Other People’s Preserves: Orchard Choice Fig Spreads from Valley Fig Growers

October 10, 2015

fig spread cheese plate side

I didn’t preserve a single fig this year and only managed to get my hands on a single one to eat fresh (thankfully, it was perfect). I’m consoling myself both with the knowledge that there is always next year and a recent fig-packed box from the Valley Fig Growers.

four fig spreads

They sent a box containing a cooler holding three different kinds of cheeses, a little slate and cheese spreader, and four jars from their new line of Orchard Choice Fig Spreads. These fig spreads are made from fig puree, sugar, pectin, and additions like balsamic vinegar, port wine, or orange zest.

fig spread top

Designed to complement cheeses, cured meats, and other savory bites, these fig spreads are a welcome addition to my pantry, which was entirely vacant of any thing fig-based until this box arrived.

I’ve opened up the Organic Mission Fig variety so far, and will be trotting out the other jars for various holiday parties and baking projects (I have a feeling the Port Wine version would go beautifully in these blue cheese thumbprint cookies).

fig spread with brie

For more ideas on how to use both fresh and dried figs and these fig spreads, follow Valley Fig on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Disclosure: The nice folks at Valley Fig Growers sent the cheese care package described above and asked that I write about it if I enjoyed the spreads. No additional compensation was provided for this post. It’s simply part of my ongoing mission to help spread the preserved food love!

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