November Sponsors: Cuppow, Fillmore Container, Fermentools, Mrs. Wages, Hobby Hill Farm, & Mason Jar Lifestyle

November 8, 2015(updated on October 3, 2018)

Cuppow with straw

It’s the start of a new month (I’m a little behind in getting this post up, since I lost most of last week to the flu) and that means that it’s time to thank the companies that help make this site possible. As we head into the holiday season, please do think of them for your making and gifting purposes!

In the top spot, we’ve got Cuppow! They are the creator of the original mason jar travel mug topper and the BNTO, a small plastic cup that transforms a canning jar into a snack or lunch box. If you’re looking for inspiration for your holiday giving, some of the Cuppow staffers are publishing gift guides. First up is Greg’s. I join him in coveting that mini Vitamix!

Fillmore Container is a family-owned business based in Lancaster, PA and sells all manner of canning jars, lids, and other preservation gear. They also publish a blog that is a very useful resource for canners. Check back here on Thursday for a giveaway from the folks at Fillmore.

Mrs. Wages makes pectin, vinegar, and more canning mixes than I can count. Their website is an incredible preserving resource and I can’t say enough good things about their salsa mixSign up for their newsletter for monthly installments of canning goodness.

Fermentools offers a brilliant fermentation starter kit that involves a heavy-duty glass pickling weight, an airlock, a lid with a reusable rubber seal, and mineral-rich salt. Get one (or several!) to help turn your CSA goodies into naturally fermented pickles.

Hobby Hill Farm is back for another month. Based in Powhatan, Virginia, they sell locally made jams and preserves, homemade pretzels, candies, and cheese making kits. What’s more, if you’re in the area, owner Sharon regularly teaches cheese making classes around central Virginia. I have a fun giveaway from Hobby Hill Farm coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Mason Jar Lifestyle is a one-stop shopping site for all the jar lovers out there! They’ve got silicone drink lids, fruit infusers, silicone jar seals (great for those times when you want to ensure that your jars aren’t going to leak), copper regular mouth lids (fun for gifts!), and even pin cushion toppers.

If your company or small business is interested in becoming a sponsor, you can find more details here. I offer discounts for multiple month purchases and am always happy to work with your budget.

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3 thoughts on "November Sponsors: Cuppow, Fillmore Container, Fermentools, Mrs. Wages, Hobby Hill Farm, & Mason Jar Lifestyle"

  • I used the discount and bought one of the cheese making kits from Hobby Hill Farms. I love it! It makes wonderful cheese so easily. I’m still experimenting with different flavor options. Thanks so much for bringing it to our attention!

  • As I read this I realized just how much you have influenced my buying decisions. So far I have purchased from Cuppow, have a membership (and have purchased several items) from Mighty Nest, got my wonderful yogurt maker (as well as one-on-one yogurt making instruction by phone) from Hobby Hill Farm, and plan to visit the Fillmore Container booth when I attend the Farm Show on the 15th (so disappointed it’s not one of the days you’ll be there). You make it so easy for me to find just what I need and want without worrying about quality, practicality, and ease of use. Thank you!