Opinel Bread and Jam Set Giveaway

Opinel bread knife, peeler, and spreading tool.

Years ago, I picked up a little folding Opinel knife at some long-forgotten kitchenwares store. I bought it on a whim (driven by a romantic vision of lazy summer picnics), but unlike many spur-of-the-moment buys, this little knife has proved its worth many times over.

A seeded baguette, being sliced by an Opinel bread knife.

In reality, that knife hasn’t been on a great number of leisurely picnics. Instead, it’s been in the food bag for nearly every day-long adventure and road trip we’ve taken over the past five or so years. It has been pressed into service in under-equipped kitchens, has helped divvy sandwiches at rest stops, and has played a role in many an impromptu foraging expedition.

A seeded baguette, a butter dish, a jar of jam, and various Opinel tools.

So, when the nice PR rep for Opinel got in touch a couple months ago to ask if I might like to try some of their other products, I sent off a hasty yes. We settled on a little trio of useful tools to feature here. And so, for the last month, I’ve been using their sturdy bread knife, a sweet little spreading knife, and a quick, super sharp peeler.

A butter dish, an Opinel spreader, and bread with jam.

Much like the folding knife that has been such a workhorse, the knife, spreader, and peeler are simple, well-made, and incredibly useful tools. What’s more, if you’re visiting friends this summer, paired with a jar of jam, the spreader or the butter knife would make a really nice hostess gift.

Opinel bread knife, peeler, and spreading tool in their packaging.

Thanks to the nice folks at Opinel, I have a the blue-handled set of bread knife, spreader, and peeler to give away to one lucky Food in Jars reader. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me about your favorite impulse buy.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Saturday, June 25, 2016. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, June 26, 2016.
  3. Giveaway open to United States and Canadian residents. Void where prohibited.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: Opinel sent me the tools you see pictured above for photography and review purposes, and has also providing the giveaway units. The tools were provided at no cost to me. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own. 

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333 responses to “Opinel Bread and Jam Set Giveaway”

  1. My favorite impulse buy was my very large Cast iron Dutch Oven with ‘feet’. It is big enough to cook a huge turkey in it. It was the beginning of my Dutch oven cooking & quest to build an outside kitchen!

  2. Funny that this just came up in my newsfeed……I literally just finished canning my first batch (this year) of strawberry jam with berries from my garden.
    My most favorite impulse buy was at a kitchen store that was closing out (go figure!). I bought a little scrubbie, cost me maybe $2.00. It was really rough, with hard plastic bits on it, but looked homemade. It was perfect for cleaning my chicken eggs. I used that little scrubbie until my fingers were poking through. Haven’t been able to find one comparable since:(

  3. Love Optinel! My current favorite impulse buy would have to be these great all natural insence I picked up on a whim at the natural foods store! They have been picking up my afternoon, when Im tired of the wet dog and little boy smell!

  4. My favorite recent impulse buy was the Rainer cherries I bought a few nights ago and shared with my family as we drove home in the dark.

  5. My favorite impulse buy would probably be an alpaca scarf. It’s extremely lightweight and folds really small, but is still super warm.

  6. Hmm- favorite impulse buy is chocolate, but i also bought a set of silicone spoons that seemed to be excessive considering the number of spatulas, etc in the crock by the stove but have been very useful.

  7. My favorite impulse buy is a thornless dwarf raspberry bush I bought last summer. It’s berries are just starting to ripen, and I had my first one of the season this evening.

  8. On a whim I purchased a couple of silicon lids for drinks, the flat flower looking things that just sit on top of your mug. Thought they were cute, intriguing, and hopefully useful. I absolutely love them. I often make a big mug of tea and then only drink part of it. I’ll save the leftover with these nice lids and have iced tea or reheat in the microwave.

  9. Bought a waffle maker on impulse after having waffles for breakfast in Seattle Hotels. Makes fabulous waffles, great buy!

  10. I just picked up a vintage metal pencil sharpener to attach to the wall. My daughter is starting Kindergarten in the fall, so of course I NEEDED it. haha such a bizarre impulse buy! (Would love to win these beautiful tools!)

  11. Favorite impulse buy is a small paring knife I bought at a booth at a 4H fair many years ago. I love the knife and I have looked everywhere to find another, still looking btw.

  12. I went to the mall yesterday, and bought hair perfume (really) on a whim! Went from never-heard-of-such-a-thing to here’s-my-card in an instant.

  13. Favorite impulse buys are movies on blu ray. I’ll see and ad from one of the major retailers and see a special on upcoming releases and a movie I’ve not seen and just have to get it.

  14. My favorite impulse buy is t-shirts with Paul Bunyon and Babe on them. I live in MN, so you see Paul & Babe on all kinds of items.

  15. My favorite impulse buy was a cloisonne bracelet covered with irises from my visit to Giverny, France. It reminds me of my trip to Paris and promises to return there.

  16. The set looks similar to one I once had, still using the knife after 20yrs. lots of miles and many camping trips later, it’s definitely showing its age now…And for MY impulse buy(s) are always locally made Honey, Jams and Spreads..

  17. I’ve always had a pocket knife since I was a kid. You just need those things for cleaning fish, cutting willow branches to roast weinies on…my main knife lasted for many years and then it broke. I didnt get a new one for many years. I just relied on others knives. I got tired of that and went and bought my first pocket knife on my own. That thing, I keep it in my purse. It has come in handy for cutting chard. squash and eggplant off the vine, for cutting tags off of items, still for cleaning fish, for me and it’s surprising how often others forget their knife, so it helps them out too, On fishing trips and hunting trips to cut our salame and cheese suppers, to fish out slivers, clean fingernails, you name it! I just love my little knife.
    Thanks for offering the giveaway set of knives. They all look nice. I would probably share the peeler with my son. I have an old metal one that works great. He’s been keeping and eye out for a nice one of his own. The spreader would be great for all of the jalapeno and habanero jellys we’ve been making.

