New Canning Tools From Progressive International + Giveaway

new canning kit

When I teach canning classes, one of the first things I tell my students is that they don’t need a whole lot of special equipment to start canning. And truly, I believe it. During my first, tentative canning steps, I used tongs to move my jars in and out of the water bath and, horror of horrors, didn’t even use a rack in the bottom of my canning pot. It wasn’t ideal, but it worked.

lifter, lid wand and funnel

However, as so often happens when one specializes in something, my arsenal of canning tools has grown since those early days. Currently, it includes multiple wide mouth funnels, jar lifters, canning racks and variety of pots. Still, despite all the stuff, I mostly use the same wide mouth funnel and a jar lifter over and over again.

canning rack

Recently, my collection of equipment grew to include the new canning line from Progressive International. They’ve reworked some of the classic tools in an attempt to make them more useful and durable. The line includes jar lifter, wide mouth funnel with headspace markings, lid wand, reversible canning rack (one side holds four quart jars, the other secures seven pints, half pints and quarter pints) and scoop designed to easily get your products out of the bottom of the pot.


So far, I’ve found these to be perfectly useful canning tools. I like the lid wand and the funnel with its headspace markings is fun (and useful for beginning canners who are just starting to figure out how to estimate headspace). I don’t love the jar lifter because I feel like I have to apply a lot of pressure in order get a secure grip.

The canning rack is terrific, particularly if you’re like me and use a stock pot as your standard canning pot (though I’m still in love with my trivet as canning rack). It fits snugly in my preferred canning potΒ and I do like the security it offers the jars.

canning ladle

The canning ladle embodies a neat idea. It’s been developed to both easily get all the jam out of the pot while also delivering the exact amount to fill a half pint jar. Sadly, I didn’t find that it was that easy toΒ maneuverΒ and I still needed to use a rubber scraper to get the last bits of jam. I think I’ll continue to use my eight ounce measuring cup (like the largest in this set) and get the pretty much the same result.

Thanks to Progressive International, I have a set of these tools to give away to a Food in Jars reader. Here’s what to do if you want a chance to win.

  1. To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post and tell use what one tool makes your canning process easier.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Friday, April 13, 2012. Winner will be chosen at random (using and will be posted to the blog on Saturday, April 14, 2012.
  3. Giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian readers.
  4. One entry/comment per person, please.
Disclosure: Progressive gave me two sets of these canning tools; one to keep and one for this giveaway. My opinions remain entirely my own.Β 

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929 responses to “New Canning Tools From Progressive International + Giveaway”

  1. Great giveaway – my MVP for canning is my jar lifter so I don’t burn myself, but I would love that rack – I use a little trivet which is very unsteady! πŸ™‚

  2. I think what would make my process easier is confidence! So far I haven’t made the leap to making anything shelf-stable…I think I just need to dive in.

  3. I love my 8 cup glass measuring cup/bowl. I can usually put everything in it, just adding as I go, and there are fewer things to clean up at the end. Thanks for the chance – a few of these look very helpful! Love, love, love your blog too…

  4. What a lovely giveaway! I like the idea of the headspace markings – I don’t know how accurate my ‘eyeballing’ is. I definitely like the look of the rack. My current rack, though made for canning, has holes that are too big and my jars have a tendency to fall over… πŸ™ I will definitely keep an eye out for these in store!

  5. Tongs, definitely. Especially when you’ve misplaced your oven mitts, you can use tongs to lift off the pot lid. Been there, done that, managed not to let boiling hot water scald me. Yet.

  6. it’s boring to agree with everyone else, but the jar lifter really is most useful . I like the look of that funnel, I must say

  7. I have the really fancy Ball jar lifter that I got at the thrift store for fifty cents and I adore it, but the game-changer was the jar lid wand. I burned myself too many times before I broke down and got that.

  8. LOVE my lid wand! So much easier to get those lids out of the boiling hot water than any other tool. Have to admit jar lifters are pretty invaluable, too πŸ™‚

  9. The jar rack in my large canner makes it a go to even when I’d rather use a smaller pot. If I could find a jar rack for my large stockpot, I’d ditch the big canner unless I was doing large batches.

  10. I would have to say the lid wand or whatever the magnetic lid lifter is called.. I lost my during one session and it was a nightmare trying to get the lids out of the water and onto the jars.. Then again not having any of these tools can prove disastrous..

  11. What gorgeous tools! I think my canning rack is most valuable to me. It makes me feel safe and sturdy. It protects my jars and keeps me from getting burned, I like it!
    Good luck everyone!

  12. I keep a pair of jar tongs in my regular kitchen gadgets drawer, and I use them for more than canning- when I’m lifting jars of custard out of a bain marie, and so on.

  13. Tongs definitely, but I am digging that funnel. When I use a funnel, I still manage to get a mess on the outside of the jar. That funnel might eliminate that.

  14. My best tool is my old Presto pressure canner. I have a glass lid that fits it perfectly, so mine does double duty as a water bath and pressure canner.

  15. I have an old, old funnel that works OK, but having one with the headspace markings would be great! The tools look really nice, too. Love the red. Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. I think the funnel is my must have. But I don”t think I could do it without the jar lifter either. These products look neat, but I wish that someone could come up with a better rack. I have gone through two that have both rusted and broke. I don”t know if it’s my well water or something else, but I am annoyed that they get rusty and make the water dirty.

  17. I love my fancy funnel that helps me keep drips off the rim. I also think a jar lifter is great. I used to use tongs, but was always afraid the jars would slip. A jar lifter is much more secure.

  18. My favorite tool would have to be the lid magnet. I got it at a hardware store and it’s meant to grab nuts and bolts that fall in engines and crevices so it’s really strong and extends about three feet!

  19. I just started canning very recently, so I don’t have many specialized tools yet. I have so far found my tongs to be my go to tool for now. I am so looking forward to trying pickles. I have loved everything I have canned so far. Thanks for being a good source of information.

  20. I have never had a canning rack in my canning arsenal, I just can’t bring myself to buy one. I hope to one day fine one at Goodwill… My favorite tool is my pair of canning tongs, I Love Them!

  21. The wide mouth funnel helps me the most. If I had to ladle everything without it, a lot would be spilled and make an even bigger mess to clean up.

  22. My favorite tool is the funnel as I’m not the neatest person. To have the top space markings would be great- then I could take the ruler out of my tool kit too!

  23. I love my wide mouth funnel – and I love the idea of one w/ head space marks! (and then I can retire my current wide mouth canning funnel to cold brew coffee use)

  24. Could really use a new lid magnet. Mine fell through the burner and melted to a stub & no longer keeps my fingers out of boiling H2O, !

  25. I’m awful at estimating, so a funnel with markings would be amazing. Mine works well, I guess, but I worry about losing heat while I measure and refill or measure and take out.

  26. The funnel with headspace measurements is a great idea! I love that it looks like a teacup with it’s cute little handle πŸ™‚

  27. Definitely my lid lifter with the magnet on the end! I don’t even know how many times I scalded my fingers before I had it.

  28. I really want to learn to can!!! I haven’t attempted yet, but am determined that this is the year I will learn the art of canning!!! I think winning this awesome set would set me up nicely to begin my journey!!!! And by the looks of things I think the jar lifter might be the most useful!

  29. What ONE tool? How could I can without any of them?? LOL! I definelty think the winner is the magnetic wand, to scoop your lids out of the pot, because it is reaaaally awkward doing it without one!

  30. I have a collapsible funnel I use for canning and it doesn’t take up much space in the drawer, but I love the funnel with its headspace markings. I’m terrible at eyeballing the level in my jars and it would make things a lot easier.

  31. The jar lifter for sure! I don’t know what I’d do without one. But then, I am also very fond of the lid wand. Reminds me of the fairy wands I loved to play with when I was a little girl. πŸ™‚ Truly though, I’d get pretty frustrated if I tried to can without any of the tools listed above! haha

  32. I finally bought a jar lifter last summer – what a great invention! I used to lift out the whole canning rack while wearing silicone oven mitts and praying for the jars to stay put. Now that I have the jar lifter I wondered how I survived. My mom passed on a funnel but I do love the look of this one with the headspace measurements. (Being a Canuck, I don’t typically think in inches so the added visual is appealing.) I think the real winner here is that ingenious rack! My current one is rusting and needs a new weld in a place or two (which added to the potential calamity with jar removal…) Maybe a new purchase is in my near future.

  33. MY fave is the jar lifter but if I had this set the wide mouth funnel with the head space marking, I think it would be my new favorite- taking away the step of actually sticking the seperate one in each jar to check levels is a extra step that I could do without πŸ™‚ Thanks for a great giveaway!!

