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Preserving by the Pint cover - Food in Jars

I’ve been showing you all the cover of my new book, Preserving by the Pint, for months now. I thought that since today is its official release date (though Amazon makes such things mostly moot by shipping pre-orders as soon as it has them in stock), it might be fun to show you what it looks like on the inside.

Preserving by the Pint inside spread - Food in Jars

This book is full of tiny batches and was written with farmers market shoppers, CSA subscribers, and container gardeners in mind (though truly, if you’re not among those groups, the book is still for you). All the recipes start with either a pint, a quart, or a pound (or two) because those are the units of measure that so many of us end up with after a trip to the green market, grocery store, or farm share pick-up.

Instead of giving away your excess produce, or worse, tossing on the compost pile, you can preserve it. Make pesto from that giant bundle of Thai basil. Cook excess zucchini down into a creamy, garlicky butter. And transform those alien-like heads of kohlrabi into crisp, tasty pickles.

Preserving by the Pint Spring - Food in Jars

Unlike my first book, which was arranged by type of preserve, Preserving by the Pint is set up seasonally. The idea is that you can start at the beginning with Spring and preserve your way through both the year and the book. As someone who did essentially that while writing the book, I can promise, you’ll end up with a delightfully varied assortment of things in your pantry and freezer when that year is up.

Marinated Sugar Snap Peas - Food in Jars

One thing you’ll start to notice about this book is that while all the recipes do preserve the season, they don’t all do it through canning. A generous handful of the recipes are designed for refrigerator storage and yet others are best frozen. I made the storage choices I did in order to create the best finished product possible.

These marinated sugar snap peas, for instances, are a quick pickle because if you were to process them in a boiling water bath canner, all those spritely peas would lose their snap and crunch. Kept in the fridge, they last a respectable amount of time and are far more delicious.

Pizza Sauce - Food in Jars

This quick tomato sauce is one of my very favorite recipes in the book. Most years, I buy a 100 pounds of tomatoes and spend a week preserving them whole or as puree. However, throughout the summer, there are often small deals on cracked or otherwise marred tomatoes at my local market that I hate to pass up.

This sauce makes it possible to spend a dollar or two, invest a little time peeling and cooking, and end up with two half pints of glorious, flavorful pizza sauce from each batch. Because I make four or five batches over the course of the summer, I end up with enough sauce to last all year, but it doesn’t feel like any work at all and costs nearly nothing.

Sweet Pear Caramel - Food in Jars

In writing this book, I also worked hard to come up with recipes that solved problems. I often hear from people that they wish they could can caramel sauces. While this sweet pear caramel doesn’t have the creamy mouthfeel of a batch made with heavy cream, it’s a really delicious sauce that can be used in place of traditional caramel drizzles (and if you don’t like pears, try it with peach or raspberry puree).

Preserving by the Pint back - Food in Jars

I am really proud of how this book turned out and am so grateful to Running Press for helping me turn an idea into a beautiful, useful thing.

Finally, it’s time for the weekly giveaway to return. I have three signed copies of Preserving by the Pint,Β liberated from my stash of author copies, to give away. Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me what you think about the new book. Or, if you’re not ready to share your thoughts, tell me about your favorite small batch preserving project.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Saturday, March 29, 2014. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, March 30, 2014.
  3. Giveaway open all.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

P.S. The new book has gotten a bit of love from some of my local media outlets. Here’s what the Philly’s Citypaper, Geekadelphia, and Table Matters have to say.

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717 responses to “A Peek Inside Preserving by the Pint + Giveaway”

  1. I love to save a little bit of the produce that does not stick around for long. I can’t wait for the first gems of the season!

  2. I make fruit leather every year from apples, figs, pears and grapes collected from my yard trees and vines. Sometimes I play around with different fruit combinations. My merlot grapes add a lovely flavor and reddish color to the leather. Good way to keep excess fruit from rotting away.

  3. I had a half box of clementines that were getting old; I added a lemon and a couple of blood oranges to make 3 half-pints of marmalade. They look so sunny on my shelf,

  4. Oh, the book looks quite lovely, and if your previously shared recipes are any indication, it will be a lovely guide! I make small fruit butters when I have surplus of almost any fruit, and then store them in the freezer for later. I use it in yogurt and oatmeal in the mornings. ~Amber from Pixie’s Pocket

  5. I’m so excited for this book! We are growing a much bigger veg garden this year and hope to do more preserving with our own produce.

  6. This book looks interesting and chuck full of ideas. I have started a small garden so preserving some edibles would be great. Thank you for the opportunity

  7. I recently picked up your first book and discovered your blog. I have never done any canning before and flipping through your book I realized that I had found instructions that I could follow. I plan on starting this spring. I look forward to testing the seasonal recipes in your new book as I learn.

  8. I think the book looks lovely…..that caramel….mmmm! I like to do batches of pesto for the freezer – small ziploc freezer bags that I freeze flat.

  9. The book looks beautiful! I’m going to tell my boss at the library about it, and your previous one. I think the other canning books we have are for large amounts. I’d love to win it!

  10. I flipped through the book today at the bookstore to see what new and exciting things you have in there. It made me excited for the farmers’ market to reopen in a few weeks so that canning season can also restart.

  11. This book looks like a fabulous read! I had some apples leftover from the fall and decided to make a quick batch of apple butter.

  12. I love your idea to pickle korhabi. I never even thought of that. I have tried many of your recipes and look forward to checking out the cookbook. It looks great! Thanks for the chance to win.

  13. I love the idea of breaking down the sections into seasons. Something to help make the most of each season and it’s fruits and veggies. Congrats on the new book! Loved your first one.

  14. I just made a modified version of your blood orange curd…can’t really get any large batches of that even if you want πŸ˜‰

  15. I just moved into a tiny studio and had to put my canning equipment into storage. This book looks perfect! I can’t wait to see it and use it!

  16. I love that preserving through the summer can be so much easier than slaving in a hot kitchen. Small batches is the way to go!

  17. The book looks great! Since I usually am just cooking for myself and LOVE buying stuff at the farmers market, I often end up with things I need to use quickly, definitely making just one jar of refrigerator pickles from whatever’s around – a cucumber, a few radishes, whatever – is my favorite strategy.

  18. Ia m so in love with your last one, I can’t wait until this one. With spring and summer coming I so look forward to real tomatoes. I won’t eat one until i can get local ones that actually have a taste to them.

  19. Oooh, I love that it’s organized seasonally! I always wind up with huge gluts of things from my garden and no inspiration (particularly when my squash plants get going around mid-summer and I don’t want to turn the stove on ever).

  20. I picked up a copy at my local B & N a few days ago. Rhubarb is one of the first things abundantly available at my farmers’ market, and I am anxious to try to rhubarb rosemary jelly.

  21. I love the small batch plan. Sounds like it would add a lot of diversity to what I’ve been preserving. Can’t wait to see it!

  22. Things that are sold for a lower price than normal will end up being preserved in my kitchen, because as a senior on a fixed income, it means a great deal to me to have some extras “put by” when I have an unexpected expense that cuts into my grocery budget. My hubby brought me 16 pounds of tomatoes last week that he bought for $5, and I’m still so excited when I see them safe in their pretty jars!

  23. I really like the idea of picking the preserving method based on what’s best for the recipe, rather than doing a single-method book.

  24. I really like the idea of picking the preserving method based on what’s best for the recipe, rather than doing a single-method book.

  25. Hooray for new book! It looks just beautiful. And that pear caramel sauce sounds so good, I practically can’t believe it. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  26. Can’t wait to try that pizza sauce!

    Your breezy and matter of day approach to small batch jams revolutionizes my canning life. Last summer I made peach, apricot, and plum and they were all amazing – but I have one last jar of plum that I’m holding on to for something special.

  27. I like the fact it’s organized seasonally. So often I can’t find some way to preserve what I have at the moment, but see tons of things for later in the year (and I forget by then).

  28. In an age where bigger is better and more is best, I appreciate things that are the right size, especially since I live alone and frequently cook for one or two. I’ve been struggling to “right size” my garden, and with this book, I can “right size” the harvest. It’s a brilliant idea!

  29. I’m really excited that it’s organized seasonally, so like you mentioned, I’ll have a great array of items across the entire year. I live by myself, and love canning for others, however, I can’t always make it through my projects on my own. So i’m also excited about the small batch part! Overall I can’t wait to flip through this one!!

  30. I love finding “deals” on fruits & vegetables and the deciding how I will preserve them – your book is just what I need.

  31. Looks like a lovely and useful book and I look forward to checking it out. I switched to small batch canning last year and love the flexibility that it gives me. I do a lot of preserving all season long and my favorite thing to make is strawberry preserves – I look forward to them all winter long!

  32. I can’t wait to get my hands on it (and my birthday is coming up … time to send out some hints!!) I’m very interested to take a look at your “by the seasons” approach — sounds quite useful.

  33. I haven’t been lucky enough to see the book in person yet but, if it is anything like the first book, I will have to buy it. Preserving small batches at a time seems much more manageable than the larger batch recipes that are usually found online.

  34. sounds like a great idea for a book…sometimes canning can be prohibitively expensive when a recipe requires large amounts of produce, or sometimes you just want to try something out to see if you like it, so the small batch idea seems so smart. excited to check this book out!

  35. Oh, I can’t wait to get my hands on this book! It will be wonderful for gardeners who’s harvest sometimes starts out slow. My favorite small batch preserving project came to me via my brother. Our family loves okra pickles, and when the okra begins to come in there are just a few pods a day. My brother makes his brine and stores it in the fridge. Each day he warms the brine he needs to can whatever okra that comes in that day, usually just one pint.

  36. Oh, I’d love to have this book. One of the things that has me backing off of the local CSAs is a fear of getting stuff I don’t know what to do with. Having accidentally cooked your cider jam about 5 minutes too long making a nice cider caramel, I’d love to make the pear caramel. πŸ™‚

  37. I can’t wait to see the book in person. I love your corn salsa. I regret only making a single batch last year. I can’t wait to see what you have on offer in this book.

  38. Love canning and loved your first book….looking forward to seeing what’s inside this second book! πŸ™‚

  39. Since I am newer to canning and preserving, I think this book would be great to help me learn new and wonderful things to can and preserve!

  40. Your book looks fabulous!! my favorite canning project of last summer happened when my neighbor gave me a bag of figs. i roasted some immediately to eat with goat cheese and crackers. but, then canned some preserves in two different batches! i nearly had a fit when a friend ate a jar on his own without asking! i am savoring the last of the jars right now!

  41. Love the whole concept. For big batches, I never seem to know how much to buy, so this is a great alternative, and enables a lot more varieties of things to have on hand.

  42. I love the idea of this book. I love the idea of laying it out by season and small batches- as a CSA participant this book is ideal for me!

  43. I would love this book. I usually end up giving away either the fruit and vegetables or throwing it away. There is only my husband and I since my kids are grown. Making little batches would be great!

  44. I have to admit I think this will definitely make it into my collection of preserving books…. however I have a couple of friends who have never preserved ANYTHING and this would be the PERFECT book for them. I can hardly wait for this book to hit the “shelves” so that I can get the girls together for a canning session.