  18. I enjoyed your tribute to Earlywood and quickly before thinking ordered a tasting spoon and baby spoon (as a gift). I was so enamored with them, I ordered a spreading knife and a tera scraper. It’s all I can do to keep from ordering the gorgeous serving spoons.

  19. My favorite impulse “buy” was my 17 year old kitty. Not really a purchase, but an adoption. Wasn’t planning to, but he’s a great kitty! Purrs-sonality plus! PS Your newest book arrived today, cannot wait to try some recipes!

  20. Everyone is loving my latest purchase. Rocket Popsicle molds. The stick is an astronaut. The looks of delight are worth every penny!

  21. About five years ago I had my first significant relationship end in heart ache. The dude moved away, but we continued to talk and see each other as friends, though I still had hopes for otherwise (as one foolishly does). A year or two later, it happened we were both near San Francisco at the same time so decided to spend a couple days touristing together. We went to a farmers market and I impulsively bought a cute little bowl. This was the last time we spent any significant time together. I still have the bowl, buried in my random bowl drawer, and sometimes bring it out when entertaining. Where it once caused twinges of sadness, today it’s a source of nostalgia and helps me remember the good, if difficult emotional growth I went through during that period of time.

  22. My favorite impulse buy is my cat Chica that I bought from the humane society. I let a abandoned and gone fairly wild cat from the street adopt me and thought he should have a cat playmate, so I looked at the pictures online and saw this one cat that I couldn’t stop thinking about so I went and got her. They both melt my heart every day.

  23. My favorite impulse purchase is a little stoneware garlic grater plate I bought at one of those demonstration stands (it slices, it dices!) at a flea market. It sits on a tiny plate stand in my kitchen where I reach for it every time I need minced garlic. It’s pretty and just works. Thanks for offering the Opinel set – I have a No. 6 folding knife that I love, and am sure the spreader, peeler and bread knife would be a great addition to my kitchen.

  24. My favorite impulse buy is a little straw fedora that I bought for my son in the checkout line at Target. Not only is it adorable, but he’ll actually wear it!

  25. I could use a good knife. My impulse buy is craft supplies to support my card making.
    Thank you for this giveaway opportunity

  26. Hmm, I would have to say my little strawberry huller/stem remover from the pampered chef. While I single use item I use that thing all the time!

  27. My husband bought a pan from WMF. He’s not an impulse buyer, but couldn’t resist that one. And I love it. Best pan EVER. For me any useful kitchen gadget I don’t have yet is is an impulse candidate. Your giveaway instantly made that list.

  28. My favorite impulse buy was a pair of glass Swiss-cheese-like cheese boards from the glass museum in Corning,NY.

  29. A new 14 c. cuisinart food processor. I have a KA and it’s hateful. I saw the new one on sale at Sams Club and decided it was time to stop living with the hate.

  30. My favorite impulse buy is a dress I picked up at a consignment shop. It was on super sale and wasn’t a color I typically wear. Tried it on and LOVED it. I’ve worn it a ton and it might be the most flattering (on my odd body shape) dress I’ve ever owned. These knives sound great! Thanks.

  31. My impulse buy (s) tend to be specialty foods. My favorite was a jar of wild capers…it’s become a staple. We gave each of our children a folding opine as a right of passage- first knife. They are grown now but still have and use them.

  32. The knives look great! It’s hard for me to think of my absolute favorite, but I do love a pair of J-41 red sandles I bought a few years back. The gray would have been more “practical”, but the red made me happy! Started my love love ge affair with the brand, I think I have bought 4 more pairs of varying design!

  33. In response to my small home and a deep distaste for consumerism I have mastered the art of NOT impulse buying – but everyone falls victim sometimes and a few weeks ago I bought a coveted flat silicone bowl cover and have never looked back. I use it almost every day. I would be so happy with a bread knife and these little purple handled tools.

  34. While shopping for annuals to plant in my front pots, I bought everbearing strawberry plants instead and planted them in the pots. Front door crop and they are pretty, too! I pick a berry every time I go out to get the paper!

  35. Favorite impulse buy: sneaking a cookbook into my Amazon shopping cart when I buy mundane things like dog food or baby wipes 😉

  36. On whim, after visiting your website I purchased the sauerkraut pounder from mason tops. I always just used my fist or a wooden spoon to pack the sauerkraut but this thing rocks! Fits small jars so nicely! Sometimes a dedicated tool is the way to go!

  37. My favorite impulse buy was a roll of rubber, flexible, drawer liner. Not only did I use it for my drawers, but I also cut squares to use as jar openers, as cushion between my antique place settings, and I carry a piece in my purse to use on those door knobs that my arthritic hands have a hard time opening. Plus, they’re washable!

  38. My impulse buys always have something to do with the kitchen and food prep. I can and preserve all Summer so that we have plenty of home and locally grown foods all Winter. My most recent impuse buy was Pickle Crisp for my next batch of homemade pickles!

  39. My fave impulse buy: like so many others, chocolate in the checkout line! I’m lucky to have some fabulous local chocolate-makers so the checkout line choices are quite good.

  40. My favorite impulse buy was a lemon tree I purchased in Florida for my home in Minnesota. It makes my kitchen smell all kinds of wonderful when it blooms.

