Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Bean Winners

August 26, 2010(updated on October 3, 2018)

I’m frequently bad about posting giveaway winners, but this may have taken the cake. A full week! I’m quite embarrassed. However, as they say, better late than never. Our winners are Adrienne, Dawn and Doris the Goat! I will be contacting the winners shortly (although, if you’re a winner, you can always speed things up by leaving a comment).

Expect a quick and dirty recipe for pickled jalapenos tomorrow. Until then, happy canning!

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5 thoughts on "Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Bean Winners"

  • Hi Marisa, I am looking forward to your pickled jalapeno recipe! I actually have a question about it in advance – I was going to ask this anyway, so perfect timing! I know it is considered unsafe to make most substitutions, so I was wondering if you can pickle, say, serrano peppers in place of half or all the jalapenos without making any adjustments – I get hot peppers from my CSA but I pick a variety.

    I also wanted to suggest a “Canning 101” topic for you – safe substitution. For example, my question above, or how I could scale down that recipe for a smaller batch, or which types of ingredients are and aren’t safe to substitute. I think that’s a topic a lot of beginners are afraid of, plus puts off some people from canning as well.

    I’m getting my canning kit today or tomorrow and I’m so excited to get started! You were definitely a huge influence in my making that purchase!

  • Hi Marisa. How exciting! I love vanilla beans, and can’t wait to get these. I’m not sure if you sent me an email yet, but if you did, I didn’t get it (I sometimes have issues with emails being blocked).

    Thanks for hosting the awesome giveaway!

  • i second the canning 101 question about substitutions! i’ve swapped brown sugar for white, but can i sub honey?

    what are the *real* differences between powdered and liquid pectin? do both come with the calcium water activator? if a recipe calls for one, can some reworking be done to use the other?

  • also–
    THANK YOU for the information on the acid level of white peaches–i recently made a batch of white peach sauce, flavored with (lots of) lemon and cardamom. now i’m confident i’ll be able to eat it next winter!

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