  34. i just got a lid rack with handle that i put in boiling water then take out – which rocks! That way I don’t need another pot on the stovetop just for lids. cheers!

  35. I find my most handy tool is an ancient dish drying rag that I inherited from my Grandmother. It’s a thin cotton rag, probably two feet square, that never leaves lint and can be used to wipe the rim of the jars and my workspace. I also use it to move hot jars around once everything is cooling on the counter. I’ve tried to replace it, but can’t find anything I like as much. I still use a lot of my Grandmothers tools. “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.”

  36. Id have to say my cheapie jar lifter. I just use a stock pot too with some kind of metal trivet on the bottom. My funnel isn’t good so I’d love to have a good one!

  37. My enormous canning pot! I don’t use all the space it affords, but man I feel like a super-awesome canner lady when I break that thing out!

  38. Ever since I burned half my face when my tongs slipped and the (full) quart jar splashed back into the boiling pot of water, the jar lifter has been my best friend! Mine is now losing its silicone coating – I’ll definitely need a new one this season!

  39. Most of my equipment is old and passed down to me. After my mom died – sniff – I latched onto a few canning items my sisters didn’t want, but using an old jar lifter I watched my mom use – and my grandmother before her – makes me think of both of them and gives me a feeling that they’re both there with me as I can.

  40. I dont know if this counts as a “tool,” but I would say my pressure canner. It opens up so many more options for food preservation. If that doesnt count, I’d pick my jar lifter as well, what a saviour!

  41. I think I could do well with a real rack. Right now I have rings tied together with string at the bottom of my stockpot…

  42. My Pyrex measuring cups (2-cup, 4-cup, and 8-cup) almost always get used when I can. I made marmalade last night and used all three of them. My tongs are a close second!

  43. I also like the jar lifter and the lid wand. I’ll have to give an honorable mention to my ladle–it broke and putting jam in jars was really annoying without it!

  44. My pressure canner/cooker so is my most useful canning tool. I’ve only pressure canned tomato sauce and the rest of the time I use the pot as a water bath canner for apple sauce and jam. I’m still a beginner so that’s pretty much all I’ve learned how to make.

  45. Given that I am one of those novice canners, I think a stock pot to call my own (i’m currently borrowing) would be my biggest wish right now and make things easier and possible.

  46. My favorite tool for canning is a little plastic gravy boat ladle that’s good for filling half-pint jars without spilling jam all over everything. I wish I had a jar lifter-using tongs for filled jars can be a bit precarious.

  47. I love my wide- mouth funnel. Makes it so easy to pour in salsa and jams without much mess. Would love a jar lifter and rack!!

  48. I have all sorts of tools that help, but my best help comes from my oldest daughter. She is such a blessing to me as we work side by side putting up our food for the year! Hands down…her hands make my work light! Plus we have more fun than I would alone.

  49. Ah the jar lifter. I had a cheapo one that broke while I was in the middle of a batch (the silicone came off and I dropped the jar). Ugh what a mess. I bought a nicer Ball one last year, but this looks even better. I am so paranoid after that one jar drop!

  50. Honestly, my most helpful canning tool is one of those “As seen on TV” OveGloves. I can securely grab the jar that is being filled without a trip to the ER. No mutton mittens.

  51. My favorite tool is my lid rack – I can put 12 regular or wide mouth lids in the rack, lower into my boiling water and easily pull and fit to my jars when ready!

  52. I think the magnet to get lids out of the hot water is tied with the tongs to get the jars out of the water bath.

  53. Bowl of vinegar to dip cloth and clean rim when pressure canning chicken broth. Wish i had the measuring funnel, brillient!

  54. I love this funky old jar lifter my mother mailed off a dollar for decades ago. I’ve never seen another one like it–it closes in tight on the jar as you lift up, and can be operated with only one hand.

  55. The magnetic lid “picker-upper” is my favorite tool…mostly because it means I’m about to cap off my freshly made preserves and am close to seeing those beautifully filled jars. So satisfying!

  56. Pressure canner, definitely. It makes me so much more confident about the safety of the stuff I can. Plus, I love the sounds it makes!

  57. My favorite tool is my Grandma’s jar funnel. It’s a little bent up now but still most functional. It would be nice to have a wide mouth one too though

  58. My favorite tool to use while canning is the jar lifter. I have used tongs, have used potholders( that water is Hot), however I still remember when I could finally have my own jar lifter.

  59. My favorite canning tool? I must not have the right ones yet, because I’m not in love with any of them! My funnel gets a lot of use. I love the design of this funnel, and the pot rack looks pretty sweet too!

  60. Favorite canning tool? I must not have the right ones yet, because I’m not in love with any of them-yet! That funnel and the pot rack look pretty sweet though!

  61. I love my jar lifter, although I still manage to pour or splash boiling water on myself when canning. I wish I had my great-grandma’s lid wand, but my Mom is still using it. It was hand-made by my great-grandpa out of a whittled stick and a magnet.

  62. My best jamming helpers are my berry-picking sons! But my jar lifter & wide-mouth funnel, which I got a few years ago, have made jam making a lot less hazardous. The featured funnel with headspace markings looks very nifty & a huge improvement on mine, though, which I have to lift out of the jar before I can see how much headspace I have.

  63. It’s hard to pick just one, but if there is one I cannot live without, it would definately be my magnetic lid lifter. How else can one get those hot lids out safely without one of those? Oh sure, you can always use your jar lifter, several times I have had to resort to that early in my canning career, but what a wonderful invention to make getting those hot little lids and bands easier.

  64. I’m not sure if this counts as a tool but I always have my Ball Blue Book on hand while canning, even if I’m not canning one of their recipes. It’s full of such good technique and tips!

  65. Thoughtful design from Progressive. I too use a measuring cup, but find that the amount left behind can make my measuring imprecise. I like to funnel with markings – excellent improvement!

  66. Oh those look FANTASTIC! New to canning, but I have several funnels I use. I store all of my cut up onions and leftovers in wide mouth jars with the white plastic lids. I love the white plastic lids for after I’ve opened up my jars and I can write down when I opened it. I just love everything to do with canning!

  67. Oven mitts lol…I always seem to burn myself on the steam from the boiling canner or the jars themselves. From my official set though the wide mouth funnel for sure.

  68. My favorite tool to use while canning is the jar lifter. Sure saves burning my fingers in the hot water! πŸ™‚

  69. I can’t imagine canning without a pair of jar tongs but really I use my wide-mouth funnel the most. I use it while canning and thru-out the year when I fill my jars with leftovers or pantry goods.

  70. My favorite canning tool is my big water bath canning pot. I love making up big batches of cinnamon-honey applesauce in it! After that, I would have to say my jar lifter πŸ™‚

  71. I could not can without my friend. She’s the one who introduced me to canning. And she has all the supplies for it. πŸ™‚

  72. I looked at the canning rack at and I notice that it works differently from the canning racks I’m used to. It has no handles to allow you to load up the rack and lower it into the boiling water bath, nor to pull the rack up out of the water when processing is done. I certainly appreciate the design for the way it holds jars, which the old racks are terrible at, but I’m not sure it’s worth the trade-off of not having handles. What it is you like about this rack?

  73. I love my jar lifter! When I started canning, I didn’t have one, and I was always terrified trying to get jars out of a pot full of hot water. Not an issue with my jar lifter.

  74. As when you first started, I am canning without a lot of tools. I finally bought a jar lifter last summer, but I’m not very happy with it and would love to try out these tools!

  75. My favorite tool is the lid magnet. I didn’t have one the first year and was trying to pick up lids with tongs…not an easy task.

  76. The jar funnel makes canning soooo much less messy. I don’t have a rack for the pot yet and could really use one.

  77. Def the funnel to ensure a semi-clean pour, as many mention here, but I also have to say that a durable well absorbent kitchen towel is something I always have on hand to swipe edges and clean up my messes. The canning tools you highlight here are just plain gorgeous. Maybe cause they’re red is why I love them so much!

  78. I have never done any canning in my life. I’m just now starting to accumulate tools so I can start this season. This being said, I actually do have a wide-mouth funnel that I use a lot around the kitchen and think this will probably be very helpful when I start canning. I do hope I can still be entered into the contest, as I sure could use the tools. πŸ™‚

  79. I still haven’t found the ideal rack (especially for my big graniteware canner). The one(s) I have are ok for quarts and pints, but don’t handle half pint or even the taller 12 oz jelly jars very well. Jar lifter is very handy, but sometimes tongs are better when fishing out recalcitrant jars.

