January Sponsors: Fillmore Container, New West KnifeWorks, Cuppow, and Preserving Now,

January 2, 2014(updated on October 3, 2018)

down a warehouse aisle

Here we are at the start of a fresh, new month (and year) and that means just one thing! It’s time to mention and thank the current Food in Jars sponsors. These are the companies make it possible for me to spend time testing recipes, writing tutorials, and answering canning questions and I am grateful for their support.

In the number one position is Fillmore Container (that’s their warehouse in the picture above). They sell all manner of canning jars and lids, as well as a handful of books and jar accessories. They’re a family-owned business based in Lancaster, PA and they happily work with home canners and commercial producers alike. Come meet the owners next week at the Pennsylvania Farm Show!

Next up is  New West KnifeWorks. Based in Wyoming, they are makers of gorgeous, sturdy, crafted in the US kitchen knives. If you didn’t get everything you wished for this holiday season, getting yourself one of their glorious knives would go a very long way in soothing that sting.

Jar accessory maker Cuppow is back for another month as well! They are the maker of the original mason jar travel mug topper and, more recently, of the BNTO. If you made a resolution to cut back on disposable cups in 2014, adding a Cuppow lid to your beverage routine could help!

I’m also happy to welcome Preserving Now back! Operated by Lyn Deardorff, Preserving Now is both a website and school dedicated to helping people expand their canning and preserving skills. If you’re in the Atlanta area, make sure to check out her schedule of upcoming classes and events!

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12 thoughts on "January Sponsors: Fillmore Container, New West KnifeWorks, Cuppow, and Preserving Now,"

  • I love canning and try something new each year. In 2013 my daughters and I canned 46 pints of black bean and corn salsa, it is sooooo good, I also gave jars of this along with jam and homemade bread to family and friends as gifts. I will be looking for another fun canning recipe for my daughters and I to try in this year.

  • I love your site and this is how I found out about Cuppow! I ordered almost $100.00 of their products for my family 2 weeks ago!! They are great!!!! Thanks

  • I ordered a variety of jars from Fillmore this year and was very pleased with the quality, price and service. In addition to canning jars, they also had bottles I used for homemade fruit syrup and smaller ones for extracts. They also offer a variety of lids. I highly recommend them.

  • As a farmer wife, I enjoy canning the produce from our garden. My canning goal for 2014 is to find new ways to use the various squash we reap from our prolific garden. I have not tried the Fillmore jars. However, I will be looking at their site.

  • This comment doesn’t really belong here but I can’t find an email address for you. Is it possible to reduce the amount of sugar in your blood orange marmalade and get decent results. I don’t like it too sweet. Thanks.