National Can-It-Forward Day + Giveaway

This Saturday, July 14 is National Can-It-Forward Day. Organized and hosted by Jarden Home Brands (the owner of Ball and Kerr), it is designed to be a day dedicated to the celebration of home canning. This year, the live events are centered in Minnetrista, a cultural center in East Central Indiana, founded by the Ball family.

Even if you’re not in Indiana, you can still participate in the day’s events. You can watch a series of live canning demonstrations as they’ll be streaming them throughout the day on the Fresh Preserving website. All the recipes they’ll be making are listed here, so you can even can along! It’s also not too late to invite a few friends over andΒ host your own canning party. Pull out the canner, dust off those jars and make something delicious!

In honor ofΒ National Can-It-Forward Day, the nice folks at Ball have given me a couple of items to give away to my readers. I have a Home Canning Discovery Kit and a case of jars of your choice for one lucky reader.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me what preserve you’ll be making (or eating!) this Saturday.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Friday, July 13.Β Winner will be chosen at random (using and will be posted to the blog on Saturday, July 14, 2012.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.
Disclosure: Jarden Home Brands is providing the units for this giveaway. They also provided me with a canning kit, an assortment of pectins and a Home Discovery Kit. Β 

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766 responses to “National Can-It-Forward Day + Giveaway”

  1. It all depends on what’s at the farmers’ market today so probably Dilly Beans or a stone fruit jam if there are any early fruit.

  2. My garden’s full of volunteer tomatoes, and they’ve gone into high gear the last few days, so I’ll be trying your tomato jam!

  3. Pickle Relish! I loved the stuff as a kid and recently found the recipe after our recent move. I hope it’s as good as I remember. πŸ™‚

  4. Can I still be in the giveaway if I am NOT canning anything this Saturday? I have never done anything but freezer jam, but want to can tomatoes later this summer. That discovery kit and jars would be so perfect for a beginner like me!

  5. I’ll likely be making another small batch of meyer lemon-blueberry marmalade from the Canning for a New Generation book. SOOO delicious.

  6. My husband and I just went for our annual day of hiking and wild (free!) blueberry picking yesterday. I think I will make an attempt at some blueberry jam as a surprise for him when he returns home from his trip this weekend!
    I also just tried my hand at raspberry jam this morning, but realized too late that the recipe in the Pomona pectin package did not call for any lemon juice. I wonder if I should store these jars in the freezer instead of the pantry…. Any thoughts?

  7. I have a jar of ginger-peach(?) jam from my sister that I’ve been saving for a while; I think it’s time to dig in. This may also be the weekend we go blueberry picking.

  8. My first independent foray into canning was last week when I made your rhubarb vanilla jam with earl grey (with rhubarb from my backyard) and it was phenomenal! I’m making more for holiday gifts!

  9. If I have time I’ll can marionberry preserves. Even if I don’t have time to can preserves I’ll be eating radish pickles!

  10. I don’t think I’ll be doing any canning, but I certainly hope to be eating my Aunt’s bread and butter pickles! And if not that, I have a bit of my Dad’s strawberry jam left in the fridge…

  11. Don’t think the prize will get to me in time that I could can on Saturday! But I’d like to start with tomatoes or green beans.

  12. i’ll be making peach jam, and maybe a little strawberry/blueberry jam. i’ve been slow with the jamming this summer but need to get on it before all of the beautiful fruit is gone!

  13. There’s still some blueberries left in the fridge, so I’ll see if I can get some more from the farmers market and make jam.

  14. This weekend I’ll be making raspberry jam, blueberry jam (with meyer lemons if there are any from the Southern hemisphere crop coming in early!), and doing something with the last of the season’s rhubarb, something zesty to be sure.

  15. I’m not sure yet but my pepper plant is heavy so it will definitely be spicy! I think I’ll try something sweet and spicy, like the raspberry jalapeΓ±o jam Christy mentioned. Yummy

  16. I am excited to see pepper jelly listed on their recipes that they will be demonstrating on Saturday! I will definitely be trying that!

  17. Raspberry jam ~ again! The berries are off the hook in Oregon this year! I’m making a small batch every week right now. Yum!
    I also bought apricots and peaches at the farmer’s market and they will probably end up in jars this weekend as well… apricot jam and canned peaches for winter.

  18. I don’t have much ready to go in cans right now, so it will have to be a small batch of tomatoes or tomato sauce. Despite my watering I only have about 4 ripe pieces of fruit so far this season.

  19. I just canned up a bunch of strawberry jam (got a STEAL on organic berries…58 pounds for $9 and not too many bad ones in the bunch!) so I’m not sure I’ll be up for much on Sat. If I do it will probably be more strawberry jam! Or maybe something with strawberries and peaches since I have a few of those going soft too fast…texture isn’t great, but flavor is good so maybe jam would be a good way to go with them!

  20. Just picked 19 pounds of tart pie cherries. Tri-cherry and tart cherry jam are on the docket for the weekend.

    I am so thrilled to have found your site.

  21. Ooh! In a moment of kismet, I had already planned for my first canning adventure to be on Saturday. I am making the Mixed Stone Fruit Jam from your book and I am super excited. I scored some peacherines that take this glee to level 11.

    My local farmers market will have sour cherries that morning, so it may be a double feature. Yay! πŸ™‚

  22. I got so many cucumbers from my CSA. I’m teaching my friend Madelaine how to make pickles. I’m doing it on Thursday though. I decided that it still counts as canning it forward πŸ˜‰

  23. I’m thinking of getting another case of sweet cherry seconds on the 14th. If I get to it, I might make brandied cherries, cherry rhubarb red wine jam, or cherry chipotle jam.

  24. Probably peach jam. The local peaches are ready and I can’t wait. We only got 1 off our tree this year (fungus + bugs + hot weather + bad weather = 1 peach).

  25. I’m 60 and have never canned or preserved. But, this summer it is my joy to learn it! Wish some of you were closer to me so I could ‘peek in’ during the preparation of your yummy projects. I recently signed up for your blog Marisa and thanks to it I’ll be able to watch the streaming videos on the Fresh Preserving website and attempt my first delicious project: Kosher Dill Pickles. Much thanks!

  26. Unfortunately we won’t be home much at all so I don’t know what we will be eating. We do have a huge picnic to go to so I am sure there way be some homemade pickles or sauerkraut.

  27. Oooh! Perfect time to make strawberry jelly. I took the day off, picked and prepped strawberries and then made jelly for me and freezer jam for my sister 2 years ago. My supply has run out, but I have frozen berries in the freezer waiting for me!

  28. I’m enjoying more than canning this summer, but will make a batch of jalapeno jelly in August. If I’m feeling particularly motivated, then strawberry jam from the locally grown strawberries.

  29. I’ll be eating apricot jam (and hopefully picking blueberries — perhaps I can can them if I win this pack!)

  30. I’ll be making strawberry jam with vanilla. My family just loves it and it looks like strawberry season will soon be over.

  31. I didn’t know about Can-It-Forward Day! But there’s a sale at my local Whole Foods on cherries this Friday, so I was already planning on canning some cherry jam this Saturday. Ta da!

  32. I made some of your blueberry butter last weekend. I’d love to find more blueberries because that stuff is delicious! Maybe I’ll get some bread and butter pickles done this weekend, too.