  41. My favorite impulse buy of late was pounds of fresh asparagus that we picked up on our way home from a wedding shower. My husband is a knife maker and connoisseur, and received an Opinel apron for his birthday a year ago. It has a person skiing on Opinel knives and says something in French that amounts to “everything is possible with Opinel.” We always joke that now we need an Opinel knife in the house!

  42. Favorite impulse buy-handmade quilts. Whenever I’m at a local flea market and spot the well worn things I’m attracted. I don’t know if its the appreciation of the quilt makers work or the history of the cloth that is recycled into it.

  43. A Merino wool sweatshirt, when I found out that the top of Whistler mountain would be WAY colder than down in the village. Wear it all the time now, though – super cozy!

  44. Wow , just when the hubby said we needed a new bread knife…. Perfect timing.
    My favorite impulse buy was the wooden pie box from Mighty nest . Even though I’ve
    had a perfectly functional double decker lidded pie basket , I feel in love with the wood one.
    Not only does it get oohs & aahs but I stash stuff in it while just sitting in the dinning room.
    Put my name in the hat, thanks !

  45. I just bought a beautiful, hand made, maple stirring stick for jam making season while I was in Montreal. A great impulse buy!

  46. I bought egg cups (24 of them) so I could use them for Easter and no one knew what they were and when I told them they thought they were useless.

  47. This impulse buy just happened recently, but I see lots of use for it with the fruits coming in this year: I bought one of those foldable pie crust protectors. Hopefully it will keep the crust from overbrowning while the rest of the pie bakes!

  48. Although I have a decent set of cookware, I picked up a small (2 cup) saucepan with a long handle at an estate sale last year. I don’t know how we ever got along without it! We use it for everything from hearing small amounts of leftovers to melting butter for popcorn. It’s indispensable.

  49. Favorite impulse buy? Hands down my puppy who has become a fantastic companion! I, too, have the folding Opinel knife, given to me by a dear friend. I don’t go camping or picnicking without it!

  50. A kitchenware shop in a nearby town was going out of business. I saw a 4 cup pyrex measuring cup and said “that would be nice to have” – I had no clue what i would use it for.
    Fast forward to now. I use every time I make yogurt as the “bowl” that I holds the milk for heating and processing the yogurt. It is the perfect size and I am so glad I got it.

  51. Years ago I was wandering Chapters and picked up their “fancy” version of a bento box, with fork that slides in. Until I dropped it ; ( I used it nearly every day for lunch. It was the PERFECT size for me….

  52. I bought some large silicone ice cube trays. I love them! They keep my tea cold and don’t melt as fast as the smaller cubes.

  53. I bought a set of tiny French vintage glass bowls from a store that was going out of business. A bit of an impulse purchase, as I was moving into a tiny apartment, and just knew I had to have them. I thought I would use them as little prep bowls, but I use them for that and more. Single servings of oil and vinegar dressing mixed, one scoop of ice cream, when I just want a bite of something, for my kosher salt when I am seasoning a chicken.

  54. I just impulsively bought a dress at this Japanese store called Muji in NY without trying it on first. It worked out well cuz it fits and is super comfy!

  55. An Earlywood terra scraper. His wooden tools are beautiful and can be used in a million ways…pot stirrer, scraping food off the cutting board into a bowl or removing stuck on food from the bottom of a pan. I use it daily.

  56. My favorite impulse buy is my All-Clad tongs – I have about three other brands, but this turned out to be the best, most user friendly, and definitely an impulse buy!

  57. My favorite impulse buy was a blue enamel splatterware bread pan. I wound up trying to buy every pan of that kind ever since.

  58. I have a wilton spoon/scraper that I picked up on impulse and I love it so much that I bought another one! It’s just super handy for all types of cooking.

  59. I bought a knife while on vacation in the Berkshires (MA). It is a tomato/cheese knife and boy, is it handy!

  60. a simple blue and white bowl from a kitchen store somewhere in Seattle – I use it for my snacks, hold measured ingredients, lunch, flowers without stems

  61. About 10 years ago I purchased a enameled cast iron 3.5 quart pot. Little did I realize that it would be my go to cookware to make everything from a roux, to browning meat or making chili. I couldn’t live without it.

  62. my favorite impulse buy that I have in my kitchen is a corn cob cutter. Wow! I love how it cuts the kernels off the cob so nicely. I only have to run over it once. I liked it so much that I purchased one for my mother in law as well!

  63. I waited two weeks to buy two bowls with painted crabs on them. Did not need them, but they are delightful. Perfect for morning yogurt & evening icecream!

  64. My morning coffee mug with a beautiful print from the Swedish artist Carl Larsson on it. Did I need another mug in our house……definitely not! But it makes me smile every morning.
    MaryKay Lawrence

  65. Many years ago, I bought a copy of Maggie Glezer’s Artisan Baking Across America on a whim at a Scholastic book sale for teachers, and as my best loved cookbook it is now falling apart. Literally a life changer.

  66. I found a pitcher with cute little flowers at a thrift shop. It is glass and very impractical with my houseful of young children but it make me happy when I use it.

  67. Most of my impulse buys are food! Sometimes it ends up being things that sit in the pantry forever, but especially when it’s fresh fruit it’s wonderful.

  68. Not many impulse buys work out in the long run. One of my best, however, was also a knife, a Joyce Chen picnic knife with a sharp blade, a bright plastic handle, and slide-in blade cover, costing very little money in a restaurant supply store in Syracuse. Went back and bought several more over the years! And I am SO in need of sa new bread knife now as my husband ruined ours by trying to sharpen it himself.

