No Links and a Whole Foods Market Gift Card Winner

July 28, 2014(updated on October 3, 2018)

Mason jars, as far as the eye can see! I love you, Goods Store!

No links this week! I’ve been on vacation since Thursday night (we left town as soon as I was done teaching a class) and I haven’t been spending as much time sifting through my feed reader as I typically do. I still wanted to drop in to say hi and post the winner of the Whole Foods Market gift card giveaway from last week. had picked #68/Laura W. as the winner. She said, “What you made was perfect–I especially think the rosemary was apt. Thinking about charcuterie and smoky flavors, I might have gone with a fragrant rosemary apple butter.”

I think a fragrant rosemary apple butter sounds delicious and I may have to try it this fall! Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter!

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