  80. I would have to say I love the jar lifter. I started out using the tongs and almost dropped several jars that way. I love these new items. That funnel is awesome. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  81. I love the stick with the magnet at one end that lifts the lids out of the hot water.Never had one untill this last summer and it works great1

  82. Having the grippers (I call them the “Jaws of Life”) to hold the jars so you don’t burn your hands is pretty key. I miss canning — I once canned a whole winter’s worth of apple sauce, tomato sauce, plum jam, and kimchi…but haven’t in a while. This would be great motivation!

  83. My 20 year-old lid lifter! I tend to work very quickly when in “canning mode” and this little tool has saved me more than once. Last summer I accidently melted it slightly when laying it on my hot ceramic-top stove for a moment…I quickly recovered it, superglued the magnet back in place and still use it! Sometimes you gotta improvise…great blog, Marisa.

  84. I think my rubber jar grippers are probably the most useful tool. I also have a scoop that is the perfect size to fill a half pint jar that I love to use.

  85. Love the idea of the space marks on the funnel – sometimes it’s hard to estimate when you have a bunch of jars in front of you. My personal favorite tool of my own is the rack I own – it was my mother in laws – it has movable “wings” on each side to grasp and pull up the rack – when it gets high in the pan you can anchor them over the sides of the pan and they hold up the rack for easily taking the jars out of it.

  86. Wide mouth funnels! I even use one every day to fill my thermos for lunch. Love that new canning rack:@)

  87. After nearly a 2o year hiatus from canning I put up some low sugar and regular sugar strawberry jam-what a delight. These new products look great- I will have to find a place to get them!

  88. Not wanting to buy extra tools, I used tongs to start with, but finally gave in and bought a jar lifter. It makes canning much easier and safer!

  89. Without a doubt, a funnel is a necessity. I would love a jar lifter and to try some of these products out. πŸ™‚

  90. Springtime is here and I am planning the garden and looking forward to filling the pantry with lots of canned veggies! My favorite and most used tool is the jar lifter! Getting those jars out of the canner is so easy using one of those.

  91. My canning experience is mostly like how you describe your first: tongs, a pot, and some stressful pouring(onto the floor) time. I finally got a wide mouth funnel which has kind of revolutionized the process and made me realized I really need the rest of the equipment.

  92. Decisions, Decisions. I’d be torn between the funnel with headspace markings and the canning rack…probably leaning towards canning rack as I don’t have one and always improvise. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  93. I love my magnetic lid lifter. It saves my poor fingers from burns. I have already begun canning strawberry jam… just in time I ran out last week.

  94. A wide-mouth funnel, though I’ve only had one available on a few occasions. I suspect a canning rack would also make a difference for me, though– I’m still using lid rings in the bottom of a pot, but I think they make the jars unstable.

  95. I like the jar lifter! I never had one before this year and it makes getting the jars out so incredibly easy and lots less burning of the hands this way too! πŸ™‚

  96. My wide mouth funnel is the most useful canning tool by far. I use it often for soup when packing it in bags to freeze, for pouring dry goods from bags to storage canisters, and for anything else I can think of. However, I hate my current canning rack because the spaces between the wires are far too large and I’m constantly dropping jars in the canner.

  97. Aaaargh! Jar-lifter or wide-mouth funnel? I’d have to say funnel, with a jar lifter running a very close second.

  98. The Ball Secure-Grip Jar Lifter is by far the best tool for lifting jars out of the canning pot. Comfortable in my hand. After that, I have a Tupperware tool for peeling oranges, narrow and flat at one end, fabulous for releasing bubbles inside the jars before applying lids.

  99. I think my wide mouth funnel is my favorite. Ever since I bought it this summer for canning, I’ve found so many other uses for it. (My favorite? Filling up freezer bags with soup to stock up in my chest freezer.)

  100. My jar porter is my most useful tool, keeping me from getting burned. My wide mouth funnel is a close second.

  101. I really loved the orange-peeler idea from tupperware to release trapped air bubbles in the jar! Thanks Lynne! My favorite is the two old tin jar funnels. They are so practical but cute! And the jar lifter comes 2nd. Once I figured which end was the correct one to use that is! I’d been using it backward for over two years til one day… ….. It was by accident, I realized the fitted rubber end went around the jars so nicely!

  102. Dish towels. Lots of them. How else are you going to keep your counters safe when you’re working with glass heated in boiling water?

  103. Definitely my cheap plastic wide mouth funnel. It is really a workhorse. I have a couple other ones, even one with a fine mesh strainer, which is awesome, but most of the time, I just use my red one.

  104. I like the lid thingy sure to keep slopping way down. Come to think of it all those tools make wonderful sense and will make canning much, much easier!!! Even if I don’t win I would like a set of these tools so knowing the cost would be great, By the way…. Have a great day.

  105. I didn’t realize until this year that I married my favorite canning tool. No, not my husband (although he’s quite helpful when it comes to lifting those big pots of water when I’m canning quart jars of produce). He has one of those wonderful copper preserving pots! Since I mostly make jams & marmalades, it is a wonderful thing! Of course, the jar lifter is pretty useful too.

  106. My favorite tool is the jar litter. It works better than the tongs and hotpad approach. I just started canning last year. Now I am addicted.

  107. Both the funnel and rack look interesting. I have an old rack that isn’t great for small jars. It must have been made to accommodate quarts.

  108. Jar lifter. I used tongs until a neighbor heard about this and gave me an extra she had. She was so afraid I’l burn myself or drop a jar. Someday I will have a lid lifter, I just keep forgetting to buy one. In the meantime I use the tongs for that.

  109. Had an “Aha!” moment this morning while reading your post…so often we’re told in a recipe to waterbath the jam right away and not wait as cooling before processing isn’t good. Well, it never occurred to me to use a stockpot and two pans going at the same time for when I have more than will fit in my waterbath canner!
    Thank you, Marisa, for teaching and inspiring!
    Sue Blando

  110. I still have yet to start canning, but I got a dehydrator last year so this might be the canning year! My garden will be bigger this year so I will need more ability to ‘put away’. I have nothing as of yet except the pot. The funnel seems to be the most needed by the experienced people. Thanks!

  111. Favorite? Oh, are we allowed to say Jars? No?
    Then, I’ll have to go with my big stock pots. They’re my gumbo pots and they work wonders for canning.
    Least favorite? My rack. It rusted after the first use. Ugh.
    Thank you so much for offering a giveaway!!!!

  112. These all look great! I still don’t use a rack and luckily have not had any issues. Thank you for the opportunity and your wonderful blog!

  113. I would say my really good stock pot is my most used piece of canning equipment. That and a decent knife!
    Thanks for including Canadians in the giveaway!

  114. I love my funnel- made what was a messy situation sooo much easier and cleaner! Of course the jar lifter does help tremendously! I really enjoy your site- Just found it recently

  115. The wide mouth funnel is probably my most used item. The other pieces can be substituted with other items but the funnel to me is necessary. I use canning jars for storage (both dry and liquid ingredients) and use the funnel to fill them. So much easier and cleaner than without it.

  116. I joined a CSA for the 2nd season in a row but have yet to start canning. I don’t know where to begin so I could really use this set to help me out with the basics.

  117. I’m going to have to go with the jar lifter. Sure, I could get the jars in and out with tongs or something else, but once I got a jar lifter it got so much easier.

  118. I had very little when I started a few years ago. The tool that is the most indispensable would be the funnel. Once you have one you never want to go back.

  119. I think the jar lifter is great, but I also like a funky little spatula that gets the air bubbles out. Thanks for the contest and all the great ideas!

  120. My most important tool is my magnetic lid lifter. Makes it sooo much easier to get the lids out of the hot water!

  121. heya…how attractive those items are!!! My equipment is so old….”how old are they?”
    We’re busy eating up all of last years “put ups” in anticipation of another season…
    This is the time of the year when it feels so good to have a larder full!! love and peace

  122. I have just started my canning adventure, so I do not have many tools. I have a large pot, but my favorite tool is the “jar gripper”. The large spoon and hand were not working!

  123. Me, me. Please pick me…my funnel is so old it.s bent out of shape. And I love the red color. P,lease may I?..

  124. Definitely my lifter. In the past I’ve used tongs and dishcloth covered fingers, and I’m telling you, they don’t work!

  125. My most useful tool is probably the wide mouth funnel, but the little magnetic lid lifter is really really awesome too.