  69. I was driving by a furniture factory that was going out of business and they had old wooden trolleys for sale. I decided that if I could fit it in the back of my car, I would get it. It did! And it’s now my patio table!

  70. Well I have a number of impulse buys…some were wise and some not. One of the better buys was a Pyrex mixing bowl from a flea market. Didn’t really “need” it, but I use it all the time!

  71. My favourite impulse buy was a spice set from Japan. I was visiting Kyoto, and wandered in to this shop that sells traditional Japanese seasonings. The set has these two wooden containers, each with a little wooden peg stuck in the dispensing hole. One has togarashi in it, the other has a ground hot pepper. It also came with condiment-sized packets of togarashi, and ground yuzu.

  72. My best impulse buy were Opinel paring knives from a small boutique in the Hudson Valley! I jealously guard them as they’ve become my go to knives for more than paring. Love them.

  73. I bought an egg slicer from one of those home kitchenware parties. I felt pressured to buy something when I did not really need anything at all. I have used that thing so much it is now falling to pieces. I use it for slicing mushrooms, eggs, strawberries, etc. Anything soft that I want perfectly even slices. Plus it was safe for my child to use for slicing when she was very young.

  74. My favorite impulse buy is a set of “oddball” glasses from the 1940’s I got at an antiques show in Long Beach, CA about 15 years ago. They have flat bases, short stems, and the bowl of the glass is tilted, so the opening a bit on the side instead of at the top. Some of them even had original stickers on them. I’ve never used them as glasses, but as fruit or dessert dishes or to hold nuts for snacking.

  75. This is not (directly) food related but I just bought a bunch of clothes without agonizing over the prices and the process like I usually do. I got great deals anyway, and without getting so OCD about it. It’s so delightful to be able to get dressed in the morning, after a time of awkwardness when my clothes stopped fitting me. In pants that don’t pinch and squeeze, and flattering tops! I’m a different (larger) size than I used to be and don’t feeling like buying into the hatefulness that goes toward larger bodied people. Love <3

  76. I recently bought a “universal shade” lip stain on a whim and it’s actually a really nice color on me. Plus it’s a fun experiment (the actual product is black, but it turns different shades on the user depending on body chemistry).

  77. I bought a zester once and it’s so perfect for not only zesting citrus but also for creating lovely long ribbons of carrots when we want to make salad like in Japanese restaurants. Definitely one of my favorite kitchen tools. Also, not an impulse buy but an impulse theft – from my mother’s kitchen. A flat metal spatula that is flexible. It was my grandmother’s and it serves the purpose for flipping pancakes and quesadillas and coaxing brownies out of pans and even scraping dough off the counter after kneading bread or rolling out cookies. Definitely a workhouse of my kitchen!

  78. My favorite impulse buy is a hand woven blanket made in Pakistan. I saw it at an antique mall and the blue and white patterning was irresistible. I got a great deal on it and it’s one of my favorite pieces in my living room

  79. I go yard saling, so much of what I buy are on impulse. One of the best things I picked up at a yard sale was my Sqeezo mill. It has become an absolutely essential tool for tomato season.

  80. I try not to impulse buy these days, though I still fail regularly at it. But one can never have too many knives!

  81. My favorite impulse buy was a .99cent tomato huller from my local restaurant supply store. It’s so small, but is perfect for tomatoes and strawberries. It makes everything go so much faster!

  82. I favorite impulse buy was a pressure canner at a garage sale. Once I had it I had to figure out how to use it and it pushed my home preseving to the next level

  83. I’m sure I’ve had some impulse buys but I honestly cannot think of any…..I hate to shop & rarely do more than absolutely necessary.
    I want to see your impulse buy knife! It’s sounds like such a treasure.

  84. My Chef’n SwitchIt spatula. I randomly threw it on an Amazon order and it has turned out to be my absolute favorite spatula/scraper EVER.

  85. My favorite food-related impulse buy was a little Amish paring knife I saw at the counter of a fruit stand in Pennsylvania. I’ve had it for almost a decade, and I still use it for everything.

  86. I bought a zuchinni pasta peeler and thought I would use it once. Turned out to be a great addition to the kitchen and especially now that it’s summer, I expect to use it more like once a week!

  87. I think my favorite impulse buy is a set of cloth tea bags. I’ve used them for infusing jam, sauces, etc as well as the tea they were intended for. I love that they’re reusable.

  88. A cheap (like, $4.99 cheap) cuisinart 8″ chef’s knife at Ollie’s discount store! It is built beautifully and holds an edge like nobody’s business. My favorite, even after 6+ years.

  89. My fiancé loves pepper. He puts it on absolutely everything – even if I already added it while cooking. While at my local farmers market, there was a guy that hand carved these beautiful pepper mills. After chatting with him he convinced me (and I spent all my cash that was intended for groceries!) I did run to the bank so I could finish my shopping that morning. Now I always make sure to bring extra money on Saturday mornings just in case!

  90. I try not to impulse buy too often, but I am a sucker for kitchen stuff and dishes. I once bought an antique clay mixing bowl made in Medicine Hat and I thought it might be merely decorative, but I use it all the time!

  91. An ATV! I went in to a dealership with my hubby to get some supplies and saw an atv I loved! Just told him I was going to buy it and to go outside and get the truck ready! Lol!!

  92. My biggest impulse buy was a pressure canner, in hopes of getting enough green beans to can. It’s been sitting in the box for two years because I learned it won’t work on my glass top stove. But I have been canning lots of tomato jam, pickles, and jellies in water bath.

