Pacific Merchants 10L Pickle Crock + Giveaway

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I made my first batch of sauerkraut in the fall of 2008 (in fact, that single jar of kraut was the first thing I ever wrote about here on Food in Jars). Since then, I’ve done a goodly amount of fermentation, from kosher dill pickles to kombucha to kimchi.

In all the years that I’ve been letting various fruits and vegetables gently bubble away in my kitchen, my vessel of choice has been a wide mouth jar (either a quart or a half gallon, depending on the volume I’m making). And while these jars have served me admirably, there was part of me that always wanted to try out a dedicated pickling crock.

crock overhead

So, when a rep from Pacific Merchants got in touch and asked if I’d be interested in trying out their 10L fermentation crock, I said yes.

It is a lovely crock, with thick walls, stone weights, and a gutter that you fill with water for an airtight seal. This crock, along will all the other stoneware vessels that Pacific Merchants sells, was made in Boleslawiec, Poland.

pickling crock open

You can use crocks like this one for all manner of ferments and I’m planning to christen it with a batch of sauerkraut. I’d intended to start a batch in it before this post, but I head out of town next week for nearly three weeks on the road and Scott asked that I not make him responsible for a large-scale ferment. I thought it was a fair request and so will start a batch (with step-by-step pictures for you all) when I get back in July.

pickle weights

Now, for the giveaway. The nice folks at Pacific Merchants are offering one lucky Food in Jars winner a $100 gift card for their website. What’s more, they’re also offering a discount code for their website. It’s good now through June 16. Just type in “foodinjars15” at check out for 15% off your order.

Here’s how to enter the giveaway:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me about your fermentation habits. Do you make your own lacto-fermented pickles? Do you have a jar of kimchi in the kitchen right now? Or is your only contact with a fermented vegetable is the tray of warm sauerkraut designed to top hot dogs at the ball park?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Saturday, June 7, 2014. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, June 8, 2014
  3. Giveaway open to United States residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: Pacific Merchants sent me the 10L fermentation crock, along with a pair of 1L Kilner jars, for photography and review purposes. They are also providing the giveaway unit. They have not compensated me beyond that to write this post and all opinions remain my own. 

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682 responses to “Pacific Merchants 10L Pickle Crock + Giveaway”

  1. I have made yogurt in the crock pot but nothing else yet. Refrigerator pickles don’t count do they? I know this crock would inspire me to do more!

  2. I bought some Perfect Pickler mason jar lid kits with good intentions of making lacto-fermented beets and sauerkraut but that’s as far as I’ve gotten.

  3. I absolutely adore crocks, but haven’t actually fermented anything except bread and butter pickles in my frig. It’s high time I start in style.

  4. actually, i just checked “wild fermentation” out from the library a few weeks ago and made my first-ever fermented ginger beer. i’m eager to try water kefir and yogurt as well!

  5. So beautiful! Yes I have a batch of Kraut bubbling on my counter….pea shoot, chive, radish, cabbage, in a friends borrowed crock. I have just been using ball jars. Would love to upgrade. Thanks for this awesome offer!

  6. I have fermented a few different batches/ types of kraut, with carrots, with brussel sprouts. I have fermented 3 BIG batches of hot sauce (that were a huge hit for christmas gifts). I started some kimchi but the heartburn from my current pregnancy led me to give that jar to my brother, so it’s bubbling away on his counter now. I usually use fido jars or old milk bottles with air locks. I’d love to have a crock to work with but it’s been out of the budget so far.

  7. I’m so curious about fermenting even though I’ve never attempted anything other than kefir, which I love.

  8. I absolutely love sauerkraut! I remember Mrs. Hill making it in a crock, weighting it down with a plate and then sneaking in for a taste of the yummy goodness…oh my, so many memories, so many years ago!

  9. LOVE me some pickles! I’ve made both pickles and kraut and am keen to make kimchi, as well. I’ve used 1/2 gallon wide mouth jars, but a crock would be Wonderful!

  10. Water keifer, yogurt, and sauerkraut are on my list. I usually do sauerkraut with my sisters and we slice the cabbage on a meat slicer and do several 5 gallon pails at a time. Nothing like home-made!

  11. I have never done fermenting. I just learned about the health benefits this past year, and I want to try. My son has an autoimmune disease, and I have irritable bowel. I have always been a cook, and we have never eaten a lot of junk or even restaurant food. But this past year, I switched to everything homemade — bread, rolls, got a hand-crank pasta machine for Christmas. Fermentation is next on my list because of the health benefits of eating such food! Really want to try sauerkraut first! Planting cabbages in the autumn so I can make a bunch!

  12. we usually have kombucha and kefir bubbling away in the kitchen, but occasionally make some fermented pickles.

  13. I do kimchi and sauerkraut each summer, as well as a fermented garlic scape relish. I usually do stuff in glass jars, would love to move up a notch to this crock!

  14. My one kraut fermenting experience was a bit of a bust. I thought it would be cool to let it sit on my counter for a week while we were on vacation, since it needed to ferment about a week. Turns out you need to keep an eye on it, otherwise it bubbles out, your cabbage is no longer covered by vinegar, and it turns into rotten cabbage on your counter. No bueno. However, a good tool like this might give me the courage to try again!

  15. I do indeed have a jar of homemade kimchi in the fridge right now! I just pack it in regular jars, though; I’d love to make it in something as adorable as that fermentation crock!

  16. A friend has recently gotten very into fermentation, which has me inspired, but I haven’t tried anything yet.

  17. Beautiful! I have made plenty of sauerkraut and kimchi. Need to try fermented cucumber pickles again, my one attempt went awry.

  18. I’ve got a 1 gallon jar of kombucha fermenting in the “pantry”, but I’ve and a hankering to try sauerkraut as well. I’ve been using Katz’ “Wild Fermentation” which seemed to imply that you needed a crock, or a jar that you can have plates push down on it. However, your blog post has sent me down a rabbit hole of mason jar-fermented goodies!

  19. I’ve made yogurt and we eat a lot of kimchi, but have yet to make fermented dill pickles.
    This is on my bucket list of food preservation. A crock would be so nice!

  20. I have tried lacto-fermented pickles once or twice, but usually I just do the basic sauerkraut on a regular basis. Would love to get a proper crock and make more fermented foods

  21. The only thing I’ve fermented is sauerkraut! I’ve been dying for one of these crocks with the weights (I always use a plastic bag with saltwater). It would definitely be a step up for me! 🙂

  22. That is a gorgeous crock! The farm I work at in upstate New York – Hawthorne Valley Farm – makes an awesome line of lacto-fermented products, so I’ve been spoiled and haven’t done any of my own fermenting. This crock would inspire me!

  23. I am going to try both sauerkraut and pickles this year. I just need to get a fermenting pot. This one is beautiful.

  24. I always have a jar of two of kombucha going in my cupboard. i’ve made refrigerator pickles a few times and would really love to try my hand at sauerkraut if all goes well in the garden this summer. I’ve heard wonderful things about fermenting in crocks and would love to try it!

  25. I have only recently started studying about fermentation and am going to be buying some ingredients on my next shopping trip!

  26. I just started the whole healthier food ways and would love to give fermentation a try. I just did my 1st batch of pickles and everyone is asking for more.

  27. I only recently discovered that I like sauerkraut, so perhaps an attempt at homemade is in order! I’ve always been a bit afraid of lacto-fermenting, though; I’m looking forward to your documenting the process 🙂

  28. I like to garden, so preserving my harvest is what originally interested me in lacto-fermention. The lacto-fermented item that we make most often in our home is dairy, in the form of yogurt, yet we have also made our own sour cream. In addition to fermented dairy products, I’ve done a bit of experimentation with vegetables such as sauerkraut, kimchee, and ginger carrots. I would like to try fermented dill pickles and fermented dilly beans. I’ve attempted sour dough a few times, sometimes with better results than others. I definitely need to increase my skill there. The other food group that I have experimented with fermentation is beverages such as kefir, kombucha, and yeast based sodas such as rhubarb soda. I generally do my ferments in canning jars, so that limits the quantity that I currently do at any one time.

  29. I only started really looking at canning last year, and haven’t yet gotten to fermentation, though it is next on my list of food preserving projects to try!

  30. Every year I make fermented garlic half sour pickles. I use wide mouth jars, but would love to have a real fermenting crock.

  31. I have a jar of kraut and a jar of pickles fermenting right now! I would love to make bigger batches of kraut!

  32. I have made yogurt. I tried fermented pickles last year, but one popped out so when I opened my bucket I had mold and I tossed. It was end of season so I never got to try again. Looking forward to fermenting lots of things this year.

  33. I haven’t tried fermenting yet but I’m anxious to get started this summer.
    Looking forward to fermented pickles and kimchi.

  34. Have not really tried much in the way of fermentation yet, only pickling. I am waiting for my cabbage crops and have been trying to find the proper vessel. That crock looks like a perfect way to start!!!

  35. I made yogurt many years ago & have made sourdough starter for baking but nothing past that. Would love to try my hand at more, though.

  36. I have made sauerkraut once before in a mason jar, but we have a full row of cabbages planted this year and I plan to make lots this year. A crock would be perfect!

  37. Last year was my first attempt at pickles. The quick pickles from this site were a HUGE hit at the reunion last summer and I followed the Mrs Wages package for B&B pickles that were also very good.
    This year I will experiment even more. Not only brine, but fermented, too..

  38. Milk kefir is my only regular ferment. I am trying to make a ginger bug (for ginger ale), but I keep killing it. Fermenting food scares me – but I am determined.

  39. I haven’t had much experience with fermenting, but my Mom used to regularly make 7 day pickles, which used some kind of a fermenting process. I tried it once, and it didn’t go so well…

  40. I’ve fermented sauerkraut, kombucha, kefir and most recently I’ve been fermenting my chickens feed. First group of broilers I’ve ever raised and those 15 little goobers are getting their feed fermented! Here’s hoping that we’ll love the meat we’ll get in about 3 weeks. I’ve never tried pickles fermented, just always can them up…sometime I’ll give it a try!

  41. Great crock! All the ones I have are huge and not conducive to making kraut without watching it daily. I’ve done it several times on my counter where I can keep an eye on it. I usually use the bag of water technique to keep the cabbage under the water. The times I tried that got away from me ended up being mush. I sort of need the set it and forget it type of things due to my schedule. There is nothing like good fermented foods, however. I have made kraut with all kinds of vegetables and they were all great. I LOVE home fermented pickles. One of my fondest memories is going to my grandmother’s, pushing up my sleeve and reaching down in the crock to rescue a crunchy sour pickle. I think I’m inspired again.

  42. we’ve made kraut and kimchi, but it’s not part of our regular routine yet. a gorgeous crock sure would help. thanks for the giveaway!

  43. I tried one batch of fermented pickles and wasn’t sure I did it right. I think I might have just needed to skim it more. I ended up composting it, but I’m wanting to try again this year.

  44. We’ve stuck with making dairy products. So we’ve made cheese and yogurt, but not much else. I keep trying pickles and I like about 1/2 of them, but then I go for weeks not liking any. I did like some sauerkraut about 8 years ago at an Octoberfest, but I haven’t been able to find any since then. Maybe making my own would change my mind?

  45. I have a quart of homemade kimchi in my fridge right now, made some kimchi pancakes with it last night. Would like to try making sauerkraut.

  46. My aunt would make sauerkraut in a simple crock. With a plate and rock to weight it down. It was better than any store bought kraut. I have always wanted to try my hand at it. With a crock designed for that purpose I would. Getting one is on my wish list.

  47. I haven’t fermented anything yet – but use canned (jarred!) sauerkraut when I cook pork chops in the crockpot…. I love to experiment with cooking though!