  126. It would be nice to have tools that match and look so attractive. I use a wide mouth funnel for more than just canning. I dry my home-grown herbs and store them in canning jars, and using a funnel to get parsley, mint, etc. into the jars prevents making a mess.

  127. Believe it or not my lid wand is my most favorite item of my canning arsenal. Any pot can be use…..any funnel too but to get those pesky lids……….you really need a wand!

  128. I have a wide mouth funnel that was my grandmothers that is such an awesome tool to use when canning. If I didn’t have that I think I would be lost and things would be a whole lot messier πŸ™‚

  129. I’m new to canning – so I don’t have a favorite tool yet! When I was a kid it was always my job to take the lids out of the water and put them on the jars…so I guess the tongs were my favorite at that point πŸ˜‰

  130. I have not used a lid lifter yet, but I know that would be EXTREMELY helpful. Especially when I get my boyfriend to help, I don’t have to listen to him complain about burning his fingers!

  131. I use a plastic/rubber funnel right now and it works ok, but is not ideal. All of my stuff is a hand-me-down, so I feel blessed to not have had to buy any of it! I plan to do more canning this year, so new tools would be a welcome addition.

  132. I feel like the one irreplaceable thing is probably the jar lifter – I use the lid wand, but often end up using tongs, and the funnel *most* of the time, but that jar lifter is basically the one tool that I don’t really have a replacement for. I’ve used tongs on smaller jars (like a 4 oz. jelly jar) and it was no big deal, but I’d be terrified to use them on a quart jar.

    I love the idea of this canning rack. I HATE the canning rack that is included with my water bath canner and have considered purchasing something new this year. I especially like that this one works well with a stock pot. I tried the towel trick once and it was a complete failure.

  133. My wide mouth funnel is my most used canning tool. I lost my jar lifter!!! Oh no! But mostly I do pressure canning so the jars are cool when I remove them

  134. Once I finally started using the jar lifting tongs the right way, it’s been my favorite. Can you believe I used them upside down for a year?

  135. I love a good funnel. Also, I’ve always used BBQ tongs so I have no idea how wonderful a jar lifter could be. Dare to dream….

  136. I use my funnel when I can just about anything, but my favorite part of canning is when my children and husband pitch in!!!

  137. My canning funnel. I’m a bit of a klutz and half the goodness would be on the OUTSIDE of the jar if I didn’t use one. I actually have a spare one in the kitchen all the time since I store freshly cooked things in jars in the fridge, and this way every last bit makes into the jar. The rack looks awesome. The rack that came with my kettle 20 years ago has the wires too widely spaced for a lot on my smaller jars, so it takes a lot of fooling around to get them to not fall over.

  138. My fave tool is the battered and totally stained ladle that I use to fill my jars… It was bright white when I began canning 5 years ago, but now has turned a pretty purple color from all the batches of berry jam and blueberry-applesauce I’ve put up. Makes me happy every time I use it, because it reminds me of all the fun canning sessions I’ve had with my kiddos! πŸ™‚

  139. I’ve just started canning recently, so I don’t really have any special canning gear yet–but since I make a total mess when I pour jam into the jars, a funnel will probably be my favorite tool πŸ™‚

  140. I think my jar lifter is my favorite but I seriously need one of these racks. My current rack is a bunch of rings held together by twist ties

  141. The rack is so cute! It looks like a flower. I’ve always winged it for the rack at the bottom of the canning pot – I use a bunch of old screw rings. But that’s a nifty set!

  142. I love my lid wand — never thought I needed it…….until I used it for the first time — pure genius!

  143. The tool I love is a prep tool: I have several large restaurant food prep tubs…you know, the square ones with colored lids? They have volumes marked off on the sides….they are AWESOME for corralling food that is being prepped, scraps for the compost, stock that needs to be chilled and skimmed. They are indispensable!!

  144. The jar lifter, tongs, and funnels are all super useful, but I have to say that my favorite canning tool is the huge, vintage canning pot my partner’s mom gave us last season. Until then, I had just been using my biggest soup pot. But get this bad boy on the stove, and I can boil all of my jars at once!

  145. I’m one of those who has used a dishtowel in the bottom of my pan, because I’m still just starting out with canning! The funnel is my best tool because I’m not always the best aim with my scooper!

  146. Love my canning funnel! But could use another one for those time when I am canning different things back -to -back and only want to wash dishes once!

  147. My jar lifter is my favorite. It seems whenever I used tongs to lift out jars, I would always get boiling water rolling down the tongs back toward my hands. The jar lifter prevents that!

  148. Shame on me, I don’t use a rack. I’ve tried the towel in the bottom of the pot, but it always floats, and the time I did try to use a rack, I cursed the whole time, it was so unwieldy! Knock on wood, I’ve not had any problems so far…
    My favorite tool has to be the rubber/silicon-coated tongs, that are so much easier than the jar lifter for the little jars.

  149. I love my funnel. Without it, my counter would be coated in jam and everything else rather than actually getting it inside the jars!

  150. I was planning on getting started with canning asap and these tools will be a great start!
    Thanx for the wonderful giveaway opportunity….

  151. My biggest canning project every year is salsa and I have a wide mouth funnel that sits in a pint jar just right so I have an easy guide for leaving the right headspace. It makes the filling process go incredibly smoothly – just fill to to the funnel!

  152. The jar lifter (no more near boiling water running down my arm when I lift out empties) ties with the lid wand (no more burned fingertips).

  153. My favorite tool is my mom’s old jar lifter. It is very sturdy, and the hinges come apart so it is easy to clean. Also, I’ve been through 2 other jar lifters which have lost the rubber gasket or rusted or broken in some way, but “the old green one” is still going strong!

  154. I no longer have a rack so I’ve just been using canning rings. Most useful tool in canning would be my seal wand but my most useful canning tool overall is the wide mouth funnel because I use it ALL the time. You see I store certain leftovers in canning jars plus I make jello, pudding, and other desserts in my 1/2 pints jars to send in lunches, both school and work.

  155. It’s Got to be the wide mouth funnels. This has made my canning much cleaner since the funnel fits the jar and no longer do I have whatever I’m canning all over the jars and the rest of my kitchen

  156. for the longest time i couldn’t find a magnetic wand and had to use a little lego guy with magnet feet to pull lids out of the water bath.

  157. I like my pressure canner the best since I just got it. After that it would have to be the jar lifter and have never had one of the lid lifters and would love to try them someday!

  158. My most useful canning “tool” is a towel – cause I’m messy and they are also handy to use as a “pot holder” when handling the hot jars.

  159. I’m so glad I have a wide-mouth funnel! In fact, I could use another one so I could keep multiple projects going at once.

  160. It’s a toss up between the jar lifter and the wide mouth funnel. I do use the funnel outside of canning so it’s more versatile.

  161. These tools are fantastic. I would need a funnel with the head space markings, it will make my canning much better!

  162. It’s a toss-up between my funnel and my jar lifter. I’ve canned without either of them when I had recently moved and hadn’t found everything yet. So hard! I had to take close aim to fill the jars and although I never actually broke a jar using tongs, I dropped many back into the water or burned myself grabbing them to keep from dropping them on the counter.

  163. You know what makes my canning easier? Friends! When we get together for a canning session, everything just moves so much quicker and we all motivate each other. I just wish we could do it that way every time!

  164. My favorite canning tool is my wide mouth funnel. Before I got it I made a total mess with my ladle. Precision is not my forte…

  165. My favorite canning tool… my husband. I often cook what’s going inside the jar, but it would never get canned without him! (After him, it would have to be the funnel though!)

  166. My favorite canning tool is a supply of old flour sack towels. They make a good place to set jars, are good for wiping rims, and for cleaning up as I go.

  167. Last season, my favorite canning tool was Linda Ziedrich’s book “The Joy of Pickling” since it inspired me to try all kinds of chutneys and pickles I wouldn’t have otherwise.

  168. though i would never refer to my partner as a tool, like bridgit, canning with my husband makes it easier, and certainly more enjoyable.

  169. My favorite tool when I am canning is a skimmer I bought in Livingston MT after using one during a canning class I took with my sister while on vacation last year. It does the best job of skimming jelly of anything I’ve tried! MKL

  170. I have only canned two seasons, the most helpful tool for me is the funnel. What a mess my kitchen would be without it!

  171. The jar lifter is the tool that has helped me the most in the 35 years or so that I have been putting food in jars. Sure, the canning funnel keeps things tidy, but the jar lifter keeps me from getting burned and cranky. A cranky canner is a canner that is not canning due to burns. My old green jar lifter may look a mite shabby, but it has saved my mitts countless times.

