JarBOX Winner!


jarbox winner I got back from California earlier today and am still a bit weary from all the travel (and the fact that I managed to get either food poisoning or the stomach flu while out of town. Not fun at all). So no links this week, just a JarBOX winner!

Random.com selected #495, which is Becky. She said,

I’m a candle maker who shops regularly at Fillmore Containers. My jars are stacked in the garage and come into the house a dozen at a time to be filled. Then I store them in corners of the dining and living rooms, downstairs in my son’s former room since he has moved out and anywhere else I can make some space. This looks like an amazing way to transport my candles to shows. I’ll be looking into them.

I hope you enjoy them, Becky! And again, many thanks to Fillmore Container, for sponsoring the JarBOX giveaway.

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