  45. I’m so excited to get my hands on this! I absolutely love that it’s designed for small batches, as I usually only purchase small amounts of produce since it’s just my partner and I in our household and I don’t want to buy more than I think we’ll use up. And, I confess, I love the pictures too. Food pictures are just the best, haha.

  46. I wish I could browse through the pages. I love the new ideas for savoury items.I plan to make all citrus marmalade this week: Cedrat/ Cedro, organic limoncelllo from Sorrento, organic big lemons and probably GMO Meyer Lemon from Sunkist. Perhaps, I shall turn Meyer Lemon into curd in order not ruin the organic citrus.
    Wish me luck. I have made jam from stuff from my garden before but never did marmalade. That pear caramel looks good – my aunt gives me all her pears and after Mostarda di Cremona, pear crisps, pear-cranberry chutney and pear compote, I am out of ideas.;) she gives me her gooseberries too.

  47. I love the idea of preserving in small batches! We have little space for storage and don’t have the time to tackle processing huge batches, so this would be so helpful.

  48. These recipes look wonderful, and the photos are lovely! I can’t wait to see a copy in person. I love these smaller recipes for trying out new veggies and flavors.

  49. These recipes look AMAZING!! and the photos are so pretty!!! Would love to get my hands on a copy – I LOVE canning!!!

  50. Ahhhh I can’t wait to get it! I am an avid farmers market-er and the 600lbs-of-produce required for some recipes just isn’t practical for me. I’m excited to put up a few jars of everything and win more blue ribbons at our local fair!

  51. I am excited about this book coming out and looking forward to getting a copy for my kitchen library! I really like the idea of it being organized by seasons and because all of the recipes are small batches. Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. Oh my goodness, if i want to make everything that you showed in the photos above, your new book is a shoo-in for “next book I ABSOLUTELY have to have”. I really appreciate that you’ve done a “small bites” book too. I love having ideas for using things up, and I’m looking forward to reading your problem solving ideas.

  53. I think the book looks fun; I’m trying to figure out how to do more small batch stuff so I can try more kinds of tasty things.

  54. Being the we are empty nesters, downsizing is important. No longer a budget to feed four, we always seem to not be able to finish the fresh stuff before it goes bad. Look forward to being able to extend our grocery budget even further.

  55. Thanks for the preview of your new book- I like that you have included recipes to use produce that aren’t necessarily canned. Thanks!

  56. I live in Napa, love to can food, have been on the hunt for a good preserving book, have just planted 100 tomato plants in my backyard and really want your book!

    I love to preserve food in any manner possible. Small batches work best for me due to health issues. I think we’re a perfect match!

  57. I think your book sounds wonderful and would be great to share with friends and have small get togethers to share and make things from our gardens.

  58. Thanks for organizing te book seasonably. I am looking forward to making the various fruit pickles and using them in salads.

  59. I actually just happened upon your website and this giveaway by looking for canning blogs. I am really wanting to start canning but feel like I need to start small. Your new book looks like the perfect solution. Hope I win! πŸ™‚

  60. The book looks beautiful and delicious! There are just 2 of us in our household so small batch canning is perfect for us.

  61. Haven’t seen your book yet, but the premise sounds perfect for our family to manage our CSA share and small urban garden. We love to preserve small batches of herbs throughout the season. We dry some and freeze some. We’ve found frozen cubes of purΓ©ed basil to be very useful during the rest of the year. Congratulations on your new book!

  62. I’m so excited!!! With it being only my husband and I in a city, you totally inspire me! My favorite small batch project was the orange vanilla curd recourse from your last book. It was my first curd and turned out fab.

  63. It looks like a beautiful book, and I’m sure it’s full of great ideas! I’m always looking for new ways to preserve the things I grow in my garden!

  64. I’m so pleased to see this small batch preserving cookbook. I have another book called (I think) “Small Batch Preserving: A Complete Guide to Year-Round Preserving” that I love, but it is quite old. With just my husband at home, a full canner-load is just too much for most things, and small batches can get us through a year on most items. This time of year, it’s smaller batches ofpickled asparagus or green beans. Later, I will do smaller batches of tomato sauces for pasta or pizza. A few pie filling jars will last us, too, with just enough to take to the fair (blue ribbons matter most of all!). I cannot wait to see the book!

  65. I cannot wait to see all the recipes in your new book. Your raspberry jalapeΓ±o is one of my (and my husband’s) all time favorites!

  66. I think it is an absolutely great idea, especially for people like myself who would love to try to can, but become overwhelmed thinking about having to do it in large batches. A tool like this would be great for me to learn how to start canning! I would love to win a copy πŸ™‚

  67. I love how small batches give me the freedom to try a variety of recipes without investing a lot of money in ingredients or tying up my jars (and storage space) with a large yield. Pint-sized recipes are also perfect for my small kitchen and storage space! Can’t wait to check out the book in person.

  68. I am very excited about your book. I did a small batch of strawberry fig jam last year which was so good! Looking forward to making more small batch projects this year. Thank you for the chance to win your book! πŸ™‚

  69. As a newbie to preserving, I have been visiting your blog frequently for lessons, recipes and inspiration. As a newbie also to gardening year round (instead of being just a summer gardener), I am very excited about the opportunity of combining my two new interests via your seasonal book!

  70. Looks like a fabulous book! I just got started canning last year and, as I live alone in a small apartment, it’s been mostly small batch recipes. The pear caramel sounds divine, a bit like the heavenly pear butterscotch I canned over the summer!

  71. Would love to read your book! I myself am a small scale preserver, living in a small rental property with a tiny kitchen. Despite this I preserve each season and make my friends and family birthday and christmas gifts. I really like that your book is seasonally themed, I sometimes get stuck in winter…

  72. I adore Food in Jars!! I’ve made many of the recipes and can’t wait to get my hands on this beautiful book πŸ™‚

  73. The new book looks lovely, and that Sweet Pear Caramel sounds delicious! Can’t wait to check it out more closely. πŸ˜‰

  74. The quick tomato sauce sounds like something I would really like. An added plus would be a recipe for easy marinara sauce! Preserving by the Pint is undoubtedly invaluable addition to the home canner’s kitchen. Would love to win a copy! πŸ™‚

  75. Wow! I’m excited about this new book! I recently just found and am excited to try your meyer lemon jam sweetened with honey.

  76. Your new book was on my wishlist the moment I heard of it. I love your first book and have made many things of it. My husband and I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but sometimes it is nice to have a little fruitsauce with dessert or to make cookies with. So small batch fruitsauces are my cup of tea.

  77. I loved your first book and can’t get enough of your posts. Looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of your new book. The caramel sauce sounds delish!

  78. As a frequenter of the above mentioned markets and a bargain shopper of all things food, I love the process you put behind this work of art. Thank you. It is at the top of my wish list.

  79. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book. I’ve been hassling my favorite local independent bookstore to order it. I adore the idea of smaller batches, and it looks like there are some really fun and unique ideas included.

  80. What a wonderful book. I received my copy from Amazon last week, read it from cover to cover. I couldn’t wait to start in with the Meyer Lemon recipes ( I have a very productive tree). On Sunday I whipped up the Candied Meyer lemon slices- yumm! The syrup is great, lots of uses. I can hardly wait to start the next recipe. I was happy to see the variety of recipes and ways to use the CSA produce in normal size quantities. The tips are practical and helpful. The 4th burner pot is a great idea, no need to pull out the huge canning pot.

  81. Congratulations on another beautiful book! As a single person household and avid farmers market shopper I’m in need of a book like this to make smaller batches. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

  82. I’m so glad you wrote this book! It is exactly what I’ve been looking for in a book. I have a small garden and I don’t always have enough for big batch preserving. Thank you!

  83. Congratulations! The book looks beautiful! I haven’t gotten my hands on it yet, but I have Food in Jars. I think it was an outstanding idea to organize by season — a kind of “of course!” good idea, at least for those of us who try to eat seasonally. And are always staring into that CSA box looking to use up a couple of things at once. It is also such an urban approach: canning in my rural childhood was about sudden overabundance and that long winter. Of course there were 50 jars of pickles, and you kept them all year. Now? More people are looking at a seasonal jewel and trying to find new ways to enjoy it. Very, very good idea and a kind of hole in current canning books, I think, to do very small batches and recognize this as a serious segment of the eating world.

  84. I can’t wait to acquire you new book whether I win or not!

    My favourite small batch recipe is the rosemary rhubarb jam recipe you have on your recipe index on your blog. I made a couple batches last summer with the large rhubarb patch and rosemary plant I have growing in my front yard. I was blown away by the wonderful mingling of the savory and sour flavours. I was definitely a happy camper to discover this keeper. I have this recipe along with many others printed from your blog and stuffed throughout your first book, which its pages are covered in flags and sticky notes.

    thanks! Leesa (Sudbury, Ontario)

  85. Last year I had a quart of too soft plums that I needed to do something with any made the best vanilla plum jam! I can’t wait to check out the new book!

  86. Your new book looks beautiful! Such beautiful photographs and the food looks like you could just eat off the page! A book to be cherished and useful! Would love to win a copy and try some of them!!

  87. Heading over to amazon now to order. Loved your last book and cannot wait to receive this one. Made the mistake of ordering the last one for kindle, not gonna do that again, I want to see all the pretty pictures in my hand.

  88. I haven’t gotten my hands on a copy yet, but after seeing the preview I can’t wait to. I’m particularly intrigued by the pear caramel, and I’m curious to see what other inventive solutions to common problems you’ve come up with.

  89. You should be proud of such an accomplishment! I think the design to address everyday farmer’s market/CSA options in small managable recipes is wonderful.

  90. I love making your small batch cantaloupe jam with vanilla. It is delicious on vanilla ice cream. My son bought me your first book for Christmas when it came out. If I don’t win this one, it will definitely go on my wish list.

  91. Sure, I would like to win a copy of the new book! I have often ‘put up small batches’ but the seasonal ideas will be welcome and sound delicious. Love your first book,too.

  92. I need this so I will quit preserving so much and scale down. With just one person at home now, this would be the way to go.

  93. I loved your last book so I’m sure I will love this one too, can’t wait to check out that pizza sauce recipe.

  94. I’m looking forward to everything in your new book, since I’m already a huge fan of your first one! But especially everything like everyday staples.

  95. Although I love cookbooks and have a comfortable collection, with all my kidlets leaving the nest I haven’t felt a need for more, but this one looks great, since I like to garden but not on a grand scale. The small amounts look super!

  96. Looking forward to this book as I have gone back to full time work since my last canning season, and know some microbatches are in my future. My favorite small batch is spicy tomato jam….

  97. I love the idea of small batches and working with fruits and vegetables I’ve never preserved before. The book look gorgeous and I would love a copy!

  98. I really love the concept of the book – both the seasonality as well as the super-small batch idea. Outstanding!

  99. Absolutely gorgeous format. I enjoy your books and this one will be my summer planner this year. You’ve really turned me onto preserving. I can’t wait for the season to begin. Thank you!