  33. We are going blueberry picking on Saturday morning so I will be spending my afternoon making blueberry jam.

  34. Just bought sour cherries and some very ripe mangos so one or both of those will star in whatever I make, last weekend was blueberry, lime-basil, cardamom jam

  35. My garden is exploding with green beans and cucumbers, so this saturday is pickling time! I made jalapeΓ±o raspberry jam and fridge pickles last weekend and organized my cellar. I’m so inspired and excited about canning this year!

  36. mmm…mmm..mmm… salted peach-mango jam and pineapple tepache (light wine), then i might get a little crazy and go for the hot pineapple-mango salsa i made a few weeks back.

  37. I need to make some more blackberry jam. We are out and it is my families favorite. We hate the seeds though so I might have to get my almost nine year old to help man the food mill! I figure if they are old enough they can help since they eat it all! Thank you for the chance to win. Fingers crossed!

  38. It’s been 28 years since I did much canning, but this spring I’ve started canning up a storm! I pickled asparagus and green beans. Made rhubarb syrup and rhubarb jam. Blueberry lemon jam. Strawberry vanilla jam. Stone fruit chutney (too much cinnamon). And one massive fail on Marisa’s cantaloupe jam (it would help if I would read directions more carefully!)
    This weekend I have big work commitments, so I probably won’t get to any canning, but I do have another cantaloupe ripening on the counter to give that recipe another try.

  39. I’ll be eating some of my pickled beets. My garden isn’t ready yet for canning, but soon! Oh, and I’ll probably be enjoying some of my bottled peaches, too!

  40. We’re doing small batches of Raspberry jam. If I find a good deal on stone fruit, we might try preserves. The girls are out picking berries for me now. Although they get tempted and feed too many to the begging chickens!

  41. I’ve already picked 10 pounds of strawberries, cleaned and frozen them. I’ll be picking blueberries this weekend. I’m just need to purchase the canning supplies. I’ve never made jam or preserves before, but everyone says it’s easy. I’ve got to give it a try. I’ve got my fingers crossed that I win.

  42. Well my apple tree bit the dust the other night in a storm, so I gathered what I could and made a batch of your lemon honey apple jam…I will crack open a jar and give it a try Saturday πŸ™‚

  43. Our beets are coming in large, and at a rate I cannot keep up with! My partner is out of town for the next 2 weeks, but he loves beets. So I am going to attempt pickled beets for the first time ever so we can preserve their bright deliciousness all year long.

  44. This Saturday is a friend’s daughter’s high school graduation party. So I’ll be floating on a lake eating whatever food they are gracious enough to serve us!

  45. OH how exciting!!! This is only an hour drive from our house!!! I think I know what we will be doing this Saturday… now to check out times and schedules!

    Umm a small batch of cherry jam is definitely in order!

  46. We’ll be picking blueberries at a local farm on Friday, and I won’t start canning until after the kiddies go to bed. So, if I *finish* canning after midnight, does it still count as canning on Saturday? πŸ˜‰

  47. It’s peach season so I’ll definitely be enjoying peach jam! Now if I only had that canning kit and jars, I could be making it instead πŸ™‚
    Thanks Ball for the giveaway!

  48. I’ll probably be eating some of my homemade pickles or kimchee, though possibly some blueberry preserves that were gifted to me. I’d do a lot more canning if I had the proper equipment, for sure.

    Happy Can-it forward day!

  49. hopefully guava jelly and guava butter! my cattley guava trees are loaded right now, and hopefully I can harvest enough non-wormy ones to make some πŸ™‚

  50. I just started canning this summer. The house I rent has a cherry tree in the backyard so I’ll be trying my hand at brandied cherries this weekend. Super excited!

  51. My blackberries and raspberries are still coming on fast and furious so will be doing several batches of jam. The cucumbers are also rampant, so some pickles will also be canned. Though it is not canned, I plan on making some blackberry sorbet as well to help us deal with this heat by having a frozen treat!

  52. I’m going raspberry and strawberry picking that morning, so the afternoon will be spent making jams for canning! I definitely plan to make some classic raspberry and strawberry jams, and small batches of more adventurous jams like the strawberry thyme jam!

  53. Cherry Butter. I’m going to look for something that has chocolate in it also for an added treat. Also maybe some Dilly Beans and pickled carrots.

  54. Woohoo for National Can-It-Forward Day! YES WE CAN!

    I will be putting up some delicious Radish Relish.

    Recipe from the amazing folks over at From Scratch Club

    2 cups apple cider vinegar
    1 1/2 cups sugar
    1 tablespoon kosher salt
    1 tablespoon dill
    1 teaspoon celery seed
    2 teaspoons cumin powder
    1 tablespoon yellow mustard seed
    2 pounds radishes[shredded]

  55. I’ll be checking out the farmers’ market to see what looks best, and hoping the weather is not too hot for heating up the stove. Thanks for the chance!

  56. I’ll be camping this Saturday so there will be lots of bratwurst with sauerkraut and pickles! And some of the last of my mom’s salsa from last summer. *sigh*

  57. We will be out of town, so I can’t can…but we will be popping a few jars open. My in-laws haven’t tried my new strawberry banana jam, or banana butter, and I an think my nephew will LOVE them! I have already been told that my father in law is out of my burbon apple butter and needs more stat!

    I see that radish relish recipe above and think I might try my hand at that soon! I also want to make my own beer mustard in my next canning session.

  58. Hi Marisa,
    I’m teaching a canning seminar this Saturday and will be making my peach-apricot-almond jam:
    Also, I just had to share this new recipe with you: Plum-Basil. It is divine!!! Having spent about three weeks straight with your cookbook, I’m just canning everything I see πŸ™‚ and came up with this blend yesterday.

  59. If the birds have left me any, I’m going to attempt to gather enough black raspberries from my back yard to make some jam. I may have to turn it into a mixed berry jam if I can’t gather enough, but hopefully jam-making will happen, regardless!

  60. I found a “hidden” zucchini that’s huge… leaning towards some Zucchini/Jalapeno Relish:@)

  61. I have cherries, raspberries and strawberries in the freezer so most likely some form of jam, but I plan on pickling the cherries. They’re delicious that way!

  62. I am going to be making my own recipe of Buckshot Jam as well as a couple more batches of Drunken Figs. I had no idea figs were so popular!

  63. I won’t be doing any canning myself, sadly, but I have a jar of strawberry preserves just begging to go on some sourdough bread! Yummy.

  64. Blueberry jam, I think. I’ve been making batch after batch (after batch…) of your black raspberry jam recipe (though with half a lemon, since a full one was too potently lemonish and without any lemon wasn’t as awesome) but I think I’m almost at the end of my season with the canes in my yard. The blueberries, though, have been slowly indicating they’re going to go crazy in just a few days, so…

    That lifter looks all kinds of brilliant!

  65. I need to pickle a bunch of cukes and zukes from the garden. Having just tackled jams and jellies earlier this year, these will be my first pickles!!

  66. I will be canning Apricot Jam this Saturday. I’m a newbie canner (did my first back last Saturday) but have definitly caught the bug! Glad it was in time to celebrate this holiday!

  67. Not sure I’ll be making anything – maybe trying the raspberry jam or chocolate raspberry sauce I made last weekend. Only so much canning can happen with a five week old baby!

