Photos From the Food in Jars Flickr Pool

January 19, 2014(updated on October 3, 2018)

Each Saturday, I dig through the Food in Jars Flickr pool and feature some of your photographs here in this space. If you’d like to see your hard work on the blog, please add your images to the group! Here are this week’s selections.

sauce day

For all of those in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s tomato season. Ock Du Spock has shared some photos of canning tomatoes in jars that once belonged to her grandparents.

Pickled Ginger

Elsewhere in the world, there is ginger to be pickled. Katvanb did a nice batch back in late summer, with a small slice of red beet to add color.


Pretty pickled peppers from Erin.

this summer's pickle project

Emily from Relishments made a whole heck of a lot of pickles this summer and managed to line them all up for a picture. Here’s hoping those will keep you in pickles for the year!


Susan made some asian pear butter that looks pretty darn lovely on that toast!

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3 thoughts on "Photos From the Food in Jars Flickr Pool"

  • Wonderful photos of all the lovely home canning and those jars that the canned tomatoes are in; how awesome are those jar clamps. Don’t see them around anymore.
    That pear butter sure does look good. Hopefully I can get some made up myself.

    Enjoy your day and have a wonderful week

  • Down Under isn’t the only place it’s tomato season. California is having such a warm and dry winter, my cherry tomato plant is still cranking them out. There was a monthlong cold spell when they refused to ripen and a few vines died (green-tomato pickle), but I had some fresh-picked on toast today for lunch.

  • Goodness these beautiful pictures. I can’t wait go start canning this year along side juicing. Im excited. Thanks cor sharing these beautiful post.