  100. Small batch canning is such a delight! Sometimes large quantities are way too much. Would love to try your recipes!

  101. Wow, 100 pounds of tomatoes? Zucchini garlic butter! Oh, I’m so interested! Sounds like this is gonna be a great book with tons of great recipes! THANK YOU!

  102. I cannot wait to get this book! I did so much canning last year that I felt like taking a year off. But small batch canning doesn’t feel like work…. I also love the idea of seasonal preserving & other methods of preserving besides canning. I’m sure that this book will become one of my “go to” books for preserving inspiration, just as your first book has.

  103. I’m thrilled with the idea of this book! Last summer I canned for the first time and by the end of the summer, went in on 100 pounds of tomatoes with a friend. After two days of canning together, I still had a small amount of random tomatoes left over and was dying to use them in something to keep them even though they weren’t fresh BLT worthy. This will come in so handy this year!

  104. We usually can A LOT at one time and it gets overwhelming – we’re in the 100 lbs. of tomatoes and strawberries category! But it would be wonderful to do a smaller amount at a time. Really looking forward to getting a copy of your new book for inspiration. Thank you!

  105. I would love this book. I’ve been cooking more seasonally, have a CSA membership, and have wondered what to do with these smallish quantities of produce. Any help that I could get in reducing waste and preserving the season would be hugely helpful. Thanks for writing this and sharing it!

  106. I can’t wait to read this! I’ve started a veggie garden this year and am so excited to start preserving what we grow!

  107. I love the choice you’ve made to structure the book seasonally, and am really excited by the small batch style recipes too! That is what I tried to focus on last year and I find it made a big difference to my enjoyment of canning and its contribution to my larder. πŸ™‚ Congratulations on a beautiful book!

  108. There have been so many times some of our garden produce went straight to the compost pile because we just didn’t know what to do with one more small quantity of something we’ve been eating for weeks. This book would be great.

  109. I was already looking forward to using your Cantaloupe Jam recipe from Food In Jars (spectacular!) and hoping to work some variety into my canning staples. Prayer answered. Thank you!

  110. I’m pretty much a newbie when it comes to canning, but I have your first book and would love this one as well. Have canned apple sauces and butters only, but want to try pickles this year

  111. Blueberry jam travels well too and is a delicious way to have a little bit of home here in the domenican republic. Phyllis

  112. Looks like a wonderful book with great looking recipes that I would be very much proud to win/own.
    Thank you for this opportunity

  113. The small batch canning is exactly what we need. We get a CSA basket and sometimes you just can’t get everything eaten in time. I’ve done some small batch canning with peppers, colorful and delicious, but most recipes just call for more than I want to get involved with at one time. This is perfect for our small family. Thanks!

  114. I am excited for this book. I’m so used to the idea of canning so much at a time that I *heart* the idea of doing it in small batches at a time. Thank you!

  115. I loved your first book, and am looking forward to reading this one. It’s a great idea for a book–to put up little amounts in small amounts of time. Thanks for offering!

  116. I love your first book and I can’t wait to get the new one. It would be awesome to win! Thanks for the giveaway.

  117. My favorite small batch item is anything I happen to have around, usually in one of my small freezers, that needs to be made into something wonderful. Especially something picked wild such as dewberries. : )

  118. I am in the ‘big batch’ canning category. However, I am always open to new recipes and ideas. Love that there are lots of photos in this book.

  119. the book is just beautiful, but also the quantities would work so much better at our house, since it is just my husband and I.

  120. I love Food in Jars and can’t wait to read Preserving by the Pint! My favorite small batch project is oven-roasted plum butter.

  121. What a great idea to organize by seasons! Being new to canning, I don’t always have ideas off the top of my head of what to preserve, so the book seems like a great go-to guide. Last fall, I had a lot of fun doing a small batch of apple chipotle BBQ sauce, and they made great gifts!

  122. I have only ever really done small batch canning for my small family, and I’m always having to modify recipes. I would love to have a cookbook just for my style of canning! Congrats!

  123. What a beautiful book! I have loved your first book, I know I’m going to love this one too! As someone with very little time at home, making tiny batches makes so much sense for me. For your next book, how about scalable recipes-from one piece of fruit up to 5 lbs. as an example? You haven’t even gotten this one completely launched and I’m talking about your next one!!

  124. Rarely do I see a cookbook preview where I want to try every. single. recipe. I’m starting my seedlings this week for our garden, and this book made me even more excited! Is it summer yet? I need tomatoes!

  125. I’m thrilled at the prospect of using this book with my garden. I have loved canning and preserving since long before it was as popular as it has become and I would be so grateful to have this book as a part of my canning library.

  126. saw a copy in B&N the other night, and it really is a gorgeous book. looking forward to adding it to my collection (for free would be even better! πŸ™‚ ), as the idea of doing up two or three jars at a time would work really well for us. we’re a household of 2.5, and my urge to try every new recipe with my market stash has left us with an abundance of jars, since standard recipes usually make 6-7 jars. would love to learn how to can up on a smaller scale.

  127. Congratulations! I have been so waiting for this because small is what I’m all about! My husband is way less (though getting better) adventuresome than I am, but I want to try everything! I love that you did this seasonally, because I cook more and more that way (though I’m really tired of “snow soup” just now!). Your ideas are far more creative than mine and I’ve loved nearly all! Congrats again !

  128. I love the idea behind this book, as someone just getting into canning it is great to be able to try a large variety of small batches without the fear of wasting tons of money and produce if they don’t turn out. Not that I’ve ever had that problem with any of your recipes.

  129. The idea of sweet pear caramel is intriguing! More practically, I hate seeing produce go to waste and love how small batch preserving can use up veggies and fruit that are otherwise headed to the compost pile.

  130. As a new canner, I look for everything related to canning! Everything I have done so far is a small batch when compared to 100 lbs. of tomatoes!

  131. I love that you organized the book seasonally so it’s easy to flip to a page, drool over the images, pick a recipe and get started. Gorgeous book! Congratulations!!

  132. Really looking forward to perusing this book! I love to can, but have to psych myself up to take half a day to get it done – these tiny batches seem so casual and doable… And delicious!

  133. It looks amazing! I have your other book and am so tickled to get this one too! That pizza sauce and caramel are calling my name πŸ˜‰

  134. I love a quick pickle with Thai flavors. And the book looks amazing. I love that it is not all canning, but uses the best tool/trick for the job.

  135. We just bought our first house and am a beginner when it comes to preserving so to have a book that is organized by season helps me tremendously! It’s like a menu that I can take with me to our farmers market!
    Very excited to dive into it!

  136. I always do big batches, so I’m intrigued by the idea of getting a little something at the market and making a small batch! Can’t wait to check out the book.

  137. I can’t wait to get this book! It’s on my wedding registry, but if no one gets it for us I’m definitely buying it myself!

  138. So happy for you! The book is beautiful. I make a Spicy Red Pepper Relish and it’s so popular my friends ask to buy it now! My second favorite recipe to make is Dilly Beans. Very good in a Bloody Mary’s.

  139. What beautiful photos to accompany your recipes! I think I could just stare at a book like this for hours! πŸ™‚

  140. The photography in this book looks beautiful-I can’t wait to see it in person! Two of my favorite small-batch canning projects from last year were black raspberry jam and dilly beans (although I’ll have to make that a bigger batch project since they’re so popular!) Really looking forward to trying some new recipes from the new book!

  141. Can’t wait to get your new book! Favorites from your first book are the applesauce for me and the pickled jalapeΓ±os for my hubby.

  142. I like all sorts of small batch canning, or large batches that can be broken up into a couple days of work. I have two small autistic kids and I only get a couple of hours per day for housework or projects I want to accomplish. Small batch fits that time slot perfectly!

  143. Wow! This book looks and sounds fantastic! I plant a large, beautiful vegetable garden every year and last year was my first time trying to preserve some of the food we grow. I could definitly use this book in my learning process πŸ™‚

  144. I’m intrigued with this book. I’ve always have something in my fridge that I could do a small batch! Looking at the spring recipe titles, I’m drooling already!!

  145. I cannot WAIT to get this book. Living in the city with a small garden and getting a CSA share, the recipe sizes will be perfect. I love the way you have it by season. I can’t wait to try the Pear Caramel. We all love pear flavor but no one likes to eat fresh pears so I’m always looking for ways to use them up or preserve them when they come in the CSA. I rarely buy books but use the library instead, but this one is on my Amazon wish list. If I don’t get it as a gift for Mother’s Day, I’m ordering it myself.

  146. Looks like a wonderful book…Its just me and my husband at home now and the small batches would be perfect for us…Thanks for the chance to win one…

  147. New Book looks great, love the concept of turning excess veg into butters and pestos. Hope I can get you to sign it to go along with my signed copy of food in jars.

  148. Hi there! I cannot imagine a day better than buying 100 pounds of tomatoes and finding enough room in my house/fridge/freezer to preserve them!! I would love to get more practice with what you do!!

  149. I think this book would be great for anyone with a CSA or farm share. Sometimes it can be hard to figure our ways to use up all your produce, especially for newbies. Personally, I would love some interesting new ways to preserve the bounty from our farm share!

  150. I can’t wait to see this new book! I am a lifelong canner whose household is down to two and my garden is likewise smaller. I love small scale canning and my favorite are pickled beets and tomato chutney.

  151. It looks like it will be a fun book to try! More and more books are organized seasonally – I’m still not sure what I think of that. I try to eat foods that are in season, but sometimes I also eat what I sounds good at the time, which maybe be a nice stew in the middle of summer. Either way, sounds like some great new recipes!

  152. I think the new book looks beautiful, and I really like that the contents are arranged by season. As a gardener and farmers market junkie, I see lots of uses for this.

  153. I will be ordering both your books ( unless, of course, I win one!) I am new to preserving/canning but what I have attempted thus far, I love ! Being new to this craft, I have many questions and your blog has answered some. I think your book(s) will help me tremendously. Congrats on your new book!

  154. My favorite preserving project is pickles. Pickled anything! I’m more of a savory than a sweet tooth, so bring on the vinegar and salt! πŸ™‚

  155. I’m a container gardener and so I love the idea of small batch preserving. How great that your new book is arranged by season, Marissa. And I’m excited to learn other preserving methods beyond canning.

  156. I love the new book! I’m one of those who pre-ordered from Amazon and have had it for a couple of weeks. I’d love a signed copy, though, and could pass my unsigned copy along to a fellow canner!!

  157. The small batches and the faft that I do only garden in containers exactly fits our empty nester lifestyle. You did good!

  158. I started canning for the first time last summer. I love the focus of seasonal preserving all year. I would love to dive into these recipes. I unabashedly hope that I win a copy. Thank you.

  159. I think the new book looks great and I am really excited about the small batch nature of it. Not enough eaters around to ensure that big batches are eaten within the year….

  160. I love the idea of preserving in little batches throughout the summer. Definitely something I’ll try this summer!

  161. I love the layout of your new book!! I’m especially fond of small batch canning. I cannot afford tons of fruit at a time so this is always the best option for me. Good luck with the book! It looks beautiful!

  162. I love this book because of the tiny batches. I love to can, but never have the quantities of produce for many recipes. I can’t wait to use this book at get started this spring!

