Of Cozies and Classes

April 29, 2010(updated on October 3, 2018)

jar cozies + dish rag

Last Saturday, another batch of jar cozies appeared in my mail box. These guys are from Marci in Wisconsin and I’m absolutely smitten with them. I particularly love that she made one that is just a band, because it slides right around my beloved pint and a half jar. She also included a handmade dishrag that I will be pressing into service later tonight. Thanks Marci!

And now, some news about my canning classes. If you’ve tried to register for one of canning classes on the Foster’s Homewares website in the last few days, you may have noticed that their site is currently down. Sadly, the store is having some troubles. The owners are trying to find a way to stay in business, but the future is murky. Happily, some friends have already volunteered an alternate location, so the classes will go on with their topics, dates and times intact.

As soon as I know more, I will announce whether the classes will indeed be moving and where the new location will be. You can continue to sign up for my classes, just drop me an email at foodinjarsATgmail.com. Unfortunately, the class scheduled for this Saturday, May 1st is canceled. If you were signed up for this class, please get in contact so we can make arrangements to get you into a different class.

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12 thoughts on "Of Cozies and Classes"

  • The knitted dishcloths are more absorbent after they have been run through the washer. I knit them too. Enjoy!!

  • 2 ideas for down the road, though you probably thought of both, are Philly Kitchen Share and MALT (Mt Airy Learning Tree).

  • Those are adorable! *sigh* I am in awe of people who can knit – they have amazing fine-motor skills. Look how neat those stitches are.

  • I am wondering if either of your cozy friends have blogs where they might have posted a pattern………..I would love to make some cozies like theirs.

  • Ok, I have my cozie with me at work today to finish up. Then I saw the pictures and realize how awful my knitting is! I’m still going to send mine because you can use it when you’re out and about- trust me, you won’t mind if you lose it. And Tara- I didn’t use a pattern, I just eyeballed casting on enough stitches to go around a jar (had to start over, because my attempt would have been a gallon cozy- don’t forget that it will have some strech). I made my cast on divisible by 4 or you could use 3- it makes the bottom easier than trying to figure the circumference of the jar- just make a square. knit rows til it’s as tall as you want, then bind off 3/4’s of the stitches, continue to knit the “bottom”, then bind those. Wrap the top to a circle, sew the seam then fold the bottom into place and sew it too- turn right side out and there you are!

  • Great idea to knit cozys for jars. The one’s you photographed are very pretty.

  • I’ve been drinking smoothies and/or juice in the morning. Then by 10, it is time for tea or coffee. Would love one of the cuppow for traveling! Uhmm but I will also need some cozies.