Photos From the Food in Jars Flickr Pool + Marmalade Winner

November 12, 2012(updated on October 3, 2018)

Just about every week, I flip through the recent submissions in the Food in Jars Flickr pool and feature a few jar-and-canning-themed photos that are interesting, impressive, seasonal or pretty. Fancy cameras or professional skills are not required and Instagram photos are always welcome!

Apple Cider Syrup

Apple cider syrup from Teela. She writes the lovely blog My So-Called Modern Life. This is one of my favorite things to make when cider is in the markets. A few jars in the pantry means that a mug of hot cider is never far away.

Pears, pears, pears

It’s a pear party from Lynn! She made quarts of preserved pear halves, pear vanilla jam (one of my favorites!), and a batch of pear hazelnut jam (I wonder if this just has bits of chopped hazelnut strewn throughout?).

Cranberry/Orange Chutney

It looks like wyld lil is getting ready for Thanksgiving with a batch of cranberry and orange chutney. I really should be following suit! I’m entirely unprepared for the holiday next week.

Garden Grub 118

I saved the most jaw-dropping for last. Check out the shelves of preserves that sisters Eleanor and Liz have made this season. Make sure to click over to the photo on Flickr to see the complete list of items they’ve made this year. Well done, you two!

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Time for our Marmalade winner! drew #96 out of its digital hat of numbers. That means the winner is Susan, who said, “I’ve trying making a few marmalades, some successful, some not so much. I add the not so much ones to my morning oatmeal to sweeten it. Would love the book so I can improve my techniques.”

Susan, I hope the book helps you take your marmalade making to a whole new level!

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2 thoughts on "Photos From the Food in Jars Flickr Pool + Marmalade Winner"

  • i really miss your canning recipes and tips. whenever i click on your site, it is giveaways, re-blogs, free crap you have gotten and links.

    i wanted to let you know why you have lost a reader.

    1. Jamie, thanks for taking the time to share with me why you’re leaving. I’m currently working on another cookbook and it’s just really hard to keep the blog going with fresh content when I need to put much of my recipe energy into that project. I totally understand and I apologize for disappointing you. I’m doing my best.