  163. Congratulations Marisa, the book sounds lovely and full of good ideas (and sugar snap peas are among my favourite veggies, ever!).

  164. Just yesterday I was thinking about canning some small jars of sauce specifically for pizza – I am so excited about this book! I am looking forward to using it as well as recommending it in all my classes this summer. Small batch is the best way to start out canning and many times, the way to go in general!

  165. I have been big batch canning for years, the idea of very small batches would certainly help with my CSA bits and pieces.

  166. I’m excited about a book that focuses on putting up in small batches. I don’t always want to spend all day canning ALL THE THINGS. πŸ™‚ Also that pear caramel looks delicious!

  167. I am so excited to check out this book! I rejoined our CSA after a few year hiatus (and 2 kids) and am raring to get some fresh produce and revel in it πŸ™‚ Love that it is organized by season- that will make it so user friendly. Great job!

  168. The new book looks perfect! I only have room for a handful of cookbooks in my kitchen and your first is one that stays in there. I’m already wondering which other book will be relegated to the office shelves when I pick up a copy of this one!

  169. Congrats on the book! The photography is wonderful — and I’d love those pizza sauce and pear caramel recipes! Thanks for the giveaway.

  170. As someone who tries really hard to buy all of my produce at the farmer’s market when the season allows, I’m super excited for the new book and can’t wait to try it out! I set a goal this year of preserving at least one thing every month, and I think this will make it easier to figure out what to do when and how.

  171. I am loving the look of the new book! I love that you added so many different things, like freezer recipes. The fact that you’ve laid it out by season will make it that much easier for those of us who shop at a farmer’s market and want to preserve using produce at its peak.

  172. I love the idea behind this book. I have two kids under 3, and normal-sized preserving recipes can sometimes be too much to undertake!

  173. This book looks perfect! I’m going into my third year as a CSA member and my second as a hobby-canner. I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of dealing with unfamiliar veggies and getting more confident in my canning as I go. This book would be the perfect pairing for me, and I’m going to buy it if I don’t win it!

  174. I think the new book looks amazing! As someone who lives by herself in an apartment, small batch anything sounds like heaven to me.

  175. I will buy this book if I do not win it–or perhaps my daughter will buy it for me. πŸ™‚ She bought me Food in Jars and we’ve made a bunch of the recipes. Looking forward to continuing the tradition.

  176. I’m new to canning, and so want to try everything. Small batches make the most sense as I learn recipes and techniques: mistakes and things we turn out not to like aren’t so costly that way.

  177. sounds like my kind of book! i live in an apartment and usually only make pickled beets, sourkraut and zucchini pickles. i’ve liked most of your recipes before.

  178. Very happy to see that you’ve organized your book by the season. Some of my favorite and most used cook books are set up this way. Spring is here – let the preserving begin!!!

  179. My favorite refrigerator project are probiotic pickles. My favorite small batch canning project is tomato jam. This book looks lovely, thanks for the opportunity to win a copy!!

  180. The idea of small batch canning is perfect for my 2 person family and my small garden. No more waiting for a few more veggies to ripen – can it when you have it.

  181. I have enjoyed canning with your recipes in big or small batches! I love the opportunity to
    win this book, I collect cookbooks and yours are beautiful!

  182. What a beautiful book. I’m the type that thinks about starting canning at 20 lbs of produce so I could certainly use this to help me think smaller

  183. i love the concept of this book. as a midwest-to-midatlantic transplant in the DC area, i have not been able to purchase in bulk like i used to ($$$). living in half the space with an electric stove, it has been a real (time consuming!) challenge to use my giant canning pot for quart-sized jars. i got the fourth burner canning pot for christmas, and i very much look forward to putting it to work with this cookbook!

  184. I LOVE the idea of purchasing in a pint or quart instead of trying to decipher how many pears or strawberries I’ll need!

  185. Sounds like a great book for us as there are only two and we have a hard time using up large batches – but love preserving.

  186. Sounds like a nice handy book. Would be thrilled to have it. I enjoy the idea of making use of things versus throwing them out although sharing with a friend is also nice.

  187. Love the idea of small batch preserving! Have followed your blog for a while now, and would love a copy of the book! Congrats on getting both books published.

  188. My first canning project was last summer 2013 for Raspberry Jam recipe from your website. I got rave reviews) and I am totally hooked on making small batches. I am looking at fruit in a much different way now since Food In Jars has come into my life. Small batches is the way to go to experience so much than the traditional canning.

  189. I have not read the book yet, but it is on my list. I look forward to learning how to preserve in smaller batches and learning new recipes

  190. I love the idea of this book. My CSA is great, but I have a freezer full of pesto and soup, and could use some new ideas.

  191. I am really looking forward to getting this new cookbook. I live in a condo and so don’t have a lot of room, but love canning for myself and my husband. This book looks perfect for us.

  192. Oh how lovely! I have it on my Wish List, but if I don’t win, I think I am treating myself to this one for my spring gardening/cooking book purchase this year!

  193. I have always been a big batch canner and would love to try something new and different from my usual staples!

  194. Would love to win this book as we are preserving more and more every year. My favorite so far has been our Black Currant and Raspberry jam.

  195. Marissa,
    I am so excited for your new book! The art of preserving is so rewarding to me. Few things make me happier than seeing all those beautiful jars in my pantry! There are so few books that have interesting things to try our hand at. I have made so many tasty things from your posts. Here’s to your continued success!!

  196. I can’t WAIT to check out your new book! I love books that are arranged by seasons – it really helps a person learn when fresh fruits and veg are available and move away from out of season produce shipped from too far away. I used a LOT of recipes from your first book last year and am really looking forward to this one.

    All the best,

  197. As an urban homesteader with a tiny yard, I grow and raise a surprisingly large amount of food. But inevitably each season I always end up with a glut of something or another. It’s always more than I can eat, but hardly enough to pull out all my canning gear for. So I end up giving some of it away, and feeding some of it to my livestock. As I already own and love Food In Jars, I am super excited to add this new book to my collection.

    Congrads on the release!

  198. Marisa, this looks incredible! Congrats! I love the idea of canning through the seasons. I refer to Hungry Tigress’ can jam from a few years ago for new projects during the different seasons. Your book sounds like it will be an awesome tool to boost the variety in my cupboards.

  199. My favorite small batch is from your last bookβ€”pickled sweet cherries. So easy and so delicious. Your blueberry-ginger jam is also on the short list. Happy canning!

  200. I was so excited to learn more about this book! I have been wanting to dive into canning but rely on the farmer’s market and our small container garden for produce, never feeling like I had enough for a large canning project. I expect this will make it much easier and less daunting! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the inspiration!

  201. Hi Marisa,

    I stumbled upon your wonderful website about a year ago and have been happily following it ever since. I love canning and preserving and your new book looks like it will be a wonderful inspiration to get me out of my strawberry-jam-and-tomato-sauce canning rut! Thai basil pesto? Creamy garlicky zucchini butter? Yes, please!! And the small batch format is just SO useful for smaller families.

    My all-time favorite canning project was a huge batch of wild blueberry jam with a splash of cassis that I made years ago, but perhaps one of the recipes from your book will become a new all-time favorite for me!

    Cheers! Congratulations on your new book and thanks for all the wonderful inspiration and help.

  202. I love that the book has small batches – it is the ONLY way I preserve! I think my favorite small batch lately is cherry butter.

  203. I haven’t seen the book yet but I love that you are coming to Atlanta to promote it!
    My favorite recent small project was using leftover cranberries to make a spicy cranberry jam.

  204. The seasonal idea is great! And what I most like it the unique combinations. Hoping there are more recipes for things like flavored mustards, catsups and sauces (beyond the traditional tomato).

  205. I think I will love this book fiercely. We joined a CSA last year for the first time, and I had so many small amounts of things that I would have loved to preserve but couldn’t due to the amounts. THIS will be my saving grace this coming CSA season! πŸ™‚

  206. Marisa, your new book will expand the horizons this summer for my community garden produce. It looks beautifully arranged and simple to follow. My favorite small batch so far was a rosemary and oregano jelly which I made from a bountiful supply of the herbs after last year’s hot summer in Chicago. Thank you!

  207. Right off the bat, I love the photography! So beautiful! Second, organizing the book by seasons is appreciated. So eager to get my hands on this book for some much needed inspiration!

  208. I love the idea of making small batches to use small amounts of produce at a time, plus you can get enormous variety stocked away in your pantry! Double win! Nice work!

  209. I am working my way through your other book. I loved the ginger in the beets, the lemon curd, and pear butter. Looking forward to the pizza sauce. Love the small batch approach. It makes it very doable

  210. Beautiful book! The cover alone is fabulous and I would love to display it in my kitchen. Most appealing and approachable is the smaller size of the batches, and that some are made to go right to the refrigerator for immediate use. Great for limited space, smaller families, and for trying more recipes without being burdened by 20 jars of something it will take 10 years to use up! Great job:o)

  211. Congratulations on the newest book! Looks great, especially for an apartment dwelling, container gardener on the porch kind of gal like me! Small batches at a time. I definitely am looking forward to checking it out.

  212. While I have a big garden and tend to can things in large batches, I do like the idea of preserving things in season and trying new and tasty things in small batches. And the fact that your book is all about preserving what is in season really appeals to me!

    The style and pictures are lovely as well!

  213. I started jam making after finding your first book “Food in Jars” in my favorite bookstore. It was a small batch because I was excited to get started after thumbing thru the book, but I only had strawberries in the fridge and only enough if I cut the recipe in half. That first jam was sooo good.

    Now I use small batches to test recipes…see what works and what doesn’t and how to fix!

  214. I just love your innovative view of preserving! And organizing by season makes so much sense. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book and get to the farmers’ market!

  215. The cover is stunning! Makes me want to dive right in and start preserving. I love the idea of the seasonal approach and that you include some unique recipes. Congratulations on book #2. I’ve loved watching you grow over the years.

  216. I love this book concept. I I am single so canning a lot of stuff at once is a waste. This is the perfect book for me. Thank you, kim

  217. I love your first book & this one sounds amazing! There are only two of us and small batches are exactly what I need to not end up overwhelmed by an overflowing pantry. Would love to win one of your signed copies!

  218. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. I have a small garden. I produce tons of tomatoes, but small amounts of other things. I also wind up with small batches of things from the market. I think this will be a nice companion to my Food In Jars book.

  219. I love that the design of the book feels a little bit vintage and a little bit modern… perfectly encompases how I feel about canning foods! I can’t wait to see it in person!

  220. I will forever always love fruit preserves. I used to make jam out of the fruits that had a particularly bitter or unappealing texture but my family loved. A bunch of years ago, I decided to make jam out of raspberries (something about their texture didn’t agree with me but I loved the flavor) and without a real recipe and my first attempt, I ended up with this delicious result. I made a trifle pudding out of that and I’ve wanted to continue to preserve fruit. Food in Jars was an inspiration and I can’t wait for preserving by the pint!

  221. I look forward to seeing your new book. I really enjoy small-batch canning, thanks to your recipes. And You’ve inspired me to experiment with Meyer lemons!

