Other People’s Products: Christina’s Cookies

February 14, 2015

Christina's Cookies

Other People’s Preserves Products is my opportunity to shine a spotlight on some of the very delicious jams, pickles, preserves, and in this case, cookies, being made by hardworking artisan producers. Consider this my stamp of delicious approval.

In a departure from my regularly focus on pickles, preserves, and other condiments, this weekend, I wanted to feature Christina’s Cookies from vegan chef Christina Pirello. They come in flavors like chocolate chip, chocolate chocolate chip, and peanut butter. If you find conventional cookies to be a little too sweet, you will love these.

Christina's cookie assortment

In addition to tasting delicious, they’re also made with organic whole grain flours, no refined sugars, and high quality oils and fats. What’s more, they’re entirely vegan, which I know is something a number of you are looking for.

Christina's chocolate chocolate cookies

I realize I’m a little too late sharing these cookies for Valentine’s Day, but if you need to send a sweet treat to a friend who is trying to skip refined sugars, make sure to keep these cookies on your list. Get all the details on pricing and shipping here.

Disclosure: These cookies were sent to me as a free sample, for potential review. After a couple bites, I determined that they were good enough to share. However, all opinions expresses are honest and uncompromising. No additional compensation was provided.

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