  172. I think the funnel is my most useful tool. Without the funnel I have no idea how I’d get my jam into the jar instead of all over it.

  173. Although he is not a tool, I would have a harder time canning without my tall son! My canning tools are on a high shelf, and it is so nice to just ask him to get them down rather than finding the stepstool, using it, and putting it away.

  174. Tough call! I’m going to go for the funnel because otherwise everything I canned would be all over my counter (instead of just speckling my counter like now).

  175. My pots! I have found that no matter what else goes wrong, if the pot is right everything turns out just fine.

  176. I think mine is the jar lifter along with the wide mouth funnel. Both of these are about shot because I make jams all year long….

  177. What one tool makes my canning process easier? Sadly, I’ve been making do without real tools, using a stockpot with pasta insert and only small jars when I can — and lots of towels! I hope to do a LOT more canning this year (due to a cooler climate and awesome CSA), and have been eyeing the sets of tools in the canning section of our local HW store. Ask me again next year, and maybe I’ll know!

  178. I don’t think I could live without the wide mouth funnel. My first forays into canning resulted in huge messes until I discovered that it was well worth purchasing a wide mouth funnel!

  179. I have not canned for years, but this year I will be putting up as much as I can. From strawberry jam, preserved Myers lemons, to pasta sauce. My favorite tool is the jar lifter. I have stiff hands and the jar lifter insures that the jars get out safely.

  180. I’m just getting started with a garden and preserving. But I remember my Mom using tongs when I was a kid, so maybe the jar lifter?

  181. jarlifter def makes for less dropped jars and unburned fingers but the funnel definitely makes less of a mess!!! πŸ™‚

  182. I love the funnel and jar lifter, I think they are the most useful tools. I love the idea of having a funnel with the markings for headspace!

  183. You’re supposed to use a rack or a trivet-thingy at the bottom of the pot? Who knew! Clearly I’m a beginner, but I’ve had SO much fun learning and creating. So far, my favorite canning tools are clean towels (to protect my butcher block counters from strawberry stains) and my makeshift funnel,which is actually something that came with my aeropress coffee maker, for filling small jars.

  184. I’m still just beginning the canning adventure. But, of the tools I’ve used, I like the wide mouth funnel the best. Of the tools I’d like to try, a jar lifter tops the list.

  185. When I started canning I had nothing special. I used a wet clotch to get my jars out and made a mess filling them. I still, after 10 years, only have a few cruddy things but my favorites are by far my jar funnel and the little magnet on a stick thing.

  186. I think my big stock pot is my favorite canning tool. I can make whatever I want and not have to worry about boiled over jelly or running out of room.

  187. What an awesome set! I’ve been trying to improve my canning skills and the funnel would help OH SO MUCH! Thanks also for sharing all the great info and recipes you have!

  188. Lid wand is such a great idea….I’ve been stuggling with that forever! Love my wide mouth funnel and jar lifter….but those look great…would pass mine on to my daughter if I replaced them!

  189. A jar lifter is definitely the tool that makes canning easier. When I started canning, I just had tongs, and then would have to fit a ladel or other large spoon under the bottom of the jar to get it out of the canning pot. Which took quite a bit of dexterity (especially for the first jar to come out when there was the least room in the pot) and a number of tries for each jar. Now I can just grip and lift – great investment.

  190. My favorite canning tool is my wide mouth funnel however I have never used a magic wand and that looks very interesting!

  191. I like my stainless steel canning funnel from Lee Valley. Because it’s stainless steel I never have to worry about pickle spice flavour getting into the funnel and flavouring a jam. It also has a smaller funnel that screws on to the 70mm bottom of the canning funnel so that you can use it to fill narrower bottles and containers. I use it year round and I especially like the smaller piece for refilling small spice jars and salad dressing bottles.

  192. Thank you for hosting this, Marissa!

    My favourite tool has to be bamboo chopsticks. They’re good for fishing lids and rings out of a saucepan (I use Tattler lids, so even if I had a magnetic wand, it wouldn’t help me), broken take-out ones can act as a makeshift “rack” in the bottom of a pot if needed, they’re my go-to bubble-remover for filled jars and of course, they’re great for fishing stuff out of the product (spices, giant chunks of ginger, bay leaves, etc.) before canning.

    Having said that, a wide-mouth funnel is next on my list! : )

  193. When I started canning, I improvised all of my tools and with the exception of my jar lifter and pressure canner, I still do!

  194. I think my favorite canning tool is my small yet tall enamel pot. It has an enamel insert with handles and is perfect for processing 3 pint jars! I have no idea what it was originally designed for (asparagus maybe?) but I LOVE it! bought it last spring at a church sale for $4 and it’s perfect for small batch canning. It’s great for hard boiling eggs too!

  195. The jar lifter, but followed closely by the magnetic lid wand. I also love the funnel. I didn’t think I would need the kit, but after one canning experience without it, I got a canning kit.

  196. Yay! Finally a wide mouth funnel! I would love to get my hands on these tools – thanks for the opportunity to win!

  197. i grew up canning in my moms kitchen as a kid. when i decided to do it on my own the first year i didnt have any tools. i distinctly remember trying strain seeds and skin out of tomato juice with a piece of cheese cloth over a pot and lifting my jars with some barbeque tongs. several burns later i realized that was a bad idea…
    i couldnt live without my jar lifter and food mill!

  198. My best canning tool is this website and other canning blogs! More in the spirit of the question, got to be the wide mouth funnel.

  199. I’ve misplaced my jar lifter and used tongs instead — it was a mess with a few forearm burns. so, I’ve gotta go w/jar lifter as my “must” tool. thanks for the giveaway!

  200. I started canning for the first time last year. I’m still in the process of collecting the right tools. I have the basic kit. From that I have used the funnel for more than just canning.

  201. I have to say the wide mouth funnel keeps my cleaning up to a minimum, I’m not the most graceful ladle-er in the world, hehe

  202. First, thanks for the great giveaway! I’d have to say that my jar lifter is the most important tool for me. I don’t even want to think about getting the jars into and out of the water bath without it! Yikes!

  203. I inherited my mother’s canning tools. She gave it up just as I started. I even have some of my grandmothers wide mouth jars and rings. But I have been searching for a wide mouth funnel I like for years. I think my heart actually stopped when I saw that one! I must have it!

  204. The little magnetic lid lifter is my favorite. I spent a lot of highly irritating/entertaining time trying to get lids out of the water with tongs… but no more! Thanks to a $2.25 tool, my canning experience is much smoother and less fraught with four letter words.

  205. I used to be the girl who also used tongs to lift jars. Not horrible when pulling out empty jars. A dangerous feat when pulling out processed jars. Thank you, jar lifter!
    Now if I can find a rack to fit my stock pot….

  206. I love the wide-mouth funnels. I got a Bernardin canning set when I first started making jam, and that funnel is still in use today. It’s a lifesaver, considering how sloppy I am! The one in the Progressive set looks even better, since it seems that it covers the whole top of the jar!

  207. My most favorite canning tool is my best friend Paula…second my Squeezo. Paula and I can over 400 pounds of tomatoes every year…she grows over 100 plants and I have a son that is a commercial organic grower of tomatoes. We spend several weekends of the summer up at my mountain cabin canning tomato sauces, Rotel, and stewed tomatoes. Of course we can other things too…but the tomatoes are the BIG DEAL.

  208. I have a very small kitchen. I got a “small kitchen canner” from Wilderness of Wish that is a lot easier for me to use and store in my kitchen.

  209. My best tool by far is the jar lifter. Pulling jars out of boiling water using tongs and a spoon is quite scary! Hoping to replace my canning pot this year and have never used a canning rack. Guess I better get one of those too! I do have a question for the Food In Jars community – my current pot is starting to rust on the bottom. Do I need to throw it out, or is it okay to still use?

  210. I’d love to win this set…those tools are awesome looking.

    Although it’s not typically thought of as a canning tool, I wouldn’t want to be without my electric water kettle. It’s so handy to have some boiling or near-boiling water to top off the water bath canner and to sterilize the lids and rings — without sacrificing any of my stovetop.

  211. I would have to say the jar lifter though the wide mouth funnel makes it easier for sure. I would love to win this set as I don’t have one of my own and am always borrowing a friends. πŸ˜›

  212. Obviously couldn’t get by without a jar lifter, but I’ve really come to love my funnels because no matter how careful I think I am, jam ends up everywhere.

  213. I never knew what it was called until I read this, but the lid wand has saved me lots of time & frustration (and burns from splashing hot water). A jar lifter & wide mouth funnel are also crucial to keeping the process fun and less messy! Thank you for your wonderful blog!