  222. Your new book looks so beautiful and intriguing! The pear caramel sauce piqued my interest right away….I make a yearly enormous batch of pear sauce that is a sort of ambrosia. Looking forward to trying the recipes!

  223. My favorite small batch project last summer was roasted tomatillo salsa. I think this book will be an inspiring resource!

  224. I am excited for this book. Most of the time I am a big batch canner but often I find myself at a loss with a small quantity of something. Congratulations!

  225. My favorite small batch canning was a recipe I found for Pirate Pears. They were canned with Captain Morgan Spiced Rum. Yum.

  226. I’m excited about the book!! Love the different methods of preserving featured, and also very excited to get motivated with the seasons!

  227. I am very excited about the pizza sauce recipe. I would love to know how to make and can my own with tomatoes from the garden!

  228. Small batch canning changed my life. I enjoy canning, but don’t really need 7 jars of something. Then if I want to try another recipe, it’s another 6-7 jars. Hard to say what my favorite small batch canning recipe is. I love my balsamic strawberry jam. No doubt your new book will be successful. I’m always looking for smaller batch recipes, and I try to think seasonally as much as possible, so organizing the book according to seasons works for me! Congratulations!

  229. This is my favorite way to can- a few jars that don’t take all day to pull together. I can enjoy one right away and save one for later or give to a friend. I have too many in my regular rotation to name one, but my latest was three jars of what might be my favorite jam to date- a black and blueberry rhubarb jam which was borne from my mistake of leaving a bag of frozen berries out and needing a way to use them quickly! I’m so looking forward to getting my hands on this book one way or another!

  230. It’s a jolly looking book!….very colorful with old time type. I almost always make something with the fruit and veg end pieces. Most of the time there is no need to can, as it is just one refrigerated jar.

  231. ummm…my thoughts on the book…ITS AWESOME!!!! I just got it in the mail. I am already planning on doing the pickled turnips. Hopefully, I can win my sister a signed copy because she’s kinda mad at me for getting it before she did.

  232. The book looks lovely! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. πŸ™‚

    My absolute favorite canning project was when a friend and I worked together to can your spiced cider and mimosa jellies for christmas gifts. My supply is now nearly out, we’re going to have to do that again soon!

  233. I love how pretty the book is! I almost bought it, but this year I’m planning to do pretty much only large batch canning so I decided not to go for it (yet). But I’m sure I would make use of it if I were to win it!

  234. This is perfect for the amount of leftover fruits & veggies I usually have. After buying bags/cartons at the farmstand, I usually can’t use it all in meals for just my husband & I. I’d love to preserve them to have on hand in the winter months Jan-April when produce in NJ is SAD!


  235. I am a big fan of Food in Jars and use the recipes within often. I am eager for more! At first glance, I’m a huge fan of the pictures and format. Look forward to getting a copy of my own.

  236. Your book looks beautiful! I am just getting started with canning (small batch or otherwise), and I have to admit that I have been putting it off because the time, effort and mess are a bit intimidating.

  237. I picked enough raspberries to make a small batch of jam, and it went so fast I had to do it 3 more times…….but jamming was fun and picking out in the sun was Great!

  238. I haven’t seen your new book (yet), but I am encouraged that you have included more refrigerator pickles. They are so good and refreshing in the summer!

  239. This book will be perfect for the very small batch preserving I do in my 85sq. ft. kitchen. I love that the book is divided into seasons.
    Looks great!

  240. I love small batches and I love your blog, so I am sure I will love the new book! Organizing by season is a fantastic idea–I like to give jars of canned goods as Christmas gifts, so I’m especially interested in checking out the winter recipes.

  241. the book looks beautiful! we are joining a CSA for the first time this year, so i’d love to have this among my cookbooks this summer! i’m a beginner so being able to can/preserve a small amount at a time seems totally doable πŸ™‚

  242. I am so excited about this book. I am continually faced with small batch amounts of local fresh produce that I think your book would help me preserve and use in new ways. The pizza sauce sounds wonderful! I can’t tell you how many times I will suddenly come into a bunch of tomatoes that aren’t enough for a big canning project, but are more than we will eat before they go bad. There are only so many times you can eat gazpacho or make sun-dried tomatoes!

  243. We started our seedlings last week and are very excited for our 2014 veggie patch. This book would fabulous with our small to medium yield this season! It looks beautiful enough to live on the table too.

  244. This looks to be a wonderful book. I really like the small batch approach – means we get to try preserving lots of different produce.

    I have fond memories of a pear syrup that my mother would make, using the parings from pears that she had canned. These were cooked with some water, strained, and then condensed a bit more to make a tiny amount of exquisite syrup. I rarely bother to peel pears that I am using for cooking, so I don’t have the base ingredients to attempt to replicate the syrup from my childhood. I look forward to trying the recipe for pear caramel from your book.

  245. I saw your new book in the store recently and it looks beautiful! I’m still slightly nervous about canning, but I feel like starting in small batches, as per your book, would make it more approachable.

  246. I need to dial down some of my canning so that I have more variety and smaller batches. This will help! And, I am just super excited about a new preserving book from Marisa!

  247. This looks like a lot of fun. I’d enjoy working through the upcoming growing season with some new ways to preserve the garden’s abundance!

  248. So far my favorite small batch preserving item has been (by myself and anyone that has tasted it), crack in a jar…vanilla rhubarb jam from your first book. If that is any indication of this new book… Very excited to read all the recipes.

  249. I love the idea of small batches. I don’t need quarts and quarts of preserved anything. I can only eat so much. But being able to preserve small batches of veggies would be really helpful

  250. It looks beautiful! I love that it’s geared towards small batches and organized seasonally. Makes it perfect for my little patio garden and weekly farmers market routine.

    Congratulations on your newest release!

  251. Your first book got me into preserving from my garden. I like the small batches because I can easily do it in a short time plus the size is perfect. Thank you for sharing you knowledge. Would love a copy of your new book.

  252. This looks great! I’m always referencing my grandmothers Kerr canning books, and would love a refreshing new take on canning!

  253. My grandmother made small batches of everything, but she used her own “memory” recipes. Now I have a reference to make my own small batches from my small garden surplus.

  254. Your book looks great! One of your small batch recipes I go back to very often… it is a FAVORITE is the Persimmon Pear Chutney which you adapted. (I did it both ways, and prefer your adaption of it) Anyway, what a beautiful looking preserving book, I think it will be a very popular resource for many!

  255. I am just getting my toes wet when it comes to preserving food. Your books look so intriguing and exciting. I can’t wait for summer.

  256. My favorite small batch project of late was an Orange Marmalade which has transformed everything from toast to chicken glaze for the better.

  257. I think this book looks fantastic. I learned so much from your previous book. I’m really looking forward to working my way through this one.

  258. Looks great! As a single person household I like having cool stuff in the pantry, but in quantities that 1) I’ll use up and 2) don’t overrun all my shelf space.

  259. I am so happy to finally see the inside! I love a seasonal book and since it’s just me and my husband with an aversion to most fruits and vegetables this is the perfect book!

  260. Wow! Your new book looks awesome, cant wait to try the pear caramel-I bet it would be great with yogurt, on scones or toast, with baked goat cheese…can you tell I’m hungry, lol?!

  261. This book excites me because I’ve always been intimidated by canning. I think this is a good book to start with and might give me the push I need to try it out.

  262. I love he fact that your new book is organized seasonally. This is so useful and makes it fun to search out seasonal ingredients at the farmers market. And, since my family is small, I appreciate the small batch nature of the projects. I can get the satisfaction of making something new without lots of it to sit on my shelf forever!!

  263. oh, i’m excited about this. i’ve not done very much small batch canning (alternately, you could say all my canning is fairly small batch, but not at the pint or two level), and i’ve really wanted to pursue that idea – it seems like a great way to experiment with recipes – especially since i am still fairly new to canning.

  264. The new book looks great! Small batch recipes are so useful. Thanks for creating recipes that accommodate common requests. It’s nice when a book feels like it was written just for you!

  265. This book looks awesome! I am relatively new to canning, and I want to do some small batch projects. It seems like something I would be able to do more often πŸ™‚

  266. Congrats on the book! I don’t have the book yet (not available where I live in France, so I’ll probably wait until I hit the bookstores on my next trip back to the States), so I can’t comment on the specifics. I do, however, love your FB page & newsletter! I love making mango chutney, loaded with tamarind, ginger, hot peppers, raisins & — of course — mango. I hoard it & try to eat the entire batch without sharing. I also love my small batch of triple ginger nectarine jam. See the theme here? I love* ginger!

  267. I love that the new book is organized by seasons. Sometimes I’m itching to preserve something, anything. This will make it easier to quickly find an idea.

  268. I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew with preserving, so I could really learn from this book. I think the smallest batch I’ve made was a few pints of dandelion jelly and I think I used a recipe I found here!

  269. My favorite thing so far was a Pear-Cinnamon Jam. It’s yummy and even though I am not big on jams, I loved the taste and have it every morning with my toast. I can’t wait to try all the recipes in the new book!

  270. Can’t wait to dig into this book for all those times when I don’t have enough fruits/vegetables/jars to make a bigger batch! Plus, I really, really need the pear caramel recipe. πŸ™‚

  271. This is a great idea! I used to can a lot but as kids are older/moving out it would be just too much…this would a wonderful way to still keep up with canning but in a manageable way! Also love the idea that book is arranged seasonally.

  272. I’m very excited about that pizza sauce recipe! I also like the idea of it being organized seasonally. And I think small-batch preserving sounds great. Not as much produce to deal with it, but still the fun of preserving something!

  273. I am so excited for my first flip through your new book! My favorite small batch preserve is the raspberry jam that I make from our home grown berries. We only have two bushes, but it makes the most amazing pint of jam. Both my husband and I treasure it!!

  274. I’m particularly excited about your book and have followed its progress. Your description of the pear caramel sauce makes my mouth water- have already ear marked to make that one! Look forward to a copy- buying one for sure. Thanks for continuing to be such a great canning source πŸ˜‰

  275. My elderly neighbour ended up with four shopping bags full of pears from her neice’s garden. She gifted two of the four bags to me. I made several larger-scale recipes (two shopping bags is a *lot* of pears), but the crowning glory was a pear-fennel syrup recipe. It only made four very small jars, and used the last of the pears. It is delightful stirred into green tea.

  276. I think your new book looks gorgeous, and I can’t wait to go through it and gain new ideas for preserving and canning on a smaller scale!

  277. Yes, my Amazon pre-ordered copy arrived last week and it’s my current relax-and-read right now! I’ve done jams in the past but never a pickle. So I’ve started checking my Farmer’s Market against the what-can-be-pickled list I’ve started. And since there are only two of us now, the smaller quantities are just right!

  278. The book looks terrific – full of the great recipes you come up with to preserve not only small scale, but fresh ideas.

  279. I can’t wait for this new book! The organization sounds wonderful, and having freezer-friendly recipes sounds right up my alley for busy summer weekends.

  280. The new book is beautiful (I love this type of binding). I think the focus on “small batch” is very interesting and helpful. Thanks.

  281. Looking forward to this new book. One of my favorites from the other book is the Pear Cranberry Jam – just had it on my bagel for a snack! The pizza sauce will be very useful.

