Other People’s Preserves: Lehigh Biltong

February 28, 2016

Lehigh Bilton - Food in Jars

Other People’s Preserve is my opportunity to shine a spotlight on some of the very delicious jams, pickles, and preserved foods being made by some of the many dedicated professionals out there. If you see one of these products out in the wild, consider picking up a jar, tub, or bottle!

Most of you are probably familiar with jerky, but biltong may be a new one to you. It’s a South African method of drying meat for long term preservation. The meat is seasoned with salt, pepper, vinegar, and coriander and then hung to dry for several days, until it is dry but still pliable.

Biltong Bag - Food in Jars

I recently had the change to try the biltong made by a Pennsylvania company called Lehigh Biltong. It’s fresher tasting, more pleasant to eat than any jerky I’ve ever tried, and makes for a convenient, protein-packed snack. If you’re on a paleo diet or just trying to shift your snacking habits, it’s a really terrific option.

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One thought on "Other People’s Preserves: Lehigh Biltong"

  • My son visited South Africa with his then-girlfriend’s family several years ago. He really liked biltong and came home with a Biltong King, a biltong dryer. It’s basically a glass box with a light bulb as heat source. Shades of Easy Bake Oven! But it works. Delicious.