  68. I’m going to can fresh tomatoes and herb-seasoned tomatoes. I’ve been intrigued by the herb-seasoned tomatoes since I saw it the the Ball big book; sounds like AA doesn’t it? =) I have your tomato jam cooking down as I type.

  69. I have won the battle and managed to keep the critters from getting my peaches this year. I have lots of peaches to can this weekend. Maybe some peach jam too!

  70. Yay! I love canning. I just bought some new jars with plans for pickled asparagus and tomato sauce – neither of which I have ever tried to can. I hope I can pull it off! Thanks for the chance to win!

  71. Still loving rhubarb! Will be making some rhubarb-apple-gewurtztraminer jam if it’s not too hot in the kitchen…

  72. Knowing me, I am going to try something new that I read about from Canning Homemade’s site… creamed corn… I am once again bitten by the canning bug but this time, I have added pressure canning to the arsenal… Lol… just had to replace my first electric element on my stove from all the canning I have been doing… Perhaps I should switch to gas!!!

  73. I’ll be eating apricot jam I made last weekend and maybe planning a peach jam, depending on what the peaches look like.

  74. I just moved, so here’s hoping I can get my canning stuff unpacked by this Saturday! I’ve been crazy for pickles lately, so I might pickle some of the veggies I get in tomorrow’s CSA box. Otherwise I’ll crack open a jar of last year’s apple butter (mmmmm) to spread on toast.

  75. Boozy canned peaches *with vanilla bean. yum
    I am a newbie and have only canned 2 small batches of the peaches. I am doing more this weekend.
    Hopefully I will also have enough cukes for sweet relish. πŸ˜‰

  76. Sweet and sour pickled cauliflower. And if I feel adventurous I’ll try making banana chutney for the first time.

  77. I’ll be making (for the first time!!) a simple blueberry jam from bushes we bought this year. If only my figs were ripe, I would be making some figgy goodness as well.

    What a great giveaway, and a great blog. I just found it and am thoroughly enjoying it.

  78. Hmmm. Not sure yet. (We are still sorting through things from being without power – seems that priorities change daily.) BUT, would like to do some stacked chili in a newly refurbished antique All-American canner.

  79. My CSA blueberry flat is delivered on Thursday, so on Saturday I will be busy making blueberry lemon marmalade and blueberry butter!

  80. Saturday I hope to be making pickles for my son, if I can find any pickling cucumbers at the farmer’s market on Saturday morning. Tonight I’m making a small batch – bigger than a thimbleful – of blackberry preserves. Yum! Thank you!

  81. Jars of our choice! I’ll be choosing those pint & 1/2 jars, please!

    As for this Saturday, I’m not planning on canning, but I will be enjoying my pickles in deviled eggs!

  82. I made some cherry butter two nights ago. I haven’t tried any yet because I’m on a detox/cleanse- no sugar. Boo. But Friday is my last day. Best believe that Saturday morning will entail a large cup of coffee and a piece of toast slathered in cherry butter.

  83. apricot jam

    When using the fancy jars with the rubber seals, can the seals be re-used or do you have to buy new ones each time like the Ball jar lids?

  84. Yikes, I still have radishes to pickle with your recipe. And countless other veggies to use before the next CSA box arrives on Tuesday.

  85. I’m trying to decide whether to open the vanilla bean cherry jam or the almond peach freezer jam next? choices, choices… but with Whole Foods having Cherries on sale this Friday, I’ll be canning some more cherry jam and other goodies, like spiced cherries!

  86. Pickled Jalapeno Peppers and maybe some peach jam, if there are any peaches left once my family gets done with them!

  87. i’m actually hosting a small canning class in my community on saturday! we’ll be doing the basics–applesauce, whole tomatoes, and peach jam.

  88. I did dilly beans, pickled carrots and garlic dill pickles last weekend… have to see what looks good at the farmer’s market on Saturday morning.

  89. I’ll be scoping out the farmer’s market on Saturday morning for something delicious! And probably pickling something from my CSA.

  90. Pears!!! Delicious pears from the charlie brown looking tree that I almost chopped down when I moved into my first home this February! It suddenly sprung to life and is sporting 20+ softball sized fruits that are amazingly sweet and textured. Problem is, I can’t eat them all now. So, I learned to can this weekend, starting with a jam recipe, and stumbled upon this website while researching the “how to’s”. Excellent blog btw πŸ™‚

  91. I’ll either be making some nectarine jam or applesauce with some early apples. As for eating, probably some pickled snap peas, spicy pickled carrots, and, without a doubt, STRAWBERRY JAM!

  92. I will be in a local class (finally) Lyn Deardorff is teaching here in Atlanta – so a tomato, pickle and a fruit. Can’t wait. But I’ve already been using your book – I did pickled okra this evening…so rewarding.

  93. I would like to make some cherry jam on Saturday. I’m also planning to visit the farmer’s market to see what looks fresh!

    • I will be canning salsa this Saturday. I have oodles of peppers and tomatoes that I had to put in the freezer over the past few weeks that I have been waiting to turn into salsa!! I might even put up some homemade spaghetti sauce as well.

  94. Saturday I plan on making some acerola cherry jam! The season has ended, but I picked/pitted/froze enough when they were in season that H should be making my first ever batch of jam from acerolas this weekend – SO excited! They’re one of my favorite fruits that I grew up with!

  95. I will being doing 2 things Saturday…
    1 – my first attempt at making pickles.
    2 – I will making/baking individual fruit pies in small jelly jars. Its such a surprise factor when people see them but oh so easy. I even make extra & freeze for my mother. That way she has just the right size for herself anytime she feels like it!

  96. I’ll be working in my church’s community garden on Saturday so I won’t get to preserve anything that day but I will bring yogurt with Pear Vanilla jam for my lunch. Yum! Thanks so much for the recipe. It is a family favorite.

  97. Got some amazing blackberry jam from a local produce market a few weeks ago. I’ll be having it with yummy blueberry bagels. πŸ™‚

  98. I have just finished 4 batches of various Apricot jams. On Saturday I will be picking more apricots and gathering windfalls with a friend of mine. Her elderly neighbor can’t make her jam anymore and the tree is so full the apricots hang like big bunches of grapes!I hope to make more and nectar as well.

  99. Raspberry Jam and Dilly Beans! I’m going to check out the site and choose a live stream to follow too! Thanks for the heads up.

  100. Thanks to a neighbor’s generosity in sharing her garden excess, I will be making raspberry/rhubarb jam and rhubarb sauce this weekend. Ymmm!

  101. I am getting ready to try canning for the first time this year. I found your blog about two weeks ago and am so inspired! I was at the Farmer’s Market this morning and stumbled across some black raspberries and remembering your post, “A Thimblefull of Jam”, had to purchase some and they are delicious. If i csn find more on Saturday motning, I think I will give the jam a try. I am also getting ready to harvest the blueberries from our garden – they will be next on the list!

  102. I’ll be having some of the very last of the plum jam made with plums from our tree that very sadly went horizontal during a late, heavy snow this year. Then I’m going to pick a couple of buckets of Sylvan blackberries & spend the rest of the day jamming!

  103. i’ve already done strawberry and raspberry, so i think i’ll be moving on to apricot! i may also try the pickled cherries in your book!