  282. I’m looking forward to read more on small batches since my family size is shrinking. I like that I can make a variety of jams/butters and have a few of each.

  283. I love the concept for this book. (I used to get a weekly rubbermaid of produce, and found that it was too much for one person, so a book like this would have been great!)

    My favourite small-batch preserving project from last Summer was probably either the ground-cherry curd (which wasn’t actually that great – the citrus-y-ness of the fruit doesn’t translate as a curd… but it was something I’d wanted to try for years and was finally able to do so) OR the strawberry-balsamic jam that I made on the fly – I think I got a totally of two half-cup jars. Delish. πŸ™‚

  284. Ive always loved preserving small batches and havbe often used your recipes and pared them down with decent results.I’m excited to find abook made for me in mind!!
    I made a small batch of Apricot thyme jam from some apricots i got early in the season. Incredible.

  285. this looks like the perfect book for me! I do a lot of preserving but always in large batches. With two small children this seems like the more manageable ( and more varied) approach!

  286. This looks like just the type of resource I’ve been looking for. Creative flavors, smaller batches all arranged seasonally–thanks for creating it!

  287. Congrats Marisa. My copy (from Indigo in Canada) shipped today and I’m excited to hear that the format is based on the way we shop!

  288. I love the book, especially offering other ways other than canning for preserving, sometimes you just want simple.

  289. If I hadn’t just blown this months budget on amazon already…… But I am so looking forward to getting the book somehow. I’ve been buying CSA shares for the last several years, always a bit more than I can use so I’m constantly gifting neighbors or cousins hoping to entice them to the CSA model.

  290. I love Food in Jars and can’t wait to see this one too! I love not having to make huge batches of things that would take our small household years to use up!

  291. I have a copy of your book and I’m loving it. I already made the hot pepper rings and they are delicious. I love the fact that they are in small batches so I do not have to have lots of bottles or produce just to try something. Great job and I enjoy your blog. Can’t wait to try all the other exciting recipes!

  292. I have a small raspberry patch and love the idea of small batch preserving. I’m sure there will be plenty of other ideas for me as well. Hope I wiin!

  293. I haven’t been able to pick up a copy yet but I’m so excited!!! My current favorite small batch preservation project is whole grain mustard. So easy, and a great way to get in a few canning projects when I’m not swimming in produce.

  294. I love the idea of being able to can without it being a two day commitment and without having to grow or buy bushels of fruits or vegetables to make a canning recipe that produces 10 times more than your family can eat!

  295. I’m so excited for a canning book that lets me go through the whole thing in a year – it’ll be nice to have some structure and a little kick in the butt to get me going!

  296. The new book is a great idea. We are a household of three and small batch preserving works best for me. I’ve made some of the jam and pickle recipes from your first book and look forward to more wonderfulness from the new book.

  297. Did I see a recipe for Rosemary Rhubarb Jelly!?!? I just did a happy dance, that sounds amazing! I can’t wait to try it! Congrats on the new book, it looks wonderful!

  298. Am sooo excited for this book! Am definitely going to make the pear caramel as cream has recently been banned from my diet. If I don’t win a copy, it’s going to the top of my birthday wis list (coming up soon!)…

  299. Your small batch recipes on the site changed my outlook on canning this last summer. There are some things I do big batches of, but I realized there were many more I didn’t need to, and it was wonderful! I can’t wait for more small batch recipes!

  300. There are two things that stand out as bigger likes that all the other likes about this book
    1. Arranging by season – I have a couple other books arranged that way and it helps me prioritize what to do . . . . .and also helps me “miss something”
    2. Like most others I know, having the recipes in small batch form is especially wonderful if you are unsure if you are going to LOVE having 8 jars of something. My canning “career” has evolved quite a bit over the past three or so years and taking the time to organize my supplies has allowed me to do a quickie small batch of something without having to go through 20 cupboards trying to find all my supplies . . . .lids, jars, canner, lifter etc. I kicked my family out of this weird little storage space under the basement stairs and now have everything in one place . . . .huge time saver for me.

  301. This looks right up my alley, since I often don’t can fruits because I am overwhelmed with the thought of too much of the finished product. Very nice.

  302. I love the fact this book is done by the season, and that trying a new recipe in smaller amounts is a good idea. Congratulations on the new book!

  303. A long winter and I am looking forward to spring and all the new fruits and vegetables.. And right now, I have lots of empty jars. Your new book looks lovely.

  304. So incredibly gorgeous. AND so SO usable! Thank you. I adore your food in jars also. Its one of my top 3 favorite books. And mind you the other two are from the era of my Grandma……..so yours rocks:). Cannot wait to see your new one in person and fold the edges of pages, make little notations and spill sugar and vinegar on it :). That’s love.

  305. I love a lot about what you are talking about here,,, love that it’s seasonal, small batches and that it’s preserving not just canning. Keep up the great work!

  306. Looks so great, haven’t read it yet. One of my favorite small batch preserves is vanilla rum peach jam. Mmmm happy sunday mornings

  307. This book looks amazing, I will be placing an order soon…..cuz you can’t have too many canning books or jars!

  308. I love the idea of the small preserving batches. There is not way I my partner and I would eat through a regular full batch of anything I even in larger families there is always a lot left of something that is not a favorite (there was always something that we ate a lot more of at the end when I was growing up). I’m really looking forward to preserving from this one!

  309. I have received my copy of your new book, it looks so inviting, great photos. So now am eagerly waiting for garden produce to have a chance to put it to use. Too bad that winter still holding on here in Northern Minnesota!

  310. I love the preserve through the seasons idea. I have a veggie garden and it would be great to make the most of it this year.

  311. This book looks great! If I can much more than a couple of jars, I have way too much and can’t use it all within a reasonable time. So small batches looks to be the solution to my problem.

  312. I love the seasonal layout!! I have been on a canning jag for almost a year, with your recipe index as my
    favorite source of inspiration. I look forward to this book, whether by win or by purchase!

  313. I’m very excited to see the new book. My favorite small batch is a quick salt-pickle from spare cucumbers in my farm share.

  314. I’ve been looking forward to your new book! It’s just what I needed. I try to find ways to use all of my produce as not to waste them. A lot of the canning books/recipes usually refer to big batch preserving so doesn’t work for what I’m trying to do, use up leftover produce. Thanks for the giveaway!

  315. I like the idea of small batches to try new recipes. With picky eaters in the house, I never know exactly what they’re going to like or not so trying new things in small quantities is a bonus.

  316. We are so excited about your new book. One of our favorite small batches to do is tomato sauce. Learning that we could just do a few at a time saved us from a hellish steamy loooong messy day in the kitchen!

  317. Cannot wait to see this book in my own two hands. My favorite small batch projet was your Seckel Pears with Brown Suger and Cardamon. Can’t wait to make it again. I’m looking forward to seeing what new flavor combinations you’ve come up with.

  318. Two small batch hits at our house from your first book are Cantaloupe Vanilla Jam and Lemony Pickled Cauliflower. I must have some of each on had at all times!

  319. The book looks great on your blog – I’ll pick up the real thing at Reading Terminal on Saturday. You’ve always talked about smaller batches, and that has really changed my ideas about canning – mainly from not doing it to loving it. I can put fruit in sugar in the fridge on a Saturday night, boil the jam Sunday morning while I read the paper, and have a little canning project finished before my teenage boys are even out of bed. And I’ll never feel bad for throwing away mushy apples again, because now I don’t throw them away- I make a jar or two of applesauce. Looking forward to some new non-processed recipes as well.

  320. Definitely amazing! It opens my mind up to preserving seasonal things so I can enjoy them throughout the year and not only when they are in season.

  321. I think your book is a great idea. I made a small batch project once with leftover gooseberries, blackberries and blueberries. It worked!

  322. I always wind up with partially used boxes of various berries and love making mixed berry preserves. Each batch tastes just a little bit different from the others, but they are all wonderful and a much better alternative to tossing out delicious berries!

  323. Your delicious small batch recipes are an inspiration to me! Can’t wait to see this new book and get more ideas!

  324. I have to say both. I love the crispness of the photos and the neat, clean and un cluttered look of the book! Also, my favorite small batch must have is apple butter. The applely, spicy goodness is something I never can get enough of.

  325. I love that the book isn’t just about canning. For too many people I talk to, “preserving” = “canning”, and possibly pickling as well (though “pickling” often ends up being a totally separate subject). I’m working on learning more about water bath canning, dehydrating, vinegar pickling, fermentation, salting, and curing. I will admit to a weakness with pressure canning – we’ve already got so much kitchen gear that I’m a little wary about getting into the whole pressure canning thing!

  326. It looks amazing! I am so glad i found this website! I have just started canning a version of tacos al pastor. It is my new favorite quick and easy breakfast! I can’t wait to see more of your recipes!

  327. This book sounds amazing!! I’m a newbie when it comes to preserving and this sounds like the perfect way to get my feet wet!!

  328. I’d rather not buy this from Amazon. I liked Food in Jars so much, I’d like an autographed copy of this one! -djs

  329. I do like doing small batches and that your new book is arranged seasonally.
    Your books are full of great recipes and ideas. Thanks for giveaway.

  330. This book feels so aligned with the way people who purchase fresh, local food should be thinking and eating and appreciating the harvest. Everything can be used and never wasted- more than that, transformed into something delicious! Thanks for helping to share ways to savor every bite of the seasons!

  331. I don’t have this book yet, but I do make a ton of things from your first book. Just last night I enjoyed the tomato jam I made on Brie and crackers. Delicious!!

  332. I really like the way the photos and recipes are connected rather than photos in a clump in one or two sections of the book. The photos are really tantalizing too.

  333. I just realized that canning season is yet again upon us and immediately came back to this site. I started canning last year and came to this site so often I just had to buy your book. I haven’t gotten the new one yet, but I’m looking forward to canning and preserving this year since I’m all set up now, unlike last year where I didn’t really hit my stride until the season was almost over.

  334. Thank you for the giveaway! The book looks gorgeous, and as someone pretty new to preserving and with a very small household it looks like it’ll be really useful. I’m especially looking forward to that pizza sauce, as the one I make only lasts for so long.

  335. I attended your pressure canning class in Newton Massachusetts last summer and have been following your blog ever since. Hope to win your book and learn some new recipes and techniques.

  336. I love the premise of your book. Small batch recipes allow cooks of small households to enjoy the bounty from farmer’s markets. I’d love to win this book!

  337. I have been canning for years. It is so wonderful to find books that help with small batches. Really appreciated now that the kids are out of the house and on their own…and it just the two of us.

  338. Love your blog! I am a working outside the home Mom who lives in the city. I can’t stand to throw out food for so many reasons. I made your stone fruit preserves and they were delish! My daughter likes them right out of the jar. We gave a small garden but we pack it quite full of veggies. Everything is small scale here.

  339. I love that I can make a single half pint or pint of something delicious when I only have a small amount of produce. And I don’t have to set aside an entire afternoon (or longer) to make it. I don’t know why that wasn’t obvious before, but I thank you for pointing it out!

