Pacific Merchants 10L Pickle Crock + Giveaway

June 3, 2014

pickling crock square

I made my first batch of sauerkraut in the fall of 2008 (in fact, that single jar of kraut was the first thing I ever wrote about here on Food in Jars). Since then, I’ve done a goodly amount of fermentation, from kosher dill pickles to kombucha to kimchi.

In all the years that I’ve been letting various fruits and vegetables gently bubble away in my kitchen, my vessel of choice has been a wide mouth jar (either a quart or a half gallon, depending on the volume I’m making). And while these jars have served me admirably, there was part of me that always wanted to try out a dedicated pickling crock.

crock overhead

So, when a rep from Pacific Merchants got in touch and asked if I’d be interested in trying out their 10L fermentation crock, I said yes.

It is a lovely crock, with thick walls, stone weights, and a gutter that you fill with water for an airtight seal. This crock, along will all the other stoneware vessels that Pacific Merchants sells, was made in Boleslawiec, Poland.

pickling crock open

You can use crocks like this one for all manner of ferments and I’m planning to christen it with a batch of sauerkraut. I’d intended to start a batch in it before this post, but I head out of town next week for nearly three weeks on the road and Scott asked that I not make him responsible for a large-scale ferment. I thought it was a fair request and so will start a batch (with step-by-step pictures for you all) when I get back in July.

pickle weights

Now, for the giveaway. The nice folks at Pacific Merchants are offering one lucky Food in Jars winner a $100 gift card for their website. What’s more, they’re also offering a discount code for their website. It’s good now through June 16. Just type in “foodinjars15” at check out for 15% off your order.

Here’s how to enter the giveaway:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me about your fermentation habits. Do you make your own lacto-fermented pickles? Do you have a jar of kimchi in the kitchen right now? Or is your only contact with a fermented vegetable is the tray of warm sauerkraut designed to top hot dogs at the ball park?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Saturday, June 7, 2014. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, June 8, 2014
  3. Giveaway open to United States residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: Pacific Merchants sent me the 10L fermentation crock, along with a pair of 1L Kilner jars, for photography and review purposes. They are also providing the giveaway unit. They have not compensated me beyond that to write this post and all opinions remain my own. 

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682 thoughts on "Pacific Merchants 10L Pickle Crock + Giveaway"

  • I am absolutely stupid when it comes to fermentation habits……I can quick pickle and make jam (you taught me)….but I have not ventured into fermentation…..

  • I’ve made sauerkraut and lacto-fermented carrots before, very good! Next stop is learning how to make Kimchi so that I don’t keep buying it from whole foods at $8 a jar; and so I know what’s in it. Right now I have both king’s kimchi and wild brine in the fridge. Last week I had some Farmhouse kraut… I love fermented vegetables and would love to use the crock. All the best-

  • I do have Kimchi! I ferment it in a quart jar right now. I have dreamed of having a crock for pickles. Wish me luck.

  • I haven’t made anything yet, but it’s high up on the list of things I want to do. I’d really like to start making my own sauerkraut.

  • Thanks for your giveaway! I’ve been brewing kombucha at home for seven years this summer, but I’m relatively new to canning and other forms of fermentation! I would love a proper crock so I can make kimchi, fermented pickles and sauerkraut for my family. I made sure that my now-husband likes to eat these things on our first date! Perhaps that’s the greatest testament to my love for “stinky” foods.

  • Pickling is the next frontier in canning for me. I plan to make some Japanese pickles since I love those!

  • My family used to do pickles when I was a kid, but I myself don’t have any experience with any fermenting… I’m hoping to learn though!

  • While I’ve canned many things I’ve never delved into fermentation. I would love to try making pickles this way though! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • I love making pickles and would like to do more! My garden is all cucumbers and beans. I would like to try pickling beans!! Pick me! Pick me! I’ll really use it 🙂

  • hi i’ve canned many things, sauerkraut Yrs. ago, and pickles but not with the fermentation process. i have learned many things already this yr and would like to learn about the fermentation process.

  • We’ve made kraut for years, but I’d love to branch out and try kimchi and other interesting pickles.

  • I’ve made a few batches of sauerkraut with mixed results, one batch of kimchi that was great, and a batch of pickled green beans that went straight in the trash. I really want to get a crock, one of my issues with fermenting is weighing it down properly to keep out air.

  • We are continually fermenting sneering or another. Kombucha and kefir always. Kraut, kimchi, dills, hot sauce, random veggies. A crock like this would be fantastic to increase our yield.

  • I always have homemade kraut on hand, and went through a kimchi (mmm kimchi fried rice…) phase but I’m taking a break right now, would love to try some fermented pickles this summer!