  214. I think a jar lifter is a must have. Reaching into a pot of boiling water for a slippery glass jar definitely requires one.

  215. jar lifter! i am still pretty new to canning and i can’t imagine trying to maneuver boiling water-filled jars without it. no wait, i can imagine it and it looks like me spilling and scalding everything.

  216. The jar lifter is essential for me. I’ve been scalded (and also dropped jars) using tongs, so I’d say that’s definitely the one thing I wouldn’t substitute.

  217. I just got a canning rack and have used it once so far and made things do much easier. In the past I’ve used the rings or an old dishcloth to line the bottom.

  218. I have all vintage equipment that I bought at a yard sale and have used every year and then some! I would like to try this new equipment to see if it makes canning easier. Looks very nice! I love your site, by the way! Thank you!

  219. The tool that makes my canning easier is a very helpful boyfriend! He is willing to do whatever task I set him when I’m making a large batch of something.

  220. Jar lifter for sure. When I first started out, I would use tongs and glove hot pads. A jar lifter is SO much easier. I love this canning rack. I just have the one that came with my canner and it is only ideal for quarts, of which I rarely ever can that much of anything. Pints are wobbly and half pints (my most common size) are a downright feat of balance, timing and luck. If I don’t win -my chances appear to be approaching powerball odds here- then I think I will have to purchase one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  221. I could not can without my jar lifter. During my first attempt I couldn’t find one at any store and I tried to use something else… I ended up with very sore, burned fingers! And I love that funnel! I always struggle with proper head space!

  222. Of the tools I have, I’d say the jar lifter is the most essential. I started with just the jar lifter and a canning funnel. Of the tools I don’t have yet, a magnetic lid wand is top of my wish list. I swear a lot picking up the lids!

  223. Tongs are obviously indispensable, and since I’ve been such a minimalist in the way of tools, I don’t actually have any dedicated jamming-only tools. However, a proper pouring ladle and a jamming funnel would be so lovely!

  224. I don’t currently have anything that makes my canning process easier. It’s very… special let us say. What would make it infinitely better, besides this set which would revolutionize my kitchen, is a pot tall enough to process something besides quarter pints.

  225. My husband’s hands. Sometimes when hot things are splattering, you just need an extra pair in the kitchen. Canning tongs are a close second though…

  226. I love the tongs also. My hands are not that strong and it is a must!
    I love the funnel in this set! I have been using a cup with the bottom cut out. It isn’t very efficient.

  227. Hands down the wide mouth funnel makes canning much easier (and much less messy!) I love that this funnel has markings for head space. I would really love to try that out!

  228. I love my jar lifter. I started canning with a flimsy set of tongs, and somehow always managed to burn myself, so the jar lifter is really handy. Though I wish mine was holding up better. I noticed recently that the rubber coating on the metal is wearing off.

  229. I always trust you to come up with the newest in canning! πŸ™‚ The whole set is pretty, but I know that the funnel is what I’d most appreciate. Somehow I manage to get everything everywhere else in addition to in the jar, but this looks like it may keep most of the product contained.

  230. The flat rack that came with my pressure canner has been fantastic. The old one I was using was older than me and made my jars tilt all over, so tired of broken jars!

  231. Our wide-mouth funnel. Although I love the idea of the one with headspace markings since I think I tend to overfill the jars.

  232. An actual jar lifter made such a difference for me, rather than trying to maneuver hot jars with two spoons! I would love to win this set. πŸ™‚

  233. I have a plastic bubble free-er that has a molded step feature on the opposite side that helps to measure headspace. It totally changed everything for me!

  234. I have a newish jar lifter that I can’t get by without, but my favorite canning tool is the funnel that belonged to my great-grandmother. Makes me smile every time I use it!

  235. I have a new rack that I love. With the old rack my half pint jars would slip through the wires when I lifted it up to the rim. Then I had to fish them out of the bottom. Ugh.

  236. It might not be a “tool” per se but I always have to have LOTS of towels on hand when I am canning. Nice, old fashioned flour sack towels are the best!

  237. I’m just starting to get into canning so I’m not sure what my favorite tool is. I grew up with a mom and grandma that canned all summer long, so I am looking forward to getting back into it. I’m retired now and finally have the time to do the things I really want to do – thanks for your website.

  238. Probably a jar lifter. I’ve found it’s easy to get burned when trying to use tongs to remove jars from boiling water!

  239. Our most essential canning tool would have to be the pressure canner. We managed fine canning in stock pots, but the pressure canner allowed us to leap into an entirely different level of food preservation.

  240. Once I was canning soups with friends. I had forgotten to bring my headspace measurer and we were improvising all kinds of things to measure with until one of my friends took one of our bigger carrots, cut the end off, then cut an inch long notch in the end. It was perfect, and made us laugh! Then we just had to keep chasing the children away from it: “Don’t eat my special carrot!! Here, take this one instead.”

  241. I find that I use tongs more often that the jar lifter, especially if I need to dump water out of a jar (which is impossible to do with a jar lifter without spilling boiling water all over yourself).

  242. I esp love the wide mouth funnel. I am a really bad guesser about headspace and this sure would solve that problem.

  243. I use a mish mash of random tools as I never bought an actual canning kit when I started. I think my favorite “tool” is actually my heavy le creuset pot because when I use it to make jam, I don’t have to worry about hot spots or anything getting burned.

  244. I have a lid rack and can load my lids and stick them all in the canning pot to warm them up after I pull out my jars to fill. Guess that’s my favorite little tool — but that funnel with the head space markings would be a great little gadget to have!

  245. I absolutely love my copper preserving pan. But I would also say that my jar funnel makes cannign much less messy.

  246. I think my jar lifter is the most useful! I would love the new rack you show above though. The one I have is really useless for small jars.

  247. Oh I would say that I have 2 -of course I agree with everyone on the jar lifter but I also love my Bubble Remover and Headspace Tool from the Ball utensil kit.
    Thanks so much for the review and the chance to win these great tools!

  248. Most definately the jar lifter – I’ve used tongs and it’s kind of scary sometimes – the jar lifter for sure

  249. This is a wonderful giveaway. I would give this to my daughter to get her started in canning.
    A good funnel would be nice. Mine starts to melt if I am using it a lot.
    Thank you,

  250. I would love to try the new funnel with the measuring increments. I, too, am a bad guesser at head space in the jars. This is genius!

  251. Add me to the legions of funnel fans. I’ve canned jam without it and it can make quite a mess. I have been on the lookout for a new rack and this one looks promising.

  252. I wish I could say -I have no experience yet but have been doing a lot of researching and reading. I plan to get started canning this summer and it’d be great to win a set of tools you think are handy!

  253. Jar lifter. Once I learned that as long as you hold it tightly, you cannot drop a jar, it’s been indispensable.

  254. Ooh, the reversible canning rack looks keen. I’ve never had much success with a jar lifter – I end up using tongs most of the time anyway. My favorite is the magnetic lid lifter – it seems like a useless unitasker, but is so handy – otherwise you try to use tongs and end up splashing hot water everywhere.

  255. Here’s my comment on the correct post. I guess using a reader has its disadvantages.

    never look around to see what might be new in the canning world so I appreciate you featuring this set. I love my jar lifter, but I have to admit that the rack with the jar holders is much cooler than the one I use (plain rack). Also I would have never thought to use a funnel with headspace markings. I just eyeball it.

    Thanks for blogging. Now I need to plan to can something. You always provide itch material.

  256. Those look sweet! I would say that my wide-mouth funnel is the most useful and that one with the headspace measurements looks ever better than my cheap metal one.

  257. I love that funnel with the headspace measurements. For me, a funnel and a jar lifter are the most essential tools that I think are a must haves.

  258. Oh goodness, I don’t know how I made hot, bubbly, messy jams before boyfriend surprised me with a very tall, very shiny, new stockpot last Summer. It is our official canning cookware now & I absolutely LOVE it! I also find my ‘cake batter scraper’ is the perfect tool for getting all the excess jam out of the corners of my pot–it usually gets enough out to juuuust fill one last jar!

  259. I want that trivet!!!! I really would just like a stable flat trivet to place my jars on so that they won’t fall between the rails of those awful canning racks.

  260. Tongs, for grabbing the jar out of the pot. I know it’s not specific to canning but ‘make do or do without’, eh?

  261. My electric kettle! Frees up space on my little stove as I no longer need a pot to boil water for softening snap lids or topping up the boiling water bath. I’ve also found it really useful when teaching canning workshops.

