Other People’s Preserves: Preservation Society

April 11, 2015

Preservation Society

Other People’s Preserve is my opportunity to shine a spotlight on some of the very delicious jams, pickles, and condiments being made by dedicated professionals. If you see one of these products out in the wild, consider picking up a jar, tub, or bottle!

I met Camilla Wynne, founder of Montreal’s Preservation Society when I was in Toronto last fall for Well Preserved‘s Big Outdoor Kitchen Party. I’d known her a little through various social media outlets before that, but seeing her and her gorgeous jams in person helped me understand just how much she cares about the art of preserving.

Rhume rx inside

We didn’t get much of a chance to talk that day, but before the event was over, she slipped a jar of her Rhume RX into my hand. This creative preserve is made from lemons, sugar, honey, ginger, bourbon, and cayenne and is the perfect thing for days when you’re feeling a little under the weather (of course, there’s no reason not to eat it when you’re feeling just fine, too).

I’ve taken to stirring a spoonful into a mug of just-boiled water for an instant tea. It also pairs up nicely with sturdy cheese.

made in montreal

All of the Preservation Society products are handmade and wonderfully unique. The product line includes  jams, marmalades, pickles, and chutneys and they also take on the occasional custom order.

Rhume RX

In addition to being a maker, Camilla is also a writer. Her preserving cookbook was first published in French, but an English language edition (with new recipes!) has just been released. I’ve not seen the English edition yet, but hope to get my hands on a copy soon.


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