Photos From the FiJ Flickr Pool + Labels Winner

November 26, 2012(updated on October 3, 2018)

so many

A pretty wave of home canning from Liz. Her blog is the very lovely Bubble Tea for Dinner.


I do get quite the thrill from seeing the canning you’ve all done. This one is from Flickr user cartera11. Gorgeous!

Jack Daniel's Honey-Maple-Cream Sauce

Jessica’s Jack Daniel’s Honey-Maple-Cream Sauce. Sounds ridiculously good, doesn’t it?

Can It Up: Fresh and Dried Cranberry Salsa

Hima’s Fresh and Dried Cranberry Salsa. Part of her November Can It Up challenge!

Pickled Red Onions

Vibrant pickled red onions from Lynn. And in a vintage pint and a half jar!


Caitlin bought the pattern for the Jars To Go tote from A Tiny Forest and made several for her own use and gifting. Love it! And, did you guys see that Kim came out with a four jar version of the tote? It’s awesome!

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Thanks to all of you who took the time to share your jar labeling strategies. Please know that there’s no shame in simply scribbling the jar’s contents and date made on the lid of the jar with a Sharpie. It’s what I do most of the time. I only go for fancy labels when I really want to make a pretty present. So don’t feel bad!

That said, time for our winner. It’s Peggy, #259. She blogs at Pig Logs and ‘taterberries. Congratulations Peggy!

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7 thoughts on "Photos From the FiJ Flickr Pool + Labels Winner"

  • Wow that second photo is really impressive. I’d love to have my jars out in the open as decoration, but I keep them in the dark for preservation sake. I do keep my dried beans in the dinning room in jars though. They are some very varied heirloom beans so very decorative.

  • One of the lessons of food safety re: food preservation that we learned through the UC Cooperative Extension LA County Master Food Preserver training is that you should not stack jars atop one another. It can affect the seal of the jars being sat upon…

  • Oh Marisa I was beside myself with giddiness when I saw that I won the labels! 🙂 and I won your book at another blog just last week. 🙂 Thank you so very, very much!

    I am loving all the preservation flicker photos…. doesn’t it just warm your heart?!

    Once again thank you so very much!

  • Thanks for the encouraging emails about my canning (I am picture # 2) – and the advice on not stacking. I try not to stack – but run out of space, so I leave the bands on to help protect the seals. They are in the basement on those shelves- so most of the time they are in the dark, which does help. I really enjoy the Food in Jars blog, have the book and have made a number of the recipes- LOVE them! Keep on Cannin’

  • thanks for the mention! (I miss my collection so much… but I’m gonna figure out how to find mason jars in this country and then… watch out! guava-melon jam, or lychee pickles!)

    For labelling, I would write the names and dates on tiny strips of paper and then use Modge Podge to slick them onto the flat spot just under the rim – you can kind of see it in the photo, actually. Time consuming, but really attractive…

  • Some lovely photos. I always write the date and contents on the lid, even if I label…that way if the label comes off for whatever reason I can still identify the contents. If it’s for a gift a simple fabric or paper cover on the top hides the hand labelling and gives a nice touch.