  104. I just finished my first ever canning attempt ever β€” Strawberry & Serrano Pepper Jam. I’m on a roll now, so tomorrow on the kitchen adventure list will be Cherry Habanero Jam, pickled peppers and carrots using purple, yellow and white carrots from my exploding garden along with some heirloom tomato salsa if I’ve got any jars left. Looking forward to a CANstravaganza this weekend!

  105. I’m going to try making Chinese Plum Sauce–which I’ve been meaning to try a while now. But I just picked a ton of plums yesterday at a friend’s house so Saturday is my day.

  106. I will be following along with the Mixed Berry Jam and Kosher pickles. My mom and sister in law have both tried pickles, but they’re never as crisp as we’d like. I hope this is show us what we’re missing.

  107. Hopefully I will be making coconut jam or jelly if a recipe falls into my lap (anyone have any ideas?) Other than that it’s just been the usual strawberry jam and strawberry jelly.

  108. Hi Marisa
    Part of the day I will be working but after that I will be making peach/rhubarb jam…….love it in yougart or on homemade ice cream.

  109. On Saturday morning, Im off to an Amish farm to pick up 10 organic chickens, then I’ll pop them in my roaster and get them ready to can while I go to a birthday party. When I get back home, I’ll debone them and can both the meat and any left over broth.

    I also plan to take a block of cream cheese with me & pour strawberry vanilla bean jam or raspberry chipotle sauce over it with crackers to nibble on. Its yummy stuff.

  110. I work at a blueberry farm in the summer, and we are in the prime of raspberry season, nearing the tail end if the weather keeps scorching like it has. So on Saturday, after work, I will be making raspberry jam and putting up some berries in the freezer.

  111. I’ll be canning peach preserves and salsa. I did’t know it was national canning this
    Saturday until I read your post. Now I’ll be thinking about all the other people πŸ™‚

  112. I’m planning on canning pickles. I had great success with garlic scapes, so my friends want to come over and try it too.

  113. I’ll be cracking open my first attempt at lavender-rose jelly and supreming a ton of citrus for your three-citrus marmalade. (my Mom’s been hounding me for more jars of it!)

  114. On Wednesday I made plum jam using a vanilla bean, cinnamon sticks and a cup of Malbec wine. It is delicious! I will be eating that plum jam on my homemade toasted sourdough bread.

  115. I have to work Saturday but come Sunday I’m having Carolina Gold Mustard Sauce that I canned earlier on smoked pulled pork… can”t wait.

  116. I will be opening the last jar of my salsa verde made with home grown tomatillos. This will go into my tacos on Saturday. The tomatillo plants in my garden are getting big, so I guess I will be making more this year.
    Didn’t know it was national canning day Saturday, so I guess in honor of it, I will can some peach jam. The peaches at the local farm look amazing. Maybe I can make enough to give for Christmas gifts this year.
    Now I just have to find a store that sells Meyer lemons. The marmalade made with them is one of the only things my elderly father-in-law can taste.

  117. What I make depends upon what fruit I can find at the market Saturday morning. I’m hoping strawberries are still in because I need jam!

  118. Marissa – I LOVE THE BOOK! I just got it last weekend so I will be doing something from the book on Saturday. Maybe the Rhubarb Orange Butter or a pickle if they are at the market or maybe corn relish! So many options! Have a great weekend!

  119. I will be eating extra mustardy pickles. You may have heard of the pickling disaster of 2003, that was the last time I attempted pickling, until now. This blog gave me back the confidence to go at it again. I never have up jamming or canning fruit but pickles were a mystery to me. Have a fun weekend!

  120. I’ve invited 2 girlfriends for a learn to can session! We are making Piquant Pepper Jelly! MMMmmmm Good! We’ll be looking in the next 2 days for some other unique relish or condiment to preserve as well. I love some of the ideas in your comments!

  121. I love your website-thanks! What a wonderful thing to find recipes to can ‘just a small amount’ of whatever.

    As to what I’ll be canning this summer, I have a bunch of cukes that I’ve gotten from neighbors and our CSA. They are not waxed like in a grocery store, but they are not tiny either. I’m assuming that they are not Kirby (unless they were left on the vine too long to be tiny pickling cukes).

    Would these work as sliced refrigerator pickles? Thanks!

  122. FINALLY… Peaches are ripe on peach tree #1 Peach jam, peach pie, peach ice cream, just canned peaches….gonna be a busy week end.
    thanks for all your neat recipes.

  123. This Saturday we’ll be a hosting a barter-b-que, during which we’ll be selling & trading yardsale goods and grilling up local hot dogs, burgers, and our own garden veggies. I’m especially excited to serve my first batch of homemade sauerkraut and a jar of zucchini relish I canned just yesterday!

  124. I think I am going to go to the farmers’ market and pick up a basket of peaches. I dried one basket already, but they seemed a bit early, and I have waited to do my next peach project.

    I am going to make peach honey, which is a recipe I saw years ago and have kept it in the back of my mind. It has no honey, but the end product is suppose to resemble honey. I am sure my kitchen will be a sticky mess, but that is half the fun, right?

  125. Pear honey preserves on toast! It’s my great-grandfather’s special recipe. With homemade whole wheat toast and butter, it makes the best breakfast!

  126. I have some apricots coming my way through this weeks csa, so that and pickles are on my canning list this week. I’m going to say with friends at the beach this weekend, maybe we’ll have a canning party!

  127. I’m planning to make something with the rhubarb I got at the Amish farmers market. I’m not sure which recipe to use though…..
    I will also be making a strawberry-rhubarb pie for myself, since Sunday is my birthday.

  128. I will be canning pickles this weekend. I just discovered a new spice store and can’t wait to try out the pickling spices!

  129. We’ll be eating the first and only thing I’ve canned so far – strawberry & honey jam. It turned out so delicious that I’m now hooked on canning! πŸ™‚

  130. This summer is the first I’ve attempted canning. So far so good, with a few jars of marmalade and strawberry jam. I’m excited for the tomatoes to come for sauces and salsas!

  131. I will be making raspberry jam and apricot jam — to fill the gift “orders” placed by friends each year! πŸ™‚

  132. I made a quart of sauerkraut with a small head from our community garden. Now I have tomatillas and small green tomatoes that the groundhog have politely left behind.
    I would like to make some roasted green salsa – need recipe- and pickled green tomatoes. I have juliettes which are a large grape tomato, should I cut them in half?

  133. I will probably be on my bike on Saturday. But two nights ago my husband and I put up a dozen jars of peach jam after a trip to Palisade, CO – peach capital of the state. And I made pickles last night. Do those count?

  134. WOW Love this National Can-It Forward Day…

    I will be making raspberry jelly this Saturday…i am picking up 5 gallons of raspberries tonight…YUMMY!!

    Thanks for an opportunity to win.

    Melissa from Naches

  135. I’ll be eating a jar of peach rum jam that my friend made this year. It was her first “I made it myself” jam since I taught her how to water bath can two months ago.

  136. Other obligations will prevent me from canning on Saturday, but I’ll be eating some of my home-canned cherry rhubarb jam, probably on some pancakes!