  48. I’ve made kraut and fermented hot sauce for years, but always in cloth covered jars or fido jars, always wanted to have a crock made for the purpose!

  49. I could make my own sauerkraut, that’s awesome! Finally something else to do with all the cabbage I’m growing out back!

  50. I have fermented pickles in open crocks. Wuld love the fermentation crock but always seemed expensive for the amount I have tried.

  51. I have recently begun fermenting – some red cabbage kraut, some cabbage, carrot and daikon. Would love to have this beautiful crock to make even more kraut!!

  52. I have only made pickles in jars, mason that is. Lllllllllooovveee sauerkraut and this would be a great thing to make a home.

  53. I am currently reading The Art of Fermentation by Sandor Katz and I am in love with it! Currently, I have some rutabaga and chard stems fermenting away, and I’m planning to do some kraut later in the week. When I get my Farmcurious fermenting caps from Kickstarter, I’m going to finally attempt kombucha. Basically, I’m a little fermentation obsessed!

  54. I like sauerkraut. I like the idea of fermentation. But I would need a crock like this to get me to try it on my own.

  55. I currently am working on tring to build my own SCOBY for kombucha brewing (don’t know if that strictly counts in the fermentation books), and I’ve grown my own sourdough for years!

    I’ve made sauerkraut and pickles before in mason jars and had some limited success. I’d love to have a dedicated fermenting crock to try all kinds of new things!!

  56. Oh my! I’d love to win this!

    I started fermenting vegetables this past winter. I don’t know what I was so scared of before – but it is something I love – both the process and the finished product. There’s something so satisfying about making something and then having to wait for it to be consumed. I’ve made sauerkraut, carrots with daikon radish and ginger, carrots and ginger, and kimchi. I’ve made several batches of each, the kimchi is my favorite, and the carrots are my husband’s favorite.

  57. The only thing I’ve fermented successfully is yogurt! I’m excited to try kimchi and sourdough though.

  58. Growing up, a neighbor used to make big batches of sauerkraut that gave the street quite an aroma for a few days, so I’ve never been a fan. But, now that I see the variety of fermented foods that can be made, I’m intrigued (but, I’d leave the task of fermenting up to my friend, since she is a big fan of fermented foods!).

  59. I’ve only just started fermenting. We had a kefir culture and a sourdough culture going last fall, but they both died in winter, regardless of our house staying at pretty consistent temperatures. I want to get in the yogurt making habit. I did do a little with cultured butter a while back but I’m totally out of the butter-making habit these days.

  60. Have made many jars of kraut and pickles,always in a stone jar.My generation was raised up on canning and preserving our home grow fruits and veggies.Good to see other people interested in this .

  61. We have in the past made sauerkraut in a crock but it kept getting moldy, no idea why! Recently I’ve been making lacto-fermented salsa which we LOVE!

  62. As a little girl, I used to help my grandma make pickles in a giant crock. This 10L one looks a little more reasonable. 🙂

  63. Kimchi, yogurt, looooads of pickles….but never a batch of sauerkraut so that is on my list for this summer!

  64. I have made sauerkraut and kim chee. I have a ginger bug going right now that I have started ginger beer with and then it’ll go into some honey wine (tej) that I have a recipe for. I make yogurt about twice a month. I’d love to have a crock like this!

  65. I usually do sauerkraut and pickles and pickled okra. Will definitely have to try pickled asparagus . Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  66. I have done sauerkraut and a lacto fermented hot sauce. I had a failed batch of pickles last year, I hope to try again with better luck on the fermented pickles this year.

  67. The crock is beautiful, currently i have mason jars on the counter for fermenting, not they are not attractive.

  68. I just started fermenting last year after reading “The art of fermentation” which was excellent. Have done sauerkraut last year and will be doing pickles this year! That crock would be a wonderful vessel to experiment in!

  69. I have not yet started fermenting…but I keep thinking about it. 🙂 This would be the perfect place to start!

  70. Long-time eater/sampler of fermented things (love, love kimchi) but have never made my own. I’m growing a couple of cabbage right now; this could be super fun!

  71. I have made sauerkraut and pickles and pickled okra. Can’t wait to try pickled asparagus . Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  72. We have a batch of sauerkraut going all of the time and I have been enjoying fermenting some other things as well, like pickles, salsa, and whatever other recipes I stumble upon. Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  73. I haven’t tried this yet, but am looking forward to trying my first batch of sauerkraut in the near future!

  74. I want to try this so badly. Wanted to grow my own cabbage but the rabbits ate it all. Maybe I should try the pickles.

  75. I have made my won kraut so far but I have high hopes to make more things. My brother really wants me to try kimchi for him. With the summer here and all the fresh veggies, it’s time to start cracking.

  76. My husband’s Oma has been slowly teaching me her German recipes. I would love to be able to make the sauerkraut from scratch. I think it would be even better using a crock like this one 🙂

  77. Oh I’m in love with this crock! Me please!
    It will have a very loving home and used with so much pride!

  78. I’ve experimented, but it always feels a little bit improvised. My last foray was classic fermented cukes, but then morning sickness hit, and I could not handle the smell. So I ignored them until I could deal with it. They weren’t good anymore, of course.

  79. I’ve done sauerkraut, kimchi and true kosher dills in jerry-rigged mason jars before, but would love a purpose-built crock!

  80. I never liked pickles until I tried my sister-in-law’s 18-day pickles. OMG they are GOOD! And since I’d just gotten into canning, she was able to convince me that making my own pickles is a good thing. She even gave me a 3-gallon crock for Christmas just so I could try it out.

    I’ve made two batches so far – and yes, they take 18 days to make! Washing and cutting the cukes, letting them soak in brine for a week, then a three days of “clean water/alum water/clean water”…and then 8 days of “pour-off-the-liquid, boil-it-up, add-more-if-needed,” followed by hot-water-bath canning…it’s a process that you need to have the dedication to see it through before you start.

    But dang those pickles are WORTH it!

  81. I have fermented sauerkraut and some lovely gingered carrots and daikon radishes. I would love to do lacto-fermented pickles this summer…and my own kombucha someday.

  82. I started fermenting sauerkraut about a year ago just to see how my grandparents used to make it. We haven’t had a store bought ounce of sauerkraut since. Had no idea what we were missing. We did pickles one time and they didn’t last very long since it was in a 1/2 gallon jar.

  83. We always have something fermenting away on top of the fridge, in the basement, or in the fridge, depending on the time of year, temperature, and needs of the ferment. I’d love to try in a crock; they’ve always felt too expensive.

  84. I’ve never tried to ferment but I love to cook and would love to try making my own saurkraut and kimchi. I never win these things but I’d like so much to have this I figured I’d give it a shot.

  85. I love to make sauerkraut. I grew up watching my grandfather make it and now I’m carrying on the tradition.

  86. I confess my fermentation has not gone into the direction of vegetables yet. I’ve accidentally done cider, I’ve deliberately done yogurt, and I’m about to embark on injera.

    I have to say I covet that crock, though, even though I’d probably never use it if I had it, because it reminds me of the one my mother used to cure the spiced beef for Christmas.

  87. Been getting into fermenting more and more! This year I’ve made 2 batches of sauerkraut, and just successfully lacto fermented garlic. Up next, pickles ~

  88. This screams dill pickles to me. I intend on having a continuous batch of dill pickles fermenting on my counter this summer, and 10L might be just large enough to cover my appetite for kosher dill!

  89. I am a novice fermenter. So far, I have only successfully fermented pickles. I tried to ferment beets. A disaster of epic proportions ensued. I am hoping to try my hand at my Grandmother’s sauerkraut recipe this summer. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  90. I ferment largley in jars; lacto-fermented carrots, radishes, and cabbage. I’ve done kimchi once, kraut once, and I’m on a weekly regiment of yogurt and, my favorite: sourdough. Boules inspired by Tartine, and some injera inspired by an amazing Ethiopian restaurant near my hometown. Would love a crock – it would get lots of use, especially as the summer is starting off!

  91. I’ve made sauerkraut and kimchi once successfully. the second try at both didn’t turn out as well. the homemade sauerkraut was really yummy and far less harsh than the commercial products. the kimchi the second time was not spicy enough. think that the chile we used had lost it’s punch. hope to get back to try both again.

    thanks for the giveaway. love your blog and have your book!

  92. We make our own fermented dairy products (fromage blanc, buttermilk, yogurt, etc) and many types of beer (ales, not lagers) but have never successfully fermented veg. Dying to try making sauerkraut and kimchi!!

  93. Only yogurt so far, but I’d love to do more. Thanks for the coupon code. Here’s hoping I won’t need it! 😉

  94. I love kimchi and have purchased a book with a ton of recipes but have no idea what to make them in. I don’t have much countertop space once I pull out my craft supplies while waiting for dough to rise. I am nuts, I know.

  95. I haven’t made any sauerkraut for a couple years, but I keep meaning to. I usually use a half gallon mason jar, with carefully arranged small mouth lids and a full pint jar of water to keep everything submerged. I also have done some hot pepper sauces, but they are usually fermented only a short while, for flavor, then finished by adding vinegar.

  96. I keep a jar of Do Chua (matchstick daikon and carrot) in my fridge for any given moment I need a sweet vinegar-y crunch. Love the stuff, even more than my beloved sweet pickle relish.

  97. I have tried making sauerkraut twice (once straight and once with whey) but wasn’t really happy with the results of either. I do want to give fermented pickles a try before I give up :/

  98. Ahhh, fermentation… I’m into homemade yogurt, kombucha, and once in a while make keffir (I have a hard time with the taste). I have wanted to make kimchi and saurkraut for a long time.

  99. I made sauerkraut in my husbands wine fermentation bucket. He is still mad at me as it smells. I have to buy him a new one. I could really use a crock!

  100. I remember a few science experiments – they seemed that way to me – in the corners of my family’s kitchen while growing up. The experiments produced some very tasty root beer, decent pickles, and an aversion to trying to do any of this kind of stuff “ever”. But I finally tried my hand at canning back in December – and very glad to have done so – and I plan on trying to make some fermented pickles in the near future.

  101. Love the looks of that crock.
    Thank you on this giveaway opportunity.
    Gosh, the only thing that I have ever fermented was homemade beet wine and that was years ago.

  102. After over 30 years together I finally learned my hubby likes sauerkraut! I’ve made 2 batches and bought the cabbage for another – hoping I learn to slice it as thinly as commercially prepared, since that’s how I like it best.

    I’m hoping to try a batch of pickles this year. That crock would be great sitting on my counter. ;>

  103. Wow!!!!!!! I’ve wanted one of these for as long as I’ve been preserving! I love to make kraut, and I make a mean kimchi!! But I’ve been doing mine in quart jars with kraut caps. I’d love to try out a true crock!


  104. Sauerkraut has never failed for me. Pickles in jars have proved more challenging for me. Beautiful crock!

  105. I have to say the most I have experience with is sauerkraut. I am very interested in learning more, I can’t wait.

  106. My mom made kimchee all the time but I have yet to make my own as hers is SO GOOD! I have made b&b pickles but nothing fermented…I would love to try!

  107. I have been reading about fermenting, but haven’t yet gotten up the courage to try it myself. This crock would be just the thing to push me into trying.

  108. Wow! Beautiful crock! I haven’t tried fermenting any vegetables as of yet. I do love sauerkraut and a pickle crock would be fun! Our fermentation experiments have been limited to beer and ( once) Dandelion wine ( which is how we found out my husband has a severe allergy to Dandelions!).

  109. I’ve made sauerkraut but haven’t ventured any further into pickling. This looks like a great opportunity to do so!

  110. The joy of fermentation, from sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles,and yogurt, to sourdough,beer and wine. Our family has enjoyed the process and the results.