  93. My favorite impulse by is a hand turned Peterman wooden bowl. It was on the seconds rack, so it wasn’t too expensive, but I find it to be beautiful and it sits on my counter always.

  94. A silly blue ceramic mini-crock with a lid from the thrift store. My daughter loves to make her own butter and we keep it in this little crock. It just makes me smile when grab that crock from the fridge to butter her toast. Filled with homemade goodness.

  95. On my wish list, I had a Vitamix blender and thought one day….. maybe. I went grocery shopping late one Saturday afternoon, which I try never to do cuz its so busy and there in the grocery store were 2 people demonstrating the Vitamix. And of course, handing out samples of all sorts of things they made in the Vitamix like soups and drinks and smoothies. Into my cart it went. And I love it. Use it for my morning smoothies, my coconut oil coffee, soups, milkshakes, etc. Best impulse buy yet.

  96. Being a gadget gal, my kitchen is loaded with lots of imulse buys. My family laughs at me for picking up anything and everything, then loves to borrow all my useful tools 🙂 At present I’m looking for a good bread knife so winning this would be so great!

  97. My favourite impulse buy was a Farmyard waffle maker. Waffles in shapes of chicken, pig, cow and barn! It is amazing! Loved by kids and adults alike.

  98. My favorite impulse buy was colorful bowl from Turkey. I calculated the exchange rate wrong and spent close to $20 (not $2) on what was a pretty poorly made bowl. But it is has a lovely pattern and it serves as a reminder (which I usually forget) about impulse buying.

  99. After a great Caribbean cruise my Mom and I headed from Miami down to the keys. We ended up stopping at a flea market and south a harp shaped vegetable peeler. I was such a good implement. But who in their right mind heads to the Florida Keys and buys a vegetable peeler….My family!

  100. It’s hard to pick one favorite impulse buy, but since we’re on the topic of Opinels… A couple years ago I took a one-year job in Opinel country, though I had no idea at the time that it was Opinel country. I discovered Opinels at a county fair and bought a bright orange folding Opinel. I didn’t even have a fork at that point. I was preparing and eating meals with the Opinel, a cutting board, a frying pan, and a pair of travel chopsticks.

  101. Pretty much everything in my kitchen is an impulse purchase! The newest one is a bright green plastic Kitchenaid strainer–it’s like a happy medium between a mesh strainer and a colander, and I use it alllllll the time.

  102. I bought a ceramic peeler on a trip and it changed my life. If it breaks, I go immediately for another one. I think I’m on #5.

  103. I never thought I’d use my salad spinner as much as I do – after all, I didn’t have one for YEARS – but now I have no idea how I lived without it.

  104. My favorite impulse buy is a pretty blue hand-thrown bowl I picked up at a garage sale. Perfect for so many things!!

  105. My favourite impulse buy is Lemo lemonade. Whenever I find it, I have to have some. Which is silly, because I can make excellent lemonade myself in two minutes.

  106. I always make one food impulse buy at Trader Joe’s just to try something new! Those knives look like they would be really handy!

  107. Best impulse buy was a small serrated tomato slicing knife. The tip is great for removing stem end. I found it so handy I have since purchased 5 more which were gifted to family members.

  108. Long ago I splurged and bought a French two handled brass jam pan. Have used it for over 30 years now. Having the right tools makes canning a joy. A good knife cuts the work in half!

  109. Another cook book, oh boy. I did buy your book too, “Food in Jars” and because I was just reading it, I decided to check out your site. Entered contest and feeling lucky!

  110. My impulse buys usually involve food! Anytime I am at Whole Foods and see something I haven’t tried before really

  111. A folding salad spinner I found at TJMaxx years ago. The inner basket that holds the greens folds down to half-height. I love that is it doesn’t take up so much space in the cupboard and I’ve never seen another like it.

  112. A $600 slab of marble to go under the woodstove. Didn’t even shop around – bought the first one at the first store, and the stop at that store was on a whim.

  113. Meryl, you have it right! My favorite impulse buy is a ridiculously expensive shirt that I bought when I was in England. I was shopping with a friend who has since passed away and it always reminds me of him.

  114. A lemon/lime juicer. It was a $4 purchase at a local grocery store and the juicer section is sandwiched between a measuring cup and a lid which is notched to fit onto your lemon or lime. I seriously had always thought a lime juicer was silly – even though we use a lot of lemons and limes – and a waste of space in our tiny kitchen. This looked interesting, though, and I use it all the time. Possibly the second or third most-used single tool in the kitchen.

  115. Impulse buys… I’m pretty good at not doing those generally, but every year the seed catalog is too tempting to resist. And so I find myself growing twelve kinds of peppers…

  116. My favorite impulse buy was a piece of mottoware about 20 years ago. It led to a collection of fun pieces that always start conversations

  117. Took a job as a waitress (1964) because besides the pay the help received to meals a day. One
    week later, Feb 3, 1964, my future husband walked in. Took the man eleven days to tell me his name and ask me out. Did not hesitate with my answer, “Yes!” We were married five months later. My best friend Don was called home exactly seven weeks after our 47th Annv. Best impulse thing I ever did in my life.

  118. Favorite impulse buy was. Micro plane grater that use all the time…for everything from zesting citrus to grating ginger…a must have for me!

  119. I tend to buy hand thrown pottery bowls on impulse. I can’t help myself. This looks like a great set.


  120. I walked into an antique shop and spotted a 1950’s formica dining table with two leaves on sale and knew it had to be mine. The best turquoise color and in pretty good condition. It’s been part of our family now for close to 20 years. The Opinel set look so useful!