  137. This Saturday will be our 2nd time at a Saturday morning farmers market, where I’ll be selling my homemade jams & jellies. My regular stock is habanero gold jelly, plus a very hot version, fig preserves, blueberry sauce, and a about 4 versions of wine jellies. I have enough of that stock on hand. But today, I’ll be trying out some watermelon jelly to see how that comes out.

  138. I don’t know exactly what I’ll be canning because I have to see what the farmer’s market has in store for me tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure there will be peaches involved! I also plan to make some BBQ sauce with some of my cranberry-jalapeno jelly. Time to use up the things in the cupboard to make room for new!!

  139. I am going to try to make some pepper jelly, I am new to canning so I am keeping my fingers crossed lol. I would love to win this giveaway.

  140. Nothing — my kitchen is split between two states at the moment, and I’ll be visiting a dear friend that day πŸ™‚ But I just found out my kitchen and I will be joining our better halves soon!

  141. I plan to go to my favorite PYO farm on Saturday and get about 10 pounds of blueberries to freeze and also can blueberry and lemon jam.

  142. I can’t make anything this Saturday, but I’ll be eating some of that strawberry jam I made a few weeks ago. I hope it lasts me into at least the fall. I have a big canning pot but I would love the home discovery kit for small batches!

  143. I’ve been gathering handfuls of blackberries from my vines everyday and saving them in the freezer. Hopefully, by Saturday I’ll have enough for some jam.

  144. I hope to can some fresh peaches… First thing I learned how to can…. Then w the skins we boil them down to make peach skin jelly so virtually the pit is the only thing not used

  145. Happy Can it forward day, love your book and have made the grape jelly, rhubarb chutney, the roasted corn salsa and look forward to doing more. This week I want to make those black forest preserves if I find cherries on sale. Thanks for your blog! Oh, and I am cracking open a jar of the strawberry rhubarb jam to eat on top of a waffle NOW.

  146. I usually go to the farmers market on Saturday morning. I will just have to wait until I see what is available before making my canning plans πŸ™‚ With fresh, local products, I am sure it will be delicious!

  147. We’re in the heart of peach season, so I think I’ll do either some Peach Butter or Ginger Peach Preserves.

  148. I’m planning on helping my mom can some plum jam this Saturday. I would love to try making vanilla extract. Do you have any tips on making your own extracts?

  149. Since we FINALLY got rain……the tomatoes and peppers are coming along great. I will be making various kinds of salsa!

  150. I won’t have time to do any preserving this Saturday because I have to go to a party for a family friend who was just ordained as a rabbi. But the planned gift I’m going to give is a jar of gooseberry jam that I made a few weeks ago. So I may not be preserving in the present on Saturday, but I will be preserving it forward.

  151. I’ll be making another batch of dilly beans from your book (it was a lot harder lining up the beans than I though πŸ™ ). Also, my non-cook co-worker also turned me on to the packaged salsa seasoning. She throws tomatoes into a blender and mixes in the seasonings – that’s it. I tasted the result and I was surprised how good it was. So…I’d love to show her how to can some “real” salsa.

  152. Plum port jam! I’m making my first attempt at it this weekend. Wish me luck!
    Also, Palisade, Colorado has announced their peaches are ready! (A month early). I’m going to track down a few bushels and make my Great-grandmother’s peach compote.

  153. …planning on hitting the farmers market saturday morning and getting a few bunches of beets, coming home to pickle and can them!

  154. Curried zucchini relish, bread and butter pickles, plum start anise jam – last week I made it following the recipe and it’s more like a (very delicious) sauce, this week I plan to add some sure-jell so it’s more like a jam. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes and stories.

  155. I love this site and all the inspiration you give me, my family and friends have certainly benefited in the belly with delicious goodies. I plan on making some blackberry jam on Saturday.

  156. I would love to make some strawberry and blackberry jams to put up and give as Christmas gifts! Thank you for the giveaway!

  157. hopefully i will be making a green peach and green tomato chutney, that is if i can get some green tomatoes… otherwise it may just be with green peaches, still yummy!

  158. My group will be heading up to my cabin in the Sierra’s to do our canning. It is too hot here in the Valley: 105-107 degrees! I’m taking 2 lugs of apricots for jam and canning in a light syrup, a lug of green beans and 200 ears of sweet corn. If I can find some nice peaches we’ll put those up, too.

  159. I’ll be working on Saturday, but we’ll be eating canned applesauce from last fall! My 19mo old daughter loves it so much that she dispenses with the spoon and uses her hands.

  160. I’ll be making some more strawberry-habanero jam. I made 8 jars last weekend, but I’ve given more than half away! It’s great stuff!

  161. I’ve been wanting to do SOMETHING with blackberries. Of course blackberry jam but maybe mae a barbque sauce or something….. mmmmm.

  162. pickles! i’m also brand-new to canning and don’t have anything other than a brand-new pack of jars, sitting very patiently and waiting to be filled. i’m intrigued by the curried zucchini pickles, but i guess as others have said, it depends on what’s available at the markets over the next couple of days.

  163. I get my sour cherries at the farmers market this Saturday, so the afternoon will be filled with this year’s supply of cherry jam!

  164. Will be canning the remainder of our super tomato crop! Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup! Picked 845 pounds of tomatoes from our garden this season! For a garden in Tucson AZ … that is huge! But it also meant alot of work … tomato sauce, salsas, and the dehydrator running non-stop for the last month (which assists in making tomato powder which we use often in our cooking.) National Can-it Forward Day will also be National Stop Canning Tomato Day for this household! Oh no … here come the Eggplants!

  165. This summer I hope to can my first-ever tomatoes from the garden…also have been daydreaming about making jam from peaches or blueberries – to capture a bit of summer to enjoy in february!

  166. Hoping to do some berry picking and making raspberry jam. Definitely will be eating the end of last years preserves.

  167. This weekend I will be eating plum jam that I made last week from small, flavorful plums that I foraged from a tree outside my inlaws house when I attended a wedding. Everyone thought that I was crazy, but I packed them and took them home on the plane in my carry on bag. The jam is delicious and a great souvenir from a memorable wedding.

  168. Saturday is our big day for making our traditional Cherry Olives. This recipe has been passed down for generations in our family and we always have a fabulous time together making it.

  169. Not sure what I’ll be canning this weekend, but last weekend it was pickled artichokes so this weekend I’ll be tasting them!

  170. Today I picked raspberries (with the wonderful help of my three granddaughters!). Saturday will certainly involve raspberry jam or a beautiful fresh raspberry dessert.

  171. I’m finishing up canning my way through 50 pounds of peaches (holy cow!). I’ve got peach jam, peach jelly, peach butter, etc. coming out of my ears. πŸ˜€ But this Saturday I will be trying a new recipe with the dozen or so peaches I have left – peach mustard. Looks delicious! The remnants (peels and pits) will be used to make a peach jalapeno jelly.

  172. I’m going to can pickled garlic. It’s my very first foray into home canning and I’m kind of winging it. I’ve begged some jars from friends and I’ve a whole CSA share to deal with so I’m hoping to get good at it fast.

  173. It all depends on the local produce auction I attend as to what I’ll be canning. I hope it’s going to be something new and unusual!

  174. I’ll either be perfecting my strawberry-rhubarb jam recipe or trying the Slow Cooker Blueberry Butter recipe from Food in Jars!

  175. I recently taught a friend how to can, he was so excited about it we ended up doing bread & butter pickles, ginger carrots, asparagus, peppers and beets all in one go!