  262. For canning its the jar lifter. Would be a total pain w/o it. However, my widemouth funnel gets used for getting lots of things inside jars even when no canning is involved.

  263. I would love to win this set of canning tools. I use my stockpot and a rack in the bottom. I also love my wide-mouthed funnel and jar lifter. I would love to have a lid wand! I use a kind of rack with a wooden knob at the top of the handle that holds the lids upright in a row, but it limits the amount you can lower into a pot of boiling water.

  264. I’d be lost without my jar lifter. Despite the fact that I constantly forget to tilt sterilized jars *away* from me when pouring out boiling water, I’d have many more burns without it.

  265. Holy awesome canning rack, Batman! I am now officially lusting after its reversibility. I must get one pronto! I want something that fits pints and half pints better than just the standard ones that fit more snug with quarts :-/. I would say my most useful cannon tool is the wide mouth funnel for me, because I am a mess in the kitchen lol.

  266. the canning lifter for the hot jars is probably my best tool , but looks like the large funnel with the measurements would be really nice.

  267. toss up, I can’t imagine ever getting the jars out of the boiling water without the jar-tongs-lifter thingy, but the funnel & the lid magnet are very nice too – although I will say these are WAY nicer ones than my moms hand me downs that I have…

  268. Hi Marisa,

    Thank you for your blog and the great inspiration it gives. I canned for the first time last night! I’ve made freezer jam before, but have never done real canning. I made strawberry jam. I burned myself twice and had to laugh when I realized I was using the jar lifter upside down (it works much better when used the right way!) but I had a blast. I used the trivet you mentioned in a previous post as a canning rack and it worked well. Thanks for the suggestion!

  269. This took look fantastic. My one tool that I cannot do without would have to be the magnetic lid lifter upper. Just can’t manage without that one.

  270. I would have to say that the jar lifter is one of my favorite canning tools, my other favorite is an old funnel that belonged to my best friends mother. Her mother spent many years canning using the funnel, when she passed away I was honored to carry on the tradition.

  271. That is an awesome set! I canned for a couple of years without a jar lifter and almost stopped canning til I got one. This one looks cool but the most exciting to me is the funnel with the headspace markings. Genious!

  272. I’ve been canning for a couple of years, but never owned a rack — I just stick some flatware in the bottom of the canner, but then the jars sometimes have a hard time staying straight up during processing. As for what makes canning easier, I would say an abundance of kitchen towels! For setting jars on, wiping rims or spills, holding hot jars, etc. I always seem to use a bunch.

  273. My wide-mouthed funnel was my grandmother’s. It’s all dented and beat-up, but that just means it was well-used before I got ahold of it!

  274. The jar lifter is the one thing that I can’t live without… I started canning without one & used a dangerous & stupid method of combining ice tongs & a spatula…. ideal set up if you want to burn yourself, however:)

  275. This set looks amazing. My fave canning tool is my old stockpot I got it from goodwill and it holds quart and half gallon jars.

  276. There’s 2 tools I couldn’t live without. My metal funnel is awesome, it doesn’t stain, nor leech any plastic into my canned goods πŸ™‚ Then I received the “new” jar lifter from Ball last year, it’s nicer than the plain one, it has a great grip on the jars, the other ones, I always wonder if it will slip. Now, in this set, I love the canning rack!

  277. I couldn’t can without my jar lifter. I am always burning myself when I cook and the lifter keeps me out of harms way.

  278. The canning tool I can’t live without is my jar lifter.. though the lid magnet thingy is a near second πŸ™‚ (my son ‘borrowed’ it a couple of years ago and I went nuts canning tomatoes one day without it.. I set a bounty out on it and it was found… quickly, thank goodness!.. never again will I attempt canning without it!)

  279. One unexpected tool that has become indispensable in my canning arsenal is a silicon pot grabber (think Muppet mouth without fur). It’s great for holding hot jars while tightening rings.

  280. I’m totally a beginner canner with only a few seasons under my belt and some very basics in equipment. I couldn’t do what I’ve done without my wide mouth funnel or I’d have had a sticky un-sealing mess on my hands since I’ve mainly done jams/jellies.

    I still don’t have a canning rack and have used towels thus far and have lost more than one jar due to tipping. I also use a stock pot so I’m totally drooling over that rack.

  281. The tool I currently have that seems most useful is my jar lifter. I think a proper canning rack would be great though – right now I put cookie cutters in the bottom of my pot to get some lift, and if I’m not careful, the jars can tip.

  282. My most important tool is a funnel to get everything into jars. I’m a notoriously messy cook, and the funnel helps prevent really sticky jars.

  283. Hi,

    The single most useful tool is my tongs. I use them for canning and even when not canning.

    Thanks for the contest.

  284. By far, my most useful canning tool is my magnetic lid wand. It was only $2 but it was life changing. Before I bought it, I was cursing up a blue streak in front of my toddler every time I tried to lift out a lid from a pot of boiling water with my fingers and/or something completely unsuitable, like a knife.

  285. ooh – my favorite canning tool is a flat-bottom bamboo spoon/spatula that i got from pampered chef. it’s durable enough to stir and scrap hot jams and the design is perfect for scraping the bottom corners of the pot!

  286. love new canning supplies, the one thing i cannot be without during canning season is my timer! i can find work-arounds for everything else, but perfect timing is essential.

  287. I would love to win the canning tools. I am 65 years old and have never canned but I really want to. I am expanding my garden this year and would love to be able to put up some of my own produce. I like the idea of the rack for holding the smaller jars since I am alone and would want to process smaller quantities.
    I love reading about the variety of things that you put up. Some of them I never would have thought about. You are making me think more creatively.

  288. Everything I use is so necessary. The one item I can’t do without is the jar lifter. Before I got it I used just regular tongs, uhg. So thankful for the jar lifter.

  289. My funnel – although it’s regular mouth size, not wide – is my favorite tool. It’s not a necessity, but it certainly makes the process less messy.

  290. I think the handiest canning tool I have is a set of plastic chopsticks that I use to release air bubbles from jams and such. I never seem to have anything else that I can sterilize that isn’t made from metal.

  291. A wide-mouth funnel is my can’t-live-without canning tool. Without one, there would be (and has been) sticky jams and pickling liquid everywhere.

  292. I would LOVE a rack for my canning pot – I currently put a washcloth in to protect the jars from bouncing around the bottom of the pot, but it is tricky to manage! I have had trouble finding one that fits, even for my 5 gallon pot.

  293. By far, my silicone spatula is my go-to tool when it comes to making freezer jam — it helps me scrape the last bits into my jars without spilling a drop!

  294. Must agree with the others who name the jar lifter as the most useful, as in practical, canning tool. But, I really, really like one cheapy soup ladle that I almost always use to dip out things being canned – it is just the right size, has a great elongated sort of shaped bowl for easy pouring, and has a handle long enough to keep it from swimming in the pot!

    But it would be great to win the new gadgets.

  295. jar lifter! i didn’t start out using one, but once i caved & bought one, i have been saved from many a burn! πŸ™‚

  296. My jar lifter makes me feel so much more confident about moving around glass jars filled with very hot things. My husband’s favorite tool is the lid wand because he likes to play with it when I have it out for a canning project.

  297. The thing that makes canning easier for me is my wife! We enjoy canning together very much…I’m sure I could can safely without her help but she is very much a details person and I am not.

    Tool wise, I have to go with the jar lifter…I’d be hurting without it!

  298. my favorite canning tool is the jar lifter. I think it looks funny, and it makes me smile when I am leaning over a steaming pot in mid-summer.

  299. I’d love any of these tools. I’m still new to canning and just make do with the things in the kitchen already. But I did buy a trivet this winter and look forward to using it when canning season starts again.

  300. The magnet lifter is an essential canning tool! I also think a portioned ladle would be helpful and would love to try this one.

  301. my funnel. the jar lifter is a disaster waiting to happen, the rack rusted out so badly i have to jerry-rig something to keep the jars up off the bottom of the pot every time i can, and i don’t think i’ve used the little tool that measures your head space since the second or third time i canned. i really need new tools!

  302. My funnel is definitely the best tool for canning, but I need a serious update. I absolutely hate the rack I have right now and desperately need something to replace it so that jars don’t have to sit on the bottom of the pan anymore.


  303. The wide-mouth funnel makes my LIFE easier, not just my canning. I use it for almost everything.

    I have the ubiquitous silver funnel, but that head space measuring funnel seems pretty great, too.

