Other People’s Preserves: Sauerkraut Seth

July 31, 2014

sauerkraut seth kimchee

For the longest time, I’ve had it in my head to occasionally feature jams, pickles, and other lovely small batch products made by other people here on this site. I’ve tried to get it happening a couple of times in the past, but I just wasn’t able to sustain it over the long term.

However, recently a few delicious jars have fallen into my lap that are just too good not to share. So occasionally, I’ll be running a feature I’m calling “Other People’s Preserves” so that if you spot these products in the wild, you’ll scoop up a jar or two.

For this inaugural feature, I want to tell you about Sauerkraut Seth. Made by musician and lacto-fermentation expert Seth Travins, this line of sauerkraut and kimchee is totally raw, satisfyingly spiced, and generally quite delicious.

raw kimchee

I discovered Sauerkraut Seth back in May, when Scott and I were staying friends up in Western Massachusetts. One night during our visit, we went to see a band called The Wiyos in an old church that had been transformed into a performing arts space.

I was charmed by the band (I’m a sucker for story songs with a folksy, roots feel), pretty darn delighted when they sang a song dedicated to lacto-fermentation, and then ready to be a groupie when Seth announced that during intermission, he’d be out in the lobby selling jars of his ferments.

Here’s where you can get Sauerkraut Seth. Or just go to a Wiyos concert and pick up a jar.

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7 thoughts on "Other People’s Preserves: Sauerkraut Seth"

  • I’m making the zucchini butter from the new book and im wondering…was I supposed to peel the zucchini?

  • This is just the site I have been looking for. I am trying the pattypan squash pickles (refrigerator and waterbath canning method and can’t wait to try most of the jam and jelly recipes. I just need to get more jars. Love Mrs. Wages mixes and also Pomona’s pectin.

    Thanks for compiling the cookbooks and the website is great.

  • I’ve been doing a lot of refrigerator pickles this summer, but am getting ready for my annual August binge. I want to do another tomato jam and some (not quick) pickles for sure. We’ll see what else inspires me at the farmer’s market…

  • Love Seth’s kraut!
    I’ve been a major fan of his since he was producing the line of krauts for Hawthorn Valley Farm. Stoked to hear he’s making a go of it on his own.