  121. I will say I impulse buy a lot of clothing online. I dream of how I’ll wear it, then boom, the purchase is made. Whoops!

  122. I have so many nifty impulse buys, it’s hard to pick just one. I dos find a really cool old Case brand kitchen knife at an estate sale once and it has become our favorite knife in the block.

  123. My current favorite impulse buy is a lovely polyester/Lycra skirt I got at Costco four years ago. I love wearing it and have been delighted to see a new selection of them each spring. I have four now. 😉

  124. I’m such an impulse buyer! :/ But probably one of my favorite recent ones is the 10″ nonstick skillet that is a true workhorse in our kitchen right now! Love the clearance area of Bed, Bath, & Beyond! 🙂

  125. My favorite impulse buy is little trinkets & prizes for my Grandson’s so when we go camping Nana has all kinds of cool prizes to give away for all the camping activities 🙂

  126. My favorite impulse buy in recent years is a small walk through greenhouse, I am an avid veggie, herb and flower gardener and this has worked wonders for keeping my heirloom tomato plants fungus free.

  127. Japanese “snips”. They are tiny simple scissors that are super sharp. As a seamstress, I use them constantly when sewing. As a lazy person, I use them for everything; from snipping threads off my clothes to snipping chives. These things are awesome.

  128. Hands down, the best impulse buy I’ve ever made was a neat little stainless steel bowl with a silicone bottom about 6″ across with a small, sturdy whisk that fit it. I got them from a kitchen store near Vanderbilt in Nashville that looked like nothing much from the outside, but inside was huge and jam-packed (ha!) with the most amazing stuff. This little workhorse pair is perfect for whipping up a couple of eggs for an omelette or whisking together a salad dressing. We use it at least a couple times a week.

  129. My favorite impulse buy is my current mattress, I needed a new one and I found a great deal on a new one. Now I never want to get out of bed.

  130. We bought a kit car for our 10th anniversary on a whim. We are still in the process of building it, but definitely our best on-a-whim purchase.

  131. My Demeyere Resto Maslin Pan — it had to be an impulse purchase, because if I thought too much about it, I wouldn’t have talked myself out of it. But it has proven to be the best pan ever for jam making.

  132. I opened up the post and thought “purple tools!”. But I’d be happy with blue handles too. My favorite impulse buy is the discounted produce/merchandise at the grocery store. Today I picked up three one-pound containers of diced butternut squash for $1 each. Roasted squash here we come!

  133. Sounds silly but my favorite impulse buy was a Y peeler. It seriously was like a whole new world of potato peeling after living with the carpal tunnel inducing traditional peeler! 🙂

  134. My favorite impulse buy for my kitchen was (is!) a silicone steamer thingy. I had a traditional thing that was two pots stacking up which I was loath to unearth from the lower cabinet and which resulted in many pieces to clean. I don’t know why (because really it’s not fewer pieces at the end of the day), but I love that steamer thing with it’s little silicone feet and I now use it all of the time.

  135. My most recent favorite impulse buy was a speckled white enamel colander; the fresh berries that are abundant in my garden right now look so pretty and delicious in it.

  136. some wooden spoons i got at World Market are pretty great. i think they’re actually the same as a Pampered Chef set. speaking of Pampered Chef, i impulse bought a corn brush… i need to collect my loot!

  137. An impulse grab of 12 pretty pressed glass plates for $4 at an antiques shop near my hometown. I use them daily.

    I’m obsessed Bunny Williams’ style, and she recommends never buying a full set of one pattern of china – instead buy anything that you like in single size, quantity of at least 12, and make them work together. I’ve been slowly collecting when I find a group of 12 that catch my eye, and I’m getting to the point where I have enough variety to make lovely tablescape-y settings. I also impulsively collect antique pitchers, vases and urns in various colors/patterns.

  138. My favorite impulse buy for my kitchen was a liquid measuring cup for Tablespoons. It maxes out at 4 Tablespoons. I love it and use it all the time. It’s now one of my go gifts when I do gifts that are kitchen themed.

  139. My best kitchen impulse buy was a sweet little deep calphalon lidded saucepan deep enough to cook 2-3 7 minute eggs, but heavy enough not to tip over on my gas stove grates.

  140. My favorite impulse buy was a silicone scraper with a long blade – it looks like a cartoon cutlass, straight edge on the back and curved on the front to get everything out of any pot/container.

  141. A dough whisk – it’s a ridiculous looking contraption but it makes mixing bread dough a snap and you wouldn’t think it but it works way better than a wooden spoon. It sounds like a small thing but I make a ton of bread and it’s a real convenience. It’s also good for anything like pancakes or biscuit dough that you have to be careful not to over mix.

  142. My favorite impulse buy was my first silicone spatula. The ones that have no seams. They wash so nice with getting gook in the crevices.

  143. My favorite impulse buy are Medjool dates whenever I’m at Whole Foods or Trader Joes. I rarely need them, but they’re just so delicious!

  144. My best and favorite impulse is the serrated knife sold by Cutco years and years ago. A friend’s son decided to sell the knives door-to-door one summer and all of us bought at least one knife. That knife has sliced more tomatoes, more bread, more everything! And then it got dull and I despaired. Voila. Called Cutco, they sent me a mail in package for the knife, resharpened it and returned it. Can’t beat that deal. Love that knife but would definitely like to try the Opinel folding knife!!

  145. I LOVE trying out the different honeys available at farmers markets and co-ops. I love trying the different varieties in teas, baked goods and of course preserves!