  • I’ve made lacto peppers and lemons. I’ve also done okra. We love love love pickled veggies. They taste fabulous and are great for our health. 🙂 I would absolutely dig this crock!!!! :):):):)

  • I’ve only tried actual fermenting once…a batch that should have been dill pickles but did not work at all. I’d like to try again sometime. I do quick pickles in the fridge every year.

  • Made a few jars of sauerkraut and have kept some sourdough going for at least 10 years. Would love to do more fermenting. Also make yoghurt and mozzarella cheese.

  • I have a jar of Kimchi in the fridge, as well as pickles. I have wanted a crock like this for years! I believe in the power and nutrition in fermented foods. I have made and bottled my own kombucha and kefir. I would like to expand my experience with this crock! Lucky someone…

  • For kraut I have a 2 gallon food-grade bucket with gamma lid that I drilled a small hole in the top. That hole has a rubber grommet and holds an airlock. When I make my kraut I drop in a small bit of dry ice and it pushes all the air out so I don’t need to worry about aerobic contaminants and I get to keep all of the juice.

    Of course, too much dry ice and you risk it bubbling out all the water in the airlock. It takes quite a small amount to do its job.

  • I would LOVE to make sauerkraut but I’ve never had a proper croc. So I’ve had to hot brine things like bread & butter pickles.

    Please, please, please pick me!

  • We made sauerkraut for the first time last year and it turned out great! We’d love to try pickles and kimchi soon!

  • I would love to have this pickle crock! It has become a kind of obsession for me. I have not pickled on a large scale before, but have had success in the small batch arena. Happy Pickling.

  • I’ve pickled green beans and ginger. The green beans were alright. I wanna retry it with white vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar. I’ve almost always got a container of pickled ginger in the fridge. That stuff is delicious.

    I want to try making half sour pickles. Those are my favorites.

  • While I have had one foray into the wild world of sauerkraut, I’m mostly a pickle girl by habit. Traditional, cucumber based pickles. Perhaps it is time to branch out. (Love the crock! I mostly use some sort of crockery bowl.)

  • I’ve been curious to experiment with kimchi and slaws, but for now my fermentation has been pickles. And wine. Of course wine! 😉

  • I have only been pickling for two years. Made the traditional dill pickles and home sauerkraut. Both turned out great and I want to learn and do more.

  • I’ve always wanted to try fermenting. I have a love of pickles and especially sour kraut 🙂

  • Both of my parents were 1st generation American (both sets of grandparents having immigrated from Poland) and so I grew up with homemade pickles and sauerkraut (kapusta). Of course, this smacked of completely anti-upwardly mobile American aspirations (read “Vlasic”)…sauerkraut in the basement? Only later did I come to my senses and realize the beauty (and health-sustaining qualities) of pickling your own (to say nothing of the historical continuities…I use receipts from my great grandparents and all those before them in my pickling/flavoring). Many things now bubble away in my kitchen (and basement)!

  • I’ve only pickled cucumbers and beans, but hope to branch out and learn more about the fermentation process soon. Both my husband and I grew up eating sauerkraut, and I’d love to make my own. This is a gorgeous pickling vessel!

  • My husband tried making kimchi a couple of years ago, and we’d both like to try it again, along with pickling just about anything that’s in season and worth trying.

  • I bought this same crock 2 years ago and absolutely love it. I’ve made sauerkraut twice in this crock. The first year I made 15 pounds and had lots of empty space in the crock – plus we ate it all too fast – so the second year I made 23 pounds of kraut. It is so easy with this crock because it has an airtight seal with that gutter with filled with water. After a few days it starts gurgling out the air hole as it ferments. I also made fermented (no vinegar) whole pickles in the crock last year and they were excellent. Great investment!

  • I do kimchi and canned pickles beets and pickles regularly. Sadly, my sauerkraut has never turned out. But I’m not giving up, I have 8 heads of cabbage planted in the garden! 🙂 I’ve also lacto-fermented salsa, carrots, green beans and radishes – all delightful!

  • As a child I helped my grandmother ferment sauerkraut, but have not ventured into the fermentation process as an adult. I have been researching fermented foods lately and want to get started this summer. Having a fermenting crock would be fabulous!

  • I really want to make saurkraut — it’s a good luck staple of the midwest and served on New Years Day. I can’t think of anything more lucky than making it yourself. I also would love to re-create the dilled jalapenos and okra that were served in a resturant in Seattle called Burkes quite a while ago. They were on the table like a bar snack. So yummy!

  • I been making homemade yogurt, I can not make enough. My grandfather is from Lotz, Poland.
    What a great jar to use.

  • Pickles! Lots of pickles. I’ve always wanted to try sour kraut, but have so far lacked the courage.