  176. What luck! I was planning on spending Saturday morning in my kitchen pickling some beets and cucumbers. Maybe now that I know it is a special canning holiday, I’ll whip up something extra special. πŸ™‚

  177. I’m having a can-it-forward party, teaching some friends how to make Marisa’s famous dilly beans, if my beans get to the right point by then anyway. If not, it’s raspberry jam. I’d love to give one of my “students” this kit!

  178. I’ll be trying to duplicate the peach-basil jam a friend gave me last year and which I have dreamed about ever since.

  179. I’ll be out of town on Saturday, so I won’t be canning, but I’ll have some bars made with my strawberry-rhubarb freezer jam with me!

  180. I’ll be making some arugula pesto, to use up the leaves from the plant in my garden that is trying to bolt. Not sure it will last beyond a dinner or two, but ho0pe to have enough that some will make it into the freezer for a mid-winter burst of summer!

  181. I will be working on a batch of Green Tomato Strawberry Jam. My neighbor has tomatoes just perfect for the job and we are getting them put up before we tackle the ripe ones in the next week or so. Thank you for a fabulous giveaway!

  182. About through with canning, unless I do more tomatoes. Here is Texas the garden is a little too hot to produce much. But, I’ve got some lovely bread and butter squash and spicy pickled okra we will eat more of this weekend.

  183. I picked up a flat of Roma tomatoes last night and on Saturday I will be making Niloufer Ichaporia King’s Parsi Tomato Chutney, from her My Bombay cookbook. We’re down to our last jar from last year, and I’m ridiculously excited to have romas in time for a fresh batch. This is the BEST thing I can all year, truly, we eat it on eggs, toast, grilled fish, steamed vegetables, mixed with tomatoes and yogurt, it is that good. Make this now, if can lay your hands on good roma tomatoes, you will NOT be disappointed!

    I’ll also be re-cooking a delicious lime ginger nectarine jam that overset, hoping to retrieve it from jell-o status.

  184. I hope to be canning Muscidine jelly, I have quite a few ripe bunches and I have jucie in the freezer from last year and hope to can 12 half-pints at least.That way I can have some fresh Muscidine jelly this winter when it is cold and snowy. One of my favorites Yum Yum.

  185. I recently helped host a Potentially Perfect Pickling Party, where we made three different brines and let our friends mix and match the veggies they wanted.

    However, I’ve never made fruit preserves and this weekend, I’m going to try making nectarine jam, and strawberry preserves. I’d also love to try to can a corn salsa.

    I broke my foot last week, so my housemate is going to do the standing parts, and I’ll do the sitting parts. Can’t wait for a fun food project!

    My fingers– and working toes– are crossed for this giveaway!!

  186. Unfortunately I will be packing and not canning this Saturday. But I may be eating some pineapple sage and peach preserves from our local JSA (jam supporting local agriculture!). This and That Jam–so yummy!

  187. We’ll be eating lasagna made from tomatoes I canned last fall. We’re making way for this season’s crop!

  188. I will be trying to make some strawberry jam. Got a great price on some this week and bought extra just to try some canning. Hope to do peaches soon too.

  189. Hope to be working on a ‘pink’ jam as a fundraiser to help cover the cost of medical bills for a friend’s Mom with cancer. Thinking about doing some pickling for the first time, too.

  190. I will hopefully be eating strawberry jam that I made. Possibly some dill pickles that I planned to make today but, forgot that I had to let them sit in a brine overnight. Good thing I have Friday off which will be spent cooking and getting ready for the Farmers Market on Saturday.

  191. we canned peach jam with peaches from our tree. already popped open a jar and will be using it in a recipe for peach glazed pork chops.

  192. Hope to do some jalapeno jelly and some salsa this weekend. My friend has jalapenos like crazy in his garden.

  193. I don’t know if I will be canning anything, this weekend, but I did just can some pickled beets and have some canned applesauce that we will be eating! πŸ™‚

  194. It’s too hot to be making anything, but I’m sure I’ll be enjoying some of the very first recipe in your book-the vanilla rhubarb with earl grey-which I put up a little over a month ago. It’s delicious, by the way, really complex and special. Thanks!

  195. Super busy this weekend so I foresee some snacking on Dilly Beans! I’d rather be canning dark opal basil jelly…but that will have to wait until next week!

  196. I’ll be canning all the fresh tomatoes from the garden! Most likely salsas, sauces and soups!! I already picked and canned all the black raspberries (which are my new favorite!) and even made a blackraspberry strawberry jam. yum!!!!

  197. Mixed berry preserves on scones (dry scone mix prepped ahead – and jarred – a favorite over the boxed kind πŸ˜‰

  198. I probably won’t be canning until Monday (tomatoes!), but I’ll definitely be eating some of my canned goods on Saturday. Probably some of my strawberry jam!

  199. The garden isn’t producing enough for canning yet so I am preparing some liquors this week for a wedding in November. For starters, Apricot Brandy yesterday and Coffee liquor this weekend.

  200. I actually won’t be canning on CIF Day this year (it is my birthday!), but will be doing some plum jelly, jam, preserves, and more next week.

  201. I’ll be making apricot jam with some candycots I have at home, and blueberry jam once I go to the farmer’s market tomorrow morning!

  202. Unfortunately, I won’t be canning on Saturday. I WILL, however, make some Hot Pepper Relish on the following Sunday. And I will have a couple of newbies over to help.

  203. I have tons of sweet black cherries, and a few each of plums, peaches and nectarines. I’m thinking a few quart jars of cherry pie filling and a mixed stone-fruit butter with everything that’s left. My plum butter last year was delicious, but I try not to make the exact same thing, twice πŸ˜‰

  204. I have to make pickles today and freeze a half-flat of strawberries! Friday will be blackberry jam and Saturday is raspberry jam with a few new-to-canning friends πŸ™‚

  205. Just opened a fresh jar of pear vanilla jam – having it on toast this morning, and plan for a greek yogurt parfait later. It was my first preserving recipe, and it is by far my favorite!!

  206. I’m hoping to make some strawberry vanilla jam (your recipe!). I froze my local strawberries in bags big enough for 1 batch of jam each. With an infant and toddler, I don’t always have time to jam right away. So, I stick the fruit in the freezer for when I have time.

  207. I’ll be having some cherry jam I put up two weeks ago. My first time making cherry jam…what in the world took me so long?! Yummy!!

  208. I have a bushle of cucumbers I’m going to pickle and a flat of berries for jams! Will be a packed day for sure

  209. I’ll be making plum jam from my co-workers plums and blueberry jam. It might be sunday though, since the blueberries need to be procured at the farmers market. But I recently made your nectarine-lime jam and it is yummy! So probably that for breakfast.

  210. Peach cardomom preserves, and some red plum compote with lime and rosemary. And eating the last jar of the spring rhubarb strawberry jam…i didnt keep enough for the pantry!

  211. I’ll be eating & serving some raspberry jalapeΓ±o cilantro jam that I just made last night. And I’ll probably be making some vodka pickles πŸ™‚

  212. I’m making cherry jam this weekend, and perhaps a batch of gooseberry-strawberry jam as well (Just picked all the gooseberries in my front yard… that’s a lie, I only picked about half, but I live in an apartment anyway, so the fact that we’ve got gooseberries in the front yard is a major perk!)

