Pacific Merchants 10L Pickle Crock + Giveaway

June 3, 2014

pickling crock square

I made my first batch of sauerkraut in the fall of 2008 (in fact, that single jar of kraut was the first thing I ever wrote about here on Food in Jars). Since then, I’ve done a goodly amount of fermentation, from kosher dill pickles to kombucha to kimchi.

In all the years that I’ve been letting various fruits and vegetables gently bubble away in my kitchen, my vessel of choice has been a wide mouth jar (either a quart or a half gallon, depending on the volume I’m making). And while these jars have served me admirably, there was part of me that always wanted to try out a dedicated pickling crock.

crock overhead

So, when a rep from Pacific Merchants got in touch and asked if I’d be interested in trying out their 10L fermentation crock, I said yes.

It is a lovely crock, with thick walls, stone weights, and a gutter that you fill with water for an airtight seal. This crock, along will all the other stoneware vessels that Pacific Merchants sells, was made in Boleslawiec, Poland.

pickling crock open

You can use crocks like this one for all manner of ferments and I’m planning to christen it with a batch of sauerkraut. I’d intended to start a batch in it before this post, but I head out of town next week for nearly three weeks on the road and Scott asked that I not make him responsible for a large-scale ferment. I thought it was a fair request and so will start a batch (with step-by-step pictures for you all) when I get back in July.

pickle weights

Now, for the giveaway. The nice folks at Pacific Merchants are offering one lucky Food in Jars winner a $100 gift card for their website. What’s more, they’re also offering a discount code for their website. It’s good now through June 16. Just type in “foodinjars15” at check out for 15% off your order.

Here’s how to enter the giveaway:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me about your fermentation habits. Do you make your own lacto-fermented pickles? Do you have a jar of kimchi in the kitchen right now? Or is your only contact with a fermented vegetable is the tray of warm sauerkraut designed to top hot dogs at the ball park?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Saturday, June 7, 2014. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, June 8, 2014
  3. Giveaway open to United States residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: Pacific Merchants sent me the 10L fermentation crock, along with a pair of 1L Kilner jars, for photography and review purposes. They are also providing the giveaway unit. They have not compensated me beyond that to write this post and all opinions remain my own. 

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682 thoughts on "Pacific Merchants 10L Pickle Crock + Giveaway"

  • My daughter-in-law does a lot of sauerkraut and also we have done a really old sweet pickle recipe of my grandmothers

  • I started fermenting sauerkraut this past winter with mixed results. I used a Fido jar with my last batch and that turned out very well. So, I think I’ll stick with Fido jars from here on out. However, a pickle crock would certainly be fun to try…

  • We started fermenting sauerkraut (apple and cabbage variety) last year. This year, we are hoping to use napa cabbage from our garden to make kimchi. This pickle crock would be fabulous for that!

  • Been doing a ton of reading on different methods, and have looked through a million different recipes, and I think sauerkraut is my golden ticket for a first try!

  • I’ve never made fermented pickles before and am desperate to try, but have been reluctant to buy a large crock due to the cost for a quality one. I’ve perfected pickles with a brine and boiling water canner, but haven’t had the courage to go for the fermented variety. I love a good half-sour, so that would be the first variety I would try in the crock. Even if I don’t win, this might be the year as my cucumber plants are thriving. I may have a bumper crop that will force me to try new things.

  • I tried making sauerkraut last year and it was a disaster. Perhaps this kiln is just the thing I need!

  • What a beautiful crock! I’ve made kimchi before and would love to make fermented pickles or sauerkraut in this!

  • I have done refrigerator fermented dill pickles. A copy cat recipe for well know store bought brand. Also have done garlic carrot slices. One of my favorite.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  • I like to ferment sauerkraut, kimchi, gingered carrots, corn salsa, kosher dills, beets, and preserved lemons. I would LOVE to have a dedicated fermentation crock!

  • I have honestly not delved into the art of fermentation! I’ve wanted to, but am still a little nervous (I know, I know, I need to just get over it!) and so still haven’t. This crock could/would be the kick in the pants I need!

