New Classes! Philly! Portland! LA! Connecticut!

April 17, 2012(updated on December 6, 2021)


So, as you may have heard, I have a cookbook coming out (34 days and counting!). Because I want this little volume to be as successful as possible, I’m going to be doing a lot of traveling over the next few months in order to teach classes, sign books, demonstrate good canning technique and generally prove to you that this is an essential edition for home canners.

The days when publishers would send authors out on extensive, expenses-paid book tours are long over. The way I’m making my self-funded tour work is that I’ve scheduled both free events and paid ones in nearly every city I’m visiting. The demos and book signings will all be open to all, while the classes each have a fee. These classes are essential in ensuring that I’m able to cover costs. To that end, I’m asking that you guys help me get the word out. Sign up, tell a friend, post a tweet or write a blog post. Every little bit helps!

Know also that this isn’t the final schedule just yet. I’m still working on setting up classes in Eugene and San Francisco while I’m out on the west coast. For a complete list of my travels this summer, check out the page I’ve devoted to all things cookbook. That page includes the free events and happily, there are plenty of those.

Finally, I’m still working on classes for the east coast. I’m chatting with some nice folks about getting to Troy, NY, Baltimore and even up into Maine. So keep your eyes and ears peeled!

June 14: Strawberry lemon jam canning class at Kitchencru in Portland, OR. 6:30 – 8:30 pm.  Click here to register.

June 24: Stonefruit chutney canning class at The Farmer’s Kitchen in Los Angeles, CA. 5 – 7 pm. Click here to register.

June 30: Spiced nectarine jam and dilly beans at the Greenwich Historical Society’s Vanderbilt Education Center in Greenwich, CT. 1 – 4 pm. Click here to register.

July 1: Rhubarb chutney canning class at the Coventry Regional Farmers’ Market in Coventry, CT. 2 – 4 pm. Click here to register.

July 21: Spiced blueberry jam and refrigerator pickle class at Create-a-Cook in Newton, MA. 10 am – 1 pm. Click here to register (link coming soon).

P.S. – There are also still lots of classes to be had in Philly. Click here to see the complete list.

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33 thoughts on "New Classes! Philly! Portland! LA! Connecticut!"

  • Want to come visit Houston? We have a lot of people here… what else can I offer?
    Heat? Loquats? NASA? Please come!

  • I am begging u to come to Central Florida!!! We have blue berries, blackberries, citrus (although the season is completely done for), beautiful beaches, NASA…. PLEASE come!!!!!

  • You seriously do need to come South. Charleston is awesome. We could book an auditorium for you. Everybody has home gardens and eats pickles. GIT DOWN HERE!

  • We’d love to host you at our Library… Clinton Community Library in Clinton NY ~ just outside Rhinebeck. Since our annex is The Book Booth, America’s Littlest Library small batch canning cookbook would be perfect!

  • It would be great to have you come to the Eureka/Arcata area. We’re about halfway between Eugene and San Francisco on the coast. I know the woman who organizes the classes at the North Coast Co-op and we have a couple of great local bookstores in Arcata that we might be able to set up a signing at. Let me know if you’re interested! It would be fun to see you and I would love to take a canning class from you.

  • come to sarasota. i will host you and get you some gigs. bring scott. we will go see the mermaids while you are here.

  • I ordered your book on Amazon many months ago, waiting for it’s arrival. So very glad it will be released soon.

  • I pre-ordered my copy of the book just the other day, and can’t wait to have it in hand! I wish you were coming to Pittsburgh, I’d love to take one of your classes! Best of luck with the tour.

  • Thank you for reviving a time-honored tradition! I’m taking a local class; I’m so inspired by your blog!

  • I am so bummed you are coming to CT on June 30th. My husband and I are leaving for graduate classes in Colorado on June 25th and I’m missing your class by five days! I really wish I could go!

  • Please consider coming to Chicago! The Green City Market would be a fantastic place to shop for local, organic and seasonal foods!

  • Wait, no San Francisco? If you’re coming all the way to CA anyway, you should totally come here. There’s pretty much not a better market for a canning book, and I know half a dozen people, at least, who would take a class with you if it was offered!

  • Hello! you will love kitchencru in Portland—it is SUCH a great space. I signed up for a paid class in Seattle;))) will be seeing you at The Pantry. Best of luck with your tour and book—consider it shared. -Janelle

  • When I saw you were going to be in Portland, of course I thought Maine. Ack…not ME. I’m a Maine farmer and agree with Annie and seasuttle…come here, please! We’re crazy for good food here and would love to show you. I really enjoy all that you do. Looking forward to seeing your book!

  • Would love to see you come to Denver, CO! Our urban farm is at the Highlands Farmers Market weekly (and we’d love to promote you on our blog!) and might even be able to help find a kitchen site if needed.

    Congrats and can’t wait for the book!!