  213. I will be eating tomatoes. I will probably end up canning tomatoes, but not while its sooooo hot.

  214. Not sure what I’ll can this weekend until I go to the CSA and the farmer’s market but reading the posts makes me want to do something with peaches. I have two friends coming over who’ve never canned so whatever we end up canning we’ll be doing with some well-preserved wine!

  215. Pickles! Garlicky, salty, briny, perfect pickles. I need to branch out, I know, because who doesn’t want fresh local summer tomato taste in the winter? I will be watching the streaming demonstrations, because geez it is hot outside and what a great reason to stay indoors. Love the blog, thanks!

  216. Might be eating blueberry preserves and/or making cherry jam, depends on how I feel after getting two teeth extracted that morning…blah, not excited for that but am excited for the giveaway. Thanks!!

  217. I’ll be on a train headed northward… so I’ll definitely be eating some carrot and radish pickles! So refreshing!!

  218. I was looking for ways to preserve lemon curd (so that I can ship it to friends for Christmas without the need for instant refrigeration) when I found your blog – what a find! So this Saturday I’ll be testing that recipe out… unless I nab enough berries at the Farmer’s Market to make jam! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the great blog!

  219. you have totally inspired me! I used to help my mom “put up” and did a little during college for gift-giving but it’s been a long, long time. Blueberries have come in early so I’m going to go pick and then make blueberry jam! woo hoo!

    thank you!!

  220. OK, this is just such a strange coincidence — before I knew Saturday was Can-It-Forward Day, I planned a Pickling Party w/ a bunch of friends. We are going to make bread and butter pickles and Mixed Veggie Mustard Pickles. Of course there will be snacks and wine to accompany our activities!

  221. I will be eating blackberry jam and hoping the hot dry weather has not ruined the crop in Indiana. Family picks them for us since we live in Montana – no blackberrries.

  222. I’ll be using up some ripening stone fruit (nectarines, peaches, yellow plums) in a mixed fruit jam. I may use transparent apples for some natural pectin.

  223. I’m not sure what I’m making this Saturday. I’m going to the farmer’s market, see what I come home with and work from there. My garden isn’t producing very well because of the extreme heat, so we’ll have to see what I can whip up with my newly harvested potatoes, onions and garlic.

  224. I’ve got a good amount of Georgia peaches to use up. I plan to make: Spiced peach jam in one, pickled peaches in another, and lastly peach and Vidalia onion marmalade.

  225. I am canning blueberry jam on Saturday. My boss at work has blueberry bushes galore on his property, and has graciously offered us free picking. Can’t wait!

  226. I’ll be making the plums in honey syrup from the Food in Jars book! The plums were harvested from a few street trees by my house in West Philly!

  227. I will be enjoying some lovely pickled peppers that I made last month from the first plant I ever got to live & produce edible fruits!

  228. Things are just coming on here in Utah so my husband and I just might be making more stock to put up. But then I will be at the farmers market so I just might bring home a surprise to can! πŸ˜€

  229. I’ll be canning with a friend on Saturday and will be making blackberry jam and blackberry chipotle glaze. We might throw in some raspberry honey mustard in too!

  230. I’m making jams this Saturday. Normally, I don’t can on the weekends but how can (pun intended) refuse when it’s a national holiday.

  231. I have a LOT of tomatoes and already had a freezer full that I froze in bags last year. I am going to take them out of the freezer and can some spaghetti sauce with them. I am also going to harvest our corn and cut it off the cob and can that.

  232. We’ll be eating strawberry jam on toast for breakfast…a new baby=little time for canning πŸ™‚ Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  233. I’m going to make some pickles! This is my first year canning and have really been enjoying it. It’s a good feeling when you can put food away for my family to eat this winter. I look forward to many more years of canning.

  234. I have never canned anything, but I would like to start. This kit would give me the incentive I need to try it!

  235. Red currant jelly is on the schedule for Saturday. I managed to cover the bushes and save the berries from the birds this year!

  236. I’m going to make some simple strawberry jam this weekend… I’ve been putting up a lot of fruit jams with unique flavors so I’m ready to have a plain jane one πŸ™‚

  237. We will be pickling our first-ever homegrown cucumbers! I am planning one batch of sweet and one batch of dill. (we got a LOT of cucumbers. Trying to keep up with them is a little scary) Homegrown dill, too.

  238. I’ll be enjoying some wonderful blackberry syrup that was supposed to be jam!! Love those kind of “mistakes”!!!

  239. Blueberry jam of course! I did 33 qts of greenbeans the other day, tomorrow pickled red beets. I LOVE CANNING!

  240. I have some blackberries in the fridge that I need to make jam from. I just made 4 jars of mixed berry jam last weekend so I’m pretty sure we will be “taste-testing” that Saturday morning. πŸ™‚

  241. I have to work on Saturday so I did my canning early. Made Sunshine pickles 6 1/2 pints, canned 9 pints of bananas and 4 pints, 7 half pints and 8 4 oz jars of peach sauce. Last week I did apricot syrup. I have nectarines ready and may get them done on Saturday.

  242. hEllo Marisa! I have other plans this Saturday but last night, even in the sweltering heat I made and processed Blueberry Ginger Jam…! Just awesome…thank you for inspiring me to try my hands on canning…!

  243. I won’t be canning this weekend, as we’ll be on a family vacation. I plan on eating (drinking) a bowl of soul (espresso + coffee + mexican hot chocolate + the very best whipped cream) at my favorite coffee shop in Ketchum, ID.
    I’ve been looking forward to one of those since February, so I haven’t thought about what comes after that.

  244. I will busy canning Peach Jalapeno jam and Jalapeno pepper jam. And them some tomatoes,tomatoe sauce.

  245. Green Beans is what all the list for me to can. I’ll also be making pasts sauce, and what ever else I can get my hands on.

  246. I’ll be testing the pickle on some spicy bread-and-butters, canning some sour dills, and hopefully making an apricot jam of some sort. My community garden plot is bursting with pickling cucumbers, and apricots are on sale at the local produce market!

  247. Hope to be doing peach jam. Might dome npickles if the cukes are right. Missed the book signing at Greensgrow b/c we were in Portland. Hope to catch another signing soon!

  248. I won’t be canning anything because I’m just learning about it and have no supplies. I live in a rental with pear and plum trees bursting at the seams, so I’m gearing up to give it my first shot this summer.

  249. I am interested in learning to can! I would love to have this to get me started. I read about pickled tomatoes and pickled okra and would love to make them.

  250. I’m brand spanking new at canning (made and canned my first batch of salsa– tomatoes out of my first garden!) and I’m getting ready to can my second batch!

  251. I will be eating blackberry preserves with my breakfast this weekend. I will then be using peach preserves to make a sauce for my grilled pork chops.

  252. I’ll be canning some corn relish and delivering some of the goodies I’ve already canned this year (pickles, Zucchini pickles, jalapeno relish, and zucchini salsa). Started canning 3 years ago and love, love, love it!

  253. just found you when I googled “what to do with lots of cherry tomatoes” and I love you. I am going to try tomato jam this weekend – it will be my first canning anything so wish me luck

  254. I don’t know cause I haven’t tried any canning yet. But I am anxious to get started. maybe watching the live stream will give me an idea on what to start with that will be easy.