  111. Thanks for showing us this product.
    I remember my grandmother having a crock in the basement with sauerkraut and always telling us that we should eat something sour regularly 🙂
    I’ve always wanted to try my hand at it.

  112. Would LOVE to have this crock!!! Mom used to talk about how Grandma would make kraut, and how Mom would have to go to the cellar and skim the top. Have always wanted to make our own. Wonderful giveaway – Thanks!!!

  113. I ferment regularly and have a crock, but this one has more features. It would also be nice to have two ferments going at once because I give a lot away when I make a good batch. Right now it’s a combination of sliced leeks and shredded watermelon radishes. I’ll season it with some combination of onions/garlic/ginger/turmeric/chilis and ferment it further in jars on the counter.

    Also, I reuse the brine over and over when I drain it off. I used it for a couple of years once until a bad vegetable choice made it bitter. (It was burdock, that didn’t work out so well and I’d like to try that again. Any advice out there? I may have needed to combine it with more cruciferous vegetables, because those are the best fermenters.)

    Whoever wins, hope you just have fun with it, because fermentation is beautiful and so life affirming and health enhancing. It’s literally alive and we eat these foods and they help us.

  114. I ferment various flavors of kraut (I have two half gallon mason jars going right now), I’ve done your fire cider recipe, various hot sauces, and I always have a red wine vinegar and white wine vinegar going (I’m the only one in my house who drinks wine so sometimes the bottle goes before I can drink it). I also have an apple cider vinegar going right now. All the vinegars have developed mothers and I’m so proud of that! My plan for this summer is pickles, so that crock would be awesome 🙂

  115. My boyfriend’s mom makes sauerkraut and he has been telling me I need to try and make my own, but it can seem like a daunting process in a small apartment!

  116. Have only fermented Welch’s grape juice balloon wine. Would love to make sauerkraut. I am half Lithuanian and we make a pierogi with ground meat and sauerkraut. Would be nice to make my own and not have to buy it.

  117. I love fermented dill pickles and sour kraut and lost my bucket for fermening over this winter I would love to try out a real crock

  118. I have yet to try to ferment anything. My son keeps begging to make pickles though, so maybe, if I win, I can start making pickles. 🙂

  119. Pickles!!
    Make them once every two years, my pickle crock is one of those big glass jars you get at Walmart. Would love to have a proper crock, but alas…

  120. i tried sauerkraut but failed would love to have something i would feel better about trying again need to learn about other veges to ferment too.

  121. I have not tried but only read about the process. I do know that it is healthy for us and as a cancer survivor, I am looking always to improve my health. I think our food is key to a healthier body. Fermenting is part of that lifestyle. Beautiful crock. I enjoyed viewing their website.

  122. We make kimchi fairly often in my house (we, in fact, have a number of devotees who wait for it every year, and we were told by a neighbor’s girlfriend who is from Japan that it’s as good as what you can get in East Asia). We’ve also made fermented cucumber pickles, but for some reason, they don’t always turn out that well (probably having a lot to do with the fact that my house doesn’t have central air, so it gets really hot inside the house)

  123. I make Kimchi and have wanted to try Sauerkraut, too, but haven’t yet (this summer, maybe?). I tried fermented pickles and they just weren’t for me – likely because I grew up eating canned pickles and the taste is too different? I’ve looked at crocks for years, though, and they’re so expensive I’ve held back at getting one. I’d really love to win this!!

  124. I love making salt brined pickles in the fridge. Especially when the garden explodes–mine or someone else’s. : )

  125. I have made saurkraut in jars many times from my aunt’s recipe. It is so great, so much better than store bought. I never had much luck making it in a crock. Perhaps I didn’t have the right crock, I would love to try it in a real pickle crock.

  126. I have made refrigerator pickles, and pickled blueberries, but haven’t had the courage to try anything else. My husband is German so I should try sauerkraut some day soon.

  127. I am pretty new to fermentation. I made one batch of sauerkraut last summer, but it inspired me and made me want to try more! This crock would be just the thing!

  128. i’ve experimented a bit with fermenting, but don’t feel like i’ve gotten the hang of it quite yet. the ferments always start out strong, bubbling away in plenty of liquid, and then…. they just sort of peter out. we love pickles, tho, so i would love to figure out how to get it right.

  129. I have always wondered about these crocks made for fermentation specifically. My mother’s family makes sauerkraut every year, “according to the signs” (took me a long time to figure out that meant the farmer’s almanac). I went for the first time last year. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun. 10 people, family and friends and more cabbage than I’ve ever seen. We made 10 10 gallon crocks and several smaller ones… and its delicious. Driving the 8 hours home with crocks of working kraut was….interesting, to say the least!

    I’d love to try a crock that doesn’t require clean garbage bags full of water to seal!

  130. I have still been terrified to ferment anything yet past lacto-fermented soda. This crock somehow makes me feel safe, not sure why but I’d love to give it a try. Maybe it is the warm color that reminds me of my Auntie’s kitchen when I was a little girl or not but I love it. I’m also a fan of the channel for the airtight bit using water. If I’m not chosen I’m going to look at purchasing a jar very soon! Thank you for the information (and the happy discount code!). xoxox

  131. My favorite ferments are sauerruben and cuke pickles. I also started fermenting my hot sauces last year and will be doing that again this season.

  132. I just recently started fermenting. My first jar of sauerkraut didn’t ferment. I just made kimchi and it worked everyone loved it. I’m going to keep making it and want to try some pickles next.

  133. I made sauerkraut last year, and it wasn’t a stunning success, so I’d love the chance to get one of these crocks and see your step-by-step instructions!

  134. i’ve been using fermenting as a distraction from the stress of applying to (and now starting) grad school, so with the semester starting this week, i’ve got lacto-fermenting radishes, creme fraiche, and sourdough starter all going in the fridge! but i’m also a big fan of sauerkraut.

  135. I am a fermentation newbie-am very interested in getting started, since I love kimchi-but am a little nervous to get started. I would love to win this, iit’s just what I need to get started. Thank you!!

  136. Fermenting is something I have always wanted to try but haven’t taken the leap yet. Sounds easy, but for some reason it has been a bit intimidating. Would love to give it a go with that beautiful stoneware crock.

  137. I made sauerkraut but it turns out that it’s a food my husband hates. Next up will (hopefully) be pickles. Oh well, more ‘kraut for me!

  138. I love all pickled things. However, I am weak in my fermentation skills. I need some courage to try more on my own with this. My grandma made lots of chow chow and sweet/sour cole slaw, (great memories with that) and my mom makes lots of pickles as well as a great friend of mine who does too. I would love to explore more fermentation in my life. 🙂

  139. I’ve never dabbled, but I have a friend who has tried, but has had no success as of yet due to her vessel options.

  140. I’ve never done any but my mother made the best sweet pickles in the world. I would love to learn how to do that!

  141. Sauerkraut is liquid gold at our house! We love it. I broke my crock and this would be awesome to own.

  142. So far, I’ve never done crock pickles, but would be inspired to try if I had such a lovely crock to work with!

  143. I haven’t done any fermentation. But, since I’m a Wisconsin native, I would love to try sauerkraut for my brats!!!!

  144. I’ve made sauerkraut… It didn’t come out that well. I think my hodgepodge set up didn’t help.
    I’d love to make kimchi because it hard to find in the woods of maine:)

  145. I like experimenting with different spiced cucumber pickles, now that i have tried out a few different combinations of spices in quart jars, i would love to step up and make a large batch of my own Chinese 5 spice blend with the cucumbers currently growing in my garden.

  146. just made a batch of kimchi using the broccoli, cabbage, and brussels sprout leaves I’ve trimmed from the garden.

  147. Haven’t fermented yet, have canned pickles and also refrigerator pickles, dying to try my own sauerkraut

  148. I’ve made attempts at kimchi and sauerkraut. A bit salty. But the half sours I made last year were DIVINE! I think it just takes practice and a clean set up. I have been eyeing these fermentation jars for a couple of years….. would love them!!! Even better that they are made in Poland.

  149. I’ve had good luck with sour dills, and I we make kimchi, but I want to try fermented spicy beans this year, that’s on my list!

  150. Every year I make my great grandmothers pickles. They take ten days and a ridiculous number of cleansing boiling water baths but are ALWAYS worth it. I have never had another pickle quite like them. Sweet, tangy, chucks of my childhood, thanks to nearly rotting cucumber bits.

  151. I grew up on both half-sour pickles and vinegar pickles from wooden barrels from the store around the corner from the house. I have made my own half-sours each year in gallon size glass jars and they have been wonderful.

  152. Sadly, I have never fermented anything, nor have I made pickles 🙁 But if I win, I promise to learn how.

  153. I tried to make sauerkraut last year… emphasis on TRIED. My vessel was clearly not sealed properly and my neighbors started to complain of the smell in the basement. This crock looks marvelous!

  154. I’ve made pickles but never anything more adventuresome. But I’d love to try sauerkraut, as it’s my husband’s favorite.

  155. I’ve tried saurkraut and have a LOT of cabbage growing so I can try again. But I REALLY want to learn to make kimchi. I discovered that I like it, a lot, a couple of years ago and have been perusing recipes ever since. This crock could be the kickstart I need! It looks lovely.

  156. My only fermenting has been sauerkraut. I am interested in moving forward with pickles, but I need a good container. A crock would be perfect and I have cucumbers growing in the garden!

  157. So far I’ve only done some basic pickles but I’d love to be able to do sauerkraut since my whole family loves it. I need to branch out and experiment! I’d love to have a dedicated pickling crock instead of making do with other things so thanks for a chance to win one!

  158. I love kimchi, and am very much looking forward to experimenting with that with all my free time this summer. I also very much want to try making large dill pickles using fresh ingredients from the farmer’s market.

  159. I have made a couple different types of pickles and I’ve been checking out some kimchi recipes and trying to get my courage up to give it a try 🙂

  160. I make sauerkraut every year, with varying degrees of success… am learning to make smaller batches with more frequency. I also love kimchi very much and hope to get more creative with other veggies.A dedicated crock for this would be great.

  161. Sauerkraut is on my list of projects for this year! I’m new to fermenting, but would love to give it a shot!

  162. Love, love, LOVE kimchi! I have a jar in the refrigerator right now, and old mayonnaise jar! I do can pickles every couple of years, but a jar like this would open up so many new opportunities!

  163. I make a small batch of pickles each summer. I love doing sauerkraut each fall. This year I was planning to ferment other veggies. Right now I have a batch of kombucha in the kitchen.

  164. I’ve pickled carrots and green beans, and am looking forward to trying picked this summer. The crock looks awesome!

  165. Oh how I want to ferment! I’ve read a portion of the Art of Fermentation, and I did try some sauerkraut in jars, but wasn’t diligent enough about keeping an eye on them. I’m actually planning to pick up some cabbage this weekend and try again. I’d like to taste kombucha and if I like it, I’m definitely going to try making that. I’d LOVE to have a pickling crock! I did try to ferment pickles once but while they smelled good, I didn’t love them… I may try again.

  166. I have kombucha brewing right now, and have a couple crocks of vinegar working. I am eating my latest batch of sauerkraut now, and think I will put up some radish pickles today!

  167. I have attempted sauerkraut, but it didn’t go well. I would definitely try again with one of these crocks!!

  168. I’ve done pickles too. My husband has a Aunt from Thailand who is an awesome cook and it would be awesome to get her help with kimchi with this crock!

  169. While I don’t do any fermenting of my own, I am able to get some good homemade kimchi from a local Asian market and good sauerkraut from a local Amish family.

  170. I have made keifer water and greek yogurt. Just the tip of the iceberg! I am just discovering this world and am really excited about it!!!

    Love Food In Jars!!!