  146. I impulsively bought a Prince CD after his recent death. I listen to his music all the time now, so I don’t regret the purchase. RIP Sweet Prince

  147. I recently purchased a pair of pink and white Lily floral pants at one of my local thrift stores. They make me happy every time I look at them and we’re priced right.

  148. My favorite impulse buy for the kitchen is the mini-muffin pan. We don’t make that many mini-muffins, but we do make meatloaf muffins. My favorite recipe makes two pans’ worth. I use both the regular muffin size and the mini-muffin size. It’s been helpful for portioning, plus the mini meatloafs are pretty much meatballs. Plus they squash nicely into smaller containers, which means a smaller lunch bag in my backpack when going to work.

  149. My favorite impulse buy was my George Foreman Grill. I use it all the time, year round. It’s quick and easy to cook food on, and clean up is super quick, as the plates are removable and dishwasher safe.

  150. My favorite impulse buy was a Brother Scan N Cut 2. I’m a crafter and when someone posted it was on sale, I grabbed it. Too much wine didn’t help : )

  151. One of the most useful impulse buy of mine was a twist garlic mincer…..does a great job and so easy to clean.

  152. A hand thrown pottery bowl. It was on sale by the potter for mild kiln scorching. I love the slight imperfections, and rather than use it for its intended serving purpose, it’s my giant salad and soup bowl. I wish he’d had another one to make a set.

  153. Favorite impulse buy? Has to be the electric teakettle that I use multiple times a day. And to think I didn’t even know I needed one. 🙂

  154. My most used impulse by is a very tiny metal spatula, which is used daily for flippin’ eggs. Didn’t.know I even needed it!

  155. I was going to say our Vitamix but actually I can’t call it an impulse buy since we thought about it for years lol. We watched a demo at the NY State fair 2 years in a row and thought it was too expensive but we’re really intrigued. Just before the demo section closed we went back and bought it. I guess that was the impulse part. Never regretted it for a minute! Actually don’t know what we would do without it.

  156. Silicon bundt cake “pan”. I’ve still yet to use it after 4 years, but I do think about doing it often…. LOL

  157. A heavy, beautiful long handled juicer. The kind that you put the cut citrus on the strainer and cup and pull the arm down. It makes quick work of a lot of citrus. I have had it for so many years and I am still surprised at how often I use it.

  158. My favorite impulse buy (they were on sale) was my Silhouette machine. If I had to give up all of my other crafting gadgets just to keep it, I would. Much like your folding knife, it is a very versatile tool!

  159. One of my fave impulse purchases was bodega mini glasses. bought them in paris and then picked up a few more in west elm!

  160. I just bought a square-necked shirt I really love (it was brand new, but on sale, I’m almost always a thrift store shopper). I also grabbed some blue Ball canning lids yesterday. I have the purple ones and they really make for happy-looking jam. Thanks for the giveaway.

  161. Best impulse buy was a set of tiny rubber spatulas from Target. Grabbed them when they were on sale. Love them and have tried to find more to give as gifts but they don’t carry them anymore.

  162. I always tell myself it was an impulse buy, but I actually obsess over it for months online until I finally just say – just do it! My recent “just do it” moment was my Zojurishi thermos. I fill it up with some comforting green tea and it keeps me toasty warm inside and outside (event when it is 90F outside!).

  163. A full set of All Clad pots and pans when I was 26. I somehow had extra money and rather than save it for next month’s rent, I went to Williams-Sonoma and bought the first set I saw. It felt very grown up to have really nice pans. 20 years later, I still have the set, use them every day and they’re still in great condition.

  164. A sewing machine–after getting frustrated one too many times with the starter machine I had, the joy of a machine that didn’t frequently get jammed was great.

  165. A bread machine! I found a brand new in the box bread machine at a local garage sale! I make the occasional loaf of bread, but after using the machine, we have fresh bread weekly! A slice of warm bread, a spread of cultured butter, topped with summer strawberry jam, it’s the ultimate!

  166. Actually it was my husbands 🙂 We were watching a cooking show on TV and I mentioned the food processor the chef was using was neat. A quick amazon order later and I had a new food processor with all sorts of fancy things that my 20 year old one did not possess. So fun to use something new that works so well!

  167. A wooden citrus zester – I’d never seen one before, but I thought it looked cool. Now I can’t function without one; I didn’t realize how often I used it until it went missing in an interstate move. I only lasted a month before I just had to search out a replacement.

  168. I always like to browse the stationary section and baking pan section at my local grocery store — I’ve picked up a nice heavy-bottomed springform pan on sale once; and some really cute mini-notebooks that I’ve since filled up.

  169. My favorite impulse buy is probably books. I rarely buy them, but when I do,it is almost always on impulse.

  170. I bought a vintage louis vuitton weekender bag impulsively since I had always wanted a worn in vintage one – I’m a minimalist, so I very very rarely impulse buy, and I won’t lie, I did have a moment of panic afterwards, but I have used it so much since then and still love it just as much! #madepeacewithmyimpulsebuy 🙂

  171. An air conditioner for my bedroom. After 35 years and now hot flashes, I just went and bought one. Wonderful to get a good night’s sleep when it is really hot outside.

  172. A cycling jacket I didn’t really need at the time. It outlasted the one I already had and is still my primary coat/jacket for anything 40-65ish. It is ridiculously comfortable.

  173. A salad spinner. Bought it on a whim and literally use it everyday. Great for straining homemade yogurt and cleaning various greens from my weekly csa box. Always amazed at how much water gets spun off.

  174. A set of glass prep bowls at W-S – they came in 2 sizes which I adore! I have to say, I eat out of the larger of the two sizes All.The.Time!