  • I have only made pickles through boiling and canning. In Peace Corps, I lived with families that made their own pickles, though, and I was floored by the joy a good, homemade pickle could bring, particularly on a hot day without a/c.

  • The first thing I ever fermented was a batch of kimchi, and omg, once it was ready, I was hooked! I’ve been trying to keep something going regularly ever since, more kimchi, sauerkrauts, pickles, etc., and can’t wait for the day until I finally get one of these crocks!

  • I’ve only tried to make sauerkraut once it was a sad, sad disaster. I can make yogurt just fine. I can make water bath or refrigerator pickles with no problem. Maybe I should try it again, on a small scale. At any rate, I’d be thrilled to be able to work up to a 10l crock!

  • I’ve been fermenting like crazy lately…ginger beer, kim chi, veggies of all sorts, sauerkraut, kombucha, strawberry vinegar, pima, chili sauce, and nextโ€”soy sauce! I would love to get a crock like this!

  • I haven’t tried fermenting anything but I do can cabbage which of course isn’t the same thing. I’d really like to try actually fermenting it sometime.

  • I confess: while I adore every variety of pickle, and while I am a confident preserver, I have not yet tried to make fermented pickles. Quick pickles only to date. I do want to try it, though! And I have two good cookbooks to help me get started…

  • I’ve done a few brined pickes but never tried fermented. Interested in giving it a try (your 1 quart sourcrout is likely to get a go in the near future. But would certainly be happy to have a crock like this!

  • I actually haven’t tried fermenting anything myself but I would love to try and make my own kimchi.

  • I have not yet tried my hand at kraut or kimchi or anything yet… YET! I have been out of the country a lot this year so I haven’t been able to make a lot of anything, but sauerkraut is at the top of my food adventures list for this year. I would love to win to get me started on the right foot!

  • I ferment everything possible! Well maybe not possible, but possible for me. Milk and water kefir, kombucha, pickles, sauerkraut . . . and whenever I know I’m not going to be able to get to some veggies before they turn, I just ferment them. This crock would probably be dedicated to sauerkraut. Yum!

  • My husband makes a lot of things from scratch (cheese, bacon, bread, pasta, tomato sauce, yogurt, nut butters, jams and jellies, etc) but hasn’t done pickles yet. I know he would love to get started though. This giveaway would be perfect for him! Thank you!

  • I like making pickled peppers and pickled ham. This year I plan on making pickles for the first time.

  • I am new to the fermentation process although I have done every other type of food preservation. I would like to learn to do sauerkraut to use my garden cabbages. I am also interested in the health benefits of fermented food.

  • So far, I’ve only made one batch of failed pickles. But I’m hoping to try again this year!

  • I’ve made sauerkraut (with juniper berries!) in a plastic bucket. Would love a crock to put it in for the next batch.

  • I’m still a newbie with my fermenting foods here in my kitchen. So far I’ve made lacto-fermented pickles,jalapenos, spicy green beans and spiced fermented beets. I’ve coveted the beautiful fermentation crocks and would love to try using one to make sauerkraut.

  • I experimented with fermenting carrot-ginger slaw in a mason jar, but used salt and it turned out (to no one’s great surprise) incredibly salty! ๐Ÿ˜‰ onward!

  • I haven’t been fermenting much since my last baby was born, but am hoping to start again this summer. Right now, all we have going is water kefir and occasional batches of yogurt.
    We planted cucumbers, so I hope to make some Oi Kimchi this summer. I also tasted a yummy Ginger Beet Sauerkraut that I’d love to try making at home.
    What fun a real crock would be!
    Thank you.

  • I’ve made a couple batches of beer and I just learned how to make wine so I have my first batch of blueberry wine brewing right now. I clearly prefer fermentation of the alcoholic variety.

  • My hubby is the one who ferments whole cabbage heads- he’d love a little surprise like this for Father’s Day!

  • Never fermented but my husband loves all things pickles, kimchi and saurkraut and we’ve been eager to try it out!!