  171. I routinely do preserved lemons & they are vibrant, salty, & sour! I have had mixed luck with kimchi, but would love to give it another try along with some kraut. It would please my Polish grandmother to no end to be on the receiving end of some homemade karut!

  172. I love sauerkraut, but I’ve never tried my own fermenting–I suspect that having this crock would change that.

  173. Would love to make homemade sour kraut !
    Found this site last year and have both of your books and am a novice canner
    And am loving it!

  174. Unfortunately the only thing I have fermenting is my sourdough! I have always wanted to learn to ferment foods and I will go check out Pacific Merchants and see if they can get me started. Thanks for the giveaway.

  175. I have attempted my grandmother’s sauerkraut but it never tastes the same. I’m working on it! I am hoping to try my hand at making some kimchi this summer though!

  176. I haven’t done much with fermenting yet, although I’m dying to try making sauerkraut this year (it’s one of my favorite foods; I’ll eat it straight out a jar at room temperature with a fork). This would be a perfect way to get started!

  177. I have never tried fermenting anything YET! I love the look of the pot in the giveaway. With it, I would definitely feel confident enough to try making sauerkraut.

  178. I have only helped to make sauerkraut a few times with an old man I know. He is Czech and had learned from his mother. The kruat was always tangy and crisp. I would get 4-5 jars for my pay and would have done it foe one taste. Iwould love to be able to do my own.

  179. dandelion wine is bubbling up like mad right now! love making kvass and kraut too but i don’t have any going at the moment.

  180. I must admit my experience with fermentation is limited, so what better way to learn than with quality equipment? Since moving from city life to country life a year ago, I have become interested in–and have accomplished–pickling, canning, jamming, cheese-making, sausage-making and butter-churning. Fermentaion is the next logical skill to learn. Pacific Merchants has gorgeous products!

  181. About 3 years ago I fermented my first batch of garlicky Kosher dills…I used a giant glass canister with a los and a towel draped over it…I skimmed the foam a few times a week and within a month or so the cukes were transformed…..they were a revelation and I’ve never looked at vinegar brined dills the same way.

  182. Thus far I’ve stuck to pickles only but I’d love to try making my own sauerkraut! I’m more scared of fermenting than I am of pressure canning!

  183. I have a sour dough starter but would now like to sauerkraut in a beautiful jar. Have also signed up for their web site

  184. I’ve been fermenting vegetables for several years using a neighbors 5 gallon crock. I use either salt or whey for fermentation and generally make enough to have 5 or 6 quarts available in the frig. I started out with KimChi with instructions from a friend and with the help of google, have fermented all kinds of things. Usually I start with cabbage, fresh ginger, onion, garlic, celery and carrot for the best combination. Fresh squeezed oranges fermented with whey is a wonderful summertime drink. I have a continuous fermentation of Kombucha using Darjeeling tea. With fermentation, you can have fresh veggies for every meal of the day and one morning of work pays off for weeks. My neighbor wants her crock back . . .

  185. Even though I’ve been preserving jams and jellies for years, fermentation intimidates me. I can’t make pickles in my house (I WILL EAT ALL THE PICKLES! ALL OF THEM, I SAY!), I love sauerkraut and kimchi. I think a pretty setup from Pacific Merchants would be a good kick in the pants to jump on the fermentation train.

  186. A few years ago I attempted a small batch of fermented cukes in a lovely crock we brought back from Sweden. Unfortunately, it did not go well, & the batch had to be discarded. I would love to try again in a crock designed specifically for fermenting (not sure mine is) & would start with sauerkraut.

  187. I’m fairly new to pickling. I’ve made sweet and sours and that’s about it. Looking forward to trying some new and different things.

  188. I make sauerkraut in a 5 gallon crock that belonged to my mother. I’m still trying to be successful at making crisp dill pickles after many years of failure.

  189. For the past few years I’ve said I want to add lactofermentation skills to my food preservation arsenal. This summer is the summer!

  190. My first foray into fermentation was only recently, making Morocan salt preserved Meyer lemons. I haven’t yet tried them, but they are down fermenting now and I’m excited to start using them…with a tagine or just a simple roast chicken. I’m excited to try some other fermentation projects this summer! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  191. I’m just starting canning this summer for the first time. I really want to do pickles. This crock looks fabulous. Thanks for all the info!

  192. I honestly have never fermented anything, but your blog post has intrigued me to start learning about what to do. Thanks.

  193. Fermenting is on my list of learn hows! Started water bath canning 2 years ago. Pressure canning last year. I would live a crock like the one you just got for review. I can’t wait to hear how you like it!

  194. The only experience I have with fermenting (other than eating the finished product) is a failed attempt my grandmother made at sour kraut when I was in my teens. (The smell was EPIC!) I am always willing to try something new, though.

  195. I have fermented lemons, limes and carrots. I’ve had success using only jars and materials on hand. Yesterday, I started my first batch of ume boshi .Can’t wait to see if it’s going to work!

  196. The only thing I have fermented so far was sauerkraut, and eat it everyday. However it has been several month since I was able to make anything, my daughter broke my crook and I had to wait to get a new one. Now I just have to wait for the cucumbers and other veggies to come into season.

  197. It’s sauerkraut right now for me! A mixture of purple and green cabbage makes for a pleasantly pink kraut accented with caraway seeds.

  198. I made Kimchi once in a small Tupperware because it looked really good at the store but they were always spicy. The ones I made were not & they were awesome 🙂

  199. I’ve tried to make sauerkraut in the past with no success. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but if just doesn’t seem to workout. I enjoy fermented foods and my Hungarian father loves sauerkraut and pickles. I’d really like to make a successful batch of sauerkraut for the two of us to enjoy. The rest of the family thinks we’re crazy.

  200. Just getting started with fermentation… Trying kraut and kimchee with extra garden cabbage/choi. Can’t wait to see/eat!

  201. I’ve pickled a myriad of things (from cucumbers to radishes to eggplant to strawberries), but by canning methods only, never on-the-counter fermenting….it is something I’ve been wanting to try.

  202. I’ve just gotten into lacto-fermentation recently and currently have some homemade ginger ale fermenting on my counter! I also made my first batch of kimchi recently, which was so stinky but so fun! I can’t wait to try out sauerkraut and Curtido De Repollo, which is an El Salvadorean cabbage salad that goes on top of pupusas!

    I think I’ve got the fermentation bug!

  203. I have kefir water bubbling right now! I also make a pickled watermelon rind salsa and dill pickles. If I get enough cabbage from the garden this year, I’ll definitely be making sauerkraut again.

  204. the only thing that ferments at our house id beer! but i have a heap of pickle cucumbers planted so i need to figure it out. I love this crock!

  205. I ferment milk with kefir grains daily, and I’ve made a couple vinegars with fruit scraps.
    Hoping to dabble in sauerkraut this summer and fall!

  206. haven’t tried much in the way of fermenting yet but I’ve been wanting to since getting your new book and also recently reading Michael Pollan’s new book. This would certainly set me up nicely!

  207. I never liked sauerkraut until I made it myself. Right now I have kraut and kimchi in the fridge, 10 gallons of beer in the closet, some bottles of wedding mead still left, and a jar of malt vinegar.

  208. I have never been successful at fermenting, probably because of our heat here. In Arizona. A beautiful fermenting crook would be just the ticket to begin my successful fermenting season!

  209. Growing up with quick brine pickles and now as
    An adult adding sauerkraut and I always have jars of refrigerator sweet picked-radishes,pickles,onions.i would love to add crock pickles to my pantry!

  210. I’ve been dabbling in fermentation for a while now. I’ve made ginger carrots and pickles. My last try, pickled shallots, failed miserably. 🙁

  211. I make dill and bread and butter pickles each year. My family says they are superior to store bought … nice compliment I believe! I would love to win this crock!

  212. I love all things pickled, but haven’t made much on my own. My grandmother is Polish and I remember her and my dad making sauerkraut in a crock much like this one when I was little. To a little person, these crocks seemed mammoth and the process seemed so mysterious! Homemade sauerkraut is amazing.

  213. I’ve tried, and failed, to make fermented pickles. It’s a little hot here during pickling season, even in the house. I’d love to try a sauerkraut though.

  214. OH, it is lovely! I have tried fermenting a couple of times but have failed both times.
    Homemade sauerkraut is my favorite! I tried it once several years ago in a large 4 gallon crock. I put it in my basement where it would be cool but kept forgetting to go down their and skim.
    So, last year, I decided to try pickles in gallon jars and leave them in my kitchen. I did remember to skim them but unfortunately the room was just to hot! (our choice of no central air conditioning)
    I looked at these types of pots several times but just could not muster the resolve to put that kind of money into one!
    What a joy it would be to get $100 discount!! A 15% discount is not bad either. Just might have to break down and make the purchase this week.
    Scary though to put that kind of money into something and maybe fail again.
    Thank you Marisa and Pacific Merchants!

  215. Fermenting at my house? Beer, yogurt, dill pickles, and sauerkraut. Homemade sauerkraut is the best I’ve ever tasted! Would love to try out this crock.

  216. I am right now fermenting turnips and turnip greens. I’ve done the turnip kimchi before and it’s great. We’ll see about the greens.

  217. I love sour kraut, and have wanted to try making my own. I also have become more interested in fermented foods, and how they relate to good health. This crock would be great to get me started.

  218. As a child, my dad and I would make a huge batch of pickled corn and pickles in the garage, every winter. Using an old whiskey barrel.
    How I could not wait to taste them, patience is not a virtue in children, LOL.
    They were the best pickles ever! My dad would put extra in the barrel just for me, to taste during the process, which took forever!
    Now, I pickle and have fond memories of the small amount of time we were given to spend together.
    Thanks for the chance to enter.

  219. I have kombucha brewing continuously on my counter. My roommate just made some sauerkraut which is now in the refrigerator. I also brew milk kefir.

  220. I made my first batch of fermented pickles last summer using my great aunt’s recipe. I’m still enjoying the last few jars and getting ready to make more!

  221. I’ve never made my own fermented foods, but reading about all the wonderful health benefits definitely makes me want to try! I do love a good sauerkraut, and have been an avid kombucha tea drinker for several years. Making my own would be amazing to attempt!

  222. I ferment everything, I make my own pickles and sauerkraut. I use an old crock and then just make shift a top with a plate and heavy rock. I am actually in need of a new crock as mine is quite old. We can and process everything. The stuff a lacto ferment goes into the frig so we don’t kill any of the good stuff. My kids eat both the pickles and sauerkraut. We are going to try kimchi this year!!!!!

  223. I have almost no experience with fermenting beyond the jar of kombucha that is sitting on my counter right now. I would really love to make some pickles, though!

  224. My fermentation habits are…none. Nada. Nuthin’ honey. I’ve read a ton about it, but have yet to venture into the Wonderful Words of Fermentation.

  225. The thing I make the most often is beet kvass made with beets, whey, water and salt. It tastes and feels good like a cold savory gazpacho type drink. I really want to try making kimchi though. Thank you.

  226. I’ve only ever made sourdough starter, but would love to try homemade sauerkraut. The crock looks amazing!

  227. Thanks so much for offering this giveaway!

    The only thing that I’ve personally done is pickle carrots and daikon radish, but it is a quick pickle, not a true fermentation. I’ve been toying with the idea of making my own fermented foods, but I’m not quite there yet.

  228. I’ve done a few batches of kraut and been very happy with them. I’ve also made some preserved lemons and some marmalades, with more mixed results. This summer, I’m planning on doing some sourdough and some kimchi.

    The pickle crock looks beautiful!

  229. I haven’t ever fermented things, but I want to start. My father in law was telling us about a brand of pickles that he really loved, but they stopped making them last year. Turns out they where fermented pickles, not vinegar and I’d really like to try and make some for him.