  • I have never fermented anything on purpose. While I have made quick dill pickles and canned bread and butter pickles, I have always wanted to try real dill pickles the way my grandmother made them. I am also thinking of making Rumtopf. This looks like a wonderful vessel.

  • I have a kimchi cookbook (that I bought after seeing on your site), and using that is on my to-do list this summer!

  • I don’t make anything, but my mom is forever talking about wanting a pot like this. I’d love to give it to her!

  • I am growing a garden in containers this year! Including cucumbers some of which I hope to make into pickles. My brother and I love kosher dill pickles so I am hopeing to make lots and can some as well as try the pickling jar method.

    I have been searching and searching for the right pickling jar. This one looks perfect! May buy one anyway if I don’t win. 😀

  • I’ve never tried any fermenting at home but I’ve always been a fan of sauerkraut and would love to try it one day. I’m also a fan of pickles though I’ve only made quick pickles and the non fermented variety. Fermented pickles would be the next thing I would try.

  • Makin’ a fresh batch of kimchi for my mama this week! We live in a place where it’s not readily available.

  • I made strawberry vinegar last summer; I think that’s the only thing I’ve ever fermented (intentionally). It’s lovely but I’m not really sure what to do with it other than salad dressings…

  • My family loves eating sauerkraut, though I have not tried making it myself. My mother and grandmother have made it in jars. I think my mom would love that crock!

  • It’s a dream of mine to learn to ferment all my favorite things, especially sauerkraut and kimchi!

  • I’m just getting started with fermenting and pickling I’m yet make a batch of pickles. Waiting for my garden to grow so I can start. Very excited to start

  • I attempted to ferment some berries to make vinegar, but it turned into a moldy mess. Hopefully my second attempt will go better.

  • I saw your blog mentioned in the Comments on a post on Lunch in Jars. I’ve always wanted to try fermenting, and it would be wonderful to have a beautiful crock like this one to jumpstart the project!

  • We make dairy kefir in this house and love to make our daily smoothies. My three little ones are huge fans!

  • Have not yet fermented anything intentionally, but have done so in the science lab otherwise known as a refrigerator. Have threatened to try out one of several old crocks we have which our grandmothers and great grandmothers used for pickling, but this crock looks better for the task,

    Hmmm. Does Romtopf count as fermenting? It’s more like drunken fruit, but is very delicious. We have a beautiful crock for making it.

  • Not fermenting yet. Waiting for the basket of cuke seconds to arrive at the farmers market. I’ve been making frig pickles out of the radishes from the CSA and the chard stems turned out good. Next will be some quick rhubarb pickles! And I want to try my hand at kimchi!

  • My favorite is making Kimchi. I’ve made saurkraut, but it never gets as pungent as I like it because I eventually have to give up and put it in the fridge because of the smell. 🙂

  • I have made only a few attempts to make pickles and they never turn out. But I sure do love them even the fermented ones

  • We have been making sauerkraut and pickles of all kinds since we’ve been married, over 21 years. We have several old stoneware crocks that our mothers used (from 5 gallons up to 20 gallons), so there are usually several things going at once. I’ve seen these pickle crocks, and I’m especially curious how the weights work…we’ve always used what was on hand that fit across each crock and then weighted them down to keep in place (usually old plates and gallon fruit jars filled with water!). Planning to try a lot of new fermented recipes this year, and a crock like this would be fun to use. Thanks for entering me in your contest!

  • I’ve made wine (black cherry) once – it was quite good, really!, and I’m getting ready to make dandelion wine this summer.
    Pickles: Several batches of salted (lactic-acid-fermented) pickles, from turnip, cucumber and carrot, when we were trying to determine why my husband was allergic to commercial pickles (we suspected the vinegar; turned out to be the DYE. Why do pickles need to be dyed??).
    I now have my eye on some of Pacific Merchants’ terracotta bakeware, because I think it will work well in a solar oven.

  • Right now I have asparagus, radishes, garlic, sauerkraut, kimchii, yogurt, creme fraiche, sourdough starter, a continuous brew Kombucha, a ginger bug and ACV. ..I think thats all. I’ll ferment pretty much any veggie, rather than let it go uneaten. Never have use a real crock before, I just use quart jars or half gallon jars.

  • I’ve done some rudimentary cucumber fermentation in the guise of kimchi, but would love to get more hard core about it!

  • I’ve made beer, sourdough and hot sauce. Sauerkraut is a goal, just never can get it quite right. Either too salty or too soft. Pluss real pickles are my favorite.

  • I’m a lucky ducky when it comes to Kimchi. One of the local farmers on our co-op grows about 100 varieties of chiles, and each year she makes a Kimchi powder. It makes a huge difference! My favorite unique way to use it is a quick breakfast radish ferment from The Kimchi Cookbook. It’s a magical way to snack on radishes.