  • I have done pickles, but they didn’t turn out like I hoped. Cabbage is planted this year to try sauerkraut! My seasoned friend will be aiding me this time!

  • I love lactofermenting! All I have and use right now are mason jars leftover from canning. I have a batch of lactofermented carrot spears with garlic and coriander that is finished and in the fridge at the moment….my favorite that I’ve done was red beet cubes with fresh cranberries, clove, and dill! Crazy experiments can lead to tasty results! Kimchi is usually done in one of my big glass baking prep bowls with a plate on top weighted down with a 1/2 gallon jar filled with water. I’ve eyed these crocks for awhile now and oh how I’d love one! I’ve watched a documentary of miso making in Japan with these huge earthenware crocks like these that are sunk into the ground while the miso ferments….so amazing!

  • So far I’ve made lacto-fermented pickles and Sauer Radish (similar to sauer kraut, but with a little more bite). OH! And fermented hot sauce. Looking forward to trying sauer kraut this fall!

  • I haven’t actually fermented anything, yet. I’ve helped my mother make pickles. I’ve been meaning to try some different ones as a lot of my friends love fermented things. (I’m big on food gifts.)

  • Have not tried any myself. My grandmother used to make saurkraut when I was a girl. I am up for the challenge!

  • So far the only fermenting I’ve done has been beer, but I am hoping to do some pickling this summer!

  • So far the only fermentation I have done is making homemade vinegar. I would like to make sauerkraut at some point.

  • I make dill pickles by the jar, Virginia Chunk sweet pickles by the crock. I have made sauerkraut, but it was many years ago. I do have a recipe my Grandmother gave me to make it by the jar, but haven’t made any with it yet.

  • This is my first season fermenting. I am starting my 3rd batch of sauerkraut and fine tuning my recipe.

  • I make sauerkraut in the tradition of my greasy-grandmother (but in jars, I’ve been told she used a barrel)!

  • My gramma’s pickle recipe…..she had a crock that she used and I have always been scared to try to make them in anything else. Don’t know if it would work, so that is what I would make ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I am excited about making my own sauerkraut some day. My own experience with fermentation has been accidental thus far, so doing it purposefully would be fairly awesome!

  • I actually have a batch of sauerkraut fermenting as we speak. I no longer purchase it, I make it myself. Much better and cheaper.

  • My first experience was during a very queasy pregnancy. I was six months pregnant and my in-laws were making kraut in the basement where me and my husband were staying as the house we were renting was having issues with the heat. The didn’t tell me they were turning the kraut. I was so sick to begin with and then that smell hit me when I came down to go to bed. Must have been a good thing as my daughter loves the stuff. My in-laws won’t let me have their crock and the jar method has not worked for me. So a crock of my own would be nice as well as something I can pass on to my daughter (hopefully she won’t have the same problem when she grows up and has kids and we are making kraut).

  • Love pickles but I tend to make freezer rather than fermented. I would love to expand my horizons and learn how this summer!

  • Have never fermented but would love to make my own sauerkraut! Since retiring last year, I’ve been grinding my own sausages and ground beef. I’ve also started canning a little! Homemade sauerkraut sounds wonderful!

  • I have a jar of beet kvass on the counter. I would love to go past just kombucha, and kefir. Thank you for the opportunity. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I love fermented foods! there is always a jar of kimchi in the fridge, and i’ve been gearing up to start making it on my own.

  • I ferment my own kraut! I have try a few different ways but my favorite is with some carrots, onions and apples added to the cabbage and Celtic sea salt

  • I tried sauerkraut in the jars and first time did nit ferment properly, next time I tried it it spoiled. Have always wanted to try it in a crock, but have never gotten around to purchasing one. Would love to try it this year!

  • I enjoy fermented goodies but have yet to make my own. I would be happy to stew homemade kraut in something beautiful and practical like this.

  • I have been dying to make some sauerkraut in our new house – and this crook looks like the perfect inspiration. Thank you!

  • Always have a jar o’ kimchi in the fridge, an more often than not some kraut. Ginger bugs and other fabulous ferments are in the works… Thank you!