  255. I will be canning peaches on Saturday. They have been so good this year, can’t wait to put some away for Winter eating too. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be in this Give-Away.

  256. Raspberries and Blueberries…..picking tomorrow, canning saturday. Any clever ideas what to do with them besides raspberry jam and blueberry jam?

  257. I will be making strawberry chipotle jam, blackberry sage jam, and some of your recipe traditional pickles.

  258. After hearing about pickles I might give them a try, but I am definitely going to can my jalapeno peppers!

  259. I’m supposed to write about what I will be canning. I cannot lie; I’ve never canned before. The home discovery kit would then be perfect for me. I’m going to buy 25 lbs of peaches next wk. Those would be perfect to can.

  260. I just canned some nice Red Grape jelly. Such a pretty pink and tasty, too. And you thought grape jelly was only for Concords!

  261. This weekend will be my first attempt at canning. I plan to make peach butter and peach jalapeno jelly. I am so excited! They both sound delicious! If I am successful, I want to start having canning parties with all my friends.

  262. Canned banana puree! I am almost out of my few jars I bought to try canning last year. Would be so thankful for more and told to help πŸ™‚ .

  263. I’ll have pineapples, cherries, bananas, and lastly blueberries so it’ll be Blueberry cherry preserves and pineanana preserves for me this weekend :o)

  264. We will be eating my Beef Stew. With many food allergies in my family, I learned to can my own soups. It gives us an easy, shelf-stable option when we are out and about. And they taste great!

  265. I’m planning to make Horseradish Dill Pickles on Saturday. Just used up my last jar from last year so it’s time to get going on the new stock!

  266. We will be working on Balsamic Tomato Onion Conserve (first time) and a spicy salsa recipe. This will be our second batch of salsa. The first one went in two days! …yummm! πŸ˜‰

    Dorothy (canning apprentice from Nashville)

  267. Fresh Georgia peaches – from the Tree-Ripe folks that I’m picking up at 0900 Saturday morning off the truck…in a light vanilla syrup, peach and cardamom jam, and likely another batch of peach chutney!

  268. Just received the food52 cookbook for my birthday. I will be canning their Tomato onion jam on National Can It Forward Day!

  269. I just started fermenting some sauerkraut last night. Not sure that counts. πŸ™‚ Other than that, I’ve never done any canning but this would be a good incentive to try. I’d probably make some jams with berries from the garden — blueberries, blackberries, or maybe salmonberries.

  270. My hubby (yes hubby) and I will be canning dilly beans and homemade zucchini relish with zucchinis from our garden.

  271. I’m making more tomoto jam, I think, but eating my strawberry jam on pancakes. Also – headed to the farmers market for more canning goodies! πŸ™‚

  272. I have more plums this year than I know what to do with. I’ll be making plum applesauce for the baby, asian plum sauce, plum jam and the list goes on.

  273. I’m gonna try dilly beans, I just bought some beans from the local farm stand, it’s gonna be great! I’ve made tons of pickled garlic already, it’s a new favorite. I can’t believe I’ve never tried pickling before, just jams and marmalade.

  274. I’ll be at Minnetrista, and I’ll be eating whatever they make.

    Minnetrista has a great farmers’ market, too, on Saturdays and Wednesdays.

  275. We will be eating “Doubleberry Jam” (blueberry and blackberry) and I can’t wait to start canning peaches!

  276. The raspberries are just gorgeous here this week, so I’ll be making raspberry jam for sure! Happy canning to all!

  277. Chris and I will be making Valencia Raspberry Marmalade…made from some of what we have harvested at the school garden we are keeping up over the summer with some local Master Gardeners. If it goes well, we may be using it as a raffle prize in the fundraiser for the garden….we shall see!

  278. I will be eating vanilla pear jam that I hid in the back of the pantry, so it didn’t all get eaten right away! – Marivene

  279. I’m not canning anything this weekend, but I’ll be eating some raspberry jam on the whole-wheat sunflower seed bread I just baked!

  280. What a lovely giveaway – thank you! I’m making SALSA this weekend and my pickled okra should be ready to try…..

  281. I am pretty sure that if I do not make some rhubarb butter this weekend I will be tossing a lot of beautiful rhubarb, and that will not happen.

  282. I have to work on Saturday—boo—so no canning for me, but I will be enjoying some dilly beans and will be giving a jar of yellow tomato jam to a friend.

  283. Well, I’ll be making a few… πŸ™‚ Peach jam is definitely on the agenda. I also have 30 pints of raspberries in my freezer (half black, half red) from last summer that still haven’t been turned into jam – no better day for it, I guess! And for that, a party of two is called for. Lots of music, and probably eating some of the bounty of apricot jam I just made last night (it’s an addiction…I’m okay with it). Thanks for the entry!

  284. I’ll be eating radish relish! And I’m just back from a Canning 101 class this evening – SO excited to get started on canning my own goodies from the garden!

  285. Just made my first batch of strawberry jam ever!! this was my first attempt ever at canning I am HOOKED!! We be jammin at my house

  286. Organic Blueberry Ginger Jam (although Kosher pickles are begging to be made!) … if I am lucky enough to win …
    Stacy in Lancaster, PA πŸ™‚

  287. I have yet to start canning, but if I had some tools like these, I would probably try some strawberry-rhubarb jam or tomato sauce.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway πŸ™‚

  288. We are doing several jellies/jams. Peach Bourbon Jam, Jalapeno Jelly, Grape Jelly, Candy Apple Jelly, and Blackberry Jam! So excited to be participating! Thanks!

  289. I’ll be making blackberry jam from the berries I picked from my backyard. I must say Renee’s Peach Bourbon Jam sounds wonderful.

  290. I’ll be making raspberry conserve (new recipe) plus raspberry syrup, raspberry-jalapeno jam, and blackberry jam with fruit from our garden. We’ll be eating last year’s chile salsa and barbecue sauce.

  291. I will be canning green tomato relish or what we like to call in the south, “chow-chow” It goes great with many bean recipes and we especially like it on top of pinto beans and cornbread. I just love your blog and all of your ideas and inspiration. God Bless!

  292. I have been canning all week! Apricots, pickles, pickled zucchini. But this Saturday is all about Mulberries. Yum!

  293. Nothing here to can yet. Will be making a tuna-shell macaroni salad and that calls for lots of homemade pickle relish. I use the recipe from the Ball Blue Book. It is the best.
    I have a few jars of it left from last year. Nice thing about relish is I an use the cucumbers that got away from us and grew too big for other pickles.

  294. I’ll be eating a hybrid between sauerkraut and kimchi that I made. And I will start with my first batch of sauerkraut made with red cabbage. I always use green cabbage.

  295. Almost time to start canning here, produce just starting at the market, but I will be enjoying some black raspberry syrup (thanks to your recipe) on vanilla ice cream. Who am I kidding I have been enjoying it for a week already!

  296. Beets. I’m trying to finish up last year’s beets so I can put this year’s up. They are looking good in the garden already.

  297. We’ll be canning red beets from our garden and making blueberry preserves from the berries we picked ourselves from a local fruit farm

  298. I won’t be canning this Saturday, but I plan to sometime in the future, and I’d like to make something with cherries. Yum.