Mrs. Wages Gift Basket Giveaway Winner

July 13, 2011(updated on December 6, 2021)

On a recent thrifting expedition, I bought a dress that has become my favorite item of clothing. It’s an peasant-y empire thing with 3/4 length sleeves that is both flattering and so comfortable I feel like I’m wearing pajamas. In the week and half that I’ve owned it, I’ve worn it to work twice.

Last night, as I headed into the kitchen to make dinner, I pulled on an apron to protect this precious new-to-me dress and thought of many the apron stories you all shared. I just loved reading about your mothers, grandmothers and friends who played a role in each of your kitchen histories. I also enjoyed your apron confessions and was relieved to know that there are lots of you who are apron-ambivalent (like I so often am).

And now, without further story-telling, the winner of the Mrs. Wages basket is #51, a comment left by Adrienne (I loved her most recent post on pickled cherries!). She said,

“I didn’t start wearing aprons regularly until I started culinary school, and now I feel naked if I cook without one. My every day favorite is plain white heavy cotton, easy to bleach, but my fun favorite is from my mother in law, it’s red and says “bling in the holidays” and its covered with rhinestones. It’s not me at ALL but it’s so her, and I wear it for our annual New Year’s Day brunch.”

Congratulations Adrienne! And for all of you who didn’t win, stay tuned. I’ll have another giveaway for you next Monday.

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22 thoughts on "Mrs. Wages Gift Basket Giveaway Winner"

  • I would love to win the Gift Basket, I could really use it, have been canning all week, and am missing a few gadgets that I really need. Every thing is really beautiful, and maybe it is that I am a lot older and appreciate it more! Am making Christmas and Birthday canning! Just love it!

  • I have been using the Mrs. Wages for years. I can not keep my pickles and dilly beans in my house this year I did three times the amount in hopes that I will at least have one jar of each for thanksgiving this year. I love it so very much. I am so glad I found it!!!

  • Since my husband and I have retired we enjoy this time of year to stock our pantry and prepare Holiday Gift Giving (I’ts my half-time break from my sewing). We put up jams & jellies, pickles, salsa and pasta sauce. It was during a shopping trip a few years ago for additional supplies we discovered Mrs. Wages……Wow, we are hooked! Her Pasta Sauce mix (used to be spagetti mix) tops any and all receipes we have tried. Salsa and pickle spices are now a staple in our pantry at canning time. These products have cut our prep time in half and have most likely made it possible for us to keep doing what we love, long into our old age.
    Thanks so much Mrs. Wages and keep up your wonderful ideas for all our benefits.

  • I just bought a package of your Salsa Mix (medium) to use with the tomatoes coming out of our garden. Have never seen it before so thought I’d give it a try. It sure was easy to put together. I canned some of it and left some in the refrigerator. I took it to a family party and EVERYONE just raved about the salsa. They said it’s the best salsa they have ever eaten! Wow wasn’t that a surprise to me….so now….more is wanted and I can’t find the packages in our local stores but..I can order them online. Thank you Mrs Wages for a tremendous product.

  • I found Mrs Wages salsa mix when I went to Publix and was glad when I found that they had tomatoes buy one get one free. So bought a pack and 6 cans of tomatoes. I then went home and prepared it. I had a recipe that called for salsa and I used the Salsa I made. It was great…..

  • i do alot of gardening every year grow lots of my own vegies put up enough to get us untill the next year. i found mrs. wages salsa mix tryed every 1 went crazy over it now i have a hard time getting it . i love to can that how i found this is looking on here for mrs. wages salsa mix

  • Would love to win Mrs Wages products. I have been using them for years. My favorite berry memory was picking strawberries with my brother and daughter and a very early morning snake.

  • This is my first year of canning and I was so nervous! I started with strawberry jelly and messed it up but I redid it and it turned out perfect! I was so proud of myself. I now, in less than a month have canned so manythings. Alot from my own garden, my first time for that too. I love the salsa mix and pickle mix. Can wait to try them all! I would love this gift basket!!!

  • Mrs. Wages products sound delicious. I remember picking wild strawberries along the railroad tracks, when I lived in Ohio as a teenager. My mom used to make the best strawberry preserves, pie and ice cream topping out of them. Yum.

  • My tomato memory is recent, being married to a Philipino who eats a tomato/eggplant dish every summer to use up the bounty in our garden!

  • I would like to know if you have a mild salsa mix available. My daughter and granddaughter can’t eat spicy salsas. No where have I been able to find “mild”.

  • Mrs. Wages Gift Basket – I just started canning this month when I discovered the Food in Jars blog via one of my favorites: 100 Days of Real food. So far I have canned red onions, bread and butter pickles, and today beets and ginger; all recipes from the Food in Jars cookbook. Having so much fun! Definitely savings these for Christmas gifts!

    Karen Miller

  • So excited to finally start canning. I had to cancel a class with you last year but my two cousin’s went and had a blast!! Joined a CSA and this salsa mix looks like it will be a quick way for me to get started. Also making your blackberry sage jam this weekend. Your recipes are so different I can’t wait to work through your book to try them all


  • Best salsa I have ever eat !!! I will be stocking up on the salsa mix to do all my tomatoes this summer!

  • I started canning about two years ago when i had my first tomato and cucumber garden. It was a success! I felt like I finally had a good reason to be out in the yard with a garden trowel, rather than in the house with a vacuum. Your recipes and instructions for tomato jam, and cucumber relish are easy to follow and delicious. I’m about to try the salsa with Mrs. Wages mix. My past experience with your guidance tells me it will be quite good.
    About aprons, I stopped wearing them because I would get it hooked on my kitchen drawer handles, or caught in the lower cabinet door. I’m very short, so I’d have to hem the apron or make my own. I do a little sewing, but it was easier to just wear an old pair of “gardening ” pants and not worry about the handprints from peach jam on my backside. Thanks for inspiring me, Linda.

  • i am using your salsa pkg and you said pint jat 40 minute hot bath. i am using 1/2 pint jars do i still process for 40 minutes?