Photos from the FiJ Flickr Group + Fillmore Container Giveaway Winner

October 1, 2012(updated on October 3, 2018)

Pears in vanilla syrup

I’m back from a whirlwind weekend in Washington, D.C. I am so appreciative that so many of you guys took time out of your weekend to come to the demos at the US Botanic Garden to watch me make jam. Thank you, thank you!

We’re firmly in harvest time and that means that there are some WONDERFUL photos landing in the Food in Jars Flickr pool. Here are a few (and at the bottom of the post, the winner of the Fillmore Container giveaway is revealed!).

This first photo comes from Christina who blogs at My Homespun Home. She canned up pears in vanilla syrup. Yum!


This next image is a visual inventory of the canning that Shauna did this summer. She reflects on her summer of canning at her blog, Eating With S.O.L.E. I am so impressed by her organization!

Sahuaro and jalapeno pickles

Pickled peppers from Lacey, who blogs at Thyme on My Side. It reminds me that I have some peppers in my crisper that may have already turned to mush. Here’s hoping there are few in there that I can salvage!


Applesauce in pint and a half jars! I still just love seeing this size jar in use out there in the wild. This photo comes to use from Lynn, who’s Flickrstream is bursting with preserve-y goodness.

cinnamon maple sunflower seed butter

This last image is of the cinnamon maple sunflower seed butter that Stephinie made and posted about on her blog, Gypsy Forest. She was inspired by the recipe that Heidi posted on 101 Cookbooks, which was in turn inspired by the recipe in my cookbook. I love it when it works out like that!

solo four ounce jar

Fillmore Container giveaway winner time! Many thanks to all who entered and took the time to share how you’d put these smooth-sided four-ounce jars to work in your own households! The winner is commenter #804, Emily. She said,

Those are great jars! I think I’d use them for jam, because I’m the only one in my house who likes jam and I always like to have a variety of flavors, but have a hard time eating a big jar of jam before it goes bad. :) You’re right that they’d also be perfect for spices.

If you didn’t happen to win this giveaway, I have good news for you. Fillmore Container was so impressed by the number of you that turned out for the giveaway that they’ve decided to do it again over on their blog this week.

All you have to do is check out the many jars they sell and leave a comment on their site, sharing which size jar you’d most like to try in your kitchen. If you’re the lucky winner, you’ll get a case of those jars to use. Head on over and enter for another opportunity to win jars!

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7 thoughts on "Photos from the FiJ Flickr Group + Fillmore Container Giveaway Winner"

  • Oh wow, thanks so much for featuring my picture!! What an awesome surprise when I checked your blog this morning 🙂 And the pears are delicious, by the way, now I just need to find more for canning in slices and for another batch of your pear-vanilla jam, they’ve been harder to come by than apples so far this year.

  • So lovely of you to feature my image!

    I love your book and blog, and am right at this moment making mustard, then moving on to whole tiny seckel pears in ginger syrup. Thanks for all the inspiration (and recognition) 😉

    happy harvest

  • Thanks so much for featuring my photo! I’m ridiculously excited right now! I’m also bookmarking so many of your recipes for fall canning. Love this blog!