Other People’s Preserves: Spicy Carrot Jam from Spruce Hill Preserves

June 13, 2015

Spruce Hill Preserves

Other People’s Preserve is my opportunity to shine a spotlight on some of the very delicious jams, pickles, and condiments being made by dedicated professionals. If you see one of these products out in the wild, consider picking up a jar, tub, or bottle!

I met Molly Haendler, chief jam maker and recipe inventor at Spruce Hill Preserves, last winter as a holiday craft show. We chatted as I tasted my way through her entire product line, swooning over her wacky but wonderful flavor combinations all the while. I quickly followed her on Instagram and have been wanting to feature one of her creative preserves here in this space ever since.

top of spicy carrot jam

Happily, today is that day. About a week ago, I got my hands on a jar of her Spicy Carrot with Orange and Cardamom Jam. At first glance, you might think that this vividly orange spread shouldn’t work, with all it’s got going on. And yet, with each bite, you find that you want another. It’s punchy, sweet, slightly vegetal, and works magic on a roasted chicken or a grilled cheese.

If you’re in Philly, you may well spot Spruce Hill Preserves at one of the many farmers markets that dot the city. For those of you further away, know that Molly ships her preserves all over.

Disclosure: Spruce Hill Preserves gave me the jar of Spicy Carrot Jam that you see pictured here. No additional funds have changed hands and all opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone. 

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