farmer’s markets to grab what I can cut up and freeze until I have an open weekend to do some canning.