  340. I LOVE doing small batches of blueberry preserves. I tend to lose motivation if I tackle too large of a project so your books are amazing finds for me, I get to feel productive without being chained to the kitchen.

  341. Loved Food in Jars! and this new one looks fantastic. Love your blog, too. I started making jam coz of your blog…..thanks!

  342. You have such a lucid writing voice on the blog. I’m sure it really shines through in the book too. Congratulations for making your dreams happen!

  343. I canned a record (for me) 87 different small batch things last year, and a fair amount were your recipes. I’m so excited for the new book (arriving in the mail tomorrow!). My current favorite is meyer lemon curd, but I have so many favorites!

  344. This book is actually EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for in a canning book! I love the idea of the small batch canning and preserving, especially with the seasons, and this hopefully will get a ton of use this coming year. Looking forward to spring and summer of course!

  345. I like making different types of jam, and it’s great for me to make small batches so I can actually use what I make! It’s also much easier to make time for canning when I am making small batches.

  346. Oh my!!!!!!!!!! The book looks FASCINATING!!!!!! Can’t wait to get it. Congratulations! I wish you the best success. Looking forward to all the knowledge and recipes.

  347. The idea for preserving by the pint is perfect! It happens to me all the time, that I come home from the farmers market with a pound of something I want to preserve, and end up having to dissect recipes to get to the right amounts! Thank you!

  348. I love this concept – small batch canning is perfect for my little family and the time that I have available. I am new to your blog (just read about you in the Philly newspapers this morning so I had to check your blog out). I’ve only been canning for two years now – in fits and starts. I will definitely be checking your book out as it sounds like a great addition to my resource library. This year I want to do jam but never really thought it was possible to do in small amounts.

  349. What a beautiful book. I love the idea of small batch preserving. Before you know it you have beautiful stocked shelves. Thank you for offering such a beautiful cookbook.

  350. I luv making things in small batches…it makes them “special.”
    Your recipes are very diverse and I like that. Can’t wait to make the quick pickles and the pizza sauce!

  351. I am so excited about this book! I love that it is a seasonal guide to small batch preserving. It will coincide perfectly with my garden! Even if I don’t win it, I guarantee it will be on my bookshelf ASAP!

  352. I already wrote you and told you how awesome it is! πŸ™‚ Love the accessibility of the recipes, the layout, the new delicious ideas, how excited it has made me to get crackin’ in the kitchen this year. I already have my own copy but would love to gift one to a pickle-happy friend. Thanks Marisa!

  353. I’ve been DYING to see the new book at my local bookstore. I was so thrilled to find the first book that I bought it on sight (my boyfriend thought I was nuts!)

    I can’t wait to see some of the non-canning ideas for small amounts of things. I’m one of those people who sees an unfamiliar fruit or vegetable at the store or farmers market and immediately buys it to find out its secrets πŸ™‚ (I’m now addicted to persimmons, by the way, which I had never tasted until 6 months ago).


  354. Oh my, this looks like a wonderful book and a necessary addition to my library. Thanks very much for the chance to win a special copy!

  355. To echo the 542 comments before mine – the book looks beautiful! My MIL and I were just talking about attending another demo. I am so ready for fresh food from my CSA and am thankful for you teaching how to get the longest life out of my share. I made your apricot sage savory jam (Table Matters) for a baby shower last year and it got rave reviews. I was happy to be able to contribute something that many people had not tried before. Congratulations on the book!

  356. I am so excited to see the new book! I love the idea of organizing it by season, and breaking it down into non-overwhelming small batches. I’m especially psyched about the zucchini ideas, considering we find ourselves awash in it every spring and summer.

  357. The book looks beautiful!! My favorite (and most useful) project so far has been sweet banana pepper rings. Oh, and your pickled pumpkin. πŸ™‚

  358. If it is anything like your first book, I know I will love it and NEED it! Love the stories behind the recipes. Small Batches makes me excited about canning and trying new things.

  359. Can’t wait to get the book! My favorite small project is the tomato jam recipe on your site. We love it in our house – my daughter eats it everyday on her toast!

  360. What a great book! Thanks for thinking of those of us with small kitchens and little storage space who always buy just a bit too much produce!

  361. I am very excited about you book and the first one also. It is on my list to buy before canning season! I just started canning this last year and I love the satisfaction. I took a canning course online this winter through our extension agency. I cannot wait to expand the items I canned, and I just love your spicy dill pickles. I was asked if I would give away my recipe, and they were shocked that I shared. However, all fantastic and stolen recipes need to be passed on! Thank you for passing them on!

  362. This is a beautiful book with wonderful ideas for each season of the year. That excites me because I don’t always have the time to consider what is really in season and I do try to buy locally. Even if I never made anything out of it, it’s lovely to look at and soul inspiring. I’m glad I have both of your lovely volumes; they are a great addition to my collection.

  363. What a great looking book and idea. I do the shopping at our house and am always stuck with excess fresh fruits and veggies because I overbuy sale items…now I can find a use for those buy one get one free strawberries, blueberries and other deals. Thanks!

  364. I’m so happy for you, Marissa! I’m a long-time fan, and I really love your style, your recipes, and your customer service. So many bloggers/writers don’t address their readers or reply to emails, and you have always graciously done that, and it means a lot – just so you know! I saw Preserving by the Pint in the bookstore the other day, and it’s as lovely as the original Food in Jars. It’s on my wishlist, but I would LOVE a signed copy even more, since I’m not close to any events you may be doing.

  365. Seriously trying to finish adjusting to the departure of the last child 8 years ago! Looks like this is the answer to how to make as much as the two of us can use and get out of the “family of five” overproduction!! Thank you!

  366. I haven’t read the book yet (I hope to win one) but I am looking forward to it. Although I give away much of my canning projects, I live alone and I like the idea of small quantity preserving. It will also help because my farmers market is fairly expensive and they rarely have produce reduced, for any reason, which means that I do not always want to buy great quantities.
    I love your first book and know I will feel the same about this one.

  367. This book looks just perfect, so many time I have small amounts of garden goodies, and they sometimes go to waste, now I would be able to make use of all of it. I love to can produce and make jellies and jams, but this small amount preserving idea is just super.

  368. It looks amazing, and I am excited for the Spring recipes (it’s already Spring here in San Diego, no doubt), especially the rhubarb & meyer lemon marmalade!

  369. First of all CONGRATULATIONS!!! The book looks beautiful and is on my birthday wish list. I like that it looks like your first book which is very well loved in my house. I also like the looks of that cannable pear caramel.

  370. Just received my copy, and the photos are (as usual) gorgeous. I really like the seasonal layout and am happy to see how diverse the recipes are. I’m really looking forward to some of the summer recipes–browned butter peach jam and fig quarters in whiskey are two I’ll definitely be trying.

  371. At first I didn’t like the idea of small batches because if I am going to do the chopping dicing routine, I’d rather have more to show for my efforts. But after canning 250+ jars of this and that, I am pretty sure I no longer care about large batches of anything. I like trying new things and having a variety on hand and your first book gave me that and I am hoping this one will to, albeit in a smaller version. Most folks liked the salsa’s, so am looking forward to what lies between the pages.

  372. love it! and pear caramel?! yum. can’t wait to check this out. I definitely tend towards smaller batches when I am able to pyo. plus, it’s only two of us, so really large quantities makes it tough to keep up!

  373. I bought your first book and use it all the time! I love making the tomato jam and the oven roasted peach butter! I would love to win a copy of your new book as I am sure I would use it all the time, too! Thanks!

  374. This looks great – and just as useful as your last book. In fact, being organized by season makes a lot of sense, I’m sure I will find it useful to look at recipes for the current season before heading to the farmer’s market. Thanks for your creative and diligent work!

  375. Congratulations on your new book! I have always canned food and am very interested in small batch canning method. With the cost of food (and everything else) only going up – it just makes sense to save what you can and not be wasteful!

  376. The book looks gorgeous! I all the things you listed, CSA subscriber, farmer’s market shopper, and small time gardener, so I know you’d have lots of recipes I could use!

  377. I just discovered your website today, and I am so happy that I did! It sounds like you wrote this book just for me…last year was the first time I joined a CSA, and I was amazed at the amount of produce I recieved throughout the Spring and Summer. I never thought of canning small batches – I can’t wait to get my hands on this book and have it ready to go once the new year’s CSA starts producing!

  378. Congrats on the new book! I’m very excited to try that pizza sauce recipe. The tomatoes in my garden last year ripened in small bursts, so I never had enough at any one time to do a large batch of preserving. I think the pizza sauce will be a good recipe to use should i have the same problem this year.

  379. Have your first book and love the recipes! Look forward to getting this one as well and like the idea that the preserving is by seasons.

  380. The book looks beautiful. I love that it is seasonal and also that you include recipes for canning, refrigerator storage, and freezing–all of which I use to process the produce from my backyard garden and mini orchard. I freeze variety of packets including pasta sauce, pesto, and pureed pumpkin for use throughout the year. Can’t wait to check out your recipes.

  381. Okay, this is going to sound really wierd but years ago I knew someone who always sliced up the stems of broccoli and other vegetables (the stuff you usually throw away) and marinated them in an Italian oil and vinegar. Next day-voila! Interesting crunchy stuff for your salad! So, blessed with an abundance of marked down broccoli recently I remembered this-but what if I pickled it instead? Well, yeah! Four pints of really good Italian herbish, crunchy stuff.

  382. I haven’t had a chance to peruse your book yet, but from the photos (and experience with your blog) i am sure that it is going to be FANTASTIC! My personal small-batch preserving favorite is a tomato jam. Especially with those end-of-season seconds, it’s a great way to enjoy hearty tomato taste throughout the winter!

  383. I love small batch recipes because my family is so small This book looks like it has some things I haven’t tried.

  384. I tend to wait to make a big production out of canning. Then I hoarde my jars. I need to get that out of my head because sometimes I wait too long and some produce spoils. I would love to whip up a small batch. And I’m still looking for a pickle recipe that I love. The ones I’ve tried to make are too sour.

  385. I remember waiting and waiting to purchase your last book and when I saw you were working on Preserving by the Pint I was overjoyed! By the pint will be something I could easily accomplish πŸ™‚ Thank you!

  386. I am so excited about this new book! I love your first book and consult it often when I have a small batch of fruit that I’d like to prepare.

  387. We have a garden and it is just the two of us, so this book will come in handy to do small quantities of our produce.

  388. Your new books looks beautiful! I actually don’t have any canning books-I use all your recipes from the recipe index! I think seasonally so this book would be perfect for me πŸ™‚

  389. I would love to try this book for exactly the reason you wrote it…I dont buy huge batches of things (with the exception of PYO strawberries & apples) and would love to try canning but not in the volume most books and recipes have… one or two jars of something is just what I need….

  390. My favorite small batch preserving has to be refrigerator pickles. Doesn’t matter what kind… carrots, cukes, sweet peppers, green beans… if it’s wasting away, that is what happens to it. πŸ™‚

  391. I love this idea and can’t wait for the book to come out. I am a single girl and, despite my best efforts, produce will sometimes find its way to my compost bin instead of my stomach.

    Favorite small batch preserving…hmmm.