    A few months ago one of the small ones went missing…..I have asked the kids, the hubs and no one is fessing up. Sadly, I think it’s gone forever.

    Another one w/b a SS ladle from W-S (you sense a pattern here?) and has that baby come in handy canning. When I bought it, I was no where near (on a personal level) canning my own jam or tomatoes. Now I use it every time I can!

  175. 1. The wooden herb-chopping bowl for my mezzaluna . . .I’d been planning to buy the mezzaluna for months, and at the last minute had some extra money – that bowl just MADE the tool.
    2. A quilter’s thimble. It’s a ring of leather over a plastic half-ring, cheap little thing by Dritz bought at WalMart, and for me works so much better than the regular kind, even tho at the time I had not intended to make a quilt!
    3. Really good blender (this one was my husband’s – he got tired of watching me grate/mash things by hand for salad dressings . . . nice man).

  176. used cookbooks. i love the internet for recipes but can’t beat having something i can spill things on!

  177. my favorite impulse buy is a little table top Ferris wheel…less than a foot tall and with four little bowls perfect for buffet condiments or sewing notions. it charms me, and tempts me to spin it around every time I see it 🙂

  178. So many choices for a favorite impulse buy! I think at the moment, it’s a set of deepest sky blue bowls that are just the perfect size for a dessert.

  179. My favorite two impulse buys are my Vitamix that I use every day and my tiny embroidery scissors that I carry in my purse, everywhere, and use for so many things.

  180. I usually buy things in jars on impulse – it’s resulted in a rather large collection of jams and local honey (oh no, how sad for me). My favorite so far has been a jar of acacia honey I picked up in Saragota Springs, New York.

    So delicious!

  181. My most recent one was bluetooth headphones! I was about to make a purchase on Amazon Prime and decided to browse a little and see what else I might need…

  182. A bento and sushi set for 6 at a vintage resale shop– haven’t used it yet but I like to look at it every day.

  183. That is a tough one! Perhaps my All Clad essential pan. It wasn’t exactly an impulse purchase, but one that I did decide on rather quickly.

  184. I’m sure there’s a few things, but what comes to mind is our food dehydrator. That’s come in so useful, and it’s fun to experiment with. 🙂

  185. Favorite impulse buy, kitchen wise, was my mandolin! Didn’t expect to use it much, but SURPRISE! I use it all the time! We make a lot of raw salads here, that mandolin has been our little workhorse

  186. Childrens set of flatware from Ikea. It is a set of four little forks, knives, and two sizes of spoons. I use them all the time for various tasks such as serving jam, olives, and soft cheese. It has prompted a whole collection of small spoons and forks from antique stores.

  187. A raft for whitewater adventures! I’m not an impulse person and extremely frugal with most things, but more outdoor adventures is always a good thing. I’ve been looking for a good bread knife.

  188. Marisa,

    You’ll think I’m crazy…a long handled 2 oz coffee scoop. My wife and I were talking how in our over equipped kitchen…it is the most used item. I bought it one day on impulse even though we kept a million of the free plastic ones from the market. Its used as a coffee measure, honey measure (2 scoops per 2 liters), sugar measure for kombucha (4 scoops per half gallon), flour measure for sourdough feeding (6 scoops flour+4 scoops water)…well you get the idea.


  189. A t-shirt from a coffee shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It has an image of a person sitting in a giant cup of coffee and the name of the coffee shop in Japanese (even though the shop is not at all Japanese), and it was so quirky I had to get it.

  190. A flimsy single-fold plastic wallet with a picture of a guinea pig made up like David Bowie from Aladdin Sane. I got it specifically for my London transit card a week after I’d left London for good, but I’m still happy whenever I look at it.

  191. I’m a constant impulse buyer! My favorite recent buy is a new heavy maslin pan that has been perfect for my summer jams.

  192. A French cookbook from the 1940s.
    I purchased it online before I could really read French. I now cab use the recipes.

  193. I’d say, some pretty whimsical knick-knacks I’ve picked up at various thrift stores. Always on impulse, always worth it.

  194. Definitely thrift store and yard sale finds. I never go in with a plan, but always find something wonderful. Oh, and my Le Creuset outlet cast iron skillet!

  195. A ceramic cat I named Henrietta pussycat, purchased at a garage sale while my husband was away on business.

  196. The first thing that comes to mind kitchen wise, is an enameled cast iron dutch oven. Even at half price it was kind of expensive. But I love that thing and have not regretted it. Second would be my traveling knife, recently taken of a 16 day road trip.

  197. I just found your blog and am just learning about canning. Looking forward to trying the emon jelly recipe. Thanks!

  198. A straw hat, that I wasn’t sure I would wear. Now I have it on all the time. I had to buy a second hat to do gardening in.

  199. Most recently, an outdoor sofa for the front porch. You always seduce me, Target, with your amazing clearance items.

  200. 55 pounds of sweet cherries. I couldn’t resist the price. I dried them all. We love them on cereal, cut up in cookies and quick breads, and just to snack on. I’m thinking about dipping them in chocolate.

  201. agh! Went to camp with the Grade 7/8’s and missed this! (I’m kinda teary about this, actually). Good heavens – favourite impulse buy? That’s a hard one, because I’m actually not an impulse buyer at all (is it treacherous to admit that I hate shopping). My first teapot – bought at a friend’s pottery sale – still with me 25 years later, and a favourite piece that ended up setting the colour template for most of my dishes!

  202. I know I missed the deadline but my favorite impulse buys are two things: shoes and fresh produce. I tend to buy both on a whim, usually in excessive quantities, when I already have more than enough at home.

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