  304. My big Banjo Burner does double duty, I use it mostly for boiling wort as part of my homebrew rig. But when berry season hits I use it to fire a pot for the water bath. I love to make jam even more when most of the heat is created outside.

  305. Our funnel is probably the biggest time-saver. I also love our tomato knife when it comes time for sauce and salsa. If you don’t have one, I highly recommend it! Makes slicing tomatoes so easy.

  306. The tongs with the grippy ends. I have tried using just regular cooking tongs and always end up dropping my jars or burning myself from trying to catch them before they drop. So yes, the tongs with the grippy ends are my life savers!

  307. We have a CSA this summer and I am hoping to start learning to can. I have many of my gran’s tools and I can’t wait to start!

  308. As a canning newby I practically have no tools, only a stock pot and metal tongs to get the jars out. If I had to pick one, I’d go with the tongs. I would love for my collection to grow (along with my canning skills!).

  309. Wide mouth funnel. No matter how careful I am, I find getting the stuff into the jar is the hardest part of the entire canning process.

  310. I’m just starting out canning so I need everything and have enjoyed reading the comments from others about the tools they feel are essential.

  311. I sat in on two focus groups for Progressive that provided feedback for this equipment. I can’t wait to get the funnel and the canning rack. After your evaluation of the scoop, I’m not so sure about that one.

  312. I’d have to say my funnel, because I use it all year ’round, but the lifter would be a close second. This would be a great group of tools to add to my collection…some to keep, some to give. And I have this fantasy about having a canning bee at my house this summer…

  313. I’m going to have to go with a towel. Great for cleaning up spills and handling hot jars! I unfortunately don’t have any special canning equipment, but I make do with my pots and jars and such.

  314. The magnet wand, though not necessarily the most useful tool in my canning arsenal, is always the one that makes my friends want to start putting stuff in jars too.

  315. I am in the “contemplating” stage about canning. It sounds like a wonderful way to help me with my goal of eating local, but I am scared to try it! Hoping moving into a new home this summer will inspire me to take the plunge.

  316. My favorite “tool” is a clean cotton rag. Cleaning bowls/pots/cutting boards as I go is much easier then after everything’s done and having the clean rag handy is perfect for when there’s a little something on the jar instead of in it.

    Second would be the jar lifter. Having something designed for jars and rubberized makes me feel less worried about dropping and shattering a newly canned jar.

  317. I have started to become “Zero Waste” this year and would love to learn how to “can” my produce I’m growing this Spring/Summer. This package would greatly help me get a head start !!

  318. Do I have to choose?! I use my funnel all the time, but when canning I wouldn’t know what to do without my jar lifter.

  319. I have to agree, my jar lifter is great! It grabs the jars so nice and tight. I rarely worry about lifting one out of the hot water. Second is my food processor. It sure makes quick work of my veggies for me. The funnel you are giving away looks great. I love the measurements on it. Win or lose I might have to get one for me.

  320. They all seem so essential now that I have them, but I’d have to day that the wide-mouth funnel is the tool I couldn’t do without.

  321. I have been wanting a to find a canning set. Never thought it was available from one source. Thank you for educating me.

    Now I can bring my, super-sandwich, idea to fruition. Javilabbe’s Nutella, banana and “JALAPENO JELLY,” <- (reason for jarring) apple smoked, pepper bacon
    sandwich, on thick-cut and noticeably multigrained bread.

  322. I do not have a favourite tool, mostly because this will be my first year canning. Also my first time gardening. No one tell me I am crazy, I prefer to figure that out myself πŸ˜› Would love to win some tools, would be a good start to the project!

  323. The lid wand. Canned for 30 years without one–usually with scald burns trying to get the lids out of hot water with a fork or tongs. Got through citrus canning this year with nary a burn. The smallest things make me smile. πŸ™‚

  324. The one tool I wouldn’t want to do without is my wide mouth funnel. Everything else, you’re right, can have another regular kitchen tool doing that particular task (however, last summer I added a rack and jar grippers to my arsenal; I have yet to get a lid lifter or a “proper” canning pot).

  325. Funnel! It is used each week for batches of bone broth that I store in my canning jars, in the fridge. The broth is greasy so it is essential to have the funnel or else everything gets messy when I miss the mouth.

  326. I don’t have a favorite tool yet. I’m hoping to learn and can fruits and veggies from my CSA share this summer.

  327. It would all be helpful, since I have only canned tomatoes once, last year, under my mother and mother in law’s watchful eyes.

  328. Canning is a new adventure for me and I am taking my first class next month.
    I only own a couple of jars. I just found you on Facebook!
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  329. Has to be my funnel. When I first started canning I was just trying to get things into jars with a spoon or a ladle. Much less mess now! But this set looks awesome would love to have one!

  330. I think the jar lifter is wonderful, especially since for many years I would just use oven mitts to reach (quickly ) in and grab jars, they were usually good for about 2 grabs and I would have to get dry ones. Because I was a “self taught” canner, I had no idea that there even were tools. I still don’t have a jar wand, I use a fork and some fast fingers but it works and I have been canning for about 35 years.

  331. I used tongs for many years thinking I didn’t need a jar lifter. Then I used my grandmother’s and that was it for me. I bought a jar lifter and loved it ever since. It makes it so much easier and more enjoyable!

  332. My stove! Seriously. Without my stove, I’d have to use the fireplace or I’d have to fire up the grill. Baby steps here… I need those tools!

  333. Either the stack of dish towels I use, or the vintage food mill I found at Goodwill for $1.00, or the dollar store digital timer with the clip on the back, that allows me to stray away from the tomatoes processing…..and into my garden (or hammock with a book).

  334. I love the funnel with the head space markings on it. I’ve been using a plastic ruler just to make sure that I get it right.

  335. I fancy my jar lifter, but really, more than anything, having lots of jars from years of canning helps. There are always plenty in approximately the right size to get an impromptu job done without a trip to the store. Not sure that the jars themselves count as “tools” per se, but there you have my comment!

  336. I am fascinated with the reversible canning rack. I have never used or seen one and I would really like to use one!

  337. I love, love, love my wide mouth funnel. I did without one for a long time, but it makes such a huge difference in getting everything in order quickly and easily.

  338. I am*just* starting out canning, so I don’t have a favorite tool yet. But my veggie garden will definitely play an important role in successful future canning projects!

  339. My cousin is my favorite tool (he will not be happy that I called him a “tool” lol) He and my uncle can their own jams and food from the garden. My Grandmother did the same and now I am learning, I look forward to teaching my daughter πŸ˜‰

  340. My favorite canning tool is the little handle with the magnet on the end to pick up the hot lids and rings from the hot bath. I love it and if I lost it I would run out and get another in a heartbeat.
    My favorite tool that I don’t actually use is an old glass canning funnel. I found it in a thrift shop. I don’t use it because I’d be afraid I’d break it, and because I think it would get too hot. I just use an old aluminum one instead.

  341. have never actually canned a thing in my life – but have always wanted to learn – I am sure any of the tools would come in handy…

  342. I love my wide mouth funnel! I found one at a grocery store on clearance for 76cents after my first canning season, and I use it for all sorts of things!

  343. I haven’t canned in years and am just starting back. I can’t remember why I ever stopped but gave away all my supplies and am now starting over. Please include me in the count. ;-D

  344. My jar lifter is my most valuable tool as this point. I think though, that next month my most valuable tool will be my new Food In Jars book! πŸ˜€

  345. My favorite tool is the wide funnel. I use it for canning and just for transferring anything into a jar – tea, beans, etc.

  346. I love canning. I would love all the tools, seeing how I go “ghetto”and not use any. Plus I am cheap and don’t always spend on money on”necessity” items.

  347. Oh my goodness. Would love to win this set just for the canning rack on the bottom. But, the tool I find most useful in canning is definitely the jar lifter. I don’t know how I used to can without one!

  348. Well, if I *had* a jar rack it would sure make my canning a lot easier! πŸ™‚ Right now I’m using the round aluminum tray that goes in the bottom of my small pressure cooker. So far, no broken jars but I figure my luck will run out eventually. Currently my favorite canning tool is a rubber coated jar lifter. I don’t know how I managed before I bought that! πŸ™‚

  349. I think the funnel with headspace markers would be helpful since I’m so new to the whole thing! πŸ™‚ This summer will be our first “for-real” full-blown, garden-harvest canning session. Keep your fingers crossed for us to do it right! lol

  350. I haven’t started yet (unless you count freezer jam) but after gardening the last two summers, I’ve declared that I can’t let another summer go by without canning. Any of these tools would be more helpful than what I currently have.