  230. that crock is a beauty..
    I want to try some Kraut this year. I have been reading up on fermented foods. I gotta give it a try.

  231. I’ve been wanting to do more than ferment in a jar for ages but just need a crock. I got excited when my parents came to visit a couple years ago and my dad mentioned that he still had an old crock that his grandmother used to use. He drove it from Cleveland to Seattle for me :). It’s awesome, however, it’s massive!! On the floor, it’s taller than my knees. I think I need to master a medium size batch before graduating to the massive crock!

  232. I have tried to ferment cabbage but with no luck. I have fermented kombucha, a local woman here had a class and I even picked up a scooby!

  233. I’m brewing a batch of pickles with my garden grown radishes (a recipe from your new book!). I’m brewing kombucha too! I can’t wait to pickle the rest of my garden goodies as the season progresses.


  234. I don’t have any fermenting experience at all! But I plan to do some apple cider vinegar soon since the unfiltered and unpasturized kind is sort of expensive. I am a huge pickle fan so I am hoping to do some this summer. I keep hearing about all these benefits of fermenting, I know i need to stop being intimidated by it. Plus that crock is just plain beautiful!

  235. I love sauerkraut and kimchee, have been meaning to start fermenting my own! But my heart belogns to crock pickles.

  236. I love the sauerkraut. I could drink vinegar but fermenting so that the taste is simultaneously sharp and delicate is what I consider a true triumph.

  237. I have a rye sour starter working right now to bake 7 grain bread in a few days. Love krat but have never tried to make it. This crock would be a useful addition to my country kitchen plus it is just cute!:)

  238. I pickle anything that doesn’t move too fast; must be my Russian heritage. I was making large quantities and always running out of containers until I saw your post about sauerkraut in half gallon mason jars and it changed my life – and my habits!

  239. I used your zucchini relish recipe last summer to deal with our mammoth zucchinis & it was delicious. I’ve never tried fermenting, but intend to this summer. We love sauerkraut!

  240. I love homemade kimchi, and I have a jar of homemade preserved lemons in my fridge right now (following your recipe!). I was actually just thinking of making cucumber kimchi this weekend…

  241. I have made quick pickles in the past but have not tried the fermented variety. I look forward to trying your fermented radish recipes and I would love to make sourkraut!

  242. I would love that crock! The only thing that I have fermented repeatedly is kimchi. It is a great condiment to add to almost any plate of food and it is so good for you.

  243. I have been making kimchi for years. In the past two years, I have started making lacto-fermented tomatoes, butternut squash, sauerkraut, and celery. I also make kombucha.

  244. So far, refrigerator pickles, canned pickles and dilly beans are as far as I’ve gone to explore fermented foods (uh, so not much) but I would love to learn more!

  245. I have been following your blog, read various articles/blogs on pickling and want to make my own sauerkraut and/or pickles but have yet to make the leap. Winning a crock would be my incentive to master pickling.

  246. I am currently cycling through batches of Clausen style/Lithuanian sour pickles to make a batch that both my husband and I like. As a Brit I a more used to the very vinegary pickled onion, but I am enjoying trying to get this fermented pickle right.
    At the moment I am balancing ad-hoc weighted plates and jars all over the my kitchen counters. It would be nice to have an attractive jar instead for when I get the recipe right and can make larger batches

  247. I have to admit, I haven’t been successful with fermenting and now it kind of freaks me out. I do really want to keep trying though, but with no AC, might have to wait again until the fall.

  248. I have made refrigerator pickles in the past, but that’s about it. I would love to try making lacto-fermented pickles and other types of pickles as well. Maybe try other types of pickled vegetables…..I have much to learn and try!

  249. I made some lacto-pickles with daikon radish, and loved them! I’m gearing up to my wedding right now, and in the bustle, ended up in a house I didn’t expect to, meeting people I hadn’t thought about (parents of a friend’s girlfriend). I saw the jars in their shed, and asked- turn put, they’re avid canners! They invited me in to try their sauerkraut, and it was amazing. I’m considering it kismet, and mean to make some as soon as I get some sea salt.

  250. I make a 100lb batch of sauerkraut every year with my great aunt! This keeps the family well stocked. I also experiment with lacto-fermented hot sauce. I always have a jar of Mother-in-Law’s Brand Kimchi in my fridge!

  251. I’ve done some whey fermented pickled carrots. I also gather olives and brine them…not sure if that one counts as fermenting.

  252. I have done lots of kombucha, as well as some kimchi and sauerkraut, but would LOVE to try fermenting pickles this summer!

  253. My try and fail attempts at fermentation should be legend. Brown and black saurkraut. Kimchi gone rouge. Hot sauce explosions. Worst of all I have been sitting on an IOU for a crock like this. My first project would be to right the ship with a proper batch of kraut followed by the pickles I have been dreaming about since the IOU was issued almost 5 years ago.

  254. My husband tried lacto-fermented pickles last year, but they did not turn out right. He would love this crock!

  255. I tried to ferment green beans but they came out with the consistency of spit. It was… not good. Better luck with Saurkraut, but even those sometimes go awry. I’ll get it right one of these days!

  256. Ooooo… a crock with an airlock! Tried to make sauerkraut in a food safe plastic bin, but ended up with the cabbage from the Black Lagoon — didn’t ever figure out how to weight it down properly… want to try again with better equipment!

  257. I’ve only attempted canning and refrigerator pickles but would definitely try fermentation with one of these lovely crocks!

  258. I’ve been making my own krauts, kimchis, and other fermented explorations, and converting all my friends to the bubbling fermentation cult, ever since I interned at Berkeley’s pickle emporium Cultured two summers ago. My best pickle thus far? Thinly sliced hakurei turnips pickled in a paste of pureed purplette onions, fresh turmeric and ginger, salt and fermented chili paste (all ingredients from the farm I work for while at school). I just moved out into the country for the summer to do research for my college thesis and the first thing I did (after rustling myself up a bed) was mix up a batch of lemon, garlic, dill kraut. Unfortunately with my limited student budget I ferment most of my goods in giant plastic paint buckets (less than ideal). But I can’t give it up, I mean, it ‘aint living till there’s a pickle on the table!

  259. I’ve only tried fermenting rhubarb and wasn’t necessarily successful doing that. Maybe having a crock to ferment in would produce better results.


  260. I made one batch of lacto fermented pickles a couple of years back before I really starting canning. I was happy with the results, but it made a lot and I didn’t know enough people to help me eat them. Things have changed and I am looking forward to giving it a go again this summer as local cucumbers show up at the farmers market.

  261. Just pickles. Some good, some not so much. I will keep trying though. I want to make spicy dilly beans. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but never have. Saurkraut is a favorite of mine to eat. I love it hot but it’s the best icy cold and crunchy. I make a great ham salad that has equal parts kraut, julienned ham and swiss cheese, and mayonnaise all piled high between slices of dark pumpernickel rye bread. So good.

  262. Curious how to ferment but have never tried! A little scared I think! Look forward to your upcoming “how to” post!

  263. My most successful recipe so far has been Bread and Butter Pickles. I’ve been using a food safe plastic bucket that I got from the deli at the grocery store.

  264. I’ve made the pickle recipe from your first book with great success but would love to try making a batch of large deli style pickles

  265. The only fermenting I’ve really done is with my sourdough starter. I’d love to get into making sauerkraut though; my mom used to and I miss it.

  266. I’ve been making fermented sauerkraut for about 2 years. We love it. I’ve always used a large canning jar.. Also made one recipe of fermented pickles.

  267. I’m making my first lacto-ferment right now with thai chilis from our garden. Trying it out in a mason jar that I open every day to let the gas escape.

    It’s weird that in Florida, we can grow all year round so there’s not as much need to preserve, but at the same time our ambient temps inside the house are warmer than you want for it. I’d love to give it a shot with a real fermentation vessel.

  268. I’ve made refrigerator pickles before and when I was young my mom and I used to can all sorts of pickles but I’ve always wanted to try to make kimchi so this might give me the kick in the pants to get started 🙂

  269. I typically make vinegar pickles but have been trying to do fermented ones (and other veggies). I have not been successful so far, but I think I may have figured out the problem. My typical way of washing veggies is by filling a bowl or sink with water with a 1/2 cup or cup of vinegar in the water and letting it soak for 15-20 minutes. I have been doing this for many years. I may be killing off the friendly bacteria that will ferment the pickles. 🙁 I have not given up and am determined to be successful. I got Sandor Katz’ book and am attending a fermentation festival next month to learn more. Wish me luck…

  270. I have canned pickles and made refrigerator pickles but no sauerkraut yet. My mother canned it every summer. Wish I had paid more attention!

  271. I make fermented sauerkraut around St. Patrick’s Day cabbage is really inexpensive then.

    Kimchi with Napa cabbage, daikon, leek, green onion, garlic, and ginger all coated to ferment with some Gochujang Hot Pepper Paste.

    Can’t forget fermented whole pickles with garlic, dill and pickling spice, kosher salt but please no vinegar only Kefir whey.

    Just the other day I started a batch of Puerto Rican Pineapple Vinagre using the pineapple trimmings with Kombucha as the starter. Not only do you get a mother but a pineapple vinagre to season all of your pork recipes.

  272. I have always wanted to try some home fermentation but haven’t done it yet–maybe this will get me started.

  273. Sadly, I’m not fermenting anything right now. I had some kombucha going for a while but the mother kept scaring me to the point of avoiding the part of the kitchen it was in. I finally had to give it away to someone. I’d love to try sauerkraut!

  274. I make Lacto pickles. Would like to do more fermenting ie. sauerkraut and kimchi. The crock would be great to have.

  275. Fun! I recently purchased an airlock lid designed for fermenting in Ball jars. I’m excited to experiment with fermenting, as sauerkraut is one of my very favorite foods.

  276. I am absolutely stupid when it comes to fermentation habits……I can quick pickle and make jam (you taught me)….but I have not ventured into fermentation…..

  277. I’ve made sauerkraut and lacto-fermented carrots before, very good! Next stop is learning how to make Kimchi so that I don’t keep buying it from whole foods at $8 a jar; and so I know what’s in it. Right now I have both king’s kimchi and wild brine in the fridge. Last week I had some Farmhouse kraut… I love fermented vegetables and would love to use the crock. All the best-

  278. I do have Kimchi! I ferment it in a quart jar right now. I have dreamed of having a crock for pickles. Wish me luck.

  279. I haven’t made anything yet, but it’s high up on the list of things I want to do. I’d really like to start making my own sauerkraut.

  280. Thanks for your giveaway! I’ve been brewing kombucha at home for seven years this summer, but I’m relatively new to canning and other forms of fermentation! I would love a proper crock so I can make kimchi, fermented pickles and sauerkraut for my family. I made sure that my now-husband likes to eat these things on our first date! Perhaps that’s the greatest testament to my love for “stinky” foods.

  281. Pickling is the next frontier in canning for me. I plan to make some Japanese pickles since I love those!

  282. My family used to do pickles when I was a kid, but I myself don’t have any experience with any fermenting… I’m hoping to learn though!

  283. While I’ve canned many things I’ve never delved into fermentation. I would love to try making pickles this way though! Thanks for the chance to win!

  284. I love making pickles and would like to do more! My garden is all cucumbers and beans. I would like to try pickling beans!! Pick me! Pick me! I’ll really use it 🙂

  285. hi i’ve canned many things, sauerkraut Yrs. ago, and pickles but not with the fermentation process. i have learned many things already this yr and would like to learn about the fermentation process.

  286. I’ve made a few batches of sauerkraut with mixed results, one batch of kimchi that was great, and a batch of pickled green beans that went straight in the trash. I really want to get a crock, one of my issues with fermenting is weighing it down properly to keep out air.