    Well, three hours ago I returned to Portland from a friend’s wedding and visiting my mom in Arizona. Aside from a stocked bar and swimming pool, my favorite thing about my mom’s house is her giant grapefruit tree. The smell of the blossoms is intoxicating and the fruit remarkable. Someplace on earth another citrus tree dies every time my mom mentions throwing away most of the fruit because, “there’s just too much of it, Babe.”

    Being too cheap to check my carry-on-sized suitcase, I crammed as many grapefruit as I could into my suitcase and my purse. Sadly, this still only left me with 7 grapefruit. My favorite thing to do with such a small amount of fruit, is make Grapefruit Limoncello. I made this a couple years ago with fruit from this same tree, stuck it in the freezer, and enjoyed it throughout the whole summer. Perfect balance of sweet, sour, and bitter. Gives me a little bit of Arizona (and my mom) right here in Portland. I can’t wait to fill my freezer with it again!

    Best of luck with your new book!

  392. It looks beautiful! I can’t wait to add it to my collection! My favorite small batch canning projects usually focus on using up hot peppers!

  393. I absolutely loved your first book and I’m sure that I will love your second book as well. I like the idea of seasonally sorting the recipes!

  394. I love the fact that I your projects feel rooted (pun intended) in reality! I love the idea of using up that last part of the CSA or the last bit of something that didn’t quite get served, yet does not take hours to complete!

  395. I’ve been thinking of canning, jamming, and preserving for a while now. Certainly, I’ve racked up a collection of mason jars! But, being a full-time working mom, it’s so hard to find the time to do this. Your book Preserving By the Pint seems like the solution this dilemma. I also like the idea of more strategies to using up my CSA box besides, soups, smoothies, and juicing. It’s a way to extend the season for fruits and veggies that we love to eat!

  396. I LOVE that it is about small batches since that’s about all I get from my own fruit trees. Especially after the kids have had their snack….

  397. Preserving by the Pint sounds wonderful! Sometimes I don’t want to go through the production of canning a whole batch of something because I don’t have the time.

  398. As hundreds before me have said, the book is really exciting. I often freeze fruit from the garden in the summer in quart bags and pull it out in the fall or winter months when I have more time to make scrumptious jams. But sometimes I just want a small batch of something. Great idea!

  399. I love that you set it up seasonally and with ingredients that are more often found in farmer’s markets than the grocery store. The pictures look great too!

  400. I love that you make it easy to use smaller quantities of produce. It allows me to experiment with recipes that I might otherwise not try because I feel it might be wasteful to try something out of the ordinary.

  401. Preserving by the Pint sounds encouraging. You can small amounts and aren’t tied up in the kitchen on an all day project. The recipes you show are different out of the ordinary with something we would eat and enjoy! March is m b-day month so that would be an extra special blessing if I won.

  402. As my cooking style developed, I’ve come to appreciate cooking seasonally, especially with local produce as much as possible. Likewise, as I’ve been learning to can over the last few years, I’ve leaned heavily on seasonal foods. So Preserving by the Pint, with its emphasis on preserving seasonally, is destined for my bookshelf. I also like the idea of being able to prepare smaller batches of food for canning, since there are only two of us.

  403. I am quite interested in the arrangement by seasons, and I feel that the smaller batches will be good practice for me, since I have inherited whatever gene everyone in my family has where we are unable to cook less than enough to feed Attila and his entire horde. πŸ™‚

  404. I am intrigued and would love to try out your cookbook. I’ve gotten into canning the last couple of years, but don’t always want to do large batches. From reading the other comments, I would like to try tomato jam and vanilla bean pear butter. I don’t know if they are from this book or not, but they sound awesome!

  405. The book looks lovely! I like all the sweet preservation ideas. My favorite small batch preserve is rose petal jam.

  406. I’m excited about this book. I belong to a CSA, live in an apartment with a super-tiny kitchen, and am interested in learning to preserve fruits and vegetables. So it’s perfect!

  407. I’m so excited to check out the new book! I’m pretty sure my husband will kill me if I come home with a bushel or flat of anything this summer (we have so much left to use up from the last couple of summers), so this will be perfect for a project here or there!

  408. Your new book sounds delightful! Usually I tend toward fairly large batches of whatever, but really do need to scale that thinking down to smaller batches, (At least occasionally.) This should be just the inspiration for doing it. Thank you!

  409. I hope, I can make it Saturday. I’ve always wanted to get into canning and Preserving by the Pint will be perfect for my small garden! I hate throwing out produce that doesn’t get used in time. I’m excited!

  410. I have a recipe for cinnamon apple cider jelly that I made to give away at Christmas last year. It turned out very well and was very positively received by my family.

    I often find that canning recipes make more than I can use in a year and like the idea of making smaller batches so that I can have a greater variety.

    I would love a copy of Preserving by the Pint!

  411. I have been eating seasonally for the past 6 months and love the idea of a cookbook that is organized seasonally! I can’t wait to read it!

  412. This book looks lovely!
    I’ve made apple butter and pumpkin butter using my slow cooker, but was afraid of canning so I had to put containers in my freezer. I’d love to liberate freezer space and learn to can. This book looks perfect, I can start small!
    P.S. I took a container of the pumpkin butter to my parents because I knew they’d enjoy it. My mom was in bed because I arrived late, so I just slipped it in the fridge and went to bed. The next morning I got up and it had disappeared. My mom, who had started getting dementia had found it but didn’t recognize it or know where it came from, so she put it down the garbage disposal. If I learn to can, I can put pretty labels and gift tags on the jars and none will go to waste and everyone has a happy breakfast!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  413. I can’t wait to make and try the Sweet Pear Caramel! Thank you for making this book. It makes canning for a small family of three manageable.

  414. I have never canned anything before but seeing the article in the newspaper and reading your blog. You have inspired me!!. I am trying as well to change my eating habits by eating more fruit and vegetables and this book and blog will set me on the right course!! thank you

  415. This looks like a beautiful book! I too often think of needing to preserve in big batches, this will be an excellent tutor to think smaller. Thank you.

  416. I love that you have a “waste not” philosophy. It is amazing how many pounds of food are discarded when something as delicious as one of your recipes could be created from the “leftovers”.

  417. My first thought is ‘why would I want to drag out my canning stuff for just a pint?’ But I see that there are quick pickles and things that don’t require the canner. That could work.

    I also like the seasonal order of the book. That makes sense.

  418. Marisa,

    Good luck with the book. I hope you sell many copies. I grew up in Philly and still have family there so I know all about Reading Terminal Market. As for your book, I was able to take a peek at it on the Barnes & Noble website and I like what I see so far. The photography looks great! I’m a novice when it comes to canning/preserving, so I want to start off with small batches. In fact I picked up some Cara Cara oranges and honey yesterday for my first batch of jam.

  419. I just finished reading Food in Jars and am excited to get started. I love that your new book will let me use up smaller bits of things. And the idea of zucchini butter is driving me mad! Can’t wait to try it!

  420. Just the ideas you posted in the blog show me how many alternatives I’ve never thought of exist in the pages of your book. (And small batches are nice.)

  421. Can’t wait to try your recipes!!!! I found your web site 2 years ago and was hooked. I love your first book…it really helped with my novice attempts at jam making.

  422. Marisa, I’m so excited about this book! I’m sure it won’t disappoint and I look forward to reading it. Can’t wait to try putting up some great stuff a pint or two at a time. Works so much better for two people! Wishing you much success!

  423. I am so excited that the book is organized by season, that makes so much sense! And since I’m preserving for just me and my husband, small batches are ideal. Just seeing the photo of that pizza sauce makes me know I need this book!

  424. The book looks great. I really appreciate the photos. In this age of digital photography there is no excuse for cookbooks not having one for each recipe! I’m going to look for it next time I go to the bookstore.

  425. So excited that farmers produce stands will start popping up soon. I’m done with winter and I CAN’t wait to starting canning this year. You new book looks like the perfect little helper for this new canner.

  426. I think your new book looks great Marisa! I admire you very much. I have tried many of your recipes from your first book, they are all great. Thanks for inspiring me to try new things! I look forward to your second book very much.

  427. I’m excited both about a book being specifically about small-batch preserving, and I find seasonally arranged canning cookbooks super-appealing, as that’s how my mind works from spring through fall, where canning is concerned.

  428. I’m looking forward to this book, as I have always hated having to buy large quantities of fruit to make jam. Not to mention then you have 7-8 pints of the same jam. I really love the idea of making smaller batches to see what I like and if it’s good I can make more. Thank you

  429. I love that this is organized seasonally. I received your first book as a Christmas gift and felt like I really had to wait until the ingredients for the recipes that I wanted to try were in season before I could start.

  430. Most of my preserving has been jams, and I do tend to do them either as large batches, or as multiple small batches in a row – it seems like by the time I get everything together I have the momentum to keep going. I love your first book, and I was worried that this one would be more jams/jellies but in smaller sizes. So excited to see that it’s more about using every last bit of seasonal produce in a variety of ways! Like many others, sometimes that last little bit becomes compost, and I’ve been trying to move towards making sure everything is getting used. Can’t wait to pick up a copy.

  431. I tried a small batch peach & nectarine jam with vanilla last year because I overbought, and that turned out to be a big hit. I love your first book & I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the new one.

  432. This book would be fantastic for me. I’m single now and like you said sometimes you just have a few tomatoes etc. and want to do something with it. The pizza sauce idea is awesome and the jar or two of jam is perfect for me. I do have kids and do a lot of other canning but for me this would be ideal. Thanks for making such a useful book. Thanks..

  433. My favorite small batch project thus far was a loose jam that I made last summer with some left over peaches. I didn’t have a lot so I supplemented with various fruits I had in the freezer (black berries, raspberries, and plums). I added thyme at the last minute and had a hit. I use it to make my own fruit on the bottom yogurt since it didn’t set very well.

    I am looking forward to going through the new book.

  434. I have been thinking of learning how to can and it looks like this would be a great start for me since it is in small batches.

  435. hey marisa πŸ™‚ cant wait to get this book. we do a lot of trading around here so i end up with small amounts of things all the time. beets are one of my faves. i never do have tons of them and a couple of jars of fridge pickled beets will last a year at least in the fridge. plus when the jar gets low on beets i can add onions or fennel or even more beets. that stuff just doesnt really go bad. have you seen beautyberry jelly? i never did till last year. i had no idea people made that. i have a giant beautyberry bush that will have fruit by june and im going to make some. its the prettiest purple color but i dont feel like it has a distinctive flavor other than sugar. some people say it tastes like cotton candy and hey that would be sugar! im going to add something for flavor. what do you think? lavender and vanilla? i dont want it to taste like soap. but i do want it to taste purple. maybe i can add some elderberry flowers. elderflower seems like a very trendy flavor right now.

  436. Oh this would be so great to have! I don’t have tons of money to spend on huge amounts of produce to preserve endless amounts of jars of food. But I do have the money and space to do small quantities and I am looking for tasty, unique options. I have made your refrigerator dill pickles and let me tell you…..amazing! I shared some with some friends and they ate the entire jar in one setting they were that good. Anyhoo….having this book would be so helpful. If I don’t win, I will be ordering!