  • I just started fermenting and tried sauerkraut. I made 25 pints and my husband ate all of it in less than 4 months. He is hooked and so am I . Would love to have a dedicated crock for sauerkraut and pickles. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • All my pickle experience is with vinegar — but I’m so intrigued by the idea. Planning to try something this summer….

  • My husband and I have made sauerkraut once or maybe twice? I think we need a better recipe, because we weren’t immediately convinced it was better than the supermarket stuff. That said, we love to make and eat our own pickles… and I am sure the crock would get a lot of use. We are hoping to experiment with kimchi soon.

  • I absolutely love fermented foods but have never had the room or courage or right implements to try making them myself. But I’d like to learn.

  • My husband is Korean so we always have some sort of kimchi going. I tried making sauerkraut last year, was kind of meh about it. In fact there is still a some left hanging out in the back of my fridge.

  • I have been wanting to make sauerkraut for awhile now. Hopefully I will do it soon! Thanks for the chance.

  • We have made fermented pickles and sauerkraut, but need more inspiration to continue. I have been wanting one of these crocks! We also need a good pickle spice recipe…

  • I have been making my own saur kraut for a few years. I had been using an old glass butter churn, but it broke when we moved, so a replacement container would be great.

  • The only time I’ve ever fermented on purpose, my best friend & I attempted to make elderberry wine when we were in high school. We told my mom we were making jelly and oddly I don’t think she ever asked why there was nothing spreadable at the end of the day. We hid our vat of elderberry juice in my bedroom & hoped that wild yeast would do the job. A few weeks later we were sick as all get out & wishing there was some alcohol content to kill the germs and our pain. 🙂

  • I have always loved sauerkraut, ever since I was little, and a New Year’s Day was not complete with the hot dogs, mashed potatoes, and sauerkraut…yum yum! My new found favorite is raw sauerkraut, bought locally. I have been reading so many articles and recipes on how how simply this can be made, and also how great this is for gut health and right now we are in need of some healing of the gut health arena. This would be such a blessing, I would love to christen it also with my first batch of sauerkraut too 🙂 Then pickles would follow for the little ones in the family that love Bubbies and have been encouraging me to make our own 🙂 Thank you for this tremendous opportunity to win from a treasured company!!!

  • I really want to try to crock ferment some pickels. I have canned pickels and not had the crispy pickle taste I would like. This beautiful and eye pleasing crock would be a nice edition to my kitchen.

  • we have been making sauerkraut and pickles almost as long, I love to make pickles, kimichi, etc and I have various crocks and always seem to need more so that I can make everything at once

  • We love kimchi and I have been buying it at the store ever since
    we went to Hawaii and tasted it for the first time many years ago.
    I would love to have a crock and a good recipe for it. Might try
    making fermented pickles too.

  • I’ve never done any fermenting….yet. I’m planning on doing some pickles from the dukes I grow in my garden and my husband would love if I made some sauer kraut. I just discovered my grandma has a five GALLON fermenting crock. I’m not sure I’m up for that, but a little counter top version would be so fun! PICK ME! PICK ME!!!! Lol

  • I make sauerkraut and kimchi and preserved lemons and kombucha! So far I’ve used wide mouth mason jars for everything, but it can be a pain finding something appropriate to keep the cabbage down. The water seal seems like a helpful feature.

  • I have some sauerkraut i am halfway through eating in the fridge, some dill pickle that are pickling in the cupboard, some Yottam Ottolenghi pickled vegetables, salted blood oranges and i have the ingredients ready to make some kim chi when my ‘kraut is gone! I would use this crock loads – would be great for that first batch of kim chi!

  • I have not fermented anything at this point in my cooking life. Just pickles, dilly beans, and pickled carrots. I have wanted to make sauerkraut, but felt daunted by it. Maybe this will be my year to try it!

  • I always have sauerkraut, water kefir and kombucha going. My latest try has been rhubarb chutney.I love making fermented foods. I would put this crock to good use.

  • I have been DYING to try my hand at fermenting! But I haven’t done it yet. There’s a wonderful local fermenter who sells pickles, kraut, kimchee – he’s keeping me supplied via the farmer’s market. But I want to try it out myself, because I am genetically predisposed to kraut. Mmmm. Kraut.

    This was not a skill that was passed down to me by the old ladies in charge of my kitchen education. Where I grew up, there were no basements – at our water table, they would have been indoor pools. So our pickles and kraut were – pickled. Water bath processed, in fact, for the kraut. I seem to remember pickles we would just invert the jar briefly and see who sealed and who didn’t.