  287. We are continually fermenting sneering or another. Kombucha and kefir always. Kraut, kimchi, dills, hot sauce, random veggies. A crock like this would be fantastic to increase our yield.

  288. I always have homemade kraut on hand, and went through a kimchi (mmm kimchi fried rice…) phase but I’m taking a break right now, would love to try some fermented pickles this summer!

  289. I’ve made lacto peppers and lemons. I’ve also done okra. We love love love pickled veggies. They taste fabulous and are great for our health. 🙂 I would absolutely dig this crock!!!! :):):):)

  290. I’ve only tried actual fermenting once…a batch that should have been dill pickles but did not work at all. I’d like to try again sometime. I do quick pickles in the fridge every year.

  291. Made a few jars of sauerkraut and have kept some sourdough going for at least 10 years. Would love to do more fermenting. Also make yoghurt and mozzarella cheese.

  292. I have a jar of Kimchi in the fridge, as well as pickles. I have wanted a crock like this for years! I believe in the power and nutrition in fermented foods. I have made and bottled my own kombucha and kefir. I would like to expand my experience with this crock! Lucky someone…

  293. For kraut I have a 2 gallon food-grade bucket with gamma lid that I drilled a small hole in the top. That hole has a rubber grommet and holds an airlock. When I make my kraut I drop in a small bit of dry ice and it pushes all the air out so I don’t need to worry about aerobic contaminants and I get to keep all of the juice.

    Of course, too much dry ice and you risk it bubbling out all the water in the airlock. It takes quite a small amount to do its job.

  294. I would LOVE to make sauerkraut but I’ve never had a proper croc. So I’ve had to hot brine things like bread & butter pickles.

    Please, please, please pick me!

  295. We made sauerkraut for the first time last year and it turned out great! We’d love to try pickles and kimchi soon!

  296. I would love to have this pickle crock! It has become a kind of obsession for me. I have not pickled on a large scale before, but have had success in the small batch arena. Happy Pickling.

  297. I’ve pickled green beans and ginger. The green beans were alright. I wanna retry it with white vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar. I’ve almost always got a container of pickled ginger in the fridge. That stuff is delicious.

    I want to try making half sour pickles. Those are my favorites.

  298. While I have had one foray into the wild world of sauerkraut, I’m mostly a pickle girl by habit. Traditional, cucumber based pickles. Perhaps it is time to branch out. (Love the crock! I mostly use some sort of crockery bowl.)

  299. I’ve been curious to experiment with kimchi and slaws, but for now my fermentation has been pickles. And wine. Of course wine! 😉

  300. I have only been pickling for two years. Made the traditional dill pickles and home sauerkraut. Both turned out great and I want to learn and do more.

  301. Both of my parents were 1st generation American (both sets of grandparents having immigrated from Poland) and so I grew up with homemade pickles and sauerkraut (kapusta). Of course, this smacked of completely anti-upwardly mobile American aspirations (read “Vlasic”)…sauerkraut in the basement? Only later did I come to my senses and realize the beauty (and health-sustaining qualities) of pickling your own (to say nothing of the historical continuities…I use receipts from my great grandparents and all those before them in my pickling/flavoring). Many things now bubble away in my kitchen (and basement)!

  302. I’ve only pickled cucumbers and beans, but hope to branch out and learn more about the fermentation process soon. Both my husband and I grew up eating sauerkraut, and I’d love to make my own. This is a gorgeous pickling vessel!

  303. My husband tried making kimchi a couple of years ago, and we’d both like to try it again, along with pickling just about anything that’s in season and worth trying.

  304. I bought this same crock 2 years ago and absolutely love it. I’ve made sauerkraut twice in this crock. The first year I made 15 pounds and had lots of empty space in the crock – plus we ate it all too fast – so the second year I made 23 pounds of kraut. It is so easy with this crock because it has an airtight seal with that gutter with filled with water. After a few days it starts gurgling out the air hole as it ferments. I also made fermented (no vinegar) whole pickles in the crock last year and they were excellent. Great investment!

  305. I do kimchi and canned pickles beets and pickles regularly. Sadly, my sauerkraut has never turned out. But I’m not giving up, I have 8 heads of cabbage planted in the garden! 🙂 I’ve also lacto-fermented salsa, carrots, green beans and radishes – all delightful!

  306. As a child I helped my grandmother ferment sauerkraut, but have not ventured into the fermentation process as an adult. I have been researching fermented foods lately and want to get started this summer. Having a fermenting crock would be fabulous!

  307. I really want to make saurkraut — it’s a good luck staple of the midwest and served on New Years Day. I can’t think of anything more lucky than making it yourself. I also would love to re-create the dilled jalapenos and okra that were served in a resturant in Seattle called Burkes quite a while ago. They were on the table like a bar snack. So yummy!

  308. I been making homemade yogurt, I can not make enough. My grandfather is from Lotz, Poland.
    What a great jar to use.

  309. I have never fermented anything on purpose. While I have made quick dill pickles and canned bread and butter pickles, I have always wanted to try real dill pickles the way my grandmother made them. I am also thinking of making Rumtopf. This looks like a wonderful vessel.

  310. I have a kimchi cookbook (that I bought after seeing on your site), and using that is on my to-do list this summer!

  311. I don’t make anything, but my mom is forever talking about wanting a pot like this. I’d love to give it to her!

  312. I am growing a garden in containers this year! Including cucumbers some of which I hope to make into pickles. My brother and I love kosher dill pickles so I am hopeing to make lots and can some as well as try the pickling jar method.

    I have been searching and searching for the right pickling jar. This one looks perfect! May buy one anyway if I don’t win. 😀

  313. I’ve never tried any fermenting at home but I’ve always been a fan of sauerkraut and would love to try it one day. I’m also a fan of pickles though I’ve only made quick pickles and the non fermented variety. Fermented pickles would be the next thing I would try.

  314. Makin’ a fresh batch of kimchi for my mama this week! We live in a place where it’s not readily available.

  315. I made strawberry vinegar last summer; I think that’s the only thing I’ve ever fermented (intentionally). It’s lovely but I’m not really sure what to do with it other than salad dressings…

  316. My family loves eating sauerkraut, though I have not tried making it myself. My mother and grandmother have made it in jars. I think my mom would love that crock!

  317. I’m just getting started with fermenting and pickling I’m yet make a batch of pickles. Waiting for my garden to grow so I can start. Very excited to start

  318. I attempted to ferment some berries to make vinegar, but it turned into a moldy mess. Hopefully my second attempt will go better.

  319. I saw your blog mentioned in the Comments on a post on Lunch in Jars. I’ve always wanted to try fermenting, and it would be wonderful to have a beautiful crock like this one to jumpstart the project!

  320. We make dairy kefir in this house and love to make our daily smoothies. My three little ones are huge fans!

  321. Have not yet fermented anything intentionally, but have done so in the science lab otherwise known as a refrigerator. Have threatened to try out one of several old crocks we have which our grandmothers and great grandmothers used for pickling, but this crock looks better for the task,

    Hmmm. Does Romtopf count as fermenting? It’s more like drunken fruit, but is very delicious. We have a beautiful crock for making it.

  322. Not fermenting yet. Waiting for the basket of cuke seconds to arrive at the farmers market. I’ve been making frig pickles out of the radishes from the CSA and the chard stems turned out good. Next will be some quick rhubarb pickles! And I want to try my hand at kimchi!

  323. My favorite is making Kimchi. I’ve made saurkraut, but it never gets as pungent as I like it because I eventually have to give up and put it in the fridge because of the smell. 🙂

  324. I have made only a few attempts to make pickles and they never turn out. But I sure do love them even the fermented ones

  325. We have been making sauerkraut and pickles of all kinds since we’ve been married, over 21 years. We have several old stoneware crocks that our mothers used (from 5 gallons up to 20 gallons), so there are usually several things going at once. I’ve seen these pickle crocks, and I’m especially curious how the weights work…we’ve always used what was on hand that fit across each crock and then weighted them down to keep in place (usually old plates and gallon fruit jars filled with water!). Planning to try a lot of new fermented recipes this year, and a crock like this would be fun to use. Thanks for entering me in your contest!

  326. I’ve made wine (black cherry) once – it was quite good, really!, and I’m getting ready to make dandelion wine this summer.
    Pickles: Several batches of salted (lactic-acid-fermented) pickles, from turnip, cucumber and carrot, when we were trying to determine why my husband was allergic to commercial pickles (we suspected the vinegar; turned out to be the DYE. Why do pickles need to be dyed??).
    I now have my eye on some of Pacific Merchants’ terracotta bakeware, because I think it will work well in a solar oven.

  327. Right now I have asparagus, radishes, garlic, sauerkraut, kimchii, yogurt, creme fraiche, sourdough starter, a continuous brew Kombucha, a ginger bug and ACV. ..I think thats all. I’ll ferment pretty much any veggie, rather than let it go uneaten. Never have use a real crock before, I just use quart jars or half gallon jars.

  328. I’ve done some rudimentary cucumber fermentation in the guise of kimchi, but would love to get more hard core about it!

  329. I’ve made beer, sourdough and hot sauce. Sauerkraut is a goal, just never can get it quite right. Either too salty or too soft. Pluss real pickles are my favorite.

  330. I’m a lucky ducky when it comes to Kimchi. One of the local farmers on our co-op grows about 100 varieties of chiles, and each year she makes a Kimchi powder. It makes a huge difference! My favorite unique way to use it is a quick breakfast radish ferment from The Kimchi Cookbook. It’s a magical way to snack on radishes.

  331. I just started fermenting and tried sauerkraut. I made 25 pints and my husband ate all of it in less than 4 months. He is hooked and so am I . Would love to have a dedicated crock for sauerkraut and pickles. Thanks for the opportunity.

  332. All my pickle experience is with vinegar — but I’m so intrigued by the idea. Planning to try something this summer….

  333. My husband and I have made sauerkraut once or maybe twice? I think we need a better recipe, because we weren’t immediately convinced it was better than the supermarket stuff. That said, we love to make and eat our own pickles… and I am sure the crock would get a lot of use. We are hoping to experiment with kimchi soon.

  334. I absolutely love fermented foods but have never had the room or courage or right implements to try making them myself. But I’d like to learn.

  335. My husband is Korean so we always have some sort of kimchi going. I tried making sauerkraut last year, was kind of meh about it. In fact there is still a some left hanging out in the back of my fridge.

  336. I have been wanting to make sauerkraut for awhile now. Hopefully I will do it soon! Thanks for the chance.

  337. We have made fermented pickles and sauerkraut, but need more inspiration to continue. I have been wanting one of these crocks! We also need a good pickle spice recipe…

  338. I have been making my own saur kraut for a few years. I had been using an old glass butter churn, but it broke when we moved, so a replacement container would be great.

  339. The only time I’ve ever fermented on purpose, my best friend & I attempted to make elderberry wine when we were in high school. We told my mom we were making jelly and oddly I don’t think she ever asked why there was nothing spreadable at the end of the day. We hid our vat of elderberry juice in my bedroom & hoped that wild yeast would do the job. A few weeks later we were sick as all get out & wishing there was some alcohol content to kill the germs and our pain. 🙂

  340. I have always loved sauerkraut, ever since I was little, and a New Year’s Day was not complete with the hot dogs, mashed potatoes, and sauerkraut…yum yum! My new found favorite is raw sauerkraut, bought locally. I have been reading so many articles and recipes on how how simply this can be made, and also how great this is for gut health and right now we are in need of some healing of the gut health arena. This would be such a blessing, I would love to christen it also with my first batch of sauerkraut too 🙂 Then pickles would follow for the little ones in the family that love Bubbies and have been encouraging me to make our own 🙂 Thank you for this tremendous opportunity to win from a treasured company!!!

  341. I really want to try to crock ferment some pickels. I have canned pickels and not had the crispy pickle taste I would like. This beautiful and eye pleasing crock would be a nice edition to my kitchen.

  342. we have been making sauerkraut and pickles almost as long, I love to make pickles, kimichi, etc and I have various crocks and always seem to need more so that I can make everything at once

  343. We love kimchi and I have been buying it at the store ever since
    we went to Hawaii and tasted it for the first time many years ago.
    I would love to have a crock and a good recipe for it. Might try
    making fermented pickles too.

  344. I’ve never done any fermenting….yet. I’m planning on doing some pickles from the dukes I grow in my garden and my husband would love if I made some sauer kraut. I just discovered my grandma has a five GALLON fermenting crock. I’m not sure I’m up for that, but a little counter top version would be so fun! PICK ME! PICK ME!!!! Lol

  345. I make sauerkraut and kimchi and preserved lemons and kombucha! So far I’ve used wide mouth mason jars for everything, but it can be a pain finding something appropriate to keep the cabbage down. The water seal seems like a helpful feature.

  346. I have some sauerkraut i am halfway through eating in the fridge, some dill pickle that are pickling in the cupboard, some Yottam Ottolenghi pickled vegetables, salted blood oranges and i have the ingredients ready to make some kim chi when my ‘kraut is gone! I would use this crock loads – would be great for that first batch of kim chi!

  347. I have not fermented anything at this point in my cooking life. Just pickles, dilly beans, and pickled carrots. I have wanted to make sauerkraut, but felt daunted by it. Maybe this will be my year to try it!

  348. I always have sauerkraut, water kefir and kombucha going. My latest try has been rhubarb chutney.I love making fermented foods. I would put this crock to good use.

  349. I have been DYING to try my hand at fermenting! But I haven’t done it yet. There’s a wonderful local fermenter who sells pickles, kraut, kimchee – he’s keeping me supplied via the farmer’s market. But I want to try it out myself, because I am genetically predisposed to kraut. Mmmm. Kraut.

    This was not a skill that was passed down to me by the old ladies in charge of my kitchen education. Where I grew up, there were no basements – at our water table, they would have been indoor pools. So our pickles and kraut were – pickled. Water bath processed, in fact, for the kraut. I seem to remember pickles we would just invert the jar briefly and see who sealed and who didn’t.

  350. I have been making my own sauerkraut for years and have made kimchi a couple of times. I’ve always used a food safe bucket from the deli counter at my local grocery store. This crock would really step up my operation!

  351. I must admit to a fear of fermentation! I think about it – I know it’s not that difficult – I WANT to do it, but I shy away from it in the end. This may be the year! (maybe).

  352. I’ve never pickled before! I’m slowly but surely making my way (one or two recipes a summer!) into food preservation. Last year was peach jam, this year, so far, I’ve made pickled asparagus!

  353. My gateway drug was fermented sour pickles – now I ferment cukes, sauerkraut, kimchi, and hot sauce, and I have a stack of recipes I’m hoping to tackle next….

  354. I make batches of baechu-kimchi (napa cabbage) and kkakdugi (daikon radish kimchi) each month, and they disappear quickly.

  355. Fermenting is on my list of things to learn, along with canning (did a few jars of tomatoes last year) . Hoping to do kraut –fresh is SO much better than canned, and kimchi and pickles and………..would love to start with the right container. Thanks for the opportunity.

  356. I tried some kimchi in a glass jar last month. It was great and I even fried it with ham from the berkshire hogs I raise here on the farm. I am getting into fermentation and would love to have this crock amongst my other canning, and food preparation tools.

  357. Made my first batch of sauerkraut last fall and it was awesome. I’m looking forward to doing more this year. I’m hoping to branch out into other fermented pickles.

  358. I am OBSESSED with these!!!
    So beautiful! I’ve been making lots of lacto-fermented vegetables. Grated carrot with lots of ginger and garlic has been my favorite so far.

  359. I haven’t fermented any food yet, but we make kombucha! I’m currently trying to get into your pickles class at the Botanic Gardens in DC as well!

  360. Started fermenting last year, I’m SO hooked! …and missing my NY sour pickles that we enjoyed until ere was two feet of snow on the ground.

  361. I tried intentional fermentation for the first time last summer. But with two weddings (daughters) and my typical “out of sight, out of mind” I forgot them in the cabinet in the garage. When I got back to them, I decided I didn’t want to put my family at risk for some dicey looking food. But with this crock, I’d keep it all going in the kitchen and might remember it this time!

  362. I use to help my grandmother make pickles – we would do blue, purple, all sort of colors. I have been thinking of doing the same with my kids. But for now all I have is sauerkraut in the fridge…the bagged kind 🙂 Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  363. I have made my own saukraut, a recipe that I found on this website! I think I added a little too much salt, but I was afraid of it not working properly… I would absolutely love to try more fermenting, and intend to once all my cucumbers come in!

  364. I attempted to ferment my first batch of sauerkraut last year, but it was so salty that it was inedible. It was such a disappointment that I was hesitant to try again. Now, enough time has passed that I’m ready to give it another go. We love sauerkraut, and I hate to buy it pre-packaged when I know it can be made at home!

  365. I made the best tasting large batch of sauerkraut EVER! I decided to let it sit for 2 more days before canning…and it had mold. I had to throw it away. I was heartbroken. The reason why? I didn’t have a proper crock! I’m SO excited about this giveaway!

  366. My experience with fermenting is making apple cider vinegar, as well as homemade yogurt and sour cream. I’m currently experimenting with making wine & rice vinegars, hopefully they’ll be finished soon. This summer I plan to make fermented kosher dill pickles when my pickling cucumbers come in. I’m very excited about it!

  367. My family has experienced a lot of fermented food, but unfortunately, non of them have been on purpose. I have a really good friend that makes kimchee, and we are a proud family of German heritage that LOVES us some kraut. I have expanded my independence from processed and purchased foods within the last few years, but mostly I have pickled and preserved. I have never met a kitchen gadget I haven’t enjoyed. I love experimenting with new foods and preservation methods. Thanks for the opportunity.

  368. Looking forward to making sauerkraut like my grandma used to make. Unfortunately her crock is no longer in the family. Hope to start a new crock tradition in my own family. Thanks for the give a way opportunity.

  369. I have a jar of kimchi I always enjoying making and then savoring for months. Such a simple addition to many meals.

  370. Those are lovely crocks! I use half gallon mason jars for sauerkraut and pickles. Most I’m successful. A few times mold took over. Crocks are definitely on the list.

  371. I make lacto-fermented pickles and other veggies, many types of kraut and make fermented ginger ale. I am teaching a fermentation class this Saturday.

  372. Mmmm fermentation…. I have only recently begun experimenting with fermentation. As of late I made a watermelon radish and bok choy kimchi (still have a quart in the fridge), planning on playing with slaws and krauts this summer!

  373. I was inspired over April vacation to make my first ever batch of simple pickled vegetables in the refrigerator. Onions, celery, carrots, and leeks in a lovely mixed vinegar sauce with spices heated and then poured into jar with more water added. It was perfect. I love eating them with freshly caught trout. YUM!

  374. I’m just learning about fermentation, and until recently had only ever made refrigerator pickles. I’ve tried a couple batches of sauerkraut in quart jars this year, but I’ve been exploring getting a real crock, too.

  375. I must admit I am so new I wouldn’t know what to do which is why I was searching google and ran across your blog. My friend made and gave me some fermented pickles and I am in love and am on a quest to make my own.

  376. A few moves ago my husband had built me a wonderful raised bed garden – 3 feet wide and 40 feet long. I grew and canned all the tomatoes we needed every year. I also grew and fermented cabbage for sauerkraut.

    But then we moved to an area of Florida where the soil was pretty much straight sand and nothing grew. Who woulda thunk it, right? But anyway, we’re now in a spot with workable soil and I’m trying to get back into the canning, fermenting and otherwise preserving groove. In fact, I just planted some pickling cucumbers and would love to use this crock on ’em.

  377. I have absolutely zero experience with fermentation – unless you count one aborted effort at beer brewing and one actually successful experiment with brewed soda – but it’s something I’ve had on my “to learn” list for a while. The cucumbers from my garden would make a great start for fermented pickles.

  378. I have made pickles for the past several years, and last year was the first time that I grew enough cucumbers to do pickles all from my own homegrown cukes! It was very exciting. I’ve also done sauerkraut the past couple of years, fermenting in mason jars. A crock would be amazing, though!

  379. This is the year! I have been looking for a crock and am going to do pickles and sauerkraut. Pretty excited. Thanks for the giveaway!

  380. Whoa! My goodness.

    2 Christmas holidays ago I asked for a canning pot and book on fermentation… this year, I’m supposed to pick out a crock for kraut and fermented pickles (but it’s June, and I haven’t picked one out).

    I don’t have a lot of “hands on” cooking time anymore, and these are always fun and interesting science experiments. So far, I have kombucha, kraut, and kimchi running (perhaps I’m limited to fermentations that start with a K – is Kolsch next?). I recently participated in a charity auction, and auctioned off classes for each of these to coworkers.

    I’m so ready for what’s next!

  381. I recently received my first cookbook on fermentation and have been looking at crocks so that I can get the process started. I would have to start with kraut – one of my favorites!

  382. I’d love to try fermenting – sauerkraut, kimchi, bring it on! (a nifty jar like this would be inspiring!)

  383. I’ve started making my own sauerkraut in mason jars recently. Sooo much better than store bought fake-kraut

  384. Just made your kimchi recipe last week and I’m still trying it out on different things. That’s a lovely crock.

  385. This will be my first year experimenting with fermenting, and I can not wait! I plan on making Kimchi, Sour Pickles, and Sour Kraut. This crock would be perfect to help start my fermenting adventures.

  386. I am working on getting away from store bought edible and cleaning products. I have made refrigerated pickles in the past but thanks to the wonderful people of the blogging community I have found so many wonderful recipes, tips and techniques that trying my hand a fermenting veggies wouldn’t be such an intimidating process, with the Pacific Merchants 10L Pickle Crock the process would be less intimidating and more satisfying. Just looking at the Pacific Merchants 10L Pickle Crock knowing that natural magic is happening just under that cover that will put a smile on my family’s faces when they eat the finished product, I just thought about maybe sneaking in a science lesson in on my 8 year old son on chemical reactions. It wouldn’t be as fun as the baking soda and vinegar chemical reaction but it sure would taste much better.

  387. I have made several batches of kimchi and attempted some sauerkraut (which was less that stellar. I think that having the proper vessel would help that process to succeed.

  388. I’ve not fermented anything… yet. I would LOVE to try to make our own pickles though. We try to make a lot of things from scratch, and I have been eyeing pickling jars. I didn’t even know someone actually made them still. I’m kicking myself for not realizing what an awesome opportunity I had to learn more from my Grandma who pickled and preserved like no one’s business.

  389. I made a crock of Saur Kraut 2 years ago and it was so good! And I would Love to make some more. Winning this would so help me be ready this fall!

  390. I’ve been afraid to try fermenting as a food preservation technique, but then again, I remember when I was afraid of water bath canning and pressure canning too! Would love to try another method.

  391. Aloha! My fermentation habits have been mostly confined to pickles, which I LOVE! But my husband and I want to expand our horizons, so he has planted cabbages for us to make our first batch of sauerkraut because homemade is just so much better!

  392. I’ve been following the blog for about a month – what a great way to prompt unlurking! I’ve done lactofermenting for about five years, but a pretty narrow range of stuff – sauerkraut and kimchi, a batch of peperoncini last year, a few batches of fermented dill pickles. I’m inspired by my best friend, Andi at Green Basket, who does a lot more variety of fermenting than I do at a much higher level, and I’m going to try to do more stuff this year.

  393. I have just last month tried my first kraut and am soon to try kimchi. I would love to try a crock since I also have used wide mouth canning jars

  394. I tried fermenting for the first time Summer 2013. It was interesting and a bit frustrating at times! I think I will need to invest in the weights to continue using the crock I have now. So this crock would be a welcome addition to my preservation/fermentation plans!

  395. My first taste of something fermented that I loved should have scared me away from all things fermented, but it has just left me wanting more. It all started while I was living in Maui and I went with a friend to visit her Grandma. She sent us to the side of the house to dig up (yes I said DIG UP) a crock that was buried containing kimchi. But this was the most amazing thing I could remember eating. It was amazing. Just goes to show you that no matter where you’re from Grandma always makes it best. I keep thinking I’ll try “planting” some kimchi but I’m pretty sure my landlord would wonder what the heck I was doing and if I was nuts.

  396. I live in an apartment with a small (2nd story) balcony, and this is the first year I’ve tried growing cucumbers out there. I was a little nervous at first, but now the biggest problem is that they may overflow the porch and start growing over the sides!

    I’ve harvested 3 already, but there are tons more getting ready to come off the vines. I am getting ready to try my hand at pickling, using good old quart jars, but, wow, the idea of a beautiful piece of crockery would surely help set my mind at ease.

  397. I would love to learn how to make kimchi and sauerkraut. I love this site and have the first book. You have inspired me to start canning again. We have enjoyed canned peaches, apple pie filling and tomato juice all winter. Can’t wait till I start it all over again!

  398. I like to keep some sauerkraut and yogurt going. I would love to start lacto fermenting pickles and carrots.

  399. I love to make fridge pickles that start on the counter for a day before going into the fridge to finish. I add lots of garlic, peppercorns, red pepper flakes and dill, of course! I have also made canned pickles, but the fridge ones are my fav. Thanks for a great giveaway. Can’t wait to see your posts about the sauerkraut.

  400. I’ve tried fermenting a couple times, but never quite got the hang of it (peppers that fell victim to mold and neglect, sauerkraut that didn’t quite make it, etc). Would like to try gain with some better equipment.

  401. I have never tried fermenting as of yet but I am so eager to learn and try out some foods. Especially pickles and Cabbage!

  402. What a beautiful crock! I would love to try fermenting. So far the only thing I have fermented was apple cider that turned to hard cider and then to vinegar. And then exploded. So, yes, some tutorials are in order!

  403. I have always done fermenting similarly to how you’ve done it. I have mason jars that have been used for it, in fact I have sauerkraut and kimchi in the fridge at the moment. I would love the crock to try fermented cucumber pickles and a few other veggies.

  404. I haven’t tried fermenting yet because I always felt I lacked an adequate vessel. I live in the South where things get quite warm during the season I’d be thinking about preserving, so I’ve been scared to try fermenting without the right tools. Wait! I did make short-brew mead last fall. Almost forgot about it! And I make bread from an overnight starter quite often, and that oughta count for something, right?

  405. Wow – my husband would love to get another crock! We just got our first fermentation crock recently and he’s excited to do cycles of pickles once our garden takes off. Currently we love kombucha – we drink it constantly and love trying new flavorings. 🙂

  406. I made some saurkraut once, but was too scared to really enjoy it. That was quite a while ago, before I became much more DIY about my food. I would love to try true fermented pickles! I am growing some persian cucumbers in the garden right now hoping I can make them into real deal pickles.

  407. I’ve been making my sauerkraut and other ferments in jars for years. I use the old fashioned bail jars since they seem to “burp” as the fermenting progresses, but I’ve used large glass pickle jars as well. I’ve got a nice batch of kimchi in the eating rotation as I write this. But I’ve been coveting this very crock for a long time and would love to win it here! This summer I hope to experiment with fermenting other vegetables from the garden. Fingers crossed I’ll be using this crock. Thanks for the opportunity.

  408. I have made my own sauerkraut for years and almost always have a jar in the refrigerator. Kimchi seems to be an every other year effort, but it is definitely worth it.

  409. I have no habits as of yet, but I’d be able to develop some with this jar. In terms of loving sauerkraut, pickles, and all things vinegary good, I am an expert. I’d love to move from canning kosher dills to fermenting my favorite half sours.

  410. Oh my goodness, I so want to begin cultured foods. I’ve made kombuchu for quite a while and my
    Dad gave me my grandmothers gigantic crock that she fermented sauerkraut in. However, its many gallons and a little intimidating for starters. Thank you for guidance on your blog! I anxiously await your guidance on sauerkraut. and for introducing a company to us for supplies. Thanks so very much.

  411. I was raised with pickles and sauerkraut, but after gaining a daughter (as an exchange student) from South Korea, Kimchi and all other manner of fermented foods have taken on a new allure! How amazing would a jar that size be!?!

  412. My first attempt in fermentation, I tried to make half sour pickles…it didn’t work. I’ve been eyeing the kimchi recipes I have seen recently, but haven’t felt brave enough to try again after the pickle debacle.

  413. My grandma has a pickle pot just like the one featured, and makes the best polish pickles! I’m trying my hand at making my own this year and would love to have a similar pot!

  414. We’re working on finishing a quart of sauerkraut this week in preparation for moving, but I’ve also tried half sours using cherry leaves for the tannin. Too bad the pickles didn’t turn out because I couldn’t keep them submerged because the first tastes of them were wonderful! Having a real crock would make pickles super easy!

  415. Kraut, kimchi, kombucha… dosa, injera… turnips, carrots, beets, parsnips, apples, eggs… there’s not too much I won’t try! Please please pick my comment so I can try this crock! 🙂

  416. LOVE to ferment… have an almost contest batch of sauerkraut going and fermented pickles for the first time last year. What a beautiful crock!! (swoon).

  417. Last year was my first year canning, and making pickles. I made a batch of fermented pickles and your spicy garlic pickles which I learned that I cannot make enough of them to satisfy my families need for good pickles! Fermenting was a great experience. I grew up on my father making crocks of kraut, and due to the quality, became a kraut snob! I want to ferment more foods for the health benefits and flavor.

  418. My first sauerkraut was not the best. I like to ferment vegetable mix when the harvest is strong. Carrots zucchini onion and green beans are a good start. I want to try kimchi next..

  419. All of my fermentation projects have been unintentional- things I found in the back of the fridge or pantry. My youngest monster loves saurkraut almost as much as I do, so I keep saying that we’ll make some- I just haven’t gotten that far.

  420. I also have made lots of regular pickles, but never tried fermenting. This crock would be a lovely way to get into it!

  421. I make my own saurkraut and kimchi and pickles (all in my fridge now) and many other ferments (carrots with dill being a favorite). I’ve always made all these in either a recycled gallon honey jar or in mason jars.

    I’d love to give a dedicated pickler a whirl.

    I might buy one even if I don’t win.

  422. I haven’t done any fermentation (unless homebrewing beer and mead counts!), but I’d love to give it a try.

  423. I have made lacto-fermented beets to great sucess. I tried sauerkraut once, but it got moldy and I got discouraged so I haven’t tried it since. I’d really like to try again sometime.

  424. Oh! I am so new to the land of canning, I’m so very interested in learning how to preserve my food and seeing all the tasty combinations!
    Thank you for your posts and books all wonderful stuff!

  425. i’ve done a little bit of fermenting. beer and kimchi mostly but i’m still quite firmly in beginner territory.
    i’m actually in the process of cleaning out/setting up a space in my basement for a sort of workshop where things can ferment undisturbed by kitties. i hope to have it ready by fall and this would fit in nicely.

  426. My daughter-in-law does a lot of sauerkraut and also we have done a really old sweet pickle recipe of my grandmothers

  427. I started fermenting sauerkraut this past winter with mixed results. I used a Fido jar with my last batch and that turned out very well. So, I think I’ll stick with Fido jars from here on out. However, a pickle crock would certainly be fun to try…

  428. We started fermenting sauerkraut (apple and cabbage variety) last year. This year, we are hoping to use napa cabbage from our garden to make kimchi. This pickle crock would be fabulous for that!

  429. Been doing a ton of reading on different methods, and have looked through a million different recipes, and I think sauerkraut is my golden ticket for a first try!

  430. I’ve never made fermented pickles before and am desperate to try, but have been reluctant to buy a large crock due to the cost for a quality one. I’ve perfected pickles with a brine and boiling water canner, but haven’t had the courage to go for the fermented variety. I love a good half-sour, so that would be the first variety I would try in the crock. Even if I don’t win, this might be the year as my cucumber plants are thriving. I may have a bumper crop that will force me to try new things.

  431. I tried making sauerkraut last year and it was a disaster. Perhaps this kiln is just the thing I need!

  432. What a beautiful crock! I’ve made kimchi before and would love to make fermented pickles or sauerkraut in this!

  433. I have done refrigerator fermented dill pickles. A copy cat recipe for well know store bought brand. Also have done garlic carrot slices. One of my favorite.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  434. I like to ferment sauerkraut, kimchi, gingered carrots, corn salsa, kosher dills, beets, and preserved lemons. I would LOVE to have a dedicated fermentation crock!

  435. I have honestly not delved into the art of fermentation! I’ve wanted to, but am still a little nervous (I know, I know, I need to just get over it!) and so still haven’t. This crock could/would be the kick in the pants I need!

  436. I have only made pickles through boiling and canning. In Peace Corps, I lived with families that made their own pickles, though, and I was floored by the joy a good, homemade pickle could bring, particularly on a hot day without a/c.

  437. The first thing I ever fermented was a batch of kimchi, and omg, once it was ready, I was hooked! I’ve been trying to keep something going regularly ever since, more kimchi, sauerkrauts, pickles, etc., and can’t wait for the day until I finally get one of these crocks!

  438. I’ve only tried to make sauerkraut once it was a sad, sad disaster. I can make yogurt just fine. I can make water bath or refrigerator pickles with no problem. Maybe I should try it again, on a small scale. At any rate, I’d be thrilled to be able to work up to a 10l crock!

  439. I’ve been fermenting like crazy lately…ginger beer, kim chi, veggies of all sorts, sauerkraut, kombucha, strawberry vinegar, pima, chili sauce, and next—soy sauce! I would love to get a crock like this!

  440. I haven’t tried fermenting anything but I do can cabbage which of course isn’t the same thing. I’d really like to try actually fermenting it sometime.

  441. I confess: while I adore every variety of pickle, and while I am a confident preserver, I have not yet tried to make fermented pickles. Quick pickles only to date. I do want to try it, though! And I have two good cookbooks to help me get started…

  442. I’ve done a few brined pickes but never tried fermented. Interested in giving it a try (your 1 quart sourcrout is likely to get a go in the near future. But would certainly be happy to have a crock like this!

  443. I actually haven’t tried fermenting anything myself but I would love to try and make my own kimchi.

  444. I have not yet tried my hand at kraut or kimchi or anything yet… YET! I have been out of the country a lot this year so I haven’t been able to make a lot of anything, but sauerkraut is at the top of my food adventures list for this year. I would love to win to get me started on the right foot!

  445. I ferment everything possible! Well maybe not possible, but possible for me. Milk and water kefir, kombucha, pickles, sauerkraut . . . and whenever I know I’m not going to be able to get to some veggies before they turn, I just ferment them. This crock would probably be dedicated to sauerkraut. Yum!

  446. My husband makes a lot of things from scratch (cheese, bacon, bread, pasta, tomato sauce, yogurt, nut butters, jams and jellies, etc) but hasn’t done pickles yet. I know he would love to get started though. This giveaway would be perfect for him! Thank you!

  447. I am new to the fermentation process although I have done every other type of food preservation. I would like to learn to do sauerkraut to use my garden cabbages. I